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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Esher back in action

Esher are back in action on Saturday against Cinderford.

Esher's last home game of the year saw them face off against Premiership side Wasps.

The top-flight team bought down a side stacked full of international talent, including new Wasps skipper James Haskell, plus Joe Launchbury, Christian Wade and former England fly-half Andy Goode.

The game was a structured affair with just 30 minute halves to allow each side one final match before the start of each other's respective season's on September 6th.

Wasps showed their intent to play to their full potential early on and a penalty try was awarded to the High Wycombe men after several minutes camped on Esher's line.

Wasps centre and capped Barbarian Elliot Daly quickly added another try after a searing run, only for Esher to concede another penalty try on their line once again. Fijian powerhouse Nathan Hughes finished off the first half scoring by crashing over for Wasps' fourth try.

There were no conversions taken during the match to increase playing time and Esher went in to the changing rooms with a 20-0 deficit.

In the second half Esher conceded six tries as scrums became non contested but the rest of the match flowed as normal.

The men from Molesey Road showed some grit and determination to play attractive rugby against Wasps, never letting up and creating good contests at the breakdown, several times getting close to scoring.

However, Wasps international stars shone throughout in the second half, with flyer Christian Wade scorching from 70 metres out to score a try and Joe Launchbury showing his versatility at the line-out as well as open play to cross the whitewash.

This Saturday's kick off is at 3pm.
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