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Saturday, 24 September 2016

Harlequins secure win against Saracens in their first home game of the new season

It was a bright but overcast day at the Twickenham Stoop.

There was a jubilant atmosphere around the ground with the Harlequins fans welcoming their team onto the pitch for the first home game of the season - and what a game it was set to be. Current English Premiership and European Champions Saracens were the guests for the afternoon.

Quins had so far only won one from three games this season; Saracens three from three, two of which were bonus-point wins.

The hosts kicked off proceedings and with the first impact of the game Marler went down. The referee stopped the clock and medics cautiously kept his head still.

Applause resonated around the ground as Lambert came on in place of the loose-head prop in a full substitution.

The clock restarted with a scrum to Saracens who somehow did not seem so threatening in their orange kit.

A solid scrum from both sides but the visitors came away with the ball, Wigglesworth box-kicking out but only reaching the arms of Visser who slapped the ball backwards giving himself additional time to gather.

Quins marched on and earned their first penalty of the game on the right wing just outside the 22. Swiel lined up the posts and put the first points on the board: Harlequins 3 – 0 Saracens after 3 minutes.

The restart was long, Quins returned the ball and Saracens came again only until the ever eagle-eyed Visser took advantage of a sloppy pass. He intercepted and ran the length of the field to score the first try of the game. Swiel added the conversion.

Harlequins 10 – 0 Saracens after 6 minutes.

The home side earned the put-in at the scrum on their own 22. Sarries dropped to the floor and Quins had a free kick, sending the ball into touch for the first line-out of the game in the opposition half.

Robshaw was the man in the air and he gathered comfortably before offloading. Little ground was made and the guests were awarded a scrum.

This time the hosts were penalised and Saracens kicked long for their own line-out.

Itoje gathered and Saracens made a break however the ball came into Quins’ possession. Care kicked to safety which only allowed the men in orange to return. The Quins defence were able to bumble the visitors into touch for a line-out on their own 22.

The ball was thrown to the back; it was caught well and kicked long. This allowed a fast chasing pack to put pressure on Saracens. The guests were forced to kick; Quins gathered and then attempted a kick which was charged down.

Heart in hands moment as a breakaway try was on the cards. Luckily the Quins defence kicked in and halted progress.

Penalty to Quins and Swiel again sent it into touch for a line-out on the opposition 22.

It was thrown short to Danny Care and the hosts slowly started to build momentum. A chip through for the line was diverted into touch by Saracens handing Quins an attacking platform just 5 metres out.

The guests found themselves penalised for brining down the maul and Quins opted for another line-out. The ball was gathered well by the hosts who got a maul rolling. Advantage to Quins as it was once again illegally brought to a standstill. The referee Craig Maxwell Keys warned Saracens but did not issue a card.

Another line-out for Harlequins. Again the ball was gathered well, this time with more momentum. Advantage again was being played for the hosts. They moved the ball wide to the right wing allowing Charlie Walker (a late call-up for this game for the rather unwell Yarde) to cross the whitewash.

Swiel again added the extra two points and after 21 minutes it was Harlequins 17 – 0 Saracens.

Another long restart from Saracens taking the attack into the hosts’ 22.

Quins gathered and kicked into touch just inside their own half. Time-out was called whilst the Saracens no. 2,Brits, was seen to by the medics. He stayed on the pitch and play resumed. Saracens threw long – too long and Buchanan stole possession. It was not long before possession once again changed hands and Saracens secured their own line-out in Quins’ territory.

The opposition came fast and strong but Quins held firm and forced the visitors to spill the ball forward. Scrum to the hosts in their own 22. The ball was gathered and kicked long but into the safe hands of the Saracens fall-back Goode who returned the favour.

A game of football ensued before Saracens kicked long. Brown was hoping to guide the ball out of play then controlled it as it fell short. Wigglesworth, meanwhile, had chased his own kick and both players made to put downward pressure on the ball as it crossed the line. The referee went upstairs to the TMO and it was ruled ‘no try’ much to Brown’s relief.

Another scrum to Saracens just 5 metres out. The opposition released the ball and Quins intercepted a failed grubber kick, only for the referee to halt play and return 5 metres out for a Saracens line-out. They visitors gathered and drove on, passing and attacking. Advantage was signalled by the referee before play was stopped for a scrum near the posts. Quins were again penalised for going to ground. Saracens called for another scrum hoping the hosts would see yellow.

Sarries Vunipola drifted from the back of the scrum with the ball and made for the line. He was tackled. Saracens then switched tactics and the referee again brought play back 5 metres from the posts. The call of ‘Come On You Quins’ resonated from the fans, spurred on by their teams’ attitude and stubbornness in defence.

Saracens seemed to be getting frustrated with the continuous set plays and the referee spoke with both Captains after another failed scrum.

The visitors got forward movement on the scrum which then spun sideways; Quins deemed to have been the culprits.

The scrum was set once again. Vunipola again released himself from the pack and made for the line. The Quins defence stopped him in his tracks and earned themselves a penalty. Swiel was unable to find touch allowing Saracens to come again. George Merrick was relentless in his defence for Quins, tackling player after player to slow the advancing visitors.

Saracens soon found themselves in touch. Quins retained possession from their line-out and kicked long. The visitors gathered and moved the ball quickly getting play back into the hosts’ 22. Penalty to Quins who kicked into touch ending a breathtaking first half.

Half Time at the Twickenham Stoop: Harlequins 17 – 0 Saracens

This was an unusual position for the visitors to be in; 17 points down with no reply after 40 minutes.

Their Director of Rugby Mark McCall made three changes to the starting line-up of the second half: Jamie George and Juan Figallo came on in place of Schalk Brits and Petrus du Plessis.

The guests got the second half underway and chased. Despite the pressure, Quins gathered and kicked to safety. Both sides tested their kicking skills until Goode took charge and ran with the ball after plucking it out of the air.

His momentum got Saracens off to the start they wanted with Wigglesworth crossing for a try and Alex Lozowski adding the conversion within the first three minutes of the new half: Harlequins 17 – 7 Saracens.

Quins chased their re-start but Saracens came away with the ball, kicking as far as Brown who gathered. Swiel kicked high and although a valiant attempt was made by the hosts to gather it, it was instead the arms of the men in orange who claimed possession. They then, however kicked long, too long, and the ball went dead.

Swiel again got proceedings underway. Care made a cheeky little kick which again saw Saracens beat Quins to the ball. The returned kick was gathered well by Swiel and Care retrieved the ball from the ruck.

Saracens stole possession at the following breakdown – they got it out wide to the left wing. Wray passed to Wyles as they made for the line, Great defence once again from the hosts who themselves turned over possession at the breakdown.

Time was halted as Care received treatment, grabbing his ribs. He was replaced by Dickson. Sinckler also on as well as Gray for Buchanan and Collier.

Quins kicked for a line-out still within their own half. Robshaw took it well and they formed a rolling maul. At the first hesitation Dickson called for the ball and the hosts earned a free kick. Swiel placed it in touch deep within the opposition half for another line-out. Again they gathered and recycled well, Sinckler making his presence on the pitch felt.

In a strange decision Dickson decided to change tactics and kick long – unfortunately too long for his teammates to chase and Saracens claimed it with ease.

Another change for the hosts saw try-scorer Charlie Walker leave the pitch for Alofa Alofa after 51 minutes.

The line-out ball was again gathered well by Quins and Sinckler kept forward momentum going, earning the hosts a penalty in the process. Tempers frayed as a brawl looked likely on the pitch with all 30 players rushing to the centre of the action.

After a brief moment to calm down, play continued with a penalty kick to Harlequins 10 metres in to the opposition half. Swiel sent it towards the right upright which kept the ball out.

Swiel once again forced play back to 5 metres from the Saracens line as he kicked and chased, narrowly losing the race for the ball. Great support from the hosts, however, saw Brown tackle Saracens just after they gathered the ball, keeping the pressure on.

The momentum was short-lived as Saracens earned a free kick and sent the ball into touch within Harlequins’ half. The visitors gathered and drove onwards. Richard Wigglesworth sent the ball to Marcelo Bosch who grubber-kicked through. Saracens again gathered and sent it to the left wing with Brown jumping on a loose ball just 5 metres from his own line.

The hosts kicked into touch to ease the pressure but this only took play back to their 22.

The guests fumbled their line-out and again more handbags were seen on the pitch.

Time for more replacements as Kelly Brown came on for Michael Rhodes with 21 mins left.

Play resumed with a scrum to Quins following the knock-on by Saracens. This was upgraded to a penalty and Swiel kicked for a line-out just inside their own half. The ball was collected well and passed quickly to Luke Wallace who sent the ball wide. Dickson passed to Swiel from the ruck and an aerial battle ensued. Goode had the last say as he gathered the ball and then earned his team a kick at the posts 5 metres into the hosts’ half.

Once again the posts affected play and kept the ball out. Quins kicked to safety but did not find touch. This kept the attack going for the guests.

Marcello Bosch left the pitch for Nick Tompkins with 16 minutes left.

The hosts’ dominance in set pieces shone though again as Quins were awarded a penalty off the back of another failed scrum. Unfortunately Swiel’s kicks were becoming shaky and he failed to find touch. Brown, on the other hand, received the ball and placed it neatly in touch in the opposition 22.

Final replacements for Saracens as Mako Vunipola and Richard Wigglesworth exited for Richard Barrington and Ben Spencer.

Saracens kept possession and box-kicked out allowing Quins to come again. Progression was, however, halted as the hosts drifted offside.

In a comedy moment Hopper made his way off the field only to be told he had to say on for the Saracens’ penalty kick at the posts. Once kicked, and missed, Hopper was permitted to leave for Ruaridh Jackson on for Quins; Sam Twomey joined the game as George Merrick made way with 12 minutes left.

As play resumed, Saracens secured their next line-out in Quins territory. The hosts’ defensive line held firm.

The visitors moved the ball from one wing to the other then chipped through. Dickson attempted to catch it outright but knocked it backwards. He then made a determined run to keep the ball from going into touch 5 metres from his own line. He succeeded and after passing to the centre, the ball was placed into touch outside his 22. Saracens secured the line-out but a knock-on handed a scrum to Quins which was once again upgraded to a penalty. Swiel took aim and this time found touch deep within the opposition half.

The fans were buoyant as Robshaw secured line-out ball. A maul formed then play went to the wings.

Progression was slowed at the 22 as Saracens organised their defence. The hosts attempted a chip through but sent the ball into touch.

Saracens made strides with a rolling maul and earned a free-kick which was placed into touch just outside the hosts’ 22.

For the first time this game, the referee showed a yellow card – issued to Quins no. 5 James Horwill.
Lozowski split the posts with his penalty kick and with just three minutes left to play the score was Harlequins 17 – 10 Saracens.

The restart was kicked long. This was simply gathered and kicked into touch by the guests inside the Quins half. The hosts secured possession and formed a maul. Dickson box-kicked out allowing Saracens to come again.

Less than a minute to go and play was tight on the half-way line. The Stoop erupted as Quins were awarded a penalty. The clock counted down. The ball was kicked out of play ending the game.

Full Time at the Twickenham Stoop: Harlequins 17 – 10 Saracens

Attendance: 14,800

England coaching staff Eddie Jones and Steve Borthwick were watching from the stands, as was former All Black Sean Fitzpatrick.
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UPDATE: Man missing from Sunbury found

A man who had been missing from Sunbury since last Saturday has been found, safe and well.

77 year-old Anthony Walden went missing on the 17th at around 5pm in the vicinity of Fairlawns.

Police were worried for his well-being as he suffers from Dementia.

They would like to thank everyone who got involved in the search.
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Swimmers enjoy London's Serpentine

6,000 swimmers dived into London’s Serpentine today for a mass open water race.

Team GB Olympic Swimmer Jack Burnell kicked off the swim which saw participants, dressed in yellow, red and blue caps.

The mile-long mass swim is part of the park’s two-day open water festival Swim Serpentine.
On Sunday, the festival will host the British Open Water Swimming Championships.
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Football: the day ahead

In the Premier League today, Crystal Palace take on Sunderland and Chelsea take on Arsenal.

Fulham play at home to Bristol City in the Championship.

In League One, AFC Wimbledon meet Shrewsbury at Kingsmeadow - a win today for the Dons could put them above Milton Keynes for the first time since their reformation.

All games aside from Chelsea’s kick off at 3pm. Chelsea's away game begins at 5.30pm.
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London's older mothers are on the up

London has the highest rate of older mothers in the UK, seven times that in the North East, according to official statistics.

The number of babies born to mothers aged 45 and over is up across the country by more than a third in six years.

In Hounslow and Lambeth boroughs, it’s almost doubled.

The data from the Office of National Statistics also shows birth rates for under 18s have fallen, with London having the lowest.
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Preview of Chelsea's game later today

One of the biggest games of the Premier League weekend sees Chelsea travel to Arsenal later.

The sides are level on points after three wins from their opening five games.

Antonio Conte's men are unbeaten in their last nine top-flight matches against their London rivals.

Kick off is at 5.30pm.

He says his players are raring to go.

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Elderly man dies after collision in Earl's Court

A lorry driver is being sought by police following the death of a pedestrian who was hit in Kensington.

The 71-year-old man was injured outside Earl's Court tube station at around 9.30pm yesterday and died a short time after in hospital.

The lorry didn’t stop at the scene and it’s not known if the driver was aware of the collision.

Officers have urged the driver and any witnesses to contact the Serious Collision Investigation Unit (SCIU) at Merton on 020 8543 5157, or to contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.
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Harlequins face Saracens at The Stoop

Harlequins face Saracens at The Stoop today in their first home match of the 2016/17 Aviva Premiership season.

Saracens currently lie second in the table, but last time they faced off at The Stoop it was Harlequins who came out on top.

They’ve made six changes to the side which lost to Exeter Chiefs last Saturday, while Jack Clifford looks to be out for 10 weeks as he’s set to undergo ankle surgery.

Play starts at 3pm.
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Former London mini-cab driver sentenced at Isleworth Crown Court for knife point rape more than two decades ago

A former London mini-cab driver has been jailed for 14 years after being convicted of a knife point rape more than two decades ago.

In the early hours of 17th May 1994, the 28-year-old victim was on her way home from a West End night club when her driver stopped the car.

He then held a knife to her face while he cut off a lock of her hair and sexually assaulted her before she managed to get out of the vehicle.

Haci Iramahain Koc was found guilty when the case was reviewed and a DNA sample he’d provided for a different matter matched that left on the victim’s clothes.

He was sentenced at Isleworth Crown Court.
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Pardew talks about today's upcoming Palace game

Crystal Palace aim for a third consecutive Premier League win today.

They're away to Sunderland, who are yet to pick up a top-flight victory this season.

Boss Alan Pardew says midweek League Cup success at QPR will boost the Wearsiders, but only to an extent.

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Legendary music producer opens recording studio in Kingston

Legendary music producer Tony Visconti has opened a new analogue recording studio at Kingston University named in his honour.

Visconti, who is now a visiting professor, has worked with the likes of David Bowie, Marc Bolan, Morrissey and U2.

The studio, which has been stocked with vintage recording equipment, will become a focal point of research and teaching.
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Police continue to hunt rapist in Tooting

Investigations are continuing today after a woman was raped in Tooting.

The attack happened shortly after midnight on Wednesday in Lucien Road.

The suspect forced the woman into a property before raping her and fleeing the scene.

Police are hunting an Asian man in his twenties.
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Conte aims for Arsene Wenger's status

Antonio Conte says he would like to remain at Chelsea for 20 years, a feat Arsenal manger Arsene Wenger is celebrating.

Chelsea take on Arsenal later in the day's late kick-off at 5-30; a game that will surely have an influence on the title race.

Conte went on to say that people should judge managers not only on their wins or losses, but the work they do every day.
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Surrey County Councils stretched to its limits

The deputy leader for Surrey County Council has warned that despite the Council making savings this year of more than £76 million, they still face an overspend of £6 million.

Peter Martin said that the demand in key areas such as adult services and children services and special educational needs is outstripping the Council’s ability to meet efficiency targets.
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Fans allowed alcohol at AFC Wimbledon game

Alcohol will be served at today's AFC Wimbledon game against Shrewsbury.

Bar staff are able to serve drink from a pop up marquee after they finally got the go ahead from Kingston Police and the Council.

There had been concern about bar queues at Kingsmeadow, but bosses say the pop up bar is the solution to the problem.
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Calling all parents in Hounslow: applications for school places are now open

The online application process for primary and secondary school places in Hounslow has now opened for September 2017.

Applications for secondary schools must be submitted by the end of October, while those applying for primary have until January.

Parents are being warned that missing the deadline may well affect the chance of their child being offered a place at their preferred school.
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Company director sentenced to 20 weeks for kicking Uber driver in Chelsea

A company director has sobbed in court as he was jailed for 20 weeks for kicking an Uber driver in the head outside a Chelsea club.

35 year-old Robert Croucher begged to be spared a prison sentence after the indecent outside Raffles club in King’s Road.

The victim, Mohammad Hussain, was attacked after refusing to drive him home following an argument between Croucher and his girlfriend.

He’s also been ordered to pay over £1000 in charges.
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Free gym passes in Elmbridge

A free gym pass is on offer in Elmbridge to men between 26 and 45 years old.

The Sports Development Team is providing the 7 day passes at the Xcel Leisure Complex in return for taking part in a focus group about physical activity.

They want to find out about activity levels, what stops you taking part in sport or exercise and what would help you to get active.

The 45 minute session will be held on Tuesday evening.
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New trees for Tooting Common avenue

An avenue of horse chestnut trees in Tooting Common is to be replaced as the existing trees come to the end of their natural lifespan.

The 77 trees in the historic avenue are between 150 and 160 years old and are likely to decline and die of old age within a relatively short period of time.

A public consultation found that 96 percent wanted the avenue preserved.

74 percent of respondents also agreed that it would be better to replace the trees in a single operation.

Wandsworth Councillors have voted to replant the avenue so that it will thrive and live on into the next century.
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Blooming awards in Richmond

Richmond has been celebrating its green fingers after receiving a gold award for the borough from the London in Bloom competition.

Twickenham and Barnes Villages collected silver gilt awards in the London village category.

Barnes Common came first in the Common of the Year. Terrace Gardens received a first for a Large Park and York House Gardens were given a Gold for Park of the Year.

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Friday, 23 September 2016

Kingston police appeal to trace family and friends of stroke victim

Kingston police have made a desperate appeal to trace the family and friends of a stroke victim who has no ID and is unable to talk.

The man, who’s around 55 years old, was found collapsed in the street by paramedics outside Boots in Union Street on August 23rd.

He’s described as white, of medium build and around 5ft 7 inches tall. He has blue eyes with ginger and grey receding hair.

The man also has distinctive tattoos on his left arm including the words “mam dad” in a cross with “Kim” underneath.

A tattoo of a fish also appears on the same arm.

Anyone with information on his identity should contact the police.
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A UKIP candidate from Twickenham has been convicted of racially abusing a Tesco worker.

Sam Naz insulted 48 year old Mohammed Wafta after he came to help her after a row with a shopper in Leytonstone.

The 33 year old, who stood for MP of Richmond, was told to pay £5,000 in fines and costs.
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Southern Railway leaders faced a backlash from MPs and commuters today after announcing a further 14 days of strikes.

The dispute is over changes to the role of the guard and the introduction of more driver-only operated trains.

MP for Croydon South, Chris Phillip, has condemned the strikes, calling them unnecessary.

Tom Brake, Carshalton and Wallington MP, has also written a letter to Southern demanding for the works in the tunnel at Carshalton Station to be finished immediately.

Rail minister Paul Maynard said he was “determined to resolve” the issues causing the long running dispute “as a matter of urgency”.
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The number of homes sold in London slumped almost 40 per cent year-on-year until the second quarter of 2016.

That’s according to the latest figures from the Land Registry.

The average stamp duty bill in London is now more than £16,000 but as high at £71,000 in Kensington and Chelsea, giving a boost to the “improve before you move” trend.

The slump in sales, combined with post-Brexit uncertainty, has also started to undermine what had been an encouraging increase in the number of new homes being built.
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Sutton Council is encouraging residents to play their part in keeping streets cleaner.

They’re taking part in an anti-littering project that was launched this week in four areas across England.

The council’s joined forces with the environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy and The Wrigley Company.

Carshalton High Street and Westmead Road are taking part in the scheme, where litter bins will be transformed into collection pots, featuring a different charity each month.

The more litter that goes into the bins and the less on the ground, the more money each charity will receive from an allocated budget.
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The National Institute for Clinical Excellence, known as Nice, has published guidelines on sexting for young people.

They’re calling for mandatory education in the South East about the possible dangers of sending explicit messages.

A recent poll revealed that 8 out of 10 people in the UK agree that this needs to become a part of sex education.
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Green party councillor Jonathon Essex has called upon Surrey County Council’s Pension Fund to change the way it does business.

At a meeting last week, he highlighted the financial case for considering a more sustainable investment strategy.

Essex called for £177m of pension investments to be moved from fossil fuels and re-invested elsewhere, claiming it would be more financially and ethically sound.
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Police are appealing after a teenage girl missing from Isleworth

Police are growing increasing concern for the safety of a high risk missing teenage girl, who was last seen in Isleworth.

15 year-old Georgia Chandler, disappeared yesterday afternoon.

She’s described as a white female, of a slim build, about 5ft 6 tall, white shoulder length blonde hair.

Anyone who has seen her is asked to phone police on 101.
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Radio Jackie Special Report; the mother of seven year old Zane Gbangbola has told Jackie News she will never stop fighting for justice for her son

Nicole Lawler and her partner Kye Gbangbola are calling for an independent inquiry over their son’s death in Chertsey in 2014.

Coronor Richard Travers ruled Zane died as a result of inhaling toxic carbon monoxide fumes generated by a petrol pump inside the house being used to clear water from their home after flooding.

His parents have always disputed this, saying he died after Hydrogen gas leaked into the house after a nearby landfill site was also flooded.

They say that the pump was never on and that carbon monoxide was not detected inside the home.

Nicola explains why they are seeking an independent inquest.

To find out more about Zane's parents' campaign, please click here
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Kingston’s blossoming after winning a Silver recognition award

Kingston’s blossoming after winning a Silver recognition at the London in Bloom annual summer flower awards.

It’s the largest horticultural event in the capital, celebrating the passion people have for gardening.

Kingston’s display featuring a staggering 221 hanging baskets, border plants and raised flower beds, was in honour of the Queen’s 90th birthday.
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Fake items sold in an Addiscombe shop have been seized

Fake high-end fashion and cosmetic brands being sold in an Addiscombe shop, have been seized.

Elegant Sheek, was raided by trading standards officers in August following a tip-off.

360 items, including counterfeit shoes, bags and jewellery were removed from the shop after close analysis.

The shop owner claims he brought the items in good faith.
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A woman has been raped in Tooting

The attack happened shortly after midnight on Wednesday as the victim approached her car , parked in Lucien Road.

The suspect forced the woman into an address before raping her and fleeing the scene.

The suspect is described as a man of Asian appearance, between 20-25 years old, approximately 5ft 7inches tall and of slim build.
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Petition launched to save New Malden's #FountainRoundabout

A petition has been launched by campaigners fighting to save New Malden's Fountain Roundabout.

Kingston Council has approved plans to replace it with a Go Cycle crossroads scheme.

But some residents claim they had no idea about the consultation on the project, which was launched in June.

The Council maintains it sent letters to addresses within 500 metres of the proposed development, but some residents in roads like The Groves, were missed off the list, despite their homes joining the High Street.

To view the petition, click here
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The company created to manage children’s services in Kingston and Richmond, could also take on Windsor and Maidenhead

Achieving for Children was set up by the two councils following a damning inspection of Kingston’s services by Ofsted in 2012.

Kingston merged with Richmond, and now both councils’s children’s services are managed by AfC.

Bosses are looking in to how to incorporate Winsdor and Maidenhead, which would also become a shareholder.

Last November, it was revealed that AfC was having to make £4 million worth of cuts after overspending in its first year.

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Students in Ham aim beat world record

Grey Court School in Ham is to celebrate its 60th Anniversary by breaking a world record this afternoon.

All 700 students hope to break the record of the most number of people performing burpees together.

A burpee is a squat thrust with a jump on the end- a popular exercise enjoyed by personal trainers but endured by others.

The current record is held by The Usain Bolt Sports Complex at the University of West Indies and stands at 5.15 people.
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Green Party's Caroline Russell visits New Malden today to talk about pollution

The Green Party’s Caroline Russell will be in New Malden this morning.

She’ll meet with residents concerned about how much pollution they are regularly exposed to.

She’s lobbying the Mayor of London to look at expanding his Ultra Low Emission Zone beyond the proposed boundary of the North and South Circulars.

She’ll be outside the station on the high street from 10.30am.
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Southern's express outrage at RMT Union's 14 day strike plan

Southern Rail’s parent company has described the RMT Union’s plans for more strike action as “shameful”.

It follows the announcement that workers will stage 14 days of industrial action in five blocks beginning on Thursday 13th October.

This marks the latest phase of their on-going dispute over the role of conductors on trains.

The RMT insists workers have no alternative because of Southern’s “blatant disregard for the safety and security of passengers and staff”.
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Sculpture unveiled in Woking in memory of H. G. Wells

A seven-foot bronze sculpture has been unveiled in Woking in memory of the town’s famous science fiction writer, H. G. Wells.

Wells settled in Woking to write The War of the Worlds among other notable works, and stories were influenced by the time he spent there.

The creation cost Woking Borough Council £49,700 and will soon move to its permanent position outside Victoria Gate, as part of the Wells in Woking Heritage Trail.

Its sculptor, Wesley Harland, has created props for Pinewood and Shepperton Studios, but this is his first ever commission.
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Putney-born Daniel Radcliffe warns about dangers of current political climate ahead of his latest film

Putney-born actor Daniel Radcliffe says he thinks the current political climate is legitimising people's racist views.

The Harry Potter star south-west London plays an FBI agent who goes undercover to infiltrate white-supremacist groups in his latest film Imperium - which is out today.

He says people seem to be more willing to air their extreme views because of what's happening in politics at the moment.

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Thursday, 22 September 2016

Family speak out after wrongful diagnosis leads to death in Hammersmith

The parents of a primary school teacher, who died after being wrongly diagnosed by doctors in Hammersmith, are calling for urgent action.

Claire Tomlinson’s family has spoken out after her GP at the Hammersmith Surgery told her to cut out certain foods to ease her stomach cramps.

She was finally diagnosed with Kidney cancer in February, but it was too late and she died last week.

Claire’s parents John and Gill are calling for doctors to "act more urgently" to prevent other lives from being lost.

A spokesman for the NHS England says we "are always keen to understand any issues raised by patients' family and friends".
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Battersea Dogs & Cats Home to receive percentage of purr-ofits from UK's first cat-themed festival

Battersea Dogs and Cats Home is to receive 15% of all profits from the UK’s first ever moggy-themed festival

Catnip Festival 2016 is coming to London in November and will be focussed solely around videos of cats.

There will also be a “cat gymnasium”, DJ sets and games; all centred around the internet’s favourite pet.

The festival will be held at the Coronet theatre in Elephant and Castle.
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Mother from Twickenham takes on Ben Nevis Braveheart Triathlon in memory of husband

A mother of two from Twickenham has completed the challenging Ben Nevis Braveheart Triathlon in memory of her husband.

Sue Jones completed the 1.2 mile open water swim, 56 mile road bike ride, and half marathon up the mountain in a relay with two friends.

Her husband, Ed, was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour in 2012, six years after the death of his father from the same disease.

He became passionate about increasing public awareness of brain tumours and was an active supporter of The Brain Tumour Charity.

Sue and her friends have so far raised over £9,000 on their Just Giving page for the charity.
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Police appeal to witnesses of Chessington accident to come forward

Police want anyone who witnessed an accident in Chessington on Saturday to come forward.

Officers were called to the Leatherhead road just after 8.30am.

They found a BMW 5-series and a DAF lorry had colided at the junction with Fairoak Lane.

The 37-year-old driver of the car was taken to hospital where he remains in a stable condition; the lorry driver stopped at the scene.
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MP for Streatham calls for Labour's 'in-fighting' to stop

MP for Streatham, Chuka Umunna, has said it is essential Labour gets in a position to win a general election.

The Labour politician said the in-fighting needs to stop, especially as an election could be in May or sooner.

His comments come after former leadership contender, David Miliband, has warned the party is currently "unelectable".

Jeremy Corbyn is expected to win the leadership contest against challenger Owen Smith on Saturday.

Jeremy and his team are currently holding talks with rebel MPs to try to persuade them to come back to his shadow cabinet.
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Terminally-ill child forced to lie on Heathrow Airport floor while waiting hours for flight

A terminally-ill child was forced to spend several hours lying on the floor at Heathrow during a long wait to change planes.

Nahuel Matias Santucho’s mother has released photographs of him lying in the corridor of the airport.

The 15-year-old has a tube in his windpipe to help him breath and was travelling to spend the "last days of life" with relatives in Argentina.

His mother claims they were made wait in the corridor at Terminal 3 for several hours.

Heathrow and BA are both continuing their investigations.
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Police are appealing for information to find a woman missing from Croydon

61 year old Chris Milner was last seen on Wednesday at around 7.20pm when she left a hotel she was staying at in Croydon.

Her disappearance is out of character and she has never gone missing before.

Chris is described as white; around 5ft 5ins tall with a medium to large build and shoulder length blonde hair.

She was last seen wearing a dark blazer, black trousers, white top and dark bag.

Anyone who has seen Chris or anyone who has any information on her whereabouts is urged to call police in Croydon on 101.
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Southern Railway workers are to stage another series of strikes in a long running dispute over the role of conductors

The RMT union's announced 14 days of strike action in five separate blocks, starting on October the eleventh.

The union says members are being forced to take industrial action in a bid to maintain a safe and secure service.

Stay tuned to Jackie for the latest travel, or follow our Twitter team on @Jackie_Travel
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A teenage girl has died after she collapsed while rowing on the Thames

15-year-old Rosie Mitchell was rowing for Kingston Rowing Club when she “fell unconscious” on Saturday at around 9am.

Despite efforts by paramedics to revive her, she was taken to hospital but died later that day.

Grey Court School in Ham, where the teenager attended said Rosie was a "model student"
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Surrey’s Lib Dems are accusing the Conservative run council of wasting millions of pounds of public money on property

They claim Surrey County Council has spent almost £67m on buying properties outside the county for investment purposes.

The properties attained with funding from the Council are mainly warehouses in locations such as Wiltshire, Bristol and Worksop.

The Lib Dems say the money could be better spent on town centre investments and road and footway repairs in the county.
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The air ambulance was in Richmond earlier

The emergency services cordoned off Marchmont Road at lunchtime following reports a man had fallen from a ladder at a house.

The man is believed to have non - life threatening injuries.
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Pensioner from Carshalton has become the latest victim of ‘courier fraud’

An elderly pensioner from Carshalton has become the latest victim of ‘courier fraud’.

The 87 year-old-woman was tricked out of £2,150, after a fraudster pretending to be from the bank, rang her home in Northwood Road.

She handed over her pin number and cards to a courier following the conversation, earlier this month.

Police advise residents not to reveal their bank details or PIN to anyone including their bank. Banks will already have these details and will never ask for your old card back.

If you are called by someone who asks for these, hang up and use a different line to report the call to police on 101 or allow at least five minutes for the line to automatically clear.

Also don’t give your bank cards to strangers whatever reason they may give you to part with them. Such requests are likely to be a scam to steal your money.

This scam, which is known as the bank courier scam, was being widely reported to police across London during 2013-14, with 34 reported offences in Sutton during this period.

After a police-led campaign to raise awareness of the scam, the number of reports greatly reduced. However, police in Sutton are starting to see a rise in the number of these offences and detectives are urging the public to keep up their guard.

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Twickenham is named the UK's number one student burglary hotspot

As St Mary’s University students enjoy freshers week, it’s been revealed those living in Twickenham are at risk of theft.

Students settling into the area are the most likely in the country to experience a house robbery, according to a report by

Students living in Leeds ranked second, whilst Carmarthen and Chichester are the least likely places to experience a house break-in.

A spokesperson for St Mary’s University said, “Unfortunately these claims are flawed, they use a limited study of insurance claims to make their assertions about crime rates.

However, the Complete University Guide separately named St Mary’s as one of the safest universities nationally.

The Metropolitan Police’s crime figures not only show that Richmond has one of the lowest occurrences of residential burglaries in London, but there has also been an 8.7% reduction in the past 18 months.

At St Mary’s we place the student experience at the heart of everything we do and work tirelessly to ensure our students are safe and secure.

This is further reflected in the 2016 Times Higher Education Student Experience survey, in which our students rated us the most secure university in London.”

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The future of two of Sutton’s theatres is up in the air again

In 2014, it was announced that the Secombe and Charles Cryer Theatres could be lost in a bid to save the council £40 million.

An independent company, the Sutton Theatre Trust, took over their running. But that trust has gone into administration.

At the time, theatre campaigner Mark Mowbray told Jackie News, it’s the people of Sutton who need to help save the much loved sites.

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A brand new cancer research and treatment centre could be coming to #Sutton

The council is to present plans for a London Cancer Hub to councilors on Tuesday in the hope it will get the go ahead.

This is a proposed new global centre for cancer research and treatment in south London.

The vision is to create a world-leading life-science campus specialising in cancer research, treatment, education and enterprise.

It will be located on the Sutton site of The Institute of Cancer Research, and The Royal Marsden, in Belmont.

The total transformation of the site will see inward investment in excess of £1bn over the lifetime of the project.

The London Cancer Hub is expected to create more than 13,000 new jobs in Sutton.
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Today marks three years since the death of a police officer while on patrol in Sutton

47 year old Andrew Duncan was killed as he was doing routine speed checks.

Gary Cody was jailed for eight and a half years after being found guilty of doing speeds of between 80 and 88mph before he hit the officer.
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Eggheads quiz panelist is arrested at Heathrow over alleged killing

BBC Eggheads star, CJ de Mooi, has been arrested at Heathrow airport.

He’s facing extradition to the Netherlands over his claim that he killed a mugger while living rough in Amsterdam nearly 30 years ago.

He confessed last year that he’d punched a man in the face when he was threatened with a knife.

He is due to appear in front of a District Judge later.
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UPDATE: One man arrested and one sought in Putney assault

One man’s been arrested in connection with a bar brawl in Putney in July, which left a woman seriously injured.

The 34 year-old suspect handed himself into police following a previous appeal. He’s been bailed until November.

A second suspect described as a white man in his 20s, with short dark hair and a dark chin beard, is still wanted by police.

The 44 year-old victim is recovering from a fractured shoulder and head wound.

Police are keen to hear from anyone who may recognise the man shown in the image and who witnessed the incident.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.
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Woking based firm could be taken over by Apple

British car maker McLaren, who are based in Woking, says it's not currently in discussions with Apple - although it hasn't denied talks may've taken place.

It's reported the technology firm's been looking at investing in, or taking over, the Formula One team owner.

The iPhone maker has been trying to develop a driverless car for more than two years.

Tim Bradshaw is a Financial Times journalist who broke the story and says the ball seems to be in Apple's court now:
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Businesses in Tooting could be in line for a pay-out

Businesses in Tooting could be in line for a pay - out.

Traders are being invited to a meeting at the town’s library tonight to find out if they are entitled to any rebates on their business rates.

Some may qualify for Small Business Rate Relief, and the council says it wants to ensure no one is paying more than necessary.

The drop-in event will be a chance for traders to get advice and check they are receiving any relief or exemption to which they are entitled.
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Elmbridge want more people to have their say on #Heathrowexpansion following 'scrutiny day'

Elmbridge Councillors have held a ‘scrutiny day’ as part of their assessment of the Heathrow Airport expansion.

A range of people from residents to campaign groups had their say, which were described as ‘valuable’- but they still want to hear more.

Residents are now being encouraged to have their say- ahead of the expected decision later this month.

This can be done in an online survey found on the council website.
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Richmond Council lobby government for a fairer deal

The deputy leader for finance at Richmond Council has met with the minister for local government to reiterate the concern over a lack of funding.

Cllr Geoffrey Samuel spoke of the need for additional funding and a fairer deal for the borough.

He spoke about the additional pressure on children’s services alongside Schools and adult social care funding.

In a statement he said the Council will take every opportunity to represent the interests of our residents to the government
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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Chelsea draw West Ham in next round of EFL Cup

Chelsea have been drawn away at West Ham in the next found of the League Cup.

In other standout games Man Utd and Man City will square off, as will Liverpool and Spurs.

All games to be played on the week of October 24th.
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Chelsea loanees influence Fulham match- as they join QPR and Crystal Palace in being knocked out of League Cup

A goal in the final minute from Chelsea loanee Tammy Abraham saw Fulham crash out of the league cup, losing 2-1 to Bristol City.

It was a Chelsea loanee who put Fulham ahead when Lucaz Piazon scored in the 14th minute, but ultimately wasn’t to be.

Elsewhere, QPR lost 2-1 to Sunderland and Crystal Palace also lost, falling 2-0 away at Southampton.

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To celebrate 150 years of London Fire Brigade, Mitcham fire station is opening its doors for a family day on Saturday.

People will get the chance to meet their local fire fighters and see rescue demonstrations while receiving fire safety advice.

Crew members will be on hand to answer any questions people may have, and there will be plenty of toys and party favours available for children.

The event will take place between 11am and 5pm.
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A Hounslow Council manager has won the Best Manager award at the annual London Councils Apprenticeship Awards.

Councillor Davina Padnya scooped the prestigious recognition after being nominated by an apprentice she welcomed into her team.

She was presented with the award at a special ceremony in central London.
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People are being invited to discover a range of funding options for new businesses at a free seminar, organised by Wandsworth Council.

With the support of Richmond Council, the talk will be held at the Battersea Arts Centre on September the 27th.

Starting at 8am and finishing at 8pm, it’ll feature one-to-one finance advice sessions, a panel discussion and networking.
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A serving officer has had his conviction for assault overturned on appeal at Isleworth Crown Court.

PC Paul Blunden was found guilty of common assault at Hammersmith Magistrates’ Court in May.

He was sentenced to a 12 month conditional discharge and made to pay £620 costs and a £15 surcharge.

But the judge quashed the conviction on September the 16th due to lack of evidence.
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Hounslow police is appealing for help in tracing a wanted man.

Raza Zadeh is described as being 6ft 5 inches tall, of Iranian origin, with black hair and a black beard.

On the 19th of September, officers were called to Chesterfield Road in Chiswick to reports of fighting in the street.

As a result of this, two people sustained injuries, which it’s believed Raza is responsible for.

Police are urging anyone with information to contact them.
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Assault in Reigate leaves man with extensive injuries

Police are investigating after a man sustained serious facial injuries following an assault in Reigate last month.

It happened on 27th August at around 2.40am outside Barclay’s Bank in Bell Street.

A man in his 50s was allegedly pushed to the ground causing extensive injuries including a torn nostril and a broken nose.

Police are particularly interested in speaking to the occupants of a red vehicle in the area at the time of the incident.
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Kensington and Chelsea police officer given final written warning

A serving police officer based at Kensington and Chelsea, has been given a final written warning.

PC Phillip Harvey was found guilty of harassment after sending his ex-partner more than 200 messages.

Yesterday, a Met Police tribunal found him guilty of misconduct rather than the more serious allegation of gross misconduct.
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Sutton Council to hold a parking consultation following complaints from residents

Sutton Council has announced it is to press ahead with a parking consultation.

The move follows numerous complaints from residents about anti social parking on the borough’s streets.

Sutton has the sixth-highest levels of car ownership and usage out of the 33 London boroughs.

A high level of car ownership in streets with older houses without garages and a high concentration of flats has contributed to the problems.
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Update: Shooting in Balham

An investigation’s continuing after a man was shot in Balham last night.

Police were called to an address in Bedford hill at around 9.20pm to reports of a man suffering a gunshot wound.

They found evidence of a discharge of a firearm outside the property.

The 26 year old victim was taken to a South London hospital- his injury is not life threatening.

The suspect was wearing dark clothing and a skull face bandana or balaclava. It’s believed he fled the scene down Dornton Road into Ritherdon Road.
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Cobham vlogger under fire after North Korea 'propaganda videos'

A vlogger from Cobham has found himself on top of the world after scaling an un-finished building in Central London.

33 year old Louis Cole recently came under fire over videos he’d made in North Korea, labelled as ‘propaganda’.

He filmed himself pranking the military and performing a conga line in Pyongyang central library.

He was blamed for not representing the ‘realities’ of the communist state and was forced to deny he’d been paid to make the clips.
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Can you help police identify the "Epsom cat kicker?"

Surrey Police is appealing for information after a video of a man kicking a cat in Epsom was captured and circulated on social media.

The video is believed to have been taken on the evening of Wednesday the 14th of September in Bloomsbury Close.

The cat, 8 year old Tigger, thankfully escaped without any serious injuries.

A 16-year-old boy initially arrested has since been eliminated from enquiries.
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If you’re driving around Surrey today, don’t be surprised if you see extra police officers on patrol

Today is European Day Without A Road Death.

The aim is to have a zero total of deaths on Europe’s roads across the whole of today.

Drivers are being urged to follow the rules of the road which include sticking to speed limits, wearing seat belts and ditching their mobiles.

Last year saw 29 deaths on Surrey’s roads.
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A team of theatre experts have reviewed plans for Croydon’s Fairfield Halls

The team, which included executives of Birmingham City Hall, have recommended more seating and better equipment loading facilities.

The Council says these points are to be included in the final development, as well as better air conditioning .

The site is currently undergoing a two year refurbishment worth £30 million.
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London knife crime rises to four-year high

Fear of violent crime is encouraging young people in London to carry knives, resulting in a rise in stabbings.

Knife crime in the city has risen to a four-year high following a relatively steady increase since June 2014, according to a report.

The borough of Lambeth has the most knife crime, with Croydon ranking sixth.

Gang activity accounted for less than 5% of London knife crimes.
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Paralympics star Ade Adepitan is opening a new building at a school in Feltham

Paralympian Ade Adepitan is to open a new building at The Rise School in Feltham.

The school was first opened by the Autism School’s Trust in 2014, and provides specialist teaching to ages 4 to 18.

Ade says he is delighted to open the new building, which will enable more students to get the specialist education they need.
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Radio Jackie talks to one of the trio - featuring in a new musical coming to Epsom tonight

A brand new musical written by women will be coming to Epsom tonight, in the second evening of it’s nationwide tour.

It aims to bring the audience together through a mix of comedy and songs.

One of the trio is Nicole Faraday, who trained at in musical theatre in Guildford; she’s now most famous for her role in Bad Girls.

She tells Radio Jackie about the production and why they will be bringing it to the Playhouse.

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Uk's oldest hospice to offer free will writing

The UK’s oldest hospice is offering you the chance to make a Will for free.

The Royal Trinity at Clapham Common is encouraging as many people as possible to take part between the 3rd and 14th of October.

It’s estimated 60% of the population is yet to make a Will.

The hope is that by using the hospice to create a Will, a donation may be left to the charity by the person making it.
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Heap of waste dumped at Raynes Park Station

A heap of rubbish has been fly-tipped behind Raynes Park station.

Residents have complained that the area beside the back entrance of the station on Approach Road is filled with furniture and rubbish.

A picture sent to us shows a mattress and bags of household waste.

Network Rail, which owns the land, says it will be cleared this week.

A spokesman says fly-tipping blights the company’s 11,000 miles of railway and has thanked residents for bringing it to their attention.

People living nearby have questioned why station staff cannot keep an eye on the station land and report back any findings to NR.
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Update: Shooting in Balham

Police have confirmed they are on the scene in Bedford Hill in Wandsworth to reports of shots fired.

A man in his 20s has been taken to hospital with gunshots wounds but this moment his condition is un-known.

Photos from the scene, near the junction with Dornton Road, show several police cars at the scene, with a cordon set up as officers investigate.

Residents reported many police vehicles descending on the street shortly after 9pm.

We'll keep you updated as events unfold
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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

BREAKING NEWS: Man shot in Balham

In the last hour Police have confirmed they are on the scene in Bedford Hill in Wandsworth to reports of shots fired.

A man has been taken to hospital with gunshots wounds but this moment his condition is un-known- we’ll update you as it comes in
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Two men from Mitcham and Battersea jailed as part of gang who held two children an gunpoint.

Two men from Mitcham and Battersea have been jailed for their part in a robbery that saw two children aged 4 and 12 held at gunpoint.

27 year old Richard Bailey from London Road in Mitcham and Fazain Hussain from Battersea were jailed for a combined total of over 20 years.

The pair, who both went to Honeywell Primary school off Northcote Road in Wandsworth, both had previous firearm charges.

As part of a group of four they entered a property in Portsmouth looking for a man and held a woman and two children at gunpoint demanding they hand over drugs and cash.

The court heard the victim was so traumatised she can’t sleep and even tried to take her own life.

They then left empty handed in a taxi- where the driver soon alerted the Police.
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Chelsea come back from behind to beat champions Leicester

Chelsea came back from 2-0 down to win their League Cup third round tie at Leicester 4-2.

Cesc Fabregas scored twice in extra-time to send them into the fourth round, after goals from Gary Cahill and Cezar Azpilcueta cancelled out Shinji Okazaki's brace in the opening period.

It means the Blues enter the fourth round draw, which takes place tomorrow.

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Kingston Council is encouraging people to clear out their cupboards and set up a stall in their front gardens next Sunday.

This is because Jumble Trail is coming to Kingston for the first time.

It’s like a car boot sale, but on your street. Communities coordinate online to set up stalls outside their homes.

The aim is to encourage reuse and recycling.

For more information, visit the council’s website.
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Hounslow Council is encouraging people to get involved with Stoptober.

The annual 28 day campaign, from Public Health England, challenges people to stop smoking.

With the launch of the health improvement service, One You Hounslow, this year there’s even more support to help you drop the habit for good.
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Small firms in Hounslow have the chance to win a new business, thanks to a Council-backed workshop.

The free event, which takes place next Wednesday, will offer business advice.

They’ll also be providing tips on how to become a part of Heathrow’s vast supply chain.

It’ll be at the QVC Media and Commerce Centre in Chiswick.

The workshop is just one of the events that are taking place ahead of the next Heathrow Business Summit, on November the 8th.

For more information, visit Hounslow council’s website.
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Chelsea are level at nil-nil at Premier League champions Leicester in the third round.

It's into the early stages of tonight's League Cup action in England and Scotland.

In the quarter-finals of the Scottish League Cup, Rangers are goalless in their tie with Queen of the South.
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Britain's paralympic athletes have been given a hero's welcome as they arrived back at Heathrow airport.

The team - along with their record medal haul - were cheered by friends and family.
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Richmond’s Parks could soon be protected by special orders

New rules in parks and open spaces could be introduced next year, if residents agree at a public consultation.

Richmond Council is currently working on proposals for new Public Space Protection Orders.

They can be used to address anti - social behaviour including noise, loud music, outdoor BBQs and even professional dog walkers.

New dog laws were brought in in 2012, but the council is hoping a protection order could replace them.
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The GMB Union is calling on the government to stop ‘dithering’ and announce the go-ahead for a third runway at Heathrow

They’re backing a proposal by Heathrow Hub, to increase the Northern runway and split it in half which could save £2bn.

GMB believes a new runway at Heathrow would lead to thousands of and apprenticeships while also delivering huge economic benefits.

The Government is expected to finally make a decision on the future of airport capacity for the South East in October.
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Campaigners fighting the removal of the Fountain Roundabout in #NewMalden claim the Council is "confused" about their concerns

The iconic centre piece is to be replaced by a crossroads as part of the Go Cycle scheme.

Kingston Council says it understands why some are sentimental about the feature, which has been in the town since the late 1800s.

But campaigners say although they don’t want the Fountain to go, it’s the fact not every household was consulted individually that they are angry about.
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Two men arrested in Sutton following an early morning drugs raid

Two men have been arrested following an early morning drugs raid in Sutton.

After forcing entry police discovered a man in his 30s wanted in connection with a theft in Sutton High Street, hiding under a pile of clothes.

A second man in his 20s was found in possession of suspected Class A drugs, at the flat in Brunswick Road.

Both men are currently at a South London police station where enquiries are continuing.
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Mental Health Awareness Month to be marked across SW London and Surrey

Training and retaining mental health nurses across SW London remains a real challenge.

Figures from South West London and St George’s mental health trust showed nursing vacancy levels were as high as 24.7% in June.

That’s more than 6% higher than the trust’s overall vacancy levels.

MP for Kingston James Berry says one of the big issues facing NHS staff, is the lack of affordable homes.

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ParalympicsGB have touched down at Heathrow airport

Britain’s Paralympic stars have touched down at Heathrow airport as they returned home following a record performance at the Rio Games.

ParalympicsGB had its best Games since 1988, winning 64 golds and 147 medals in total to finish second in the table behind China.

It came as dates were confirmed for the athletes' parades in Manchester and London to celebrate both Olympic and Paralympic success over the course of the summer.
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Reigate and Banstead Council want residents views on the Council Tax reduction scheme

Reigate and Banstead Council is calling on residents to have their say on potential changes to the Council Tax reduction scheme.

The scheme cuts what households on low incomes, low pay or benefits pay in Council Tax.

It’s suggesting to continue with the existing structure, with an added small increase to reflect the rise in the cost of living.

To have your say go to the councils website.
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Picture: Appeal for missing man from Fulham

Police are appealing for help to find a vulnerable man who was last seen in Hammersmith and Fulham.

24 year old Mikhail Smith left Ealing, Hammersmith and West London College on GLiddon Road, W14 at 15:00hrs on Monday, 19 September and has not been seen since.

Mikhail - who also goes by the name ‘Joe Joe’ - is described as a light skinned black man, approximately 6ft 4ins tall and of large build. He has dreadlocks and a small moustache.

When last seen, Mikhail was wearing a black T-shirt with grey stripes and light blue trainers. He was carrying a blue bomber jacket and a small black pouch; it is not known what style of trousers he was wearing.

Officers are growing increasingly concerned for Mikhail’s welfare.
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Mo Farah medical records leaked

More British athletes have been caught up in the leaking of medical records by a Russian cyber-espionage group.

Mo Farah, Justin Rose and Helen Glover are all included on the most recent list of hacked data from the World Anti-Doping Agency.

The files mostly show the permitted use of drugs on the banned list for health reasons.

Former British silver-medalist Roger Black says some athletes may be taking advantage of the system.
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Monday, 19 September 2016

Dog and owner bitten on Cannonn Hill Common

Police in Morden are appealing for information after a woman and her dog were bitten on Cannon Hill Common earlier this month.

On Saturday the 3rd of September, at approximately 8am, a dog walker went out for a walk on Cannon Hill Common.

Once there, she saw another lady walking a large tan coloured dog.

The two dogs got into a fight, and when one woman pulled her dog away both the dog and the owner were bitten by the tanned dog, causing injuries.

If you were involved in an incident in Cannon Hill Park, please call the Safer Neighbourhood Team on 0208 721 2455 quoting reference 1410925/16.
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The Telegraph has published a letter from Cabinet Member Mel Few about the rising demand for adult social care services in Surrey.

She emphasized the enormous pressure that’s being put on Surrey County Council’s finances.

It comes after research revealed that over £1 million extra a week could be spent by the Council within twenty years on care for over 65-s.

Last week Chancellor Philip Hammond visited County Hall to discuss issues including growing demand for services and budget pressures.
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People are being invited to quiz members of Hounslow Council’s Cabinet at their Question Time event on Thursday.

It’ll be held at Southville Community and Children’s Centre in Feltham, from 7pm to 9pm.

Admission will be on a first come first serve entry basis.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 7:33 pm  

New homes could be on the way for Furzedown ward in Tooting, as part of a council low cost housing development programme.

The scheme will provide seven one-bedroom flats of supported housing, with 24 hour care services, for people with disabilities.

Subject to planning permission, the redevelopment would get under way in 2017.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 7:24 pm  

Hounslow Police is appealing for help in tracing a wanted man.

31 year old Damien Summer is wanted in connection with a number of violent offences.

He’s 5 ft 10 inches tall, with short brown hair and hazel coloured eyes.

He has a tattoo on his right forearm that says “Not Guilty”.

Police are urging anyone with information on his whereabouts to contact them.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 6:26 pm  

St George’s NHS Trust is hosting fifty events across South West London in aid of Mental Health Month in October.

This year’s theme is “talk about it” which aims to encourage discussion around mental health, as well as stamping out discrimination.

They’re also running a photography competition where people can send in photos of things which make them smile.

The closing date for entries is October the 10th.

For more information, visit the St George’s website.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 6:02 pm  

The parents of Zane Gbangbola, the boy who died during flooding in Chertsey, are demanding an independent inquiry into his death

They want their claim he was killed by a cyanide gas leak from a former landfill site nearby addressed.

A coroner has said Zane was killed by carbon monoxide from a pump used to reduce flood levels at his house in 2014.

But Kye Gbangbola and Nicole Lawler dispute this, and have told the BBC they will fight to have the case heard again.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 3:44 pm  

A teenager from Hounslow has appeared in court accused of planning to carry out an Islamic State inspired nail-bomb attack

19-year-old Haroon Ali Syed is charged with planning to detonate a device on Oxford Street.

The former IT student was remanded back into custody after appearing via video link.

Reporter Mark White was in court.

posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 3:44 pm  

It’s been announced music legend Elton John is to play at the home of the Harlequins next year.

He’ll play an intimate gig at The Stoop as part of his Wonderful Crazy Night tour.

It’ll be his first gig in Twickenham since 1970.

Tickets for the event on June the 3rd go on sale on Friday – or stay tuned to Jackie Breakfast tomorrow for your chance to win.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 3:12 pm  

#Kingston Council defends its plan to remove New Malden's Fountain Roundabout

The Deputy Leader of Kingston Council has been defending the move to get rid of New Malden’s iconic Fountain Roundabout.

The council has approved plans to replace it with a Go Cycle crossroads scheme.

But some residents claim they had no idea about the consultation on the project, which was launched in June.

The Council maintains it sent letters to addresses within 500 metres of the proposed development, but some residents in roads like The Groves, were missed off the list, despite their homes joining the High Street.

Cllr Terry Paton says if this project doesn't go ahead, the other 9 cycle projects proposed for Kingston could be at risk of losing their funding from Transport for London.

People against the plans, who we have spoken to, say a crossroads junction will cause more traffic than the current Roundabout, and other, cheaper measures should be taken into consideration, including removing a number of "no turn" signals to allow traffic to flow better along the nearby roads so it doesn't "bottleneck" at the Fountain.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 1:49 pm  

Driver remonstrates with cyclists who aren't using a designated lane in Roehampton

A driver has sparked an online row after he posted footage of a row of cyclists riding adjacent to a bike lane in Roehampton.

The man in question, stopped at the traffic lights in Priory Lane to remonstrate with the group.

He claims the cyclists, who are believed to have come from Richmond Park, should have been using the lane designated for them.

**the below footage contains some language some listeners may find offensive**

The footage on Twitter has split opinion, we've listed some of the comments below.

"If they are provided you should use them," "But safer than the road," "what is the explanation for them not being in the cycle lane," "Because they can and it is entirely legal."

posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 1:49 pm  

#Kingston MP James Berry wades into the #FountainRoundabout debate

The way councils consult residents should be looked at.

That’s according to MP for Kingston James Berry.

He’s commented after some people in New Malden complained they didn’t know about a consultation on a new Go cycle route in the town.

As a result, the Fountain roundabout is to be removed.

Angry residents claim everyone who lives in the town should have had letters posted through their doors warning about the consultation.

Some older residents, who don’t use the internet, say every home should have been leafleted.

Kingston Council says;

In terms of the boundary for consultation, the boundary for deciding which residents received a hard copy of the consultation leaflet was made in conjunction with the Traffic Management Team at Kingston Council and in accordance with the usual Highway practices.

There is no set rule for distribution areas, and they are made on a case by case basis, taking into account how densely populated an area is generally, and balancing the ratio of overall benefit to financial cost. In the case of Fountain Roundabout, the boundary was approximately 200m from the affected area.

Those beyond the 200m proposal but within 500m, or within a natural boundary, are provided with a letter informing them of the consultation.

As part of the Fountain Roundabout Go Cycle consultation, 3,623 consultation papers and 1,899 letters were sent to addresses surrounding the roundabout.

A further 1,000 copies were distributed via the pop-up shop, drop ins and the library.

posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 1:33 pm  

A Brentford man admitts stealing Eddie Izzard's pink beret

A man from Brentford’s admitted stealing Eddie Izzard's pink beret during a pro-EU rally in London.

David Czerwonko snatched it off the comedian's head during a march last month - but apparently didn't recognise the star.

The 26-year-old has been ordered to pay a total of 300-pounds in fines and costs.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 1:29 pm  

Man who sexually assaulted pregnant women jailed for five years

A man who sexually assaulted two pregnant women and many other victims in south west London has been jailed for five years.

George Hadzhiiliev targeted women who were alone over a three week period in Twickenham and Wandsworth.

The 29-year-old approached his victims from behind before assaulting them.

He pleaded guilty to all 12 counts of sexual assault and was jailed for five years and three months at Kingston Crown Court.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 12:38 pm  

Police appeal for witnesses after man robbed of cash and phone in Weybridge

An investigation’s underway after a man was wrestled to the ground robbed in Weybridge.

Three men approached the victim at the junction of Heath Road and Brooklands Lane, on Friday the 9th of September.

His mobile phone and a quaintly of cash was stolen, before the suspects made off in a dark-coloured hatchback.

The first suspect is described as white, in his late 20s of a muscular build and spoke with an English accent. He was wearing a black Adidas tee-shirt with a white logo and tracksuit bottoms. The second and third suspects are described as white and in their late 20s.

Officers are carrying out a number of enquiries but are urging anyone who witnessed the incident, or who has any other information, to come forward. If you can help, please call Surrey Police on 101.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 12:37 pm  

Update: Arrest at Heathrow airport for terrorism offence

A man arrested at Heathrow Airport under the Terrorism Act has been bailed until October.

The 39-year-old was arrested on suspicion of possessing terrorist-related material, on Saturday shortly after arrival.

The Met's Counter Terrorism Command is investigating.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 12:15 pm  

Theresa Villiers shuts door on third runway at Heathrow

A former transport secretary says a third runway will never be built at Heathrow.

Theresa Villiers comments come as the Government prepares to finally make a decision on airport expansion in October.

A report published last July by the Airports Commission recommended a third runway at Heathrow.

However the Chipping Barnet MP said the Prime Minster, Theresa May would “realise” Gatwick was the better option after looking at the evidence.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 10:18 am  

Rio Paralympics 2016: Wallington's David Weir feels 'stabbed in the back'

Wallington’s David Weir feels he's been "stabbed in the back" - after ending his disappointing Rio Paralympics without a medal.

The wheelchair racer wouldn't elaborate on that after having to withdraw from yesterday's marathon early on - following a clash of chairs that left his damaged.

Weir's won six Paralympic golds throughout his career.

He'll retire after April's London Marathon.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 7:34 am  

Man remains in custody after arrest at Heathrow

A man remains in custody after being arrested at Heathrow Airport on suspicion of a terrorism offence.

The 39-year-old was arrested upon arrival into the UK on Saturday on suspicion of possessing terrorist related material.

The Met’s Counter Terrorism Command is investigating and the man remains at a west London police station.

No flights were disrupted by the incident.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 6:10 am  

Nightclubs across London silently protest against closures

Nightclubs across London turned their music off for one minute over the weekend to protest against club closures.

It comes just weeks after Fabric, one of the biggest venues in the country, was forced to close.

Hailed as a hub for creativity and dance music, Fabric, lost its licence when two 18-year-olds died after taking drugs in the club.

Organisers say the silent protests were “to show what our world would look like if we continue to lose our cultural spaces”.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 5:15 am  

Pardew has high hopes for Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace boss Alan Pardew has challenged his players to put together a run of consistent performances.

They were 2-0 up inside the opening 12 minutes of their dominant 4-1 victory at home to bottom team Stoke.

Pardew says his players can pose quite a physical threat to any opposition.

posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 3:40 am  

Woman charged with murder following stabbing in Hanwell

A woman has been charged with murder following a stabbing at a house in Hanwell.

Paramedics treated 25-year-old Stephen Raynor in Nightingale Road but he died in hospital shortly before midnight on Saturday from a stab wound.

27-year-old Elizabeth Hart-Browne was arrested soon after police attended the scene and was charged a few hours ago.

She’ll appear in custody at Ealing Magistrates' Court.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 2:32 am  

Domino's driver in trouble for trying to do a "wheelie" in Clapham

Domino's Pizza has launched an investigation after one of its delivery drivers was filmed trying to do a "wheelie" on Clapham High Street.

A video posted online shows the unnamed man carrying out the stunt to cheers from observers.

The employee rides balanced on his back wheel for several seconds before toppling his motorbike in front of a car, causing its driver to stop to avoid a collision.

The company has described his antics as "wholly unacceptable" and say it's trying to identify him to "take appropriate action."
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 12:17 am  

Sunday, 18 September 2016

David Wier has disappointing end to his Paralympic career

Wallington -based British wheelchair racer David Weir's had had a disappointing end to his last ever event in the Paralympics.

He was looking to defend his marathon title in Rio, and was going well before colliding with another competitor, forcing him to withdraw.

Weir was born in Wallington and has a leisure centre set up in his name in Carshalton.

It means he will return without a gold medal in his final Games, finishing his career with 6 golds in total.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 6:00 pm  

Palace win their second game of the season in style

Crystal Palace have secured their second win of the season with a resounding victory over bottom-of-the-league Stoke.

James Tomkins, Scott Dann, James McArthur and Andros Townsend each got a goal in the match that ended 4-1.

Palace now find themselves in 8th place in the table.

Elsewhere in the league, Southampton beat Swansea 1-0; earlier on today Watford beat Manchester United 3-1.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 4:30 pm  

Man arrested at Heathrow for terrorism charges

A man has been arrested at Heathrow Airport for an offence under the Terrorism Act.

The 39-year-old was held after arriving at the Airport yesterday on suspicion of possessing terrorist related material.

He's currently being questioned by police.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 4:00 pm  

Woman arrested in Ealing following stabbing

An investigation has been launched following the death of a man in Ealing.

Police and London Ambulance went to Baker House on Nightingale Road just after 11 pm.

A 25 year old man had been stabbed.

His family has been told of his death.

A 27 year old woman has been arrested.

Officers believe they know the identity of the deceased, but formal identification has not taken place.

A post-mortem examination will be held in due course.

A 27-year-old woman was arrested at the scene on suspicion of murder. She was taken to a north London police station where she remains in custody.

Detectives from the Homicide and Major Crime Command led by Detective Chief Inspector Lee Watling are investigating.

Anyone with information that may assist the investigation should call the incident room on 0208 721 4205 or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 1:53 pm  

Mitcham predator jailed

A Mitcham man who sexually assaulted two pregnant women in Twickenham and Wandsworth is starting a five year jail sentence.

George Hadzhiiliev of Barnard Road targeted women on their own over a three week period including one offence committed while he was out on bail.

The 29-year-old's mode of attack was to grab his victims from behind.

Kingston Crown Court heard that at one point he carried out nine assaults in two hours.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 1:39 pm  

Don't mess with Croydon

The streets of Croydon are being kept clean by an army of Street Champions.

Over 300 volunteers are leading by example and keeping their neighbourhood tidy.

They have now run over 100 events since the council’s Don’t Mess With Croydon campaign began in 2014.

The Street Champions are looking for new recruits from the south of the borough.

There’s more information on the council’s website.

posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 11:19 am  

Two more men arrested after the shooting of a Hillingdon man in 2015

Two men who were arrested by detectives investigating the murder of Redwan El-Ghaidouni in Hillingdon have been given bail.

A 39-year-old man and a 35-year-old man were arrested at separate prisons earlier this week.

They were taken to police stations in London and have both been bailed to a later date.

The men were in jail when the victim was shot while he sat in his car with his children.

There’s a reward of fifty thousand pounds for information.

A number of arrests and a court appearance had already taken place.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 8:14 am  

Kingston University students dream to become reality with show in Soho

A piece of contemporary dance, based on a dream by a student at Kingston University, is set to wow art lovers in London.

Nigel Guerin-Garnett says he woke up at 3:44 one morning and scribbled down the vivid dream.

After a GoFundMe page raised over £1,400, his dream show, called LIVE, is to be shown at the Vinyl Factory in Soho.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 12:00 am  

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