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Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Surrey Police says it’s disappointed that the Advertising Standards Agency has ruled against one of its campaign videos

A single complaint, made to the regulatory body, has been upheld by the ASA.

It concerned a TV advert, seen in August, that depicted a phone sitting on a table next to a sofa.

A baby or child could be heard crying through an adjacent wall.

Text appeared on the screen stating “Hello, Surrey Police, 999 emergency. My neighbour’s kids are being noisy.”

“Noisy” was written in blue text but alternated with “abused,” written several times in red.

This was followed with a text stating “Not all calls are police matters. To report noisy neighbours, contact your council.”

The complainant said the noise made by the child could have meant it was in danger, and said the advert was unnecessary.

The ASA has ruled the advert was likely to be understood as discouraging viewers from reporting problems to police, unless they were certain of what was taking place.

That’s despite independent research through 300 face to face interviews with the public, which showed 90% of people understood the juxtapositions used in the campaign.

Surrey Police says clearly child abuse is a police matter, but the campaign was created to help educate the public about what is and isn’t a policing matter.

It has removed the video and says it will be reviewing its approach in light of the ASA finding, however, the advert had been checked by Clearcast, which is responsible for making sure meets UK broadcast advertising requirements.
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