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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Voice in a Million gears up for round two

Following the success of their recent London 02 Arena production, the Voice In A Million project are pleased to announce Auditions at their HQ, based at the world-famous Shepperton Film Studios for young Surrey vocalists (aged 7 to 18) on 27th
February 2010.

The auditions are scheduled to provide talented children from the surrounding
area the chance to showcase their skills and be selected to perform live at forthcoming arena-scale concerts for the Voice In A Million project.

Voice In A Million strives to achieve awareness of the plight of millions of children worldwide that are orphaned,abandoned or separated from their birth parents and in need of a loving family for life. Our Mission is to record
thousands of children at events all across the UK and worldwide, to achieve our record-breaking goal of recording ONE MILLION voices on a single recording which will be released worldwide.

A staggering 5,000 children from schools and groups from across the nation performed tracks from the Voice In A Million songbook in harmony, with a phenomenal line-up of soloists (many of which from Surrey who had been selected from previous auditions) at the inaugural concert held at the London 02 Arena on 28th
January. The event organized in support of The British Association For Adoption & Fostering was co-hosted by Sinitta, music legend Rick Wakeman, TV & Radio personality Nicky Campbell, to name a few.

When:27th February 2010 (from 10am) Where: The Voice In A Million HQ
T Stage, Shepperton Film Studios
Studios Road, Shepperton
Middlesex TW17 0QD

How to register now and find out more visit or call 01932 592016
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