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Saturday, 4 October 2014

Police statement regarding body in Brentford

Police investigating the murder of 14 year old Alice Gross found a body in Brentford today.

A spokesperson has issued the following statement.

Although no formal identification has been made early indications suggest the body may be that of Arnis Zalkalns (pictured above). We have updated his partner and a Family Liaison Officer (FLO) is supporting her.

The badly decomposed body was found by officers in dense woodland at 2pm as part of their ongoing search.

Due to the nature of the surrounding area specialist resources will be required to assist with the recovery of the body which will not take place until tomorrow.

Boston Manor Park is cordoned off whilst officers conduct a thorough search to ensure that all evidential opportunities are secured. This will take some time given the nature of the scene.

Alice's family have been informed of today's developments.

Although Arnis Zalkalns had been identified as a suspect in the Alice Gross murder investigation, enquiries continue to establish the full circumstances surrounding this crime.

Officers are still searching for evidence, and once again appeal to the public for any information that could assist them.

The Latvian has not been since since September the 3rd.

He vanished a week after the 14-year-old schoolgirl from Hanwell went missing.

Alice's body was discovered wrapped in plastic in the River Brent on Tuesday almost five weeks after she was last spotted at Brentford Lock.

The body found today will not be moved until tomorrow due to the 'nature of the surrounding area' and the specialist resources required.

Alice's last known movements were reconstructed before her body was found.

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Full-time football results.
In the Premier league, hosts Hull, broke Crystal Palace's winning streak against them, by winning 2 - 0.

In the Championship, Brentford scored 3 - 1 in their game against Reading.

Caretaker boss, Kit Symons, couldn't notch up another win as Fulham lost to hosts Middlesbrough 2 - 0.

And in league two Cheltenham drew 1 -1 with AFC Wimbledon.

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Police close an area in Boston Manor Park after finding a body
Police searching for the prime suspect in the murder of Alice Gross, have found a body in Brentford.

41 year old, Arnis Zalkalns, has been the target of a Europe-wide search after he was seen following the same towpath as the murdered teenager.

Officers have cordoned off an area of Boston Manor Park.

The Park is about a mile south of where Alice's body was found.

Twitter is alive with speculation and outrage at the, convicted Latvian killer, with people questioning how justice can now be done.

The body has not yet been formally identified, neither has Zalkalns been charged with the murder of the 14 year old.

We will bring you more on this story as we get it.
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Police find a body in Brentford.
Police searching for Latvian builder, Arnis Zalkalns, the prime suspect in the murder of London schoolgirl Alice Gross, have found a body, sources say.

An area of Boston Manor Park in Brentford has been cordoned off.
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The South West London Half-time football results
In the Premier League Crystal Palace are currently level pegging with hosts Hull, neither club have scored but Crystal Palace haven't lost to Hull in their last eight meetings.

In the Championship Brentford are 2 nil up against Reading and the Middlesbrough game against Fulham is yet to see a goal.

In League 2, Cheltenham are drawing one all against AFC Wimbledon.
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Two vehicles in Wallington seized for having no insurance
Two vehicles in Wallington have been seized for having no insurance.

That’s after an operation in Stafford Road yesterday to crackdown on drivers without insurance.

During the 5 hour operation, 37 vehicles were stopped, which also resulted in an arrest for drink driving.

A cannabis warning was also issued as well and a fixed penalty notice was given to a driver for using a mobile phone.
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Harlequins preview
Harlequins take on London Welsh at the Twickenham Stoop today.

Quins have had a disappointing start to the season, and sit in 9th in the Premiership after four games.

Their newly-promoted opponents haven’t done too well either – they’re without a win this season.

The match kicks off at 3.
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SW London football preview
In today’s football, Crystal Palace travel to Hull in the Premier League.

The Eagles haven’t lost against Hull in their last eight meetings.

Meanwhile in the Championship, Fulham are hoping to continue their good form under caretaker manager Kit Symons when they travel to Middlesbrough, while Brentford host Reading.

And in League Two, AFC Wimbledon are away at Cheltenham.

All of the games kick off at 3.
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Woking landlord gets bigger legal bill
A Woking landlord who appealed to Guildford Crown Court against a fine for breaches of safety and maintenance at his property had his case rejected.

He was ordered to pay nearly £800 extra on top of the fine of £7,000 and costs and victim’s surcharge of £1,260 levied by the Magistrates Court.

Woking Council brought the prosecution when its inspectors found the property in Walton Road owned by Abdul Rehman had a kitchen and bathroom in a poor state.

The loft conversion room which houses a family of three had no insulation or heating and had a steep staircase which was dangerous.

The property also required a licence for multiple occupation which the Landlord did not have.
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Heathrow arrest leads to terrorism charges
A man arrested at Heathrow Airport on the 27th of September has been charged with terrorism offences.

The Swedish national, who lives in Sweden, was in transit from Copenhagen, going to Manila, when he was arrested.

36 year old Bherlin Gildo was charged with attending a place for terrorist training between August 2012 and February 2013 and receiving instruction on the use of firearms for the purpose of carrying out acts of terrorism.

He was also charged with downloading information onto his laptop while at Heathrow on how to serve and participate in Jihad.

He’ll appear at the Old Bailey on the 27th of October.
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Friday, 3 October 2014

Appeal for Missing Epsom woman
Police have issued a fresh appeal to help find a missing Epsom woman.

They’re concerned that 21 year old Rosalind Evans has not had her medication since she disappeared on the 17th of September.

It’s believed she is in the areas of Kingston, Tottenham or Moorgate and may be using public transport to travel around.

She’s white, with blue eyes, auburn hair, 5 foot 2 inches tall with a small build.

Anyone with information as to her whereabouts is asked to contact police on 101 immediately quoting reference number 45140078604.

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Police seize CCTV of Arnis Zalkans at ATM in Isleworth
The Metropolitan Police say they have seized CCTV footage of the prime suspect in the Alice Gross murder investigation, Arnis Zalkans, withdrawing money from an ATM at a Co-op in Isleworth.

He has not been seen for four weeks.

The recording was made on September the 2nd - one day before Zalkans was last seen.

Police say they have no plans to release the footage.
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Post-mortem fails to reveal cause of death for Alice Gross
A post-mortem on the body of murdered schoolgirl Alice Gross has failed to reveal the cause of death.

Police have confirmed a body found in the River Brent on Tuesday is Alice's, but say further tests are needed.

The 14-year-old was last seen on the 28th of August at Brentford Lock after leaving her home in Hanwell.
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Battersea’s reaction to one cat per household research

Q&A with Lindsey Quinlan, Battersea Dogs & Cats Home’s Head of Cattery.

Is there a cat population crisis?

Yes - there are far more cats in the UK, than there are homes. Battersea takes in almost 3,000 cats a year which are dumped, abandoned or lost by their owners. The only way to control this problem is to neuter your cats. Battersea neuters and microchips every cat it rehomes to help reduce the large number of unwanted litters born every year, but it is vitally important that owners do the same to make a difference.

Are cats more suited to areas where they have space to roam, such as farms?

It's crucial for there to be enough resources in one area to reduce competition with other cats. Today's domestic cat has evolved from the African wildcat - a solitary hunter that is highly territorial. A cat may have more space to roam on a farm, but if there are a lot of other cats there sharing that space, it could still be a highly stressful environment.
Cats are individuals and we need to consider their specific needs. Asking a highly sociable pet cat that loves people and sleeping 15 hours a day on the sofa to live on a farm, wouldn't be appropriate, and likewise, asking a free roaming, very independent cat that perhaps finds people threatening or scary to live in a home wouldn't make that cat happy.

Would cats be happier living in one-cat households?

Every cat has its own unique personality, and therefore it entirely depends on the individual pet as to whether it is happier living alone or with another feline. Some moggies will find living with other cats very unsettling and stressful, and some will merely tolerate the presence of another cat in the house. Usually cats that enjoy the company of another feline are cats that have lived with a litter mate or family member since their socialisation period, before 9 weeks of age. Space is a key factor in kitty companionship, if a cat is kept entirely indoors; it's probably safest to only have one cat in the household to avoid disputes over resources, such as food, space and owner’s attention.

Do cats get lonely without other feline friends?

It's highly unlikely that any cat would have a reduced quality of life from being the only cat in the household. Often people come to Battersea who have had two cats but sadly have lost one, and want to rehome another because they believe their cat is missing the lost pet, and wants a friend. It is highly unlikely this is the case, and the majority of felines will not want a new cat intruding on their territory. If the existing cat appears to be missing the other pet, it will be missing that individual - and introducing a new feline in the household to 'replace' the previous cat can be a recipe for disaster.

Are there health risks to cats that live together?

Two cats that are being forced to live together can physically fight but can also become mentally stressed, which can result in stress-related illnesses, such as cystitis. It can also result in behaviour problems, such as aggression, redirected aggression on people, toileting problems, urine spraying and over-grooming. If your cats are displaying aggressive behaviour towards one another on a regular basis, you should seek advice from a behaviourist.
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Man jailed at Kingston Crown Court for selling fake bomb detectors
A man who sold fake bomb detectors around the world - which he said could also help find missing people like Madeleine McCann - has been jailed at Kingston Crown Court.

A judge told Samuel Tree from Bedfordshire he'd made 'fantastical' claims about the devices.

He's been jailed for three and a half years - while his wife Joan got a suspended sentence.

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Former police marksman charged with murder of robbery suspect from Hounslow named
The former police marksman charged with the murder of a robbery suspect from Hounslow has today been named as Anthony Long.

That’s after reporting restrictions were lifted at the Old Bailey.

In April 2005, Azelle Rodney was travelling in a car stopped by officers in Edgware, before he was shot six times.

Police said they were looking for a group of men they believed to be on their way to an armed robbery.

Long, who was a specialist firearms officer with the Met, will stand trial next June.
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Coroner says there appears to be lack of provision for cyclists in Croydon
An inquest has heard how a cyclist killed in Croydon slipped on tram tracks and fell into the path of a bus.

43-year-old Roger de Klerk was riding across a junction next to East Croydon when he fell into the path of the single-decker.

Coroner Selena Lynch told the court there appeared to be a lack of provision for cyclists due to a confusing layout.

She said it raises questions about cycle lanes from Croydon to Wimbledon that lead onto tram routes.
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Kingston Crown court clamps down on fraud.
A man has been jailed by Kingston Crown court after making fake detectors he claimed could help find Madeleine McCann.

Samuel Tree, from Bedfordshire's, been sentenced to three-and-a-half years.

His wife Joan's been given a 2 year suspended sentence.

They sold plastic boxes, filled with paper and topped with antenna, to police and security services around the world.
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Four changes for Quins
Harlequins have made four changes to their team to play London Welsh tomorrow at the Twickenham Stoop.

Nick Evans returns at fly-half inside the centre partnership of Tom Casson, who makes his first appearance of the season, and Matt Hopper.

There’s one change to the forward pack, with Joe Gray starting at hooker.
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Ballack believes Fabregas and Costa will be difference for Chelsea in title race
Former Chelsea midfielder Michael Ballack believes Cesc Fabregas and Diego Costa will provide the difference for Jose Mourinho's men in the title race this season.

The pair have contributed to the Premier League leaders' 19 top flight goals - with eight coming from Costa.

Ballack says Fabregas especially is a key signing.

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Redknapp after more goals
QPR boss Harry Redknapp wants to see more goals from his team.

The newly promoted side have only scored four times in the Premier League so far - with half of those coming from striker Charlie Austin.

Redknapp says he expects the midfielders to contribute as well.

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Heathrow owner off-loads most of their portfolio
It's understood the owner of Heathrow will announce the sale of three other UK airports next week.

The deal to offload Glasgow, Aberdeen and Southampton - involving an investment fund in Singapore - is thought to be worth 1-billion pounds.

It'll leave Heathrow as the only airport left in its portfolio.
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Berg leaves Middlesex
Middlesex have announced that all-rounder Gareth Berg has left the club due to serious injury.

He’s only played one match for the county this year, against Nottinghamshire in April.

During the match, Berg injured his right shoulder, which revealed an infection within the joint which stopped him playing again.

Since joining Middlesex in 2008, Berg has played in 170 matches, scoring almost 4,500 runs and taking 221 wickets.
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Former Wimbledon Champ aims for a place in London's ATP final
Former Wimbledon Champion, Andy Murray, is through to the semi-finals of the China Open tennis.

He's beaten Marin Cilic of Croatia in straight sets - 6-1, 6-4 in Beijing.

The British number one will now face Novak Djokovic in the last four.
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UPDATE: Missing girl found
Police were appealing for help in finding a teenage girl who was missing from Kingston.

Carrie Lord has since returned home.
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A look into Molesey's history
People in Molesey are getting a chance to look back in time in a special exhibition.

Three photographers are hoping to record the changing face of the town in series of “then and now” photos.

It's on at the Methodist Church on Manor Road until tomorrow afternoon.
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Accident at Heathrow takes a life
A builder has died in an accident at Heathrow Airport's recently re-opened Terminal 2.

The 30 year old suffered serious injuries after a collision with a truck yesterday.

London Air Ambulance attended but the man died at the scene.

The incident happened in an area of the terminal where construction is still taking place. The driver stopped at the scene, Scotland Yard said.

The man has yet to be formally identified but his next of kin have been informed.
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Epsom MP welcomes plans to scrap the Human Rights Act
The Conservatives have announced plans to scrap the Human Rights Act.

The party says if it has a majority in the House of Commons after next year's general election it will introduce a British bill of rights instead.

Justice secretary and Epsom MP, Chris Grayling, wants to stop European courts meddling with cases here.

He says originally we signed up to laws combating dictatorship, but now Human Rights laws permeate parts of our lives which should be a matter for our own courts and not those of Europe.
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Hamilton improves his chances for Sunday's Grand Prix
Britain's Lewis Hamilton has topped the timesheets in second practice ahead of Sunday's Japanese F1 Grand Prix.

The Mercedes driver, who has a 3 point lead in the standings, finished ahead of team-mate Nico Rosberg - who was quickest in the first session.

McLaren's Jenson Button was fourth-fastest.
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BBC is slammed by the sister of Alice Gross
The sister of Alice Gross has criticised The BBC's Question Time.

The panel show featured an immigration debate relating to the murdered teenager.

The question instigating the debate was: "Should there be freedom of movement including convicted criminals across EU borders?"

In a tweet directed at the BBC, Nina Gross says "It is really insensitive and horrible that you have used our family's tragedy on Question Time."

Earlier in the week the family had asked that Alice’s murder not be used in any political agenda.
Question Time has apologised.
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Fake detector couple to be sentenced in Kingston
A couple from Bedfordshire - who made fake detectors claiming they could help find Madeleine McCann - will be sentenced today at Kingston Crown Court.

Samuel and Joan Tree said they could detect explosives and find missing people.

They sold them to police and security services worldwide charging over 1-thousand pounds per unit.

The devices turned out to simply be a plastic box with an antenna attached and bits of paper inside.

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Hamilton and Rosberg resume F1 battle
It's the practice day ahead of Sunday's Japanese F1 Grand Prix.

Lewis Hamilton leads the drivers' standings by 3 points, with Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg his nearest challenger.

Woking based McLaren driver Jenson Button is 7th in the standings, 169 points off the top.

Team-mate Kevin Magnussen is 12th.
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Wardens strike in Wandsworth means free parking
Residents in Wandsworth will enjoy free parking this weekend due to a strike by one hundred traffic wardens.

Members of the GMB Union will walkout today and tomorrow.

They’re in a pay dispute with contractor Mouchel which operates parking services in the borough.

Parking bays will be left free for all.
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Thursday, 2 October 2014

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Hersham mum responds to Twitter abuse of the McCanns
Police are looking at hundreds of abusive tweets, Facebook posts and online forum messages aimed at Madeleine McCann's parents.

A dossier of abuse has been collected by campaigners.

A number of trolls wrongly believe the McCanns were involved in their daughter's disappearance

Hersham resident Sara Payne has become a campaigner for parents' right to a controlled access to the Sex Offenders Register.

Her daughter, Sarah, was murdered in 2000 while playing near her grandparents’ house in West Sussex.

She says "I hope this means this kind of disgusting abuse will finally be stopped."
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Symons would have to leave Wales job if appointed Fulham manager
Wales manager Chris Coleman says Kit Symons won't be able to keep his job in Wales' coaching set-up if appointed Fulham manager.

Symons, who's the bookies favourite for the job, has been in temporary charge at Craven Cottage since Felix Magath's sacking.

During yesterday's 4-0 win over Bolton, Fulham fans backed him for the post, singing “stand up for Kit Symons.”
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Scrap dealer from Croydon found guilty of taken in stolen metal
A 72 year old scrap metal dealer from Croydon has been found guilty of taking in stolen metal at his yard.

It included stolen crematorium plaques that he then went on to cut up into small pieces in an attempt to disguise them.

Joseph Collier was found guilty of three counts of possession of criminal property, disguising criminal property and attempting to receive stolen goods.

When police entered the scrap yard, officers found several bags and boxes containing hundreds of stolen memorial plaques.

They also discovered a large bronze dragon statue stolen from Teddington and a statue of Jesus Christ taken from Putney Vale Cemetery.
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Alonso could return to McLaren
Fernando Alonso has refused to rule out leaving Ferrari before the end of his contract which runs at the end of next season.

The double world champion is a target of the Woking based McLaren team.

They want him to lead them into their new engine partnership with Honda from 2015.
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Two youths wanted over a skip fire in Worcester Park

Police have issued images of two youths wanted in connection with a skip fire in Worcester Park.

The suspects, wearing hoodies were captured starting the fire on Sutton Council's CCTV system on Wednesday the 17th September at around 2am.

About an hour later after the fire brigade put out the flames, the men returned this time with their hoods down and accompanied by a woman.
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Parents in Wallington warned to be vigilant
Police are asking parents in Wallington to be vigilant after an 11-year-old was approached on her way to school.

A man went up to the secondary school pupil in London Road last month asking her about her route, before saying 'goodbye'.

The girl didn't speak to the man, who then walked off towards Wallington Green.

He then returned the following day and attempted to speak to her again, before he was challenged by a member of the public.

The suspect's black, in his late 40s, about 5ft 7 tall, and of slim build, with stubbly, dark Afro Caribbean hair and a protruding bottom lip.
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Alice Gross' parents ask for privacy
The parents of murdered teenager Alice Gross have asked MPs not to use the case to further their political agenda.

It was confirmed last night that a body found in the River Brent is that of the missing 14 year old from Hanwell.

There has been an outcry over why prime suspect and convicted murderer Arnis Zalkalns was able to enter Britain from his native Latvia.

Rosalind and Jose say the family needs to be able to grieve in peace, and have thanked the public for their continued help.
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Prince William has launched legal action against the paparazzi
It’s to stop his son Prince George from being hounded during walks in London’s parks with his nanny.

He has sent final warning letters to two freelance photographers who work for the same agency who he believes have been pursuing his son.

The final straw apparently came last week when one of them allegedly tried to take pictures of the young prince in Battersea Park.
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Teacher trainer from Sutton hoping to make World Teachers' Day special
A teacher trainer from Sutton is hoping to make this year's World Teachers' Day special.

Kathryn Lovewell is hosting a free event in Westminster this Sunday to celebrate educators throughout the country.

There will be speakers from schools across the borough of Sutton, including students from St Philomena's in Carshalton.

Kathryn says she feels teachers can be undervalued.

For more details of the World Teachers' Day event, click here.

You can listen to our interview with Kathryn here.
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Fire in Streatham
A man’s been rescued from a fire in a block of flats in Streatham.

Firefighters were called at around half past one this morning to the ground floor flat in Pathfield Road.

Another man and a woman escaped from a first floor flat before the brigade arrived – all three were treated for smoke inhalation.

The blaze is believed to have been caused by cooking left unattended.

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Travellers moved on from West Molesey
A group of travellers who set up an unauthorised camp in West Molesey have been moved on.

Surrey Police resolved the issue overnight and the 14 caravans left the site in Hurst Swimming Pool.

The travellers have now left the borough
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Update on Alice Gross post-mortem
A post-mortem examination on the body of murdered schoolgirl Alice Gross will resume later.

Police confirmed the body found in the River Brent on Tuesday evening was that of the missing 14-year-old.

The post-mortem which began yesterday at Uxbridge Mortuary is expected to continue due to the "complex nature" of the investigation.

The hunt for her killer has now intensified.
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Couple refused house share in Clapham because they're gay
A friend of Olympic athlete Greg Rutherford claims he was denied the right to rent a room in London with his partner because they’re gay.

26 year-old George Poole was told he and his boyfriend Matthew Greenaway could not join a house share in Clapham which was advertised on Gumtree.

In response to his enquiry to view the double room the tenants sent him a message which read: "Hi guys, sorry but we are looking for a regular couple."

The British athlete, who took gold at the London 2012 Olympics, commented "People are free to live with who they want, but the text itself is disgraceful."
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Interest rate increase predicted
Research is suggesting many homeowners aren't ready for any potential increase in interest rates.

56 per cent of those surveyed admit they've no contingency plan.

A similar number say they'd find it difficult to meet a jump of up to 150 pounds in monthly repayments.
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London host Ebola conference
The UK is hosting an international conference today to raise awareness of the Ebola epidemic in West Africa.

Those taking part will also look at ways of supporting the countries affected.

Foreign Secretary and Runnymede and Weybridge MP Phlip Hammond, says a "global coalition" is needed to tackle the disease.

Speaking after a noisy Conservative Party Conference, he says the UK has plans to increase the number of Ebola treatment beds:
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Fans back Symons as next Fulham boss
Fulham and caretaker boss Kit Symons have won their second straight Championship match beating Bolton 4-nil at Craven Cottage last night.

The Cottagers are now up to 22nd in the table.

During the match fans made it clear that they’re backing the former Welsh international to be the club’s next permant manager.

Wolves missed the chance to go top after going down 3-1 at home to Huddersfield.

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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Body Found In River Brent Identified

Police have in the last few minutes confirmed the news.

The 14 year old disappeared from her home in Hanwell on the 28th of August.

Detectives leading the search said earlier "significant efforts" were made to conceal the human remains discovered overnight.

A post mortem took place this afternoon and will continue tomorrow.

Alice's parents have released a statement saying they are completely devastated and ask people to continue to help the police to bring the perpetrator to justice.

Residents in Hanwell have started to take the missing posters of Alice down, but the yellow ribbons will remain.

Prime suspect, Latvian Arnis Zalkalns, a convicted murderer, is still missing.

A service for Alice at St Mary's Church, will start at 7.30pm.

Full statement from Rosalind Hodgkiss and Jose Gross - Parents of Alice Gross

"We have been left completely devastated by the recent developments and it is difficult to comprehend that our sweet and beautiful daughter was the victim of a terrible crime. Why anyone would want to hurt her is something that we are struggling to come to terms with.

“Alice was a loving and much loved daughter and sister, a quirky live spark of a girl, beautiful inside and out. She was a funny companion, a loyal friend, both passionate and compassionate, and so talented with a bright future ahead of her. She brought so much joy to our family and those who knew her.

“We still don't know who is responsible for this crime and we ask that people continue to help the police by giving them information that could help bring the perpetrator to justice.

“We would like to thank all those that have supported us in our efforts to find Alice, especially the local community; it is comforting to know that so many people care.

"This is a personal and private tragedy and one which we want to be allowed to deal with in that manner, rather than fearing any individual or group will use it to further any political agenda. This is a time for grieving and not a time for anger or recriminations.

"We trust that the press will behave responsibly and not publish any material that might jeopardise any future criminal proceedings.

"We now ask for our privacy to be respected to allow us time to grieve as a family.”

Statement on behalf of Brentside High - The school Alice attended

"Our thoughts and sympathy are with Alice’s family at this time.

"Alice was an outstanding and talented student who will be sorely missed from our school community. This is a very sad day for our school and we are devastated by this tragic loss. We are doing everything we can to support each other and will continue to do so in the days and weeks ahead.

"We would like to thank the MPS for their efforts in finding Alice and hope that the perpetrator of this awful crime is brought to justice very soon.

"If anyone has any information that may be of use to the police’s murder inquiry please do come forward.

“To conclude, may I now ask you to respect the privacy of Alice’s family and our school community as we come to terms with this sad news.”
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UPDATE: Alice Gross Investigation

Police have launched a murder investigation, after a body was recovered from the River Brent in Ealing.

It's believed to be that of missing schoolgirl Alice Gross, who was last seen on Brentford Lock on August the 28th.

Yellow ribbons still adorn the roads around her home town of Hanwell.

Elizabeth Williams reports:

Pic: Jasvir Singh
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Still time to comment on proposed Shell station development in New Malden

Kingston Council says there is still time for residents to submit their views on the proposed redevelopment of the 50 year old station in Coombe Road.

A spokesman for the council said a Consultation is in progress. Neighbours and others with an interest can comment on the case.

Some residents living in the nearby conservation area of the Groves said they felt the designs were out of keeping with the area and they didn't want the extra traffic a Sainsbury's store would bring.

They claimed they weren't notified of the consultation - which has now closed.

The Council claims it doesn't always need to notify residents on planning matters.

To submit your comments, email [email protected] quoting ref 14/14863
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CCTV images released after teenager stabbed on Mitcham tram

Police have released CCTV images of a man they’d like to question after a teenager was stabbed 5 times on a tram in Mitcham.

The 15-year-old was left with a punctured lung after the knifeman lunged at him and two other young men around lunchtime on Monday.

Officers believe the attacker, boarded the tram at Mitcham, and got off at West Croydon.
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"Heart of Hackbridge" isn't pleasing everyone

Hackbridge may have been given a £1.4 million makeover by Sutton Council –but some parents are far from pleased.

They say the roads near Hackbridge Primary have become less safe since the old markings were replaced by new informal crossings (pictured above with a car parked across it) and a “roundel.”

The council has admitted the new “roundel” needs to be made clearer and more signage needs to be installed.

Tracey Collins has three children, including a daughter who uses a wheelchair. She says drivers don’t understand the new scheme.

The news comes as it's emerged two cars collided last night in London Road; right in the middle of the new scheme.

It's believed a driver veered into a parked car just before midnight.

The 26 year old was taken to hospital with back injuries.
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Tesco’s latest plans for Tolworth went on display this morning

The supermarket had to withdraw its last planning application in January due to resident hostility.

The new plans on the old Toby Jug site are a mixture of housing and retail once again, but on a reduced scale.

This man says traffic is still a major concern – he has another idea for use of the land.

You can view the plans in the Tolworth Living shop on the Broadway tomorrow between 3pm and 8pm or, if you can't make it, email [email protected] with your questions or call 0844 225 0003
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UPDATE: Missing man in Ashford found
A missing man from Ashford has now been found.

57 year old, Eddie Mash was reported missing last Sunday, but was found yesterday morning, safe and well.
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Multi-vehicle crash holds up traffic on the A3
A multi-vehicle accident held up traffic this morning at Tolworth.

Six cars were involved in the crash at around 7.30, in the Tolworth underpass on the southbound carriageway of the A3.

One man was taken to hospital with minor injuries.

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Police advise fast food shops across Sutton to lock away cooking oil
Police are urging fast food shops to lock away their cooking oil.

In the last few weeks, three reports of barrels have been stolen from kebab shops in Cheam, Stonecot and St Helier.

They're worth up to fifty pounds each and are left out for collectors to remove for onward sale.

It's advised they have access to a key.
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Fulham looking for first home league victory in nearly six months
Fulham are looking for their first home league victory in nearly six months when they play Bolton tonight.

Their last league victory at Craven Cottage was against Norwich on the 12th of April.

But Fulham are in their best form of the season, having won their last two games in all competitions under caretaker boss Kit Symons.

If they win tonight, they'll move up to 22nd in the Championship table.
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Robbery in Croydon
Police are appealing for information and witnesses to a robbery at a travel agents in Croydon.

Three men assaulted employees at Kanoo Travel in Church Street on Monday at around 9.30 am and made off with a quantity of cash.

The suspects fled on a white moped and a black mountain bike - the moped was abandoned in Waddon Road.

Three employees required medical attention for their injuries.

The suspects are described as black, and aged in their early to mid-twenties - one of them was wearing a motorcycle helmet in the colours of the American flag.
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Chessington World of Adventures going to court over girl's fall
Chessington World of Adventures has been ordered to appear before magistrates after a girl suffered a fractured skull in a fall.

Jessica Blake, then aged four, from Sheerness in Kent, fell 14ft while queuing for a ride in 2012.

The fall left Jessica with broken ribs and a bleed on the brain.

Chessington World of Adventures Operations Ltd will appear before Redhill magistrates on the 4th of November.
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UPDATE: Alice Gross: now a murder investigation

Police searching for missing teenager Alice Gross have found a body in the River Brent in Hanwell.

Detectives hunting for the 14-year-old, who disappeared nearly five weeks ago after leaving her home in Hanwell, said there had been "significant efforts" to hide the human remains.

She was last seen at Brentford Lock on August the 28th.

The body has been removed from the scene and Alice's family have been informed. Formal identification will now take place.

Alice's disappearance sparked a huge police search - the Met's largest since the 7/7 bombings.

Hundreds of officers from several forces around the country have been involved in the investigation, while the RAF was also drafted in to help identify new search areas.

The River Brent runs a short distance from Hanwell and the towpath next to the Grand Union Canal where Alice was last seen on CCTV.

Convicted murderer Arnis Zalkalns, who was filmed cycling along the same route behind Alice, has emerged as the prime suspect in the case.

The Latvian builder was reported missing within days of her disappearance, but police stressed he was just "one line of enquiry".

Statement from Commander Graham McNulty

Last night, 30 September, a search was carried out in the River Brent, as part of our ongoing investigation into the disappearance of Alice Gross.

Following this search we have sadly recovered a body from the water.

This is obviously a significant development and Alice's family has been informed.

We are unable to make a formal identification at this stage, but clearly this news is devastating for everyone involved in the search for Alice.

At this time my thoughts are with Alice's family and friends. I would ask you to respect their privacy and allow them space.
This is now a murder investigation and I need the public's help to find whoever is responsible.

I would urge anyone who may know something to come forward. Even if you have not yet spoken out it is not too late to tell us what you know.

I would like to thank the local community of Ealing who have shown huge support and patience during the course of our investigation. This discovery will have a significant impact throughout the borough.

You only need to walk around the surrounding streets to see the effect that Alice's disappearance has had on the whole community.

Our work at this scene is crucial to ensure we capture all the available evidence allowing us to identify who is responsible for this dreadful crime.

This may take some time, and I ask people to remain patient with us.

I can confirm that significant efforts were made to conceal the body.

At this point I do not wish to speculate any further on what has happened.

Finally, I would like to reiterate my request that Alice's family and friends are given the time to come to terms with this news. My thoughts, and those of all of us in the Metropolitan Police, are with them at this difficult time.
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Surrey woman's battle against 'revenge-porn'
A woman whose ex-boyfriend posted explicit images of her online has spoken of her six-month campaign to have the pictures taken down.

The 21-year-old from Surrey blamed herself after discovering the "revenge porn" on the man's blog – she tried to reason with him but he continued to post new images.

Surrey Police said they were "virtually powerless" to act as "revenge porn" was not covered in criminal legislation.

In July, the House of Lords rejected calls for a new "revenge porn" offence - Peers said it was covered by existing obscenity and harassment laws.
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A rat problem on Barnes Common is getting worse

Richmond Council is now using specialist baiting methods to deal with the problem.

The equipment is designed to be inaccessible to pets, but dog walkers are being urged not to allow them to eat anything from the ground.

They are being advised to be extra vigilant and report any sightings of rat carcasses to the Council.
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Alice Gross update: Police find body in River Brent
Police searching for the missing teenager - Alice Gross - have found a body in the River Brent.

Scotland Yard confirmed search teams have recovered a body from the water.

No formal identification has taken place yet and a post mortem examination will be scheduled in due course.

Her family have been informed of developments.

14-year-old Alice has been missing from her home in Hanwell for a month.

Commander Graham McNulty will make a statement outside New Scotland Yard later this morning.

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Chelsea claim first Champions League win
Chelsea registered their first win in this season’s Champions League following last night’s 1-0 win in Portugal against Sporting Lisbon.

Nemanja Matic scored for the Blues in the 34th minute.

They now top Group G.

Manchester City still await their first win in this season’s competition.

They were held to a 1-all draw by Roma at the City of Manchester Stadium.

There were also wins for Paris Saint-Germain, Bayern Munich and Bate Borisov.

In the Championship Brentford went down 2-1 at Watford.

Woking were 1-nil winners over Nuneaton in the Conference.

In Ryman League action Leatherhead ran-out 5-1 winners at Hampton & Richmond while Met Police lost 2-1 to Margate.

In the FA Cup's second qualifying round Tooting and Mitcham beat Stortford 3-1.

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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

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DJ Neil Fox Arrested Over Sexual Assault Claims
The 53-year-old Magic presenter is being questioned by police investigating alleged historical sex offences against two women.

Two properties, thought to be long to Mr Fox, in Fulham and Sussex, are being searched.

A Bauer Media, which owns Magic, spokesman said: "Bauer Media can confirm that Neil Fox, presenter of the Magic Radio breakfast show, was today arrested by Westminster Police. He is currently being questioned about various allegations. He will not be on air for the foreseeable future."

He was arrested at the Magic Studios in Soho this morning.

The married father of three, who attended Kingston Grammar school as a child, was escorted out after finishing his breakfast programme.

He has been married to his wife Vicky since 1999.

His arrest is not part of high profile sex crime investigation Operation Yewtree, which was set up in the wake of revelations about BBC presenter Jimmy Savile.

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Police investigate 'gravy aisle' dispute in Croydon supermarket
Two women have been questioned after a fight and argument allegedly broke out between two families at a supermarket in Croydon.

Police are investigating reports of a squabble in the gravy aisle in Asda in Beddington Lane on Saturday afternoon.

It’s alleged the verbal exchanges in the aisle were followed by a disturbance in the store’s foyer when a 15 year old is alleged to have been punched.

Police arrested two women, aged 37 and 58, on suspicion of assault.

They have been bailed until November pending further enquiries.
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Cyclist hit by lorry in Putney

A cyclist and a lorry have collided near Putney Bridge.

Emergency services were alerted to the collision which took place at the junction of New Kings Road and Fulham High Street at 11.50 this morning.

An ambulance spokeswoman said "We treated a woman in her 30s. She has been treated for a leg injury and taken as a priority to St George's Hospital."

Police have described her injuries as "not life-threatening".
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UPDATE: Alice Gross
Police are continuing to search Osterley Park in the investigation into the disappearance of Alice Gross.

The National Trust owned estate where the last Batman movie was filmed is two miles from where she was last seen.

The 14-year-old was last captured on CCTV cameras as she walked across Brentford Lock on the Grand Union Canal on August the 28th.
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Fulham search committee for next manager revealed
Fulham chairman Shahid Khan has today announced his five-person search committee to find the club's next manager.

On the team are former Fulham captains Danny Murphy and Brian McBride, and former Sunderland player, manager and chairman Niall Quinn.

The other two names are Huw Jennings, the club's academy director and Nike's Senior Director of Club and Federation business David Daly.

The bookmakers' favourite to replace Felix Magath is caretaker manager Kit Symons, who's won 2 of his 3 matches in charge.
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Missing girls could be in Syria
Two teenage girls have gone missing and may be trying to get to Syria to join extremists in the war torn state.

A 15 year old from Bristol and a 17 year old from Lambeth, both vanished last week amid fears the pair have been radicalised.

Police are investigating whether the pair travelled together from Heathrow Airport to Istanbul on their way to Syria.

Those in Bristol - who know of the family - can't believe it.

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Today is the last day you'll need to display car tax discs

The Met and Surrey Police forces are reminding us to know the new rules which come into effect tomorrow.

The most important of the changes, is that you no longer have to display a paper tax disc on your windscreen.

If your tax disc expires after this date, you do not need to display your tax disc.

You still need to tax your vehicle though.

Police and the DVLA will carry out database checks to ensure all vehicles requiring tax are up to date on their payments.
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Girl bitten by dog in Morden
Police are appealing for help in finding the owner of a dog who attacked a girl in Morden.

The 11-year-old was bitten in Morden Park at about 3.30 in the afternoon last Friday.

The dog's described as a black Staffordshire Bull Terrier with grey and white patches.
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Tooting MP criticises London Mayor
The MP for Tooting has criticised Boris Johnson, saying his list of failures as Mayor of London is long.

Sadiq Khan says that as the Mayor looks to return to Parliament, he leaves London as a 'more unequal and divided' city.

Writing in the New Statesman, he also added that the capital is now in 'a worse position to meet the challenges of the future' than before Johnson's mayorship.
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Children in Sutton have the best teeth in London
14% of three year olds in London have tooth decay because of the amount of sugar they are consuming.

That’s the worrying figure released by Public Health England.

The worst affected London borough is Hillingdon, where 25% of youngsters suffer from tooth decay.

In contrast, Sutton has the least percentage of children with rotten teeth at only 5%
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Two Fires In Battersea
The London Fire Brigade attended two fires in Battersea early this morning.

In the first, a man made a lucky escape after flames broke out in his bedroom at a block of flats in Dagnall Street just after midnight.

About an hour later, a woman was rescued from her maisonette in Searles Close after being trapped in the bedroom by a blaze on the stairs and landing.

Both were taken to hospital suffering from smoke inhalation.

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Brentford looking for first win against Watford since 1978
Brentford travel to Watford tonight in the Championship.

The Bees sit in 14th, three points behind their opponents who are currently in 4th.

If Brentford do win, it'll be their first victory against Watford in 12 games, a run stretching back to 1978.
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Former Wimbledon Champion Attempts To Break Into Top Eight
Andy Murray continues his attempt to break into the top eight of the tennis world rankings later.

The former Wimbledon Champion takes on Jerzy Janowicz in the first round of the China Open in Beijing.

Murray needs to improve on his current ranking if he's to earn himself a place in November's ATP World Tour Finals in London.
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Flood-Hit Homeowners Miss Grant Deadline
Flood-hit Surrey residents who’ve struggled to get their homes repaired will now miss a deadline to apply for a government grant.

Those affected were supposed to apply by today, for a contribution of up to £5,000 - after getting the repairs done.

But some people are only just now returning home, or are yet to do so and many haven’t had the necessary work done by the inundated specialist companies.

Last week it emerged about 40 families in Egham were still waiting to go home, with some potentially unable to return at all.

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Opening of Abbey Birth Centre at St.Peter's Hospital in Chertsey
Abbey Birth Centre is a new addition to the maternity unit at St Peter’s Hospital in Chertsey.

It’s been purpose built to provide a relaxing and homely atmosphere for expectant mothers and features 4 en-suite birthing rooms.

Guest Star Abbey Clancy will be cutting the ribbon at the grand opening tomorrow from 12 noon till 2pm.
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Monday, 29 September 2014

Architects confirm Sainsbury's development could be moving in to New Malden

This is the proposal put forward for the current Shell petrol station site in Coombe Road near the station.

Last week Shell told Jackie News that it couldn't confirm if the site had been sold or not.

Today we learned that it has been sold to Frontier estates which is looking at turning the site into housing and retail with extra parking.

Some residents expressed concern that they hadn't been consulted on the plans, which they feel are not "in keeping" with the nearby Groves, which is a conservation area.

However, a consultation was in fact running on Kingston Council's website.

The council is looking into how many people were notified about the consultation, as Frontier confirmed it had only spoken to 8 people about the plans.

The plans are already going through the council's planning application approval process.
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Alice Gross Update
Detectives trying to trace missing Alice Gross have moved their search to National Trust-owned Osterley Park.

Alice hasn’t been seen since the 28th of August when CCTV captured her walking along Brentford Lock - two miles away.

Scotland Yard officers are combing Osterley Park this evening for the first time in their month long search.
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Chelsea News
Didier Drogba has not flown out with the rest of the Chelsea squad for their Champions League match with Sporting Lisbon tomorrow night.

The striker missed training ahead of their Group G clash in Portugal.

Diego Costa is part of the squad, despite concerns over his fitness.
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Increasing concern over missing teenage boy with links to Staines and Stanwell

Police say they’re growing “increasingly concerned” about a missing teenage boy from Sussex.

15-year-old Shane Crawt has been missing from his home in Slinford for nearly two weeks.

It’s thought he may be in Staines or Stanwell.

He’s described as white, 6 foot 3 tall and of slim build, with dark brown short hair, blue eyes and a West Country accent.
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Agoraphobic dog spends eight months at rescue because she’s too frightened to find a new home

Agoraphobic Whisper is so terrified of people and the outside world that staff at Battersea are finding it impossible to find her a new home.

Whilst most rescue dogs love nothing more than ‘walkies’, meeting people and other dogs, and running around the Home’s exercise paddocks, Whisper will only leave her kennel once all the other dogs are in bed for the night and the staff and visitors have gone home.

Only when the grounds are deserted for the day does she feel it’s safe to venture outside.

Battersea staff have encountered all sorts of behaviours over the years but agoraphobic Whisper is one of the most extreme cases they have ever faced and they wonder how she will ever meet new owners.

Six-year-old Whisper was found cowering underneath a bush in Surrey back in January.
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Ambulances to be fitted with CCTV cameras
Ambulances working across Surrey will soon be fitted with CCTV cameras.

The move by the South East Coast Ambulance Service aims to improve staff safety.

The systems, which only record images and not sound, are expected to come into operation in the coming weeks.

The footage will be encrypted and password protected so it can only be viewed by those with appropriate authority to do so.

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Update on mental health service proposals across SW London

People suffering from mental health problems across South West London will find out soon where they can receive treatment.

A public consultation about the future of services at hospitals across the area has been launched today by SW London and St George's Mental Health NHS Trust.

Some patients have already expressed concern that services at Tolworth Hospital are to be moved to St George’s in Tooting.

The first meeting is taking place on the 28th of October at the Kingston United Reformed Church at 7pm, then as follows;

6/11 7-9pm The Old Town Hall, Richmond
10/11 7-9pm Wimbledon Guild
13/11 7-9pm Sutton Salvation Army
19/11 7-9pm Springfield University Hospital, Tooting

To find out more you can call 0203 513 6006

The consultation will end on the 21st of December.
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Tooting among new Aldi stores planned for 2015
Aldi's planning to open up to 65 new stores next year, including one in Tooting, as it announces a huge rise in pre-tax profits.

The discount supermarket made a record 260 million pounds in the UK - up 65 per cent on the year before.

Aldi now has just under a 5 per cent share of the market.
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Richmond Council concerned about plans that could see Chelsea relocate to Twickenham
There are growing concerns about the possibility of Chelsea relocating temporarily to Twickenham Stadium.

Deputy Leader of Richmond Council, Geoffrey Samuel says this proposal would put a huge amount of pressure on the local area.

He says if the plan goes ahead there are fears about crowd control, traffic management and community safety.

The Sunday Times reported yesterday that Chelsea are in talks with the RFU about a temporary move should Stamford Bridge be redeveloped.
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Bertrand implies he's looking for move away from Chelsea
Chelsea's Ryan Bertrand has suggested he's looking for a permanent move away from the club.

The defender, who's currently on loan at Southampton, says he's been treated dishonestly by The Blues.

He also says felt he needed to go to a club that's looking for the same things as he is, and that's why he's currently playing on the South Coast.
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Tesco is back in Tolworth

Ever persistent with its plans to renovate the old Toby Jug site, it will present its new and improved ideas at a number of public meetings.

They include yet another mixture of retail and housing. The supermarket's last proposals were vetoed by residents earlier this year.

The consultation drop in meetings are taking place on Wednesday October 1st from 10am - 2pm and Thursday October the 2nd from 3pm - 8pm at the Living Shop in Tolworth Broadway.
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Man arrested after Wallington drugs raid
A man has been arrested after a drugs raid in Wallington.

The 42-year-old was taken into custody after police found a number of drugs-related substances and paraphernalia in Gisbourne Close last Wednesday.

£600 worth of suspected fake currency was also seized.

The man, who's since been bailed, was arrested on suspicion of cultivation, possession with intent to supply and money laundering.
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Button admits Suzuka will be tricky
Jenson Button has admitted that this weekend's Japanese Grand Prix will be 'tricky'.

The driver for Woking-based McLaren says the circuit at Suzuka is incredibly unforgiving.

But he says going to Japan is like a second home for him, and one of his career highlights was winning there in 2011.

Button is currently 7th in the drivers' championship, 169 points behind leader Lewis Hamilton.
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Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe To Give Talk To Sutton Residents
Residents of Sutton, Merton and Wandsworth – are being invited to a talk by the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police.

Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe will be laying out his vision for London at the meeting and there’ll be an opportunity for people to have their say.

The event’s being held at The Rutherford Centre, Wimbledon High School on Wednesday the 22nd of October from 6.30pm.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 9:36 am  

Cliff Richard To Sell His Sunningdale Home
Sir Cliff Richard is to sell his £3million home in Sunningdale.

He’s told friends he feels like he has been 'ransacked by burglars' and ‘violated’ after police raided his home in August.

He was on holiday in Portugal when police swooped on his home without warning.

They had received a report of a sex attack on a teenage boy at a Christian rally in Sheffield almost three decades ago.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 8:11 am  

Man shaken after robbery in Egham
Two people have been arrested in connection with a knife-point robbery in Egham.

During the incident near Egham train station on September 16th, a 31-year-old man was left distressed after two men produced a knife and demanded his phone and wallet.

A 16-year-old boy and 19-year-old man, both from Feltham, are due to answer bail on Wednesday October 8th.

posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 2:16 am  

Kingstonian host Romford in FA Cup replay
Kingstonian take on Romford this evening in their FA Cup second qualifying round replay at Kingsmeadow.

Both team played out a goalless draw on Saturday.

If they’re still deadlocked after 90 minutes, it’ll go to extra-time and penalties.

Kick-off is 7.45pm.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 12:13 am  

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Three sentenced for assaults and robbery in Sunbury
Two teenagers who committed a series of drunken assaults in Sunbury earlier in the year have been sentenced at Guildford Crown Court.

Jennifer Todd now 20 years of Dale Drive, Hayes, was sentenced to a total of 39 months in a Young Offenders Institution.

She was found guilty on three counts of assault and one of robbery. Charlie Smith 19 years of Marlin Close, Sunbury was also convicted.

He was given a 12 month suspended sentence during the same incident in which a mobile phone was taken.

A third defendant George Maton 19 failed to appear and was sentenced in his absence. A warrant has been issued for his arrest.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 9:25 pm  

M3 multi vehicle collision Junc 2
Police were called to an eight car multi–vehicle collision on the northbound carriageway of the M3 this morning, near the M25.

This resulted in delays and congestion in the area for some considerable time until the cars were moved onto the hard shoulder.

A Highways Agency spokesperson reported that one lane had been closed as a result, but there had been no reported injuries.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 9:10 pm  

Question Time heading to Barnes, East Sheen and Mortlake

Residents in Barnes, East Sheen and Mortlake will soon be able to have their say about the area they live in to decision makers.

This is after Richmond Council announced a series of “Question Time” style events to take place in the towns.

People will be able to make suggestions for improvements and hold leading members of the Council to account.

The Question Time events will be held:

Mortlake: Wednesday 15th October from 6:30pm-8:30pm in the Old Power Station, 121 Mortlake High Street.

Barnes: Monday 20th October from 6:30-8:30pm in OSO Community Arts Centre, 49 Station Road.

East Sheen: Thursday 23rd October from 6:30-8:30pm in All Saints Church, 86 East Sheen Avenue.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 3:27 pm  

Chelsea look for a temporary ground
The Rugby Football Union has confirmed it's been approached by Chelsea about the possibility of using Twickenham to host some of their matches.

The Premier League club are considering ways to redevelop Stamford Bridge, with sites for a potential new stadium in London limited.

If it goes ahead, they may need to find a temporary home.

Twickenham is one of a number of locations that they're thought to be looking at.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 1:09 pm  

Clapham engagement party go on a sponsored walk
A young couple from Clapham have ditched their engagement party to take part in a 13-mile night-time walk to raise money for Cancer Research.

Harry Vickers and Emma Thornton Jones were joined by all 62 of their guests, and more than 16 thousand others.

The pair cancelled their celebration at the last minute after they found out Harry's dad, Tony - who is seriously ill in hospital - wouldn't be around for the wedding.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 12:50 pm  

Murray makes a come-back in China
Former Wimbledon Champion, Andy Murray, has come back from a set down to win the Shenzhen Open tennis title in China.

He beat Spain's Tommy Robredo in the final 5-7, 7-6, 6-1.

The British number one, who's currently ranked eleventh in the world, is trying to break into the top eight to gain entry to the ATP World Tour Finals.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 11:05 am  

Chelsea manager remains focused on the task ahead.
Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho is refusing to get carried away by his sides' start to the Premier League season.

They remain on top of the table following their convincing 3-0 win over Aston Villa at Stamford Bridge yesterday.

Mourinho says, while he's pleased with the start they've made, there's still lots of work to do.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 9:40 am  

RAF used in Hanwell investigation
Scotland Yard has confirmed the RAF has been helping in the search for missing teenager Alice Gross.

Helicopters flying over where Alice was last seen in Hanwell are identifying possible areas of interest.

It's exactly a month since the 14-year-old was last seen walking along the Grand Union canal towpath.

Today participants of the Ealing half-marathon will be wearing yellow ribbons as part of the campaign to find the teenager.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 8:41 am  

Croydon Central MP says No to UKIP
The Conservative MP for Croydon Central says ‘he’ll never have anything to do with a bigot like Farage’.

He tweeted his comment in response to speculation from a Labour councillor on whether the MP would be next to jump on the UKIP bandwagon.

The interaction on twitter came after a second Tory MP, Mark Reckless, defected to UKIP.

Reckless cited differing opinions on EU membership as a reason for the switch.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 8:34 am  

Thieves attack a man in a Dorking store
Police are appealing for witnesses after a cashier in Dorking was tied up then threatened with a knife while he shut a High Street shop.

Two thieves entered Robert Dyas as it was closing yesterday.

They took cash then left with a blue and white shopping trolley.

Both men are described as white, in their 30s and around 5 foot 10.

One wore a balaclava with a single eye-hole, the other wore a cream coloured baseball cap with a New York emblem.
The victim was unharmed.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 7:39 am  

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Mike Oban
Mike enjoys playing and watching sports and is a budding football coach.

news reader
Jacqui Kerr
Jacqui enjoys all sports and has had a go at most! She loves talking, current affairs, music, and walking her polar-bear-sized dog.

news reader
David Walker
David´s philosophy is you only live once so go out and grab every opportunity no matter how small.

news reader
Sharmeen Ziauddin
Sharmeen lives in Worcester Park and loves lie-ins, kittens, books, politics, make-up and anything with sugar in it, but hates Monday mornings with a vengeance.

news reader
John Beesley
John lives in Hounslow. He enjoys beer and singing with barbershop quartets and choruses, though not necessarily in that order.

news reader
Emily Dexter
Emily is creative and has wide-ranging interests.

news reader
Amelia Beltrao
Amelia thinks living in New Malden definitely has its benefits: she gets the shops and beautiful riverside from Kingston, can walk her dogs on the common and visit the tennis in Wimbledon, as well as having a great range of Asian culture and cuisines on her high street.

news reader
Katie Waple
Katie presents both news and travel - find out more about her on the Presenters page.

news reader
Annie Smith
Annie grew up in Molesey. You can often find her cycling (badly) along the tow path by the river in Kingston or walking her dog Scout in Bushy Park.

news reader
Clare Whitehead
Clare is a playwright, an experienced voiceover artist and the narrator of several audio books. She loves dogs and ballet!

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