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Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Student James Giles hits back at open letter from Kingston's council leader Kevin Davis

The leader of Kingston Council published the open letter on Twitter yesterday.

It's after a row broke out on Saturday between Kevin Davis and a 17 year old resident, James Giles.

At a council meeting last week, James had asked whether Mr Davis’s links to developer CNM estates were “a conflict of interest.”

CNM is behind developments including Tolworth Tower and the Gala Bingo Hall in Kingston.

Mr Davis's son has a job with the firm.

Mr Giles accused Mr Davis of slurring him publicly on Twitter, which led to calls for his resignation from members of the public.

Following Mr Davis's open letter, James Giles has published his own letter this morning.

I have received no apology from Kevin Davis for his bullying, abuse and victimisation since his initial outburst on Friday. Over the weekend, he explicitly posted on my Facebook page that I would ‘not get an apology.’

It just so happened that I came across his ‘statement’ this evening. Firstly, I am a human being. The choice of language ‘statement on’ would suggest I am being viewed as a policy issue. One may give a statement ‘on’ flytipping, but not on a human being – yet alone a minor. This statement was not addressed ‘to’ me or my family.

Further, Mr Davis has not apologised for his language, which was bullying and abusive. He has only apologised for ‘rising to the attack’.

Let me be clear – I have not attacked anybody. I asked a simply question of my elected representative and faced a torrent of abuse in return. Mr Davis is attempting to justify bullying and abuse – let me be clear: this behaviour is inexcusable and unjustifiable.

The attempt to place the blame on me, a sixth form student, for daring to ask a genuine question – citing it as an ‘attack’ shows that Mr Davis does not take this matter seriously, and, in my humble opinion, is attempting to excuse his abusive and bullying behaviour.

I wholeheartedly agree with Mr Davis that his son has a right to privacy. However, that right is surely taken away when one voluntarily chooses to advertise their job position on their public LinkedIn profile. I further find the choice of grey clouds inappropriate as the image used, further suggesting negative connotations towards me and that I am at fault.

To summarise, I have had no correspondence from Mr Davis and he has not written to apologise to either me or my family.

The lack of apology – merely writing a statement ‘on’ me that he was sorry for ‘rising to [an] attack’ shows Mr Davis has no remorse for his bullying and abuse towards me, and is attempting to shift the blame on to me for a non-existent attack. This is unacceptable and remains incredibly distressing to me and my family.
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