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Thursday, 14 July 2016

#Kingston Hospital "requires improvement."

​The Chief Inspector of Hospitals has found that Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, has been rated overall as Requires Improvement.

The trust was visited by Care Quality Commission inspectors in January 2016. They found the trust Requires Improvement for safety, being effective, responsive and well-led.

CQC’s announced inspection which was shortly followed by an unannounced inspection later in the month.

During the inspection, CQC reviewed eight core services.

Five of these: surgery; critical care; maternity and gynaecology; services for children and young people and end of life care were rated as "Good" overall.

But, urgent and emergency services, medical care, outpatients and diagnostic imaging, "Required Improvement."

The hospital has 534 beds, 450 of which are general and acute, 72 within maternity and 12 for critical care.

Professor Sir Mike Richards, Chief Inspector of Hospitals, said: “We were impressed with caring at the trust. We also saw several areas of outstanding practice. This included a comprehensive dementia strategy, which enabled staff to support people living with dementia.

Staff demonstrated an impressive understanding of their role in addressing the needs of people at the end of life and of providing sensitive and compassionate care.

However, Kingston needs to improve in several key areas. The emergency department was not meeting the national target of seeing and treating 95% of patients within four hours of arrival. Ambulance handover times were not always achieved.

The trust needs to ensure that medicines are not accessible to non-authorised persons. It needs to ensure the management, governance and culture in the emergency department supports the delivery of high quality care.

Mental capacity assessments were not always carried out where patients required mechanical restraint on medical wards.

Utility rooms containing hazardous cleaning chemicals should be locked.

In addition the trust should ensure better compliance with hand hygiene and cleaning of clinical equipment in the emergency department. It should ensure adequate and safe facilities for patients with mental health needs.

We were impressed that staff across all levels of the organisation considered the culture of the organisation to be one focused on ensuring that patients received safe, high quality care. Staff were well versed in the values of the organisation and this came through when we met staff.”

MP for Kingston and Surbiton, James Berry, has also responded;

“Residents are entitled to expect that our local hospital achieves a good if not outstanding rating from the CQC, so this report is disappointing.

From what I have seen on regular visits to the Kingston Hospital, however, this rating bears no reflection on the hard work and dedication of the staff – indeed, the report highlights the kind and compassionate care they offer patients.

I have already spoken with the Chief Executive of Kingston Hospital who has reassured me that a robust plan is being put together to address the areas in which the hospital was found wanting. Work is already underway to put things right.”
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