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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

List of confirmed road closures for the Royal Wedding Day

Balmoral Way
Blakehall Road, Carshalton
Brocks Drive
Brooklyn Close, Carshalton
Buckhurst Avenue, Carshalton
Bute Gardens, West Wallington
Cambridge Road, Carshalton
Clinton Terrace (Manor Lane), Sutton
Cornwall Road, Cheam
Cross Road, Belmont
Devonshire Road, Sutton
Egham Crescent, Cheam
Francis Road, Wallington
Glebe Road, Cheam
Godalming Avenue, Wallington
Hunston Road, Morden
Kingsdown Road, Cheam
Meadow Road, Sutton
Morley Road, Sutton
Pine Ridge, Carshalton
Redwing Road, Wallington
River Gardens, Carshalton
Rosehill Gardens, Sutton
St. Albans Road, Sutton
St. Michaels Road, Wallington
South Drive, Cheam
Southway, Carshalton
Upper Vernon Road, Sutton
Vermont Road, Sutton
Victoria Avenue, Wallington
Wallace Crescent, Carshalton
Warnham Court Road, Carshalton
Warwick Road, Sutton
Westcroft Road, Carshalton
Winchcombe Road (North)
Winchcombe Road (South)
Woodstock Road, Carshalton

Abbotsbury Road
Acuba Road
Allgood Close
Amberley Way
Braemar Avenue
Bronson Road
Calonne Road
Cecil Road
Charnwood Avenue
Cottenham Park Road
Devas Road
Effra Road
Elm Walk
Ernle Road
Manor Gardens
Marina Avenue
Mayfield Road
Oakway Taylor Road
Hood Road (junction of Preston Road)
Cambourne Road

Avenue Road
Albany Road
Alric Avenue
Arnold Drive, Chessington
Barnfield Avenue
Beverley Park, New Malden
Beverley Road
Bloomfield Road/Denmark Road
Burton Road/Richmond Road/Gibbon Road
Canbury Avenue
Charles Babbage Close, Chessington
Chestnut Road
Clifton Road, Kingston
Cranes Park Road, Surbiton
Ellerton Road/Bond Road, Surbiton
Glenville Road
Hemsby Road, Chessington
Leyfield Road
Lime Grove, New Malden
Lynton Road, Chessington
Manor Close, Chessington
Oakcroft Villas, Chessington
Roseberry Avenue
Risborough Drive, Worcester Park
Selwood Road
Somerset Avenue, Chessington
Somerset Close, New Malden
South Terrace, New Malden
Station Road, Chessington
Tolworth Road, Chessington
The Byeways, Surbiton
Warwick Grove, Surbiton
Woodland Way
Woodbines Avenue

Devereux Road, Balham
Muncaster Raod, Battersea
Gorst Road, Battersea
Brierley Road, Bedford
Wheatlands Road, Bedford
Weybourne Street, Earlsfield
Isis Street, Earlsfield
Headington Road, Earlsfield
Wayneflete Street, Earlsfield
Lydden Grove, Earlsfield
Aslett Street, Earlsfield
St. Johns Drive, Earlsfield
Wilna Road, Earlsfield
Southfields Road, East Putney
Sedleigh Road, East Putney
Hazlewell Road, East Putney
West Hill Road, East Putney/Southfield
Dault Road, Fairfield
Mexfield Road, Fairfield
Plough Terrace, Fairfield
Oberstein Road, Fairfield
Ericcson Close, Fairfield
Longstone Road, Furzedown
Penwortham Roadm, Furzedown
Loubet Street, Graveney
Lucien Road, Graveney
Candahar Road, Latchmere
Kersley Mews, Latchmere
Tantallon Road, Nightingale
Ouseley Road, Nightingale
Calbourne Road, Nightingale
St. James Drive, Nightingale
Eatonville Road/Eatonville Villas, Nightingale
Heslop Road, Nightingale
Alfriston Road, Northcote
Gayville Road, Northcote
Eckstein Road, Northcote
Ashness Road, Northcote
Berber Road, Northcote
Wakehurst Road, Northcote
Altenburg Gardens, Shaftesbury
Marney Road, Shaftesbury
Engadine Street, Southfields
Ravensbury Road, Southfields
Brathway Road, Southfields
Elborough Street, Southfields
Henning Street, St Mary's Park
Battersea High St Market, St Mary's Park
Boundaries Road, St Mary's Park
Juer Street, St Mary's Park
Anhalt Road, St Mary's Park
Fawe Park Road, Thamesfield
Lower Common South, Thamesfield
Deodar Road, Thamesfield
Wadham Road, Thamesfield
Spencer Walk, Thamesfield
Bangalore Street, Thamesfield
Point Pleasant, Thamesfield
Ashlone Road, Thamesfield
Weiss Road, Thamesfield
Westhorpe Road, Thamesfield
Morven Road, Tooting
Brookview Road, Tooting
Selkirk Road, Tooting
Jessica Road, Wandsworth Common
Wandle Road, Wandsworth Common
Barmouth Road, Wandsworth Common
Bassingham Road, Wandsworth Common
Collamore Avenue, Wandsworth Common
Titchwell Road, Wandsworth Common
Westover Road, Wandsworth Common
Bucharest Road, Wandsworth Common
Gartmoor Gardens, West Hill
Girdwood Road, West Hill
Woodspring Road, West Hill
Malbrook Road, West Putney
Dungarvan Avenue, West Putney
Parkfields, West Putney

Broadway Avenue, St Margarets
Deanhill Road, East Sheen
Priory Road, Kew
Tennyson Avenue, Twickenham
Lancaster Park, Richmond
Beechwood Avenue, Kew
Fife Road, East Sheen
Portman Avenue, East Sheen
Sutherland Grove, Teddington
Orchard Rise, Richmond
Palewell Park, East Sheen
East Sheen Avenue
Glamorgan Road, Hampton Wick
Park Lane, Teddington
Ullswater Road, Barnes
Sydney Road, South Richmond
Pensford Avenue, Kew
Grove Road, Barnes
Stanley Road, East Sheen
Lambert Avenue, Richmond
Sheen Park, Richmond
Martindale, East Sheen
Fitzwilliam Avenue, Kew
Grosvenor Avenue, South Richmond
The Crescent, Mortlake and Barnes Common
Madrid Road, Barnes
Berwyn Road, Richmond
Langham Road, Teddington
Connaught Avenue, North Richmond
Lindum Road, Teddington
Munster Road, Teddington
South Western Road, St Margarets
Montague Road, Richmond
Windsor Road, Kew
Manor Gardens, Hampton
York Road, Teddington
Udney Park Road, Teddington
Winchendon Road, Teddington
Portugal Gardens, Twickenham
Holmes Road, Twickenham
Fouth Cross Road
Bedford Road, Twickenham
Winchester Road, St Margarets
Upper Grotto Road, South Twickenham
Lewin Road, East Sheen
Kilmorey Gardens
St. Ann's Road, Barnes
Townshend Terrace
Cedar Avenue, Whitton
Jillian Close, Hampton
Elm Grove Road, Barnes
Newport Road, Barnes
Church Street, Twickenham
Holmesdale Avenue, North Richmond
Brook Gardens
Burtons Road, West Twickenham
Albert Road, Hampton Hill
Windsor Road, Teddington
Gladstone Avenue, Whitton
Marsh Farm Road, South Twickenham
Hillersdon Avenue
Chestnut Avenue, Hampton
Springfield Road, Teddington
Derwent Road, Whitton
Albert Road, Teddington
Nassau Road, Barnes
Gravel Road, Twickenham
Fulwell Park Avenue, West Twickenham
Hereford Gardens, Twickenham
Lowther Road, Barnes
Somerset Gardens/Henry Peters Drive
Longford Close, Hampton Hill
Ripley Gardens, Mortlake
Mount Arratt Road
Park House Gardens
Coleshill Road, Teddington
Latimer Road, Teddington
Archway Street
Walpole Crescent, Teddington
Stevens Close, Hampton North
Amyand Cottages
Hawley Close, Hampton
Albion Road, Twickenham
Waldegrave Gardens
Beverley Close
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