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Friday, 27 March 2020

See a baby wild animal? Do not touch! This is the message from Surrey’s busiest wildlife hospital as it struggles to cope during the corona virus crisis.

The Wildlife Aid Foundation, based in Leatherhead, is asking anyone who encounters young wild animals which appear to be abandoned to call them first, and not to take the animals home.

The centre issued the advice after receiving reports that some people have been trying to care for wildlife they find in parks, gardens and countryside at home.

Spring is the busiest time for wildlife rescue centres which fill with injured and abandoned young at this time of year.

Wildlife Aid Foundation has already had to shut its doors to new fox cub admissions as, with 26 new patients and a vastly reduced volunteer workforce due to the lockdown, it does not have the manpower to look after any more.

To help it cope during the corona virus crisis, when resources and manpower are increasingly stretched, WAF wildlife experts are urging anyone who encounters a young wild animal to leave it if it is not in danger or does not appear visibly distressed.

Instead they ask that people observe the animal and call for advice.

Charity CEO Simon Cowell said: “In many cases the parents will be nearby looking after the baby and will return when humans go. At this time of year, young are beginning to leave nests and burrows and people frequently encounter them and assume they have become lost or abandoned.

“Unless the animal is in imminent danger please do not interfere until you have spoken to a wildlife centre. Often the nest or burrow can be found and the animal can be returned to its family without being taken anywhere. At present we are running on very limited resources and the more animals we can keep in the wild the better.

“I heard reports this week of a family that had found a baby rabbit and taken it home where they were feeding it milk. People do this type of thing with the best intentions, but it really is wrong to take a wild animal into a home. Wildlife needs specialist care and needs to be kept apart from humans as much as possible to give it the best chance of survival back in the wild. Wild animals are not pets.”

If you find a wild animal and need advice call the Wildlife Aid Foundation on 09061 800132.

Calls cost 50p a minute and profits go to help the charity.
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