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Saturday, 7 January 2017

Harlequins escape the jaws of Sale and secure a win at the Twickenham Stoop

Heading into the weekend Harlequins lay 7th in the Rugby Union Premiership Table, 3 places and 9 points above today’s visitors. Sale Sharks were looking to end their own run of 8 straight losses across all competitions; Harlequins determined to keep their 100% home win rate.

Chris Robshaw, Jamie Roberts, Jack Clifford and George Merrick limped from the battlefield last week in their New Year’s Day away defeat to Worcester Warriors, securing only a single losing bonus point. Merrick available for today’s game.

Joe Marler failed a late fitness test after warming up on the pitch just minutes before kick off. Owen Evans was quickly brought on in his place with Adam Jones quickly moved from coach to the bench.

For their first home game of 2017, Harlequins were greeted with an overcast sky but a buoyant fan base.

A quick start and the hosts found themselves defending their line within the opening minute. Calmly the ball was shielded and kicked into touch for a Sale line-out just outside the hosts’ 22. The visitors retained possession and a knock-on whilst gathering a loose ball by Harlequins handed the first scrum of the game to Sale.

The visitors handled the situation well and with quick passing and clever hands they penetrated the Quins’ defence. The visitors were awarded a penalty in front of the posts and after just 4 minutes the hosts found themselves behind: Harlequins 0 – 3 Sale Sharks.

The ball was kicked long for the re-start and a quick follow up by the hosts kept Sale in the opposition 22. Cheers all round as Adam Jones, unexpectedly in the side this afternoon, ran out along the edge of the pitch to warm up.

Scrum to Quins. They passed the ball to the middle of the pitch having been awarded advantage and Nick Evans, only recently returning from injury, found himself on the end of a thumping tackle. He left the field for a Head Injury Assessment (HIA) after 6 minutes. Swiel came on in his place.

Harlequins kicked to the corner for a line-out instead of going for the posts and despite an awkward throw, Quins retained possession. They edged onwards however Sale earned a scrum in front of their own posts.

More injury worries for the hosts as Collier was assisted from the field (later confirmed as a broken ankle), Sinckler on as his replacement with just 7 minutes gone from the game.

Sale found touch with their clearing kick but Matthews did well to secure the line-out ball. Sale were quick up in defence and forced the hosts back into their own half.

After another line-out secured by the hosts, the ball found Walker on the wing however he was unceremoniously dragged into touch. Penalty to the hosts and a well-placed kick by Swiel handed the hosts an attacking line-out inside the 22. Wallace secured the ball on this occasion and passed back to Care who was immediately engulfed.

Another penalty awarded and this time Swiel went for the points in an attempt to level the scores: Harlequins 3 – 3 Sale Sharks after 10 minutes.

The re-start ball was gathered well by Yarde. He sent it back to Sale who then returned the favour.
Penalty to the visitors who once again pulled ahead: Harlequins 3 – 6 Sale Sharks.

Swiel sent the ball into the 22; Sale sent the ball high and Brown was ever-ready to gather. The hosts decided to keep ball in hand and in doing so Brown earned his team an advantage. The referee, JP Doyle, then awarded the penalty and Swiel lined up the posts and once again drew Quins level: Harlequins 6 – 6 Sale Sharks. 16 minutes gone.

Word then came through that Evans was not returning to the pitch this game.

Walker was superb on the wing and kicked for a chase. Sale gathered in time but then in an attempt to keep momentum going rushed their pass and the ball strayed into touch.

Harlequins secured line-out ball, formed a maul then kicked high. Sale gathered then kicked returning possession to the hosts. Quins attempted to run through the defence but without an opening they again were forced to put boot to ball. Sale came again.

Danger then came from Sale’s Addison who passed to Solomona, but a strong tackle halted play in its tracks and held it long enough for help to arrive and slow-up the game. The visitors thought they had scored the first try of the game until the referee blew for offside.

Owen Evans was then replaced by Adam Jones – a rousing cheer erupted from the stands as the Welsh wonder joined the fray. This was necessitated by the scrum just 5 metres from their own line. Before the ball was even freed by Captain Care, a penalty was awarded to Sale and they kicked for a line-out. The visitors could not catch the ball cleanly, Quins stole possession and found touch on their own 22.

Sale delivered the ball and this time retained possession. Superb tackle by Quins no. 4 George Merrick slowed the game and the hosts won turnover ball. They kicked for touch but the ball failed to bounce before crossing the line, taking play back.

The visitors acted quickly and again rushed their passes. The ball was fumbled following an attempt at an intercept by Brown, however they crossed the try-line. Time for the TMO (television match official) to make a decision. Try awarded to Solomona. Conversion added: Harlequins 6 – 13 Sale Sharks after 27 minutes.

The re-start ball was gathered by Sale who kicked high and into the arms of Brown. Quins attempted to run the ball out of their own half and were awarded a penalty as the opposition failed to release a tackled player (Sinckler).

Swiel found touch on the opposition 22 for a line-out. Buchanan delivered. They formed a maul. Captain Care was attempting to play the referee, pointing out perceived penalties in the maul. During this time, however, Sale were able to steal possession but then once again fumbled and knocked-on.

Care fed the ball, Chisholm retrieved, passed back to the Captain.

The support from the stands was deafening at times as the hosts pushed ever closer to the try-line. Sale managed to slow the pace and it was time for the forwards to grab and drive. The referee blew for a penalty which was taken quickly. Quins crossed the whitewash but the ball was deemed to have been held-up. 5 metre scrum.

Care once again fed. The scrum moved forward and the referee again penalised Sale.

Another scrum to the hosts as ‘Come On You Quins’ resonated around the Twickenham Stoop.

The ball was fed and Merrick made a break for it, losing the ball under tackle. Sale gathered and found touch.

Buchanan delivered line-out ball to Matthews; Adam Jones made a dent in the defence; Quins recycled well and play made its way from one wing to the other.

A succession of passes on the run saw Walker cross for the try, converted by Swiel: Harlequins 13 – 13 Sale Sharks with 4 minutes left of the first half.

Yarde again gathered the restart ball securely but was then engulfed in a tackle. A ruck formed and the ball was kicked high. Swiel claimed the ball, spotted a gap and ran the length of the pitch. He converted his own try: Harlequins 20 – 13 Sale Sharks on 38 minutes.

The visitors kicked long hoping to keep pressure on the hosts who placed the ball in touch just inside their own half. Sale secured line-out ball but quick defence saw the hosts tackle and turnover possession.

The clock counted down and Care retrieved the ball from the ruck, kicking very gently into touch so as not to cause injury to anyone immediately sat in the stands.

Half Time at the Twickenham Stoop: Harlequins 20 – 13 Sale Sharks

Harlequins kicked off the second half and the ball was gathered well by Sale’s captain Beaumont.

After a couple of passages of play they opted to kick but the ball landed safely in the arms of Swiel who opted to run. The ball made it out to the wing where it was turned over by the visitors.

Territorial gains and losses were negligible until Quins earned a penalty and Swiel lined up the posts, opening the scoring of the second half: Harlequins 23 – 13 Sale Sharks on 44 minutes.

Merrick gathered the restart ball; Care box-kicked from the ruck. Sale claimed possession and kicked for territory, finding touch inside the hosts’ 22. Matthews secured the ball for Quins and Care again cleared his lines, finding touch.

Sale won the impending line-out and formed a maul. They then broke away and Ward stole possession only for the referee to return play back to the wing following an infringement. Sale opted for another line-out, formed a maul and opted for a grab-and-drive approach. Quins momentarily pushed the opposition back.

Sale were not perturbed and went for a direct attack down the middle. Quins fell for this tactic, leaving the wings undefended. Sale’s McGuigan crossed for an unhindered try; Addison slicing the ball wide of the posts: Harlequins 23 – 18 Sale Sharks after 50 minutes.

Replacements started for Sale as the captain Beaumont left the field for Ben Curry.

Harlequins sent the ball deep into Sale’s territory before they returned possession. Brown gathered the high ball well and feigned to kick before running with the ball and finding a route through the defence.

Penalty to the hosts and Swiel increased the lead to 8 points: Harlequins 26 – 18 Sale Sharks after 53 minutes.

The hosts then opted to run the ball from deep before forcing a high ball. Sale gathered but the defence immediately put pressure on the visitors. Line-out to Quins inside their own half.

Merrick claimed the ball; a maul formed before Care was forced to kick. Sale gathered it well but were then immediately tackled. They held the ball in the ruck; kicked high but Wallace claimed the ball.

Brown then attempted to place the ball behind his opposite number but it landed safely in Haley’s hands.

Sale kicked the ball back and Sinckler found a way through. Quick hands saw Quins just metres from the try-line but just unable to cross it.

The hosts then found themselves under pressure.

Aluika made way for Longbottom in another Sale replacement after 58 minutes.

Sale secured line-out ball on the hosts’ 22. The formed a rolling maul then released the centres. Strong defence kept Sale on the 22 and Merrick put in a superb tackle and earned a penalty. TMO was again called into play, this time analysing a suspected dangerous tackle from Swiel. The penalty was reversed but no card shown.

As Addison lined up the posts for Sale, Briggs, Mills and Phillips replaced Webber, Ostrikov and Mitchell in a triple substitution for the visitors.

Harlequins 26 – 21 Sale Sharks after 60 minutes.

Brown claimed another high ball for the hosts but they were pushed back into their own half. They attempted to keep ball in hand and a knock-on handed a scrum to the visitors.

Wallace left the pitch to applause as Naoupu replaced him in an HIA (head injury assessment) for Quins.

Sale did not place the ball well allowing Care to steal possession for the hosts. However it was Sale who were awarded another scrum. Care was again looking to show up his opposite number and tackled him the moment the ball was released.

A deemed ‘nudge’ on Sale earned the visitors a penalty and they kicked for a line-out knowing a try would draw them level. They sent the ball to the front of the line to secure possession. A maul formed before the ball was distributed to the forwards. Penalty to Quins as Sale were holding on to the ball under tackle.

They kicked for a line-out as Sale replaced Harrison with Flynn on 67th minute.

Buchanan found Matthews and Care sent the ball deep into opposition territory; they returned the ball but kicked too long allowing a simple tap down behind the line for a 22 drop-out. The next phase of play was the similar to the last as Sale again sent the ball long, this time rolling dead.

Care was then replaced by Dickson after 69 minutes.

Scrum to Quins who secured possession and made it into the 22.

More replacements for the hosts as Marchant made way for Hopper.

Sale were awarded a scrum for a knock-on. 10 minutes left to play.

Quins completely dominated the scrum and earned their own put-in. Dickson fed; the scrum was turned and re-set. Dickson fed again; the scrum was determined and Harlequins earned a penalty.

Swiel pointed to the posts: success with the boot would secure an 8 point lead taking it past a converted try. The replacement fly-half was on form: Harlequins 29 – 21 Sale Sharks with 6 minutes remaining.

An announcement was then made confirming Wallace was permanently off for the rest of the game.

Quins claimed the ball well on the restart but were penalised. Sale placed the ball in touch for a line-out just outside the hosts’ 22. They secured the ball and opted to run with fast and accurate passing.

They earned advantage allowing for a cross-field kick which paid off as Solomona gathered and crossed the whitewash. They failed to add the conversion: Harlequins 29 – 26 Sale Sharks with less than 3 minutes remaining.

Sale gathered the restart ball before box-kicking into Harlequins’ arms. The home fans were crying out for them to keep ball in hand but it was kicked into the waiting arms of Sale. The ball came back and Dickson kicked again from the ruck. With 30 seconds left Sale lost possession whilst making strides along the wing.

Quins opted to grab and drive. In an attempt to help the team, the fans counted down the last 10 seconds in an audible plea for them to keep hold of the ball for that time. Down to zero and the ball was kicked out of play to the relief of all Harlequins supporters.

Full Time at the Twickenham Stoop: Harlequins 29 – 26 Sale Sharks

Attendance: 14,148

15 Mike Brown, 14 Marland Yarde, 13 Alofa Alofa, 12 Joe Marchant, 11 Charlie Walker, 10 Nick Evans, 9 Danny Care ©
1 Joe Marler, 2 Rob Buchanan, 3 Will Collier, 4 George Merrick, 5 Charlie Matthews, 6 Luke Wallace, 7 Dave Ward, 8 James Chisholm
16 Joe Gray, 17 Owen Evans, 18 Kyle Sinckler, 19 Stan South, 20 George Naoupu, 21 Karl Dickson, 22 Tim Swiel, 23 Matt Hopper

Sale Sharks
15 Mike Haley, 14 Denny Solomona, 13 Will Addison, 12 Johnny Leota, 11 Byron McGuigan, 10 Sam James, 9 James Mitchell
1 Ross Harrison, 2 Rob Webber, 3 Halani Aulika, 4 Bryn Evans, 5 Andrei Ostrikov, 6 Cameron Neild, 7 TJ Ioane, 8 Josh Beaumont ©

16 Neil Briggs, 17 James Flynn, 18 Kieran Longbottom, 19 Jonathan Mills, 20 Ben Curry, 21 Mike Phillips, 22 AJ Macginty, 23 Josh Charnley
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Rugby Union Premiership results: Quins v Sale and Saracens v Exeter

Harlequins held on after a second-half comeback from Sale to register their seventh Premiership win of the season.

Tim Swiel was the star, scoring 24 of Harlequins’ 29 points, while the Sharks were only 3 points behind.

Seventh-placed Quins moved level on points with Leicester, although the Tigers have a game in hand.

Elsewhere, Saracens are back on top - but only just. They were held to a 13-all draw by Exeter, having had a man sent-off early in the game.
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24-hr tube strike will go ahead after talks break down

A 24-hour strike on the London Underground will go ahead after last ditch talks to find a solution have collapsed.

Members of the TSSA and RMT unions will walk out from 6pm tomorrow evening, in a row over job losses and ticket office closures.

It's one of a series of transport walk-outs threatening to cause chaos across the country over the coming week.

John Leach from the RMT Union says he's hugely disappointed:

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Shocking statistics of overweight children in Wandsworth

Almost 5,000 children aged 4 to 11 are estimated to be overweight in Wandsworth.

The council's public health team is urging families to download a new, free app, so they can see what's in the food they're eating.

Children are eating nearly three times the recommended daily amount of sugar, much of it at breakfast time in the form of sugary cereal.

The app works by scanning the barcode of products, revealing the total sugar, saturated fat and salt inside.
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Surrey Police ask for help tracing missing 14-year-old

Surrey Police is appealing for help in finding a vulnerable missing 14-year-old girl from Dorking.

Harriet Clark didn’t return home from school yesterday and officers are growing more and more concerned for her welfare.

The teenager has links to Croydon, Purley, Coulsdon and Redhill.

Harriet was last seen wearing black leggings and trainers. She also might be wearing a white school shirt and is believed to have two jackets with her; one is green with a furry hood and the other a navy coloured, thinly padded Nike jacket with no hood.

She’s described as white with a tanned complexion, of a very slim build, 5ft 5ins tall with long straight, blond hair.

Anyone who has any information should call Surrey Police on 101, quoting reference P17004390, or contact the charity Missing People by calling or texting 116 000.
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Football roundup

In the third round of the FA cup, Sam Allardyce is yet to secure a win, with Crystal Palace having drawn away with Bolton in a goalless match.

Brentford comfortably move forward, thrashing Eastleigh 5-1 at Griffin Park.

QPR narrowly missed out against Blackburn, losing 2-1.

Neither side scored in AFC Wimbledon’s return to Sutton’s ground, where they played their first club game back in 2002.

In the Vanarama National, Wrexham beat Woking 2-1.
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Richmond residents encouraged to go dry

Richmond’s residents are being encouraged to reap the rewards of Dry January.

The aim is to go alcohol free for an entire month.

Health bosses say the benefits range from clearer skin to sleeping better.

The 'Dry January' campaign is run by Public Health England nationwide.
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Two stabbings in Hammersmith and Fulham

The MP for Hammersmith and Fulham has expressed concern over two stabbings in the area in 24 hours.

The concern’s come from Andy Slaughter.

Police are appealing for witnesses after a 14 year was stabbed in Ravenscourt Park.

Detectives were called to the stabbing on Thursday evening and the victim was found on the Goldhawk Road, near the junction with Ashchurch Grove.

He’s been in a stable condition in hospital.

Earlier that day – a man in his 40’s was stabbed in broad daylight at the junction with New King’s Road in Fulham.

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Picture of flasher on 159 bus on Streatham High Road

Detectives are searching for a young man who exposed himself to two young teenage girls on the 159 bus at Streatham High Road.

It happened on a Saturday in October and the Met police has just released a photo of the offender.

He got on the Routemaster bus at Brixton Road, outside the KFC.

The girls were extremely upset by this and made their way to the front of the bus where they told other passengers what had happened.

The suspect is described as a white man, aged in his early 20s, with short dark hair.

On the day of the offence, he wore a dark puffa-style jacket over a dark jumper with a white 'D' on its front, blue jeans with a skull on them, and black and white trainers.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Constable Caroline Else on 07825 256 524, or
Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Alternatively you can tweet @MetCC with any information.

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Football memories as Sutton United face Wimbledon

In the FA cup third round later – Sutton United faces Wimbledon.

AFC Wimbledon return to Gander Green Lane, where they played their first match after being formed in 2002.

And National League side Sutton are looking to reach the FA Cup fourth round for the third time in their history.

And it’ll bring back memories for some Sutton United fans as twenty eight years ago the team beat Coventry City – then in the top flight.
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Good tax news for Hammersmith & Fulham

The monetary pressures of Christmas might have left us high and dry, but for some, the financial woes will actually ease in 2017.

Hammersmith & Fulham says it is likely to be the only council in the country to freeze council tax this year.

It follows a freeze last year and a cut in 2015.

It means the council will be the only one to charge residents less now than it did 20 years ago.

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Stop smoking game app developed by Kingston lecturer

Gaming technology could help you keep your new year’s resolution to kick smoking.

A smartphone app has been developed in a joint enterprise by lecturer Hope Caton from Kingston University and Professor Robert Walton from Queen Mary University of London.

The result is an app that combines gaming with health messages to fight the urge to light up. Smokers have to complete tasks such as breaking cigarettes within a time limit.

There’s also a journal where they can calculate how much has been saved by not smoking.

The app has been commissioned for use by five London boroughs including Kingston, and Hammersmith and Fulham as part of their public health stop smoking services.
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Friday, 6 January 2017

Concerns for Mental Health in Surrey

Hospital admissions of children for self-harming have risen 51% in three years in south east England, according to NHS data.

The NPSCC has described the trend as "really worrying" and called for earlier support for vulnerable children.

NHS figures obtained by BBC South East show over 2000 admissions of 11 - 18 year-olds at hospitals in Surrey, Sussex and Kent in 2015-16.

Four-fifths of cases involve girls.
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Corrupt Surrey NHS Trust manager jailed

An NHS Trust manager from Surrey has been jailed for three-and-a-half years after demanding £95,000 for awarding a major IT contract.

57-year-old Peter Lewis from Windlesham was an associate director of IT for the Royal Surrey County NHS Foundation Trust.

He pleaded guilty to receiving payments from Richard Moxon in exchange for awarding him the ICT contract worth £950,000 in the first year.

Moxon, who also admitted corruption charges, was jailed for 14 months.
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Streatham born Naomi Campbell reveals she was a victim of attempted robbery in Paris

Naomi Campbell's revealed she was the victim of an attempted robbery in Paris more than four years ago.

The supermodel, who hails from Streatham, has told an American TV show that she can sympathise with Kim Kardashian West.

The TV star was tied up and held at gunpoint in the city last October.

Naomi says she didn't have usual security measures in place when she was threatened outside the home of a fashion designer in 2012.
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An unattended candle in a bedroom is believed to be the cause of a house blaze in Chelsea last night

The whole of the loft conversion in Tregunter Road was damaged by the blaze.

Two men and a woman escaped before the Brigade arrived, uninjured.

Candles are one of the most common causes of fire.
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London mayor Sadiq Khan says the city will get ten new "low emission bus zones" to help improve air quality.

It's hoped using greener buses on the routes will reduce levels of pollutants, like nitrogen dioxide, by 84%

Recent monitoring shows one road in Brixton had exceeded the annual legal limit for the gas in the first five days of the year.

That makes a break from Putney High Street, which usually breaches limits within the first week of the new year.

This year’s figures haven’t yet been released, but we already know that limits were breached more than 1,000 times last year.
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Richmond’s residents are having an electrical amnesty

They’re being encouraged to get rid of any broken or old electronic equipment.

It’s a chance to declutter their homes of things like kettles and hair dryers that aren’t usually accepted by charity shops.

The amnesty is taking place at the Civic Centre in York Street next week.
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The South East Coast Ambulance Service’s medical director has stepped down with immediate effect.

Rory McCrea has cited “personal reasons” for the decision.

The Trust, which covers Surrey, Kent, Sussex and parts of Hampshire, has only just appointed a new Chief Executive.

Over Christmas, it was accused of endangering patients’ lives.

It’s after it scrapped a system under which specialist paramedics responded to the most urgent 999 calls, such as strokes.
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City worker admits killing a recruitment consultant with a single punch

A City worker has admitted killing a man from Tooting with a single punch on a night out.

32-year-old, Alexander Thomson fatally hit Thomas Hulme in the head after reacting to a practical joke.

He died the following evening after the assault which took place in a taxi on Farringdon Street last August.

During his trial, the court heard that Mr Thompson had issues with his alcohol consumption.
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Kingston hospital's advising people to stay away from A&E this weekend

Kingston hospital’s warning people to stay away from A&E - unless it's a real emergency this weekend.

Residents are being advised to consider other options, such as visiting you GP, local pharmacist, walk-in centres and the minor injuries unit.

Duncan Burton, director of nursing and patient care at Kingston hospital - tells us why services are under strain during the winter.

Meanwhile, extended hours for GPs in the Epsom, Kingston and Richmond boroughs are also available.

Statement from Epsom and St Helier NHS Trust;

The trust’s Joint Medical Director, Dr James Marsh said: “We are seeing unprecedented numbers of sick people and our hospitals are very busy indeed. There is a nasty respiratory infection which is particularly impacting the frail and elderly in our communities. Therefore we would ask those with a condition that is not urgent or life threatening to contact their GP, local pharmacist or call NHS 111.”

Chief Operating Officer, Caroline Landon says “We have an excellent track record in delivering the A&E standard and working closely with our partners in community and social care to ensure people receive the right health care in the right setting. We are receiving an exemplary level of support from our partners in the local health and care system.

“We have innovative care delivery models, like Epsom Health and Care that have multi- disciplinary teams from all healthcare partners working together as one team to deliver patient centred services. We also have a number of measures in place to make sure that, even during unprecedented times of demand, we can provide compassionate care to our patients in a timely way. That includes having additional consultants at work (including at weekends) to provide senior medical reviews for our patients, as well as additional staff on every shift. These plans are truly making a difference, and I would like to thank everyone involved, especially our staff and our local partners, for helping to keep our hospitals running smoothly.

“As we are so very busy at the moment, patients coming to A&E who do not need emergency care are likely to be in for a long wait.”
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January marks 53 years since legendary singer #RodStewart was discovered singing on a platform at Twickenham station.

The man, who came to prominence in bands like the Jeff Beck Group and The Faces, was spotted playing his harmonica.

He had had various jobs before being spotted by Long John Baldry, including working as a paperboy and a grave digger.

Stewart was offered £35 a week to work with the blues singer before landing a gig at London’s famous Marquee Club.

The rest, as they say, is history.
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Jamie Oliver is closing his Richmond restaurant

Jamie Oliver is closing six Jamie's Italian restaurants including the one in Richmond following the vote to leave the EU.

The chain's chief executive says it is "a tough market", which has become even harder post-Brexit.

The closures will affect 120 staff, but the company says it will try to find them work in other parts of the business.
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Strike will not stop BA passenger trips from Heathrow airport

British Airways customers will be able to fly to their destinations during a strike by Heathrow cabin crew next week, but some flights will be "merged".

Members of the Unite union are walking out for 48 hours on Tuesday and Wednesday in a dispute over pay.

BA says people flying to and from the airport may have to travel slightly earlier or later in the day than their original booking.
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January Tube strike could cause mass chaos for passengers

Commuters have been warned to expect mass station closures on the London Underground after talks to avert an impending strike stalled.

The 24-hour action is due to start at 6pm on Sunday lasting through to Monday.

If it does go ahead, many tube stations in zone 1 will be shut.

TFL says it expects no service on the Piccadilly line serving Heathrow terminals 4 & 5.
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John Obi Mikel says he's leaving Chelsea to move to China

He's posted on Twitter that he's agreed a deal to join Tianjin Teda.

The midfielder, who's won the Premier League and Champions League during his time at the club, has failed to make a single appearance under new boss Antonio Conte this season.
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Jill Saward campaigner against sexual violence dies

Tributes have been paid to Jill Saward, who became a campaigner against sexual violence after she was raped in her father’s vicarage in Ealing more than 30-years ago, following her death from a stroke.

51-year-old Saward devoted much of her time to campaigning for the rights of rape survivors after what became widely known as the “Ealing vicarage rape”.

During the incident in March 1986 she was repeatedly raped while her father and boyfriend were beaten-up.

In 1990 Saward waived her right to anonymity when she published her book, Rape: My Story.
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Rugby union: England face injury crisis

England and Harlequins flanker Chris Robshaw could be out of action for a while if it’s determined he needs a shoulder operation.

The results of a scan are expected today.

Head coach Eddie Jones could be without one his most influential forwards heading into the Six Nations.

England begin the defence of their title against France at Twickenham on February 4th.
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Thursday, 5 January 2017

Chelsea confident about approval of new stadium

Chelsea are confident planning permission to build a new 60,000 stadium will be approved.

They want to redevelop Stamford Bridge, which currently has a capacity of just below 42,000, to keep up with their Premier League rivals.

The decision will be made at a local council meeting next Wednesday

Local residents were also asked to give their opinions, with more than 70% of the 800 people who responded, giving their blessing.
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Pro Heathrow expansion group refuse to reveal how much funding it’s received from the airport.

Pro-third runway expansion group Back Heathrow has refused to reveal how much funding it’s received from Heathrow Airport.

They say they are grateful for the support they receive but it would be unfair to publish the amount.

It comes as the group criticised Hillingdon Council for spending more than 150,000 pounds on anti-expansion campaigns between July 2015 and August 2016.

But Stop Heathrow says ‘they should be open and honest about the money they are spending.’
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Kingston Police write open letter to woman they want to trace

Kingston Police have written an open letter to a woman they suspect of string of burglaries in the area.

In the letter they ask Tracey Dyke to hand herself in, saying officers have visited her house numerous times to try and track her down.

She is suspected of multiple burglaries in the borough, which have left the victims traumatised and very upset.

Police say they want to have a chat with Ms Dyke, and she has two options, to hand herself in, or to call 101 and be picked up by officers.
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Man arrested as he got off plane at Heathrow has been bailed

The man arrested by anti-terror officers at Heathrow Airport yesterday has been bailed.

The 50-year-old was met by police as he got off a plane from Cairo.

He was held under suspicion of having information that could help with planning an act of terror.

He has now been bailed until mid-February pending further enquiries

Police say this arrest was not related to ISIS or Syria.
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Epsom's MP to hold talks with the RMT Union

The RMT union's agreed to hold talks with the transport secretary Chris Grayling about strikes on Southern Railway.

It coincides with the regulator confirming drivers can operate train doors safely, instead of using conductors.

The RMT has described those findings as a "complete whitewash" and the ASLEF union also disputes the report.
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Streatham's MP issues immigration warning

There's a warning a failure to deal with a lack of integration among immigrants "has left a vacuum for extremists".

A report also suggests people who come to live in the UK should learn English before arriving, or be enrolled on a compulsory language course when they do.

Labour MP Chuka Umunna chairs the cross-party parliamentary group on social integration, which says reform is urgently needed.

He says simply controlling immigration is not enough.

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There has been a serious collision involving a moped and a lorry in New Malden

Police were called to Traps Lane at the junction Coombe Lane West just after ten past 9 this morning.

A man was taken to hospital with life changing injuries.

There have been no arrests and enquiries are continuing.

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Dogs in #Hounslow and #Brentford some of the most overweight in the country

Records of more than half a million dogs who've been taken to the vet show the average UK pet weighs 22% more than it should.

The research compiled by Pets at Home confirms owners are spoiling their animals with too many treats and snacks.

Hounslow appears in the top 10 list of the 100 places in the UK for most overweight dogs at number 6.

Dogs Trust Vet Catherine Dobbie, says we could be killing our pets with kindness. She has a few tips about keeping your pooch healthy.

To find out more about Dogs Trust tips for keeping a healthy pet, click here.

The charity has a number of re-homing centres nationwide, including its West London Centre in Uxbridge.

Places in SW London and Surrey with the average Dog % above guideline weight

Hounslow 45.91%

Brentford 41.90%

Greenford 38.59%

Carshalton 38.40%

Isleworth 38.08%

Croydon 35.67%

Banstead 35.45%

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Kingston Born Actor in the Running for a BAFTA

Kingston born actor Tom Holland is in the running for the Rising Star award at the BAFTAS.

The new Spider Man actor says it's "a huge honour" to be nominated in the category.

He'll go up against Ruth Negga, Lucas Hedges, Anya Taylor-Joy and Spanish actress Laia Costa at next month's ceremony.
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House prices in London's most exclusive areas fell nearly 7% during 2016 according to a report

Savills estate agents say boroughs including Kensington, Chelsea, Knightsbridge, Westminster and Notting Hill all saw prices drop.

But average values still stand at around £4 million.
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Lidl says 500 jobs will be created when it opens a new warehouse in Bolton

The budget supermarket chain has acquired the freehold for a 44-acre site for £22.5 billion.

Last month, Lidl said it was planning to invest £70 million in a new UK headquarters in Tolworth, creating 5,000 jobs
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West Ham manager Slaven Bilic says the club's joint chairmen are working hard to sign the players they need this month

But he insists he won't reveal who they are.

They're believed to have had offers turned down for Sunderland striker Jermain Defoe - as well as Brentford forward Scott Hogan.
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#Tolworth Accident between tanker and car causing delays

Police closed off the Ewell Road where it meets Tolworth Broadway at 9am.

Although no one has been injured, they say it could be closed for a few more hours.

Stay tuned to Jackie for the latest travel or follow the team on Twitter @Jackie_Travel
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Schools could be forced to teach pupils about online threats - students from Staines discuss another recommendation made

Students from a school in Staines admit that terms and conditions on websites are often hard to understand and might not get read.

It comes as the Children’s Commissioner for England says that schools should be forced to teach pupils about protecting themselves online.

Anne Longfield’s year-long study suggests kids often learn about the internet without their parents' support.

Another recommendation is for websites to simplify their terms and conditions - which these young students from the Magna Carta School admit can be complicated.

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MP for Streatham wants UK to copy Canada over rules for immigrants

Immigrants should be expected to learn English before coming to Britain, or take compulsory language classes when they arrive.

That's according to a cross-party parliamentary group on social integration - which also says the immigration system needs reforming.

The MP for Streatham Chuka Umunna, who is its chair - wants the UK to copy Canada's example, by allowing different regions to set their own immigration targets.

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Hounslow is high up on the list of places in UK with overweight dogs as pets

Records of more than half a million dogs who've been taken to the vet show the average UK pet weighs 22% more than it should.

The research compiled by Pets at Home confirms owners are spoiling their animals with too many treats and snacks.

In the list of the top 100 places around the UK, Hounslow came 6th, with their pets being just under 46% overweight and Brentford also came in the top 20, at 41%.

Dr Maeve Moorcroft, who's a veterinary advisor, explains why it could be deadly.

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Family of Worcester Park teenager who died taking drugs want to educate young people

The family of a teenager from Worcester Park who died taking MDMA at a club have vowed to use his death to educate young people on the dangers of drugs.

18-year old Jack Crossley collapsed in August outside Fabric, after he had bought the substance from a stranger at the bar.

His death caused the club to close last year – it will re-open on Friday with a stricter door policy.

The inquest heard that 82 people had been arrested for intent to supply drugs inside the venue over a four-year period.
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30-year old woman is missing and could be in Staines or Shepperton

Police are appealing for help to find a woman who is missing from Guildford, but could be in the Staines or Shepperton areas.

30-year old Jessica Mackay was reported missing last night just after 9pm, she’s extremely vulnerable and officers are growing concerned.

She’s described as white, around 5ft 5, of slim build with dark brown hair. She’s believed to have been wearing a long black jacket, blue trousers and black shoes.

Anyone with information that could help locate Jessica should call Surrey Police on 101.
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Chelsea captain talks about disappointing performance last night

Chelsea captain Gary Cahill admits they fell below their usual standards during last night's defeat to Tottenham.

The Premier League leaders lost 2-nil at White Hart Lane - ending their hopes of breaking a top-flight record for consecutive victories.

Cahill says they needed to be better.

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Recycle faulty electrical items by dropping them off at Richmond Civic Centre

Richmond Civic Centre will have a collection point where broken or unfixable electrical items can be left - open all of next week.

If you have any items that you’ve been waiting to get rid of, then the council are asking you to bring them along – and they’ll do the job for you.

Examples might include hairdryers, games consoles or mobile phones – you should remove the batteries, as these can be recycled separately.

Opening Times
Richmond Civic Centre – 9th to 13th January 2017
Monday – Thursday – 9:00 am to 5:15 pm
Friday – 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
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Grant dedicated to tackle homelessness in Croydon

Croydon Council have managed to secure nearly one and a half million pounds to help tackle homelessness.

Over the next four years, £400,000 will be dedicated to getting rough sleepers off the borough’s streets.

A further £1 million will be spent on preventing homelessness among some of the most vulnerable families and individuals across Croydon.

Through a previous project, the council has helped more than 1,000 families avoid homelessness and more than 600 into employment.
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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Chelsea boss has spoken after they lost 2-0 to Spurs

Leaders Chelsea missed out on a new Premier League record after losing 2-0 to Tottenham at White Hart Lane.

They were going in search of a 14th straight victory - but two Deli Alli goals secured Spurs the win.

Chelsea boss Antonio Conte says it's tough to take.

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Kingston Hospital asks people to only visit A&E in real emergency

Kingston Hospital has urged people to only visit A&E in a real emergency, as it’s an exceptionally busy time for them.

Staff are working around the clock to make sure all patients get the best care in the most appropriate place.

They’re also improving the after-care support system, so patients can be discharged earlier and more beds are available for those who really need them.

The hospital has asked people to visit a pharmacist, GP, walk in centre or minor injuries unit whenever possible.

Other Health Services Available

NHS 111
The free NHS 111 phone service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, offering a one-stop number for patients with urgent, but not life-threatening symptoms.

Health Help Now App
Not sure where to go to get the help you need? Health Help Now will help you find the right treatment.

Pharmacies can help with several common conditions including minor injuries:
• Coughs, colds and fevers
• Diarrhoea and vomiting
• Hay fever and other allergies
• Skin rashes
• Cuts
They can give advice and medicines, if appropriate.
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Candy Crush executives's mega-basement plans in Barnes causes uproar among celebrity neighbours

A Candy Crush executive’s plan for a mega-basement underneath his £4 million home in Barnes, has caused anger among locals.

High profile celebrities are among the neighbours complaining, including TV presenter Peter Snow, children’s author Judith Kerr, and former Arsenal and England defender Lee Dixon.

Nick Pointon, a senior executive at Candy Crush games-maker King, and his wife Claire have submitted proposals to the council.

They hope to build a 1,700ft basement below their three-storey Edwardian terraced property.

A total of 102 letters have been written to Richmond council complaining about the scheme, first submitted in October 2015.
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House prices in Walton shot up by 71%

House asking prices in Walton have shot up a massive 71% in ten years.

Cambridge has topped the list of property hotspots outside of London at 75% in the decade.

The new figures from property website RightMove, exclude the capital.

That’s because here, on average, asking prices have shot up by 84.7% since 2006.

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Anti-terror officers arrest man at Heathrow

Anti-terror officers have arrested a man at Heathrow as he got off a plane from Cairo.

The 50-year-old's suspected of having information that could help with planning an act of terror.

A house in north London's also being searched as part of the planned operation.

Scotland Yard says the arrest isn't related to Islamic State or Syria.
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A headteacher from Richmond has been recognised for her achievements by the Queen, on her New Year Honour’s List

Penny Cox, Headteacher of Holy Trinity School, has received an MBE for "her dedication and hard work."

Penny has been a teacher for nearly 12 years and has taken Holy Trinity’s Ofsted rating from ‘Satisfactory’ to ‘Outstanding.’

The school is now one of the most popular in the borough.
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A new mum says she was left humiliated after security at Heathrow Airport confiscated five days' worth of breast milk

33 year-old, Katie Langan, had expressed the milk for her one-year-old daughter Layla during a five-day break in London.

According to the Mirror, the 10 bags of milk were seized as she travelled home without her child to the Netherlands.

In a statement, Heathrow stressed when travelling without your infant, the liquid restriction limit applies.
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British Airways says it’s "extremely disappointed" by the announcement of a strike by some Heathrow based cabin crew.

They'll walk out for 48 hours from Tuesday.

Unite says its members have rejected a new pay offer.

BA says it plans to ensure all customers can travel to their destinations.
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Four Surrey districts and boroughs will be plunged into darkness, as the second phase of a part-time light switch scheme begins

Elmbridge, Epsom and Ewell, Mole Valley, Reigate and Banstead’s street lights will be switched off from midnight to 5am this month.

Surrey County Council says it’s following the example of other authorities who’ve introduced the money saving scheme.

Guildford , Waverley and Surrey Heath boroughs were the first to be affected.
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London’s long awaited super -sewer could "add £90 to people’s water bills annually"

MPs are saying the £4.2 billion Thames Tideway Tunnel, needs more protection guarantees.

Starting at Ealing, one of the main drive sites will be in Hammersmith before continuing to the east, where it will connect to the Lee Tunnel.

The sewer is due to open in 2024 and designed to stop 39 million tonnes of raw sewage spilling into the Thames every year
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#MoonWalkLondon gearing up for its 20th year

The annual Moonwalk London will take place on Clapham Common, and then through the streets of the Capital, on May the 13th.

Walkers will raise money by pounding the streets in their own uniquely decorated bras, with the theme this year being the Roaring 20s.

The brainchild of charity Walk the Walk, all money raised goes to breast cancer causes.

To register, click here
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More strikes on Southern Railway announced

Southern Railway train drivers will now walk out at the end of the month AND next week.

The union Aslef announced this morning that next week's strike will last three days instead of six, on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

But further action is now planned for the 24th, 25th and 27th of January.
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Surrey police receive a call about a howling cat

Surrey police are once again reminding people to only call 999 in a genuine emergency.

It comes after the Forces Contact Centre received a call from a resident in Elmbridge last night, complaining about a howling cat.

Last month, a very drunk man rang the force requesting a taxi on Christmas Eve.

Police are advising people to contact them in a non-emergency situation 101.
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BREAKING NEWS: Southern strike halved to three days

A six-day strike by drivers on Southern Railway next week has been cut to three days.

Members of the Aslef Union were due to walk out from Monday in a row over driver-only trains.

Action will now be taken on the 10th, 11th and 13th, but the union's warning of further strikes to come.
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Appeal to find vulnerable missing man from Fulham

Concern is growing for a missing vulnerable elderly man from Fulham.

83 year-old, Loy Wong, was last seen at home yesterday morning and has not been heard from since.

Police are worried as he speaks little to no English, has insulin dependent diabetes, as well as memory issues.

Mr Wong is Chinese; around 5ft 8ins tall with short grey hair and carries a black metallic walking stick.

He’s known to visit Shepherds Bush, South Ealing and the West End.

Anyone who has seen Mr Wong or who knows of his whereabouts is urged to call police via 101.
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Senior London MPs at centre of new Brexit battle

Some of London’s most senior MPs have been at the centre of a new Brexit battle, following a report by the Evening Standard.

Figures gathered by the newspaper show that many MPs in the capital were out of step with their constituents in the EU referendum.

In response to the findings, the Lib Dems and Ukip vowed to target MPs who went against local opinion, as happened in the Richmond Park by-election.

The representatives for Kensington, Feltham, Hayes and Carshalton all chose a different side to most of their constituents.
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City lawyer and rower from Kingston found guilty of sexual assault and racial abuse

A lawyer from Kingston has been found guilty of sexually assaulting and racially abusing a woman at a rowing Christmas party in Putney.

Wimbledon Magistrates Court heard how 35-year-old Alistair Main repeatedly spanked and shouted verbal abuse at the 27-year-old victim.

Witnesses backed the victim's account that he kept pursuing her after she rejected his advances, even following her into the toilets.

Main, who's previously rowed for England, denied the charges but the judge said his evidence wasn't convincing.
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Police search for missing man in Chiswick

Police in Hounslow are appealing for help in tracing a man from Chiswick.

Craig Adams has been reported as missing.

He’s described as having dark wavy hair, brown eyes, and goatie-styled facial hair.

Anyone with information should call 101 quoting ref
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Young man missing from Isleworth

Hounslow Police are appealing for help in tracing a young man from Isleworth.

Mahmoud ABDI has gone missing and anyone with information is being urged to contact 101 quoting ref 17MIS000274.

He’s described as black and slim with afro-styled hair.
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Study reveals most flown-over boroughs in the capital

A study by anti-expansion campaign group HACAN has revealed that Hounslow is the most flown-over borough in London.

It sees 239,000 flights every year.

Croydon ranks 11th place in the survey at 116,000.

The figures reflect a similar study carried out in 2009.

The most significant change since the last survey is a reduction in flights over inner London but an increase over the South East of the capital.
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Palace v Swansea

With their 2-1 defeat at home to Swansea last night, Sam Allardyce is yet to secure a win as Palace boss.

Angel Rangel's strike at 85 minutes restored the Swans' lead despite Zaha’s stunning equaliser late in the second half.

The Former England manager says playing just two days after their Arsenal game contributed to their loss, while Delaney insists there’s hard work to be done by the players.

The result means Palace have only picked up one point in the three games since Allardyce replaced Alan Pardew.

It leaves Palace a point above the relegation zone - and with just a single draw from Allardyce's three games in charge.

He says he's got a lot to consider:

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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Carers in Surrey to get more support

Carers in Surrey will soon be able to get more support under planned County Council contracts to help “unsung heroes.”

Six commissioning groups are preparing to give carers breaks and provide help with their physical and emotional needs.

The initial deals will run for two years with plans to extend them.

Adult social care member Mel Few says “Carers play an invaluable role so it’s vital we do what we can to help them”.
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Upper Norwood woman accused of attacking "sugar daddy"

A woman from Upper Norwood is accused of branding a pensioner with a hot iron and beating him up, after his proposal went wrong.

40-year-old Samantha Butler is in court for the alleged assault on 79-year old Gordon Bland.

Mr Bland told the court heard how he offered money to Butler in "a sort of Sugar Daddy arrangement” after meeting at her local pub.

But when the pair got back to his flat in Crystal Palace, Mr Bland claims Butler hit him over the head and vowed to kill him.

She denies attempted murder and the trial continues.
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Heathrow based BA staff to go on strike next week

Some British Airways cabin crew based at Heathrow will go on two-day strike next week.

About 2,500 members of BA’s mixed fleet – which is predominantly made up of younger and lower-paid cabin crew - will strike in a row over “poverty pay.”

They'll walk out for 48 hours from next Tuesday.

Unite says its members have rejected a new pay offer aimed at resolving an ongoing dispute.

BA says it plans to ensure all customers can travel to their destinations.
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Bus and coach companies across England offer vehicles for next week's Southern strike

Bus and coach companies across the country are offering vehicles for commuters during next week’s Southern strike.

All of Southern’s 2,284 daily services will grind to a halt from next Monday as staff walk out in a dispute over the role of conductors.

The CPT said bus operators from Cornwall to Northumberland were ready to send vehicles to the South East.

Southern said it’s still deciding what services might be offered in terms of a rail replacement service.

Meanwhile commuters in south west London are facing more travel chaos on their first day back at work today.

There’s no Southern service between Bookham and Guildford, Sutton and Tooting, and Clapham Junction and Milton Keynes Central – stay tuned to Jackie for all your latest Travel information.
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Chelsea fans to pay nearly £8,500 for racial abuse

Four Chelsea fans have avoided jail - after racially abusing a man on the Paris underground.

They've been given suspended prison sentences from six months to a year - and must pay him 10,000 euros.

The victim was filmed being pushed off a metro train nearly two years ago.
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Former Chelsea assistant Paul Clement is the new head coach at Premier League strugglers Swansea.

The former Chelsea and Bayern Munich assistant becomes their third boss this season.

He takes over from American Bob Bradley - who was sacked with the side bottom of the table, and after just 11 games in charge.

Clement - who had a spell as Derby boss last year - has signed a two-and-a-half-year deal.
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UPDATED: Roads reopened as of 4.30pm

(Pic: Sumito Ahuja)

Roads around the V&A museum are currently closed.

It's due to a security alert at the venue.

Police were called at 2.57pm, and are searching the premises.

All roads, including the Brompton Oratory, are currently at a standstill.

Stay tuned to Jackie for the latest travel or follow the team on Twitter @Jackie_Travel.
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Crystal Palace can move four points clear of the Premier League relegation places with a win over bottom side Swansea tonight

Former England manager Sam Allardyce is still looking for his first victory since taking over as Palace boss.
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First, it was cats who adorned the underground at Clapham Common station. Now, it’s pigs.

Anti-animal cruelty campaign group Peta has placed adverts about the so called benefits of “going vegan” at the underground station.

Critics are labelling it anti-meat-eating propaganda.

But the campaign follows in the footsteps of the one done in September by the Citizens Advertising Takeover Service, or CATS.

Commuters were bombarded with posters of cute felines for two weeks.
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A mum from Morden who is campaigning for bullying to be outlawed, has won the support of MP Tom Brake.

42 year old Jacqueline Peebles’s son Arthur died from an overdose last November at the age of 18.

She blames his death on years of abuse at the hands of bullies.

In one incident when he was five, three boys tried to drag him into a noose on a tree in a nearby park.

She has set up a petition calling for bullying to be classified as a crime.

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A number of fake websites selling certificates from Universities such as Surrey, have been closed down

The news follows an investigation led by BBC South East.

Reporters found some sites had taken the names of the institutions to offer bogus distance learning courses in places such as China.

However, when money was paid, the courses turned out not to be valid with UK degree awarding bodies.
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People registered at a Health Centre in Ashford are being warned time is running out to change GPs

Services at Ashford Health Centre are being reduced this month following the controversial decision to close the practise.

Everyone registered there needs to relocate surgeries.

Information sessions are being held to help those who are worried.

The first is being held at the centre on January 16th between 9 and 11am .
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Rail passengers are facing higher fares across the UK

Average price increases of 2.3% are introduced in 2017.

It comes as a strike by conductors on Southern Rail enters its third day. Some fares have gone up by 25% since the mid 1990s.

The RMT union began the walkout on New Year's eve while another strike is set for next week.
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Worcester Park Brownie leader to return to Buckingham Palace

A veteran Brownie leader from Worcester Park will collect her MBE after 45 years of service.

62-year-old Christine Wicks runs the 8th Worcester Park unit.

She looks after 30 youngsters and she says the activities they run are still relevant.

She told Sarah Onions that the honour came out of the blue.

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Fire in Feltham under flats in Highfield Road

More than 20 firefighters attended a blaze in an underground car park in Feltham town centre.

It happened beneath flats on Highfield Road – two cars were destroyed and four others damaged on New Year's Day.

Ten people had to be led to safety and about 80 others left the building before the brigade arrived.

It started just under 7pm and was under control just before 9pm.
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Plane diverted to Heathrow after 'technical problems'

An American Airlines flight from Birmingham to San Fransisco was forced to land in Heathrow yesterday after a ‘technical issue’ with the plane.

It was scheduled to leave at 9AM before being delayed for nearly three hours before departure, but it had to land in Heathrow to be checked by mechanics.

A spokesman for American Airlines said its maintenance team checked the aircraft before it departed for New York again.

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Surrey Police find missing elderly woman

Surrey Police have asked for the public’s assistance in finding a missing woman with links to Croydon.

72-year-old Yvette Owen has been found after going missing since yesterday morning.

Surrey Police have thanked the public for their help in looking for the pensioner.
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Study shows most flown-over areas of the capital

A study by anti-expansion campaign group HACAN has revealed that Hounslow is the most flown-over borough in London.

It sees 239,000 flights every year.

Croydon ranks 11th place in the survey at 116,000.

The figures reflect a similar study carried out in 2009.

The most significant change since the last survey is a reduction in flights over inner London but an increase over the South East of the capital.
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Monday, 2 January 2017

Fire in Brentford is now under control

A fire that broke out at a recycling centre on Transport Avenue in Brentford is now under control.

Ten fire engines and seventy firefighters tackled the blaze that involved around 75 tonnes of recyclable waste.

Crews from Chiswick, Heston, Ealing, Southall, Twickenham and Feltham fire stations are at the scene.

The brigade was called at just after midday and the fire was under control at around ten past three this afternoon.

The cause of the blaze is under investigation.
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South-West London football round-up

Fulham were unsuccessful at their attempt to end Brighton's 17 match unbeaten league run.

The final score at Craven Cottage was Brighton 2 Fulham 1, despite an early lead from Fulham.

Meanwhile Millwall's three game winning streak came to an early end this afternoon as they were held to a 2-2 draw at AFC Wimbeldon in league one.
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Brentford fire: 70 Firefights are on the scene in Transport Avenue





Ten fire engines and around 70 firefighters have been called to a blaze at a recycling centre on Transport Avenue in Brentford.

Smoke from the fire can be seen for miles around, and the Brigade’s 999 control staff have taken over 70 emergency calls to the incident.

Crews from Chiswick, Heston, Ealing, Southall, Twickenham and Feltham fire stations are at the scene.

The Brigade was called just after mid-day.

The cause of the fire is not known at this stage.

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Preview of AFC Wimbledon v Millwall

AFC Wimbledon welcome back Lyle Taylor from suspension – ahead of today’s match against Millwall.

Football correspondent, John Creasy, has the details

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Government spent £10 000 a day on airport expansion consultants

The Government's facing criticism for how much it's spent on consultants and law firms, in deciding where a new runway should be built in south-east England.

The Department for Transport has paid out around £10 000 a day since a report eighteen months ago, first recommended expansion at Heathrow.

Lib Dem MP for Richmond Park, Sarah Olney, has described the sums as "eye-watering".
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Longcross Garden village in Runnymede and Surrey Heath is given the go-ahead

The first wave of garden villages has been given the go-ahead.

Ministers have backed 14 bids across England, designed to create 48-thousand homes, it includes Longcross in Runnymede and Surrey Heath.

Three larger developments have also been approved - in Buckinghamshire, Somerset and on the Essex-Hertfordshire border.

Seven and a half million pounds of Government funding has been earmarked for the projects.
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Southern Rail is into third day of current strike

A strike by conductors on Southern Rail begins its third day as the long-running row about the role of guards on trains continues.

The RMT union began the 72-hour walkout on New Year’s Eve, causing disruption to travellers during new year celebrations.

Passengers using Clapham Junction, East Croydon or other Southern network stations will face delays and cancellations today.

The RMT leader asked MP for Epsom and Ewell and Transport Secretary Chris Grayling – to ‘sort out the current shambles’ as his new year resolution.
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Wandsworth Council providing free support to those who want to give up smoking

Wandsworth Council wants to remind any residents who want to quit smoking this year that there is free local help available.

The number of people living in the borough who smoke has dropped from a fifth in 2011 to thirteen percent now.

They’re reminding quitters the benefits of stopping – which include whiter teeth, fewer wrinkles and savings of around £2,000 a year.

For personalised support – visit the Wandsworth Stop Smoking Service Website or call the 24 hour helpline on 0800 389 7921.

Drop in Clinic is available at Queen Mary’s Hospital Cardiology Unit in Roehampton on Tuesdays 10am-3pm
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Appeal to find missing elderly man from Clapham

Police are growing increasingly concerned for a missing vulnerable elderly man.

81 year-old, Desmond Hall, was last seen yesterday afternoon at is care home in Clapham Common South Side.

He suffers from dementia and officers are concerned for his safety.

Mr Hal’s described as black - around 5ft 10ins tall and bald.

He was last seen wearing a black puffa jacket, black trousers, grey and white jumper and black shoes.

Anyone who has seen Mr Hall or who knows of his whereabouts is urged to contact police in Lambeth via 101.
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Police appeal for witnesses after cafe in Chiswick is raided on Christmas Day

A café in Chiswick was ram-raided on Christmas day and police are keen to speak to anyone who witnessed the event.

The thieves who were riding mopeds caused £8,000 worth of damage to The Coffee Traveller – a popular street vending van.

Police believe the two suspects used a black moped to break down the door of the shop and witnesses reported hearing ‘five loud bangs.’

Minutes after, they smashed through Cascade Hairdressing, which is also on Thames Road. Anyone who witnessed them fleeing the scene should contact police on 101.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 6:00 am  

Leaked report finds BA cabin crew collapsed after landing at Heathrow due to an emergency

A leaked report has found that flight attendants from British Airways vomited and became spaced out after suspected toxic fumes filled the cabin.

Three pilots and 22 cabin crew needed hospital treatment after an emergency was declared on the London-bound flight from San Francisco in October.

According to the Sunday Times, one of them collapsed at Heathrow, as they continued to feel ill after leaving hospital.

BA said they examined the A380, and no fault was detected, a spokesman said the safety of their customers and crew is always their top priority.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 5:00 am  

Chelsea boss praises their fanbase

Chelsea boss Antonio Conte says the club owed its fanbase something special this season.

The leaders equalled Arsenal's Premier League record of 13 straight wins with a 4-2 victory over Stoke.

Last season Chelsea finished 10th in the table.

Conte says the supporters deserve a successful team.

posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 12:52 am  

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Ambulance service under pressure in Banstead

South East Coast Ambulance Service, which provides emergency cover from Banstead and Epsom ambulance stations among others, says it's facing "very high levels of demand."

This is affecting its ability to respond to calls and the public is asked to think carefully as to whether they need to call for an ambulance.

Life-threatening and serious calls are being prioritised but SECAmb crews attended nearly to 2,300 incidents yesterday, up 300 on last New Year’s Eve and more than 1,300 incidents by 1.30pm today.

Incident Commander, Richard Webber said: “The public can help us by avoiding calling us for non-life-threatening emergencies.”
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 5:06 pm  

Ongoing Southern Strike

A strike by conductors on Southern rail’s gone into its second day as the row over the role of guards drags on.

The RMT union began its latest 72-hour walkout on New Year's Eve with warnings of widespread disruption for travellers during new year celebrations.

After this, the next strike’s set for 9 January, when the planned six-days of action means most routes are expected to have no services.

Just to add to the pain, the train drivers' union Aslef’s adding to the disruption by continuing a ban on overtime.

RMT leader Mick Cash’s asking Epsom & Ewell MP and Transport Secretary Chris Grayling to make his new year resolution "to get in a room with the unions and his contractors to sort out the current shambles".
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 4:10 pm  

Acton pub fire

Just half an hour after the New Year’s bongs, a popular Acton pub was ravaged by fire.

Around 300 people were packed into the Aeronaut in Acton High Street when the fire started but thanks to prompt action by the staff and an effective evacuation plan, everyone got out of the building without serious problems.

5 police officers and 3 members of the public were taken to hospital suffering from Smoke inhalation and minor injuries.

posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 2:30 pm  

A health alert has been issued as a cold snap across London and the south-east was forecast to continue into the New Year.

The MET office said the mercury is expected to plummet again as the New Year arrives, prompting Public Health England to issue a warning urging people to be prepared for the cold weather.

It has urged people to keep an eye out for those most at risk over the coming days and particularly over the Bank Holiday as temperatures plunge back down to freezing.

Met Office spokeswoman Nicola Maxey said "A cold weather front will be coming in behind the rain with temperatures dropping down to freezing or between 1C and 2C".

“On the Bank Holiday, we will have quite a clear day with temperatures around 4C or 5C".

Dr Thomas Waite, of PHE’s extreme events team, said: “Every winter thousands of people die because of their exposure to cold weather and doctors’ surgeries, hospitals and other parts of the NHS are kept busy as people fall ill - that’s why it’s really important that we all do everything we can to ensure everyone stays well this winter".

“Think about how the coming cold temperatures may affect your friends, family and neighbours, particularly if they are older or very young or have pre-existing health conditions.

These groups can be particularly at risk from the ill-effects of cold so think now what you could do to help.

“Keeping homes heated to at least 18C is a great way to avoid the health problems from cold, as is stocking up on food and medicine before cold weather sets in and wearing lots of thin layers instead of fewer thick ones.”
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 1:52 pm  

Members of the Amadiyya Muslim Youth Association were in Hanworth Park this morning, taking part in a community litter picking project.

The annual event is held every New Year’s day across the country and is aimed at reaching out into the wider community.

Despite the poor weather, the group managed to help clear a substantial amount of litter left by fly tippers.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 10:52 am  

Ambulance response times were delayed in London overnight after technical problems hit the control room.

It is understood the computer system crashed, so calls had to be recorded by pen and paper for nearly five hours on one of the busiest nights of the year.

A spokesman for London Ambulance Service said staff were trained for such situations, and continued to prioritise responses as usual.

Calls had to be logged manually between half past twelve and quarter past five.

An investigation into the issue will now take place.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 10:51 am  

The 31st Annual New Year's Day Parade

More than 8000 performers will be taking to the streets of London later today for the 31st annual New Year's Parade.

Five hundred thousand spectators are expected to watch the procession which will run from Piccadilly to Parliament Square.

The theme for this years event is the magic of the movies.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 10:49 am  

A further three day strike by Southern conductors is causing widespread disruption for travellers.

The RMT is staging the latest 72 hour walkout after months of strikes.

Another strike is set for the 9th January.

The train drivers union ASLEF is continuing with a ban on overtime which is adding to the disruption.

The department for Transport said the dispute was between Southern and the unions and “not something the Government is involved in”.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 9:08 am  

As Christmas draws to a close for another year, we all face the task of getting rid of our Christmas trees.

Whether you’re from Hounslow, Richmond or Wandsworth and bought a real tree – you’re amongst the one million Londoners that did.

You may have a drop-off point near you to recycle the plants or some councils will pick them up from near your recycling bins.

Croydon - call 020 8726 6000
Hammersmith and Fulham call 020 8748 3020
Hounslow call 020 8583 2000
Kingston call 020 8547 5000
Merton Visit the website or call 020 8274 4901
Richmond upon Thames call 020 8891 1411
Sutton Visit 020 8770 5000
Wandsworth 020 8871 6000
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 6:58 am  

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