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Saturday, 24 February 2018

Harlequins' losing run continues with defeat to Newcastle Falcons

A competitive game was expected between Harlequins and the visitors Newcastle Falcons coming into this weekend.

The Twickenham Stoop has been an impenetrable fortress against Newcastle Falcons; their last win here was seven years ago in the Anglo-Welsh Cup; 18 years in the league.

However Falcons have worked their way to fifth in the premiership whilst Quins have slipped down to ninth, and their last meeting saw Newcastle earn a narrow one-point victory at Kingston Park in December.

It was a bright but very cold Saturday afternoon at The Stoop. One minute’s applause was held in memory of Doncaster Knight’s Ian Williams who sadly passed away during training earlier in the week at the age of 27.

Harlequins’ spirited fly-half Marcus Smith kicked off proceedings and the hosts chased well. Michael Young, scrum-half for the visitors, box-kicked to clear their lines and Quins’ Charlie Walker was quick to run with the ball and chip through; his attempt blocked.

The visitors, wearing black and grey, attempted to run out of their half but strong defence from the hosts forced them to kick just shy of the half-way line. The ball was promptly returned and an aerial battle ensued, Quins’ Aaron Morris slicing it out on the full handing Newcastle an attacking line-out.

They secured the ball and passed to the far wing however a penalty against the visitors allowed the hosts to clear their lines.

Another penalty against the visitors on the half-way line allowed Smith to find touch deep inside the 22, despite the Falcons’ best efforts to catch the ball.

Quins secured the line-out and attacked the whitewash; Captain James Horwill collecting the ball from the ruck and diving over the line. Smith curled in the conversion: Harlequins 7 – 0 Newcastle Falcons after 8 minutes.

The re-start was gathered by Quins in their own 22. They kicked long to a waiting Simon Hammersley who gathered the high ball confidently for Falcons. A successful turnover was made by the hosts on the half-way line but Walker lost possession, the referee deeming it a knock-on.

After only 11 minutes of the game, Newcastle were forced to make a replacement with Callum Chick coming on for Mark Wilson.

The first scrum of the game did not go well for the hosts; Newcastle Falcons being awarded a free-kick which they took quickly, getting into Quins’ territory.

Play was halted after a ‘disagreement’ between the two teams and a yellow card awarded a piece; James Chisholm and his opposing number Nili Latu sitting out the game for 10 minutes.

Newcastle continued to push up the field. They secured the line-out; their scrum-half Young releasing Josh Matavesi. Quins slowed down the ball and handed a penalty to the visitors who again attacked the line-out. Although the visitors secured the ball, Quins fought the ensuing maul.

The referee signalled advantage in front of the posts; Horwill received a warning on behalf of his team. Falcons passed the ball out towards the wing before it rolled into touch. Play was taken back to the scene of the penalty and again the visitors went for the line-out. Falcons retained possession and the forwards attempted to grab and drive over the line. Staunch defence, however, saw Quins win a penalty.

Smith found touch just inside their own half but Newcastle stole the line-out. The visitors passed the ball with confidence yet Quins kept applying the pressure, resulting in a loose and forward pass from fly-half Toby Flood; Sinoti Sinoti spilling the catch.

Scrum to Harlequins just outside their own 22. A penalty was then awarded and Smith found touch deep inside opposition territory. The line-out was gathered well by the hosts; Luke Wallace and Jamie Roberts broke through the game line.

Smith saw some space behind the defence and attempted a cross-field kick. He failed to keep it in play but Falcons were forced to deal with a line-out. They succeeded but Young did not get great distance on his box-kick, handing Quins an attacking platform.

Again, the hosts broke through the defensive line but spilt the ball under tackle (the debate continued amongst the fans as to whether the hosts were tackled off the ball). Clearly the decision was too close to call and the original scrum was awarded.

Quins attacked the ensuing line-out and stole possession. The hosts were progressing up to the 22 and advantage was being played following off-side antics by the visitors.

Smith lined up the posts but pushed the ball wide.

In an injury concern for the hosts, Aaron Morris was replaced by Tim Visser with 16 minutes left of the first half. The Scottish international made an instant impact gaining ground and Walker then attempted another kick-chase; this time sending the ball too far and into the arms of the waiting fall-back Hammersley.

A line-out to Quins inside their own half. They secured possession and formed a maul before releasing the centres and wings. Newcastle Falcons intercepted but Quins quickly regained possession. A great run by scrum-half Jono Kitto brought the hosts right up to the visiting 22, but then possession was turned over.

Another penalty was awarded to the visitors and they found touch just metres from the try line. The visitors secured possession and formed a maul that worked its way up to and over the try-line.

The ball was deemed to have been held-up and Falcons were presented with a 5-metre scrum. Gray was shown yellow following a succession of team penalties and was to sit out the remaining 10 minutes of the first half.

Another line-out to the visitors 10 metres out from the line. They formed another rolling maul. It went to ground and the ball was passed to the centres. Then a series of grab-and-drives made their way closer to the try line with Callum Chick crossing the whitewash; Toby Flood added the conversion and after 34 minutes of play, the scores were level: Harlequins 7 – 7 Newcastle Falcons.

Smith kicked the ball long with Newcastle sending it into touch still deep within their own half. Dave Ward, delivering line-out ball, confirmed his play but then missed his target. Newcastle gathered the loose ball and ran with it, their no. 8 Nili Latu breaking through the defensive line. A penalty was awarded against hands in the ruck and Kyle Sinckler aired his disapproval, forcing Quins back another 10 metres.

Newcastle found touch, secured line-out ball and passed it out wide with confidence. Play moved back to the centre and out to the near wing; fast play attempting to stretch the Quins’ defence. Again the Falcons crossed the line but the ball was held up, handing the visitors a 5-metre scrum.

The visitors retained possession and ran with the ball, pushing up to the try line. Referee Tim Foley was playing advantage as the visitors again crossed the whitewash, albeit the ball being held up.

Back for the penalty, and the visitors opted for the scrum. Another penalty and another scrum. Quins’ winger Alofa Alofa was shown yellow as the first 40 minutes came to a close.

Newcastle were unable to capitalise and Quins weathered the storm.

Half Time at the Twickenham Stoop: Harlequins 7 – 7 Newcastle Falcons

The second half began with Charlie Walker gathering the re-start ball for the hosts with confidence and immediately put the pedal down, slipping through a couple of tackles before offloading. Roberts took up the mantle and gained further ground before Kitto box-kicked out.

Newcastle gathered and ran the ball up to the 22. Roberts made a hard-hitting tackle causing his opponent to spill the ball. Scrum to Quins.

The ball was fed and gathered. Smith crossed the game line, offloaded to Kitto to continue the run. Ward took the opportunity to find an opening in the defensive line, taking play up to the opposition 22. A penalty was awarded to the hosts as Horwill received treatment on the pitch.

Smith opted for the posts, kicking into the biting wind. He judged the conditions to perfection: Harlequins 10 – 7 Newcastle Falcons after 47 minutes.

A lapse in judgement by the hosts at the re-start, however, saw a scrum handed to the visitors deep inside the Quins’ half. They secured the ball and attacked the far wing. Defence was strong and the ball was brought back to the centre before a dummy pass bluffed Quins, allowing the visitors to get within metres of the try line.

In a repeat of play in the first half, Quins gave away a penalty for being offside. The referee played advantage and Kyle Cooper crossed for a try; Toby Flood added the extra two points: Harlequins 10 – 14 Newcastle Falcons after 52 minutes.

A well-placed kick by the Falcons following the re-start saw Walker back track and put under pressure to keep the ball in play. He successful gathered and passed to Smith who gained ground before returning it to Walker.

Play moved out to the far wing where the ball found touch. Newcastle secured line-out ball; Matavesi breaking through the defence before possession was passed to the near wing; Chris Harris strolling over the line. Flood extended the lead: Harlequins 10 – 21 Newcastle Falcons after 56 minutes.

In a stroke of good fortune for the hosts, Newcastle’s scrum-half Young box-kicked straight into touch on the full, handing Quins a line-out deep within the opposition territory.

The hosts secured line-out ball and swiftly sent ball in hand. It was transferred from one wing to the other but with little territory gained. Flood was replaced by Joel Hodgson after 59 minutes, struggling with an injury picked up just before his most recent conversion kick.

Horwill attacked the line but was pushed backwards; a scrum awarded to the hosts.

Smith saw opportunity and the defence bought his dummy pass, opening up a gap for him to squeeze through. The animated fly-half was brought down and Falcons stole possession. They box-kicked out and after gathering, Quins ran with ball in hand, despite being pushed back by the visitors. James Chisholm broke through the defence but his offload bounced off Alofa Alofa, handing a scrum to Newcastle.

Replacements for Harlequins: Kyle Sinckler off; Will Collier on with just 16 minutes remaining.

Good scrummaging from Quins but Newcastle retained possession until they kicked on. The hosts gathered and kept ball in hand. The visitors made a successful turnover and again kicked long for a chase. The ball was knocked-on by Smith handing Falcons an attacking scrum inside the hosts’ 22.

Another try to the visiting team; Sinoti Sinoti crossing for the bonus-point.

With 15 minutes left of the game, the Harlequins fans left in their droves. Some of those who remained deemed themselves ‘so-called supporters’ with doubt creeping through their minds.

Harlequins 10 – Newcastle Falcons 28 with a successful conversion.

As the re-start got underway, Harlequins made more replacements: Wallace, Kitto, Horwill, and Smith off; Matthews, White, Catrakilis, Lewis on.

Quins kicked the ball high and within a good chasing distance for the hosts but Newcastle were able to gather following a lacklustre challenge by their opponents.

After gaining good ground, the visitors gave away a penalty. The hosts kicked for a line-out on the half way line. The ball was not thrown straight gifting the visitors a scrum. Newcastle made changes replacing their front row (Socino, Lockwood and Davison coming on as well as Mermoz and Takulua who took on the scrum-half role) with less than 10 minutes remaining.

The Falcons secured the ball and challenged the wing before passing inside to the centres. They box-kicked high, retained possession and kicked on further for a chase along the far wing; this race was won by Quins who then gathered, passed and sliced the ball into touch on the near wing.

They found themselves defending a line-out on their 22 but the ball was not thrown straight handing a scrum, upgraded to a free kick, to Quins who took it quickly.

They ran out from their 22 but then opted to kick. This simply handed Newcastle the ball still inside the half-way line.

Quins regained possession with Visser combining with Roberts to attack the defensive line. Chisholm pushed up to the half-way line.

Play was then pushed back before Newcastle handed Quins a penalty. The ball found touch and the hosts secured the line-out. They formed a maul which rolled to the centre of the pitch. The ball was then released but the attack came to nothing as a scrum went the way of the visitors.

Less than 2 minutes remaining and Quins forced play to remain inside the visiting 22. From a visitors ruck, the ball was passed back and kicked into touch, marking a historic win for Newcastle and yet another defeat to Harlequins.

Full Time at the Twickenham Stoop: Harlequins 10 – 28 Newcastle Falcons


15 Aaron Morris, 14 Charlie Walker, 13 Joe Marchant, 12 Jamie Roberts, 11 Alofa Alofa, 10 Marcus Smith, 9 Jono Kitto, 1 Mark Lambert, 2 Joe Gray, 3 Kyle Sinckler, 4 Ben Glynn, 5 James Horwill ©, 6 Luke Wallace, 7 Dave Ward, 8 James Chisholm


16 Charlie Piper, 17 Cameron Holenstein, 18 Will Collier, 19 Charlie Matthews, 20 Archie White, 21 Dave Lewis, 22 Demetri Catrakilis, 23 Tim Visser

Newcastle Falcons

15 Simon Hammersley, 14 Vereniki Goneva, 13 Chris Harris, 12 Josh Matavesi, 11 Sinoti Sinoti, 10 Toby Flood, 9 Michael Young, 1 Rob Vickers, 2 Kyle Cooper, 3 Jon Welsh, 4 Calum Green, 5 Will Witty, 6 Mark Wilson, 7 Will Welch ©, 8 Nili Latu


16 Santiago Socino, 17 Sam Lockwood, 18 Trevor Davison, 19 Sean Robinson, 20 Callum Chick, 21 Sonatane Takulua, 22 Joel Hodgson, 23 Maxime Mermoz

Match Report: Natalie Osborne Photography: Chris Spring

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A Woking charity aimed at helping young girls has admitted six cases of sexual abuse by its staff or associates

Woking-based charity Plan International has admitted six cases of sexual abuse in a year by its staff or associates

One involved an internal staff member, while the rest involved contractors.

The incidents happened between July 2016 and June 2017, and five were reported to be of a “criminal nature”.

The charity added that they were not committed by British staff.

Plan International work to protect the rights of young girls, such as ending child marriage and FGM, and provides aid to 50 countries.
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The MP for Twickenham has proposed a solution to the lecturer pension crisis

There are calls for the government to safeguard the pensions of lecturers and academic staff.

Twickenham MP and Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable has written to the universities minister urging the government to underwrite the Universities Superannuation Scheme.

The high risk of the scheme has caused many institutions to pull out of it, but Cable hopes underwriting will reduce that.

Lecturers have been on strike since Thursday, after news hit that they could be £10,000 worse off in retirement.

Talks are expected on Tuesday.
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A kebab shop in Woking has made the shortlist for the ‘Best Takeaway’ in the South East.

It’s one of 12 nominees in the region for voters to feast their appetite over.

The British Kebab Awards will take place on the 12th of March this year.
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Burglar broke into Sheerwater house then crashed car

A Sheerwater man who broke into a family home and crashed their car has been jailed for 16 months.

52 year old William Dawes of Devonshire Avenue is today starting his sentence for the offence which took place last summer.

Dawes burgled the house in Bentham Avenue in Sheerwater and stole the car.

After he crashed into a Range Rover in Pembroke Road in Woking – he tried to escape on foot but was followed by the public and caught by police.

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Missing Walton woman found

A 44-year-old woman missing from Walton has now been found.

Mary Gwanyama was last seen by her sister on the morning of Friday 23 February but has since been located safe and well.

Surrey Police has thanked the public for sharing their appeal

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Four hundred pound fines for fly-tipping in Richmond

Fines of up to £400 have been handed out to fly-tippers in Richmond in the last two months alone.

23 Fixed Penalty Notices have been issued by the council as part of its crackdown on rubbish dumping.

But the authority says many aren’t aware it is a criminal act.

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Have your say on the quality of London's air

Richmond Park’s MP is reminding people in his constituency to have their say on the Mayor of London’s clean air consultation.

Transport for London and Sadiq Khan are bringing forward plans for an Ultra Low Emissions Zone to next year.

Zac Goldsmith says it’s vital people living near the North and South circulars have their say on the plans.

The consultation is open until Wednesday.
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Residents in Maybury relieved after drug-dealing den closed

A drug dealing den in Woking has been closed after Guildford Magistrates made an order preventing anyone entering the property at 4 Alpha Road, Maybury for three months.

It was a case of a vulnerable person being used by drug dealers to set up shop.

Surrey police had taken action and secured the property previously so that only the tenant had access, but he was unable to stop the dealers using his house.

Visits to the property at all hours had distressed local residents who were fearful of helping the police.

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Ziggy Pawdust says goodbye to Wandsworth

Finally a paws for thought, to say happy retirement to PD Ziggy retires in Wandsworth along with his handler today after thirty years following leads.

Here’s a picture of PD Ziggy who is 7 and a half years old.

Happy retirement!!
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Merton police cadet shows commitment

A Merton police cadet leader has won an award for her commitment to the voluntary cadets.

PC Duffy of Cannon Hill was given the “outstanding cadet leader” award by the Jack Petchey Foundation.

Also receiving an award was Cadet Faith, for outstanding cadet, marking her second Jack Petchey in two years.
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Clapham search for a missing man

Officers in Clapham worried about a 31-year-old man are appealing for the public’s help to trace him.

Sean McCaffrey – otherwise known as Hamza - has not been seen since Thursday.

He is believed to have been involved in an incident near his home in the Clapham/Brixton area, but is not being treated as a suspect.

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Croydon youth get election fever

Election fever is coming to Croydon with 28 candidates taking part in two public question times ahead of a polling day on the 13th of March.

Voting is restricted though to those aged 11 to 18 as they select their first Young Mayor.

The candidates have been honing their political skills at a boot camp with workshops on public speaking and local democracy.

Information about the candidates and their manifestos can been found on the Croydon Council website.
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Hounslow brings in parking enforcement at night

A new taskforce in Hounslow has taken to the streets at night looking for vehicle drivers who have parked illegally.

It was set up following complaints from residents about drivers who thought they could get away with bad parking in the evening or at night.

Ignoring parking rules can result in a fine of up to £110.

Motorists are reminded that parking on double yellow lines is not permitted at any time.
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Court orders the shutdown of a Woking drug den

A drug dealing den in Woking has been closed after Guildford Magistrates made an order preventing anyone entering the property at 4 Alpha Road, Maybury for three months.

It was a case of a vulnerable person being used by drug dealers to set up shop.

Surrey police had taken action and secured the property previously so that only the tenant had access, but he was unable to stop the dealers using his house.

Visits to the property at all hours had distressed local residents who were fearful of helping the police.
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Friday, 23 February 2018

Bed chain store Warren Evans has gone into administration after 30 years

It initially started under a railway arch in Camden after a £200 loan from the founder’s sister.

The brand, which has stores in Kingston and Hammersmith, was well-known for its ethical trading standards.

Its collapse leaves customers who’ve already placed orders and paid for their items in cash with no way of receiving a refund.
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A 31-year-old man from Lambeth has gone missing

Sean McCaffrey also known as Hamza has not been seen since Thursday.

He’s believed to have been involved in an incident near his home in the Clapham/Brixton area, but is not being treated as a suspect.

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Spelthorne Council are raising Council Tax by 2.6%

New legal responsibilities such as preventing homelessness, and cut by Surrey County Council, are some of the reasons given for the rise.

The rise equates to £5 more a year for a band D property.
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Stormzy's asking people to sign a petition calling for the public inquiry into the Grenfell Tower fire to be overhauled

The grime artist, from Croydon, questioned the Prime Minister’s response to the tragedy during his performance at the Brit Awards.

He's tweeted a link, telling fans it needs 100-thousand signatures.

It calls for a panel from a diverse range of backgrounds to work with the inquiry chairman.
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The hunt is on to find a man wanted in connection with charity fraud

32 year old Kieron Ord is believed to be living in Croydon.

He is wanted for questioning in connection with an incident in November 2016.
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An investigation’s underway after a woman was sexually assaulted in Woking

She was walking along the alleyway between Wilson Way and Church Close in Horsell yesterday afternoon.

The suspect’s black, in his early 40’s, 5ft 7”, medium build, with a close shaven head, and believed to have had a gold tooth and ring.

He was wearing a ¾ length green parka jacket, jeans and was carrying a black satchel.
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The mother of a six-year old murdered by her father at the family home in Sutton, has lost an appeal against her jail sentence

Ben Butler was jailed for life after being convicted of Ellie Butler’s murder in June 2016.

Her mother, 38-year old Jennie Gray, was given a 42-month term for child cruelty and perverting the course of justice.
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The head of the Met Police force Cressida Dick will be the guest speaker at an event at Twickenham Stadium on March the 10th

Richmond’s officers have organised the Crime Prevention and Scam Awareness day to make residents aware of the growing problem.

Police officer Les Jackson specialises in scam related crime.

He says although everyone is being urged to go along, it’s especially important that older residents try and attend.

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Chelsea boss Antonio Conte says too much was made of his team apparently being in terrible form

They suffered back-to-back three-goal defeats in the Premier League against Bournemouth and Watford but responded with victory over West Brom and an FA Cup thrashing of Hull.

Chelsea were unlucky to only draw 1-all with Barcelona in the Champions League this week.

Conte's side face Manchester United at the weekend.

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A mother and her child have been threatened by four men during a burglary at their home in Thames Ditton

A large amount of money and valuable jewellery was stolen during the break-in in Embercourt Road on Wednesday evening.

The suspects are believed to have spoken with eastern European accents.

Each of the men was wearing bomber jackets and baseball caps and face coverings.

Another is believed to be wearing grey tracksuit bottoms.
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An AFC Wimbledon fan has been banned from the game for 3 years after verbally abusing a woman on a train for more than an hour

41 year old Alasdair MacTavish from Teddington was travelling back from a game on the 3rd of February when the incident unfolded.

He started verbally abusing people on the platform at Doncaster and this continued on board the train to King’s Cross London.

He was abusive to the entire train carriage and made sexual comments towards women.

A passenger on the train asked him to stick to football banter, as she was a mother and a Chelsea supporter.

MacTavish then began verbally abusing her, making sexual comments and threatening her, for over an hour.

A passenger on board the train texted British Transport Police and he was arrested and charged.
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Police are appealing for help in finding a vulnerable woman who went missing from Walton earlier today

Officers are concerned for the welfare of 44 year old Mary Gwanyama.

She was last seen this morning by her sister, before Mary was due for a doctor’s appointment just after 10.

Mary is black, with a fuller figure and was last seen wearing a military style jacket with fur hood, and her black hair was pulled back.

Officers are concentrating their search in parks and undergrowth close to where she lives near Crossway, as they believe she may be taking cover.

Anyone who has seen Mary, or may have any information, is asked to call police on 101.
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Sutton mother Jennie Gray loses appeal against jail sentence

The mother of six-year old Ellie Butler, who was murdered by her father at their home in Sutton, has lost a bid to challenge her convictions for both child cruelty and perverting the course of justice.

Ben Butler was jailed for life after being convicted of murder in June 2016.

Ellie's mother, 38-year old Jennie Gray, was given a 42-month term.
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McLaren have revealed the car they hope will return them to the front of the grid

The Woking team has switched from Honda to a Renault engine and is predominantly orange, echoing McLaren's historic 1960s livery.

Executive director Zak Brown said success would be "racing and qualifying at the front, getting on the podium".

Image source: Mcclaren website

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Crystal Palace say the redevelopment of Selhurst Park will generate over £15m for local economy and create nearly 700 jobs

The club has released a report into the impact of the renovations.

They say many of the new matchday jobs will be in catering, but many others will be available too.

Around a quarter of all jobs at the club are done by residents from the borough Croydon, with £3.4m spent on local businesses annually.
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A decision has been reached for the future of Kempton Park Racecourse

Kempton Park Racecourse won’t be turned into housing.

The Jockey Club’s plans to demolish the historic site seem to be dead in the water.

The race course owners and Redrow homes proposed building up to 3,000 homes there to help plug a property shortfall in the area.

But after 13-months of silence Spelthorne council now says the venue, on the green belt, is not under consideration as a new housing site.
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A new amendment to the Brexit bill mandating the government to form a customs union with the EU is gaining cross-party support

The MPs for Streatham and Wimbledon are among six currently backing the move.

Streatham’s Chuka Umunna tweeted that he believes there is a majority in the House of Commons for it.
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There are calls for the Office for National Statistics to release new data on the disability employment gap

MP for Battersea Marsha De Cordova says that without that information, the government cannot be held to account.

On Wednesday, the ONS published its labour market statistics update, but the information was not included for the second successive quarter.

The office is currently investigating a data quality issue.
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Scientists in Teddington are developing a new method of testing Cancer treatments - full interview

Animal and human organs, known as 'phantoms', will be 3D printed, allowing scientists to ensure the effectiveness of new radiotherapy methods before testing on living subjects.

Rebecca Nutbrown from the National Physical Laboratory says the uncertainty in testing is currently around 20-50%.

However, this new method is likely to bring it closer to 5%.

The full interview with Radio Jackie's Luke Williams is below.

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Jockey Club's Kempton plans demolished

The Jockey Club’s plans to demolish historic Kempton Park for a massive property development seem to be dead in the water.

The race course owners and Redrow homes proposed the closure of the popular racecourse which hosts the iconic King George VI Chase on Boxing Day to build 3-thousand homes.

But after 13-months of silence Spelthorne council now say that the venue, in Surrey’s green belt, is not under consideration as a new housing site.
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First Women's Six Nations start for Richmond FC player

Defending champions England are in Glasgow to take on Scotland in the Women's Six Nations tonight.

Simon Middleton's side have two wins from two so far.

Harlequins Ladies Vickii Cornborough and Richmond FC’s Rowena Burnfield earn their first starts of the tournament.
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Thursday, 22 February 2018

Residents in Richmond are being encouraged to check their heart age and make changes to their lifestyle to keep their hearts healthy.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the borough, accounting for nearly 11% of deaths in Richmond upon Thames in 2016.

If you are a resident of the borough and are aged between 40-74, then you could be eligible for a free NHS Health Check.

The Public Health England page on the NHS website provides information about how to improve your heart health.
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A former Surrey Police Inspector has been found to have “a case to answer” in regards to sexually inappropriate conduct in the workplace.

52 year old former Inspector Andy Grand, was suspended immediately after the reports were made last May.

He would have been dismissed if he had still been in the role.

This is one of the first hearings to take place since national policy was changed in December.

The new rules mean misconduct hearings will still take place if an officer has left the force already.
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Newspapers are to vanish from Surrey’s libraries.

It’s part of a £100,000 library budget cut scheme by the County council.

The service currently costs the authority £60,000 a year and comes out of the same budget that is used to buy books.

The average cost of a newspaper is approximately £2 a day and councillors say the move could potentially save around £500 a year.

Libraries will however, accept donations of newspapers.
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A “private members’ club” in Stanwell Moor has been shut down.

Spelthorne Council says Kestrel Hydro continued operating in Horton Road, despite being told in 2013 that its uses were “inappropriate.”

The club’s final appeal was dismissed by the courts in 2016.

This led to the council obtaining an injunction and finally being able to close the site down.
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A football that was given as a present to an electrician for emergency repair work one Christmas Day, has gone on sale at auction.

The ball which was used in the 1953 cup final, between Blackpool and Bolton Wanderers at the old Wembley Stadium finally ended up in Sutton.

From there it was handed down to IT Consultant Chris Crook from Dorking who put it up for sale.

A bidding war then started before the hammer fell at £5250

The winning bidder wanted to remain anonymous but would be happy to loan the leather ball to football museums.
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Growth warning from Heathrow boss

Heathrow Airport's boss is warning European competitors, like Paris and Frankfurt, are expanding at a much faster rate than the UK.

Figures show a record 78 million people used Heathrow last year, up 3%, but anti expansion campaigners say the impact on pollution levels and the fact homes will need to be destroyed to make way for a third runway, mean it's untenable.

John Holland-Kaye claims it could hit imports and exports for British firms unless the London hub is allowed to build a third runway.

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It looks like Grime artist Stormzy could have city hall in his sights

Bookies William Hill are offering odds of 10/1 that the singer from Croydon will run for London Mayor in 2020, with odds of 33/1 to win

In his Brits performance last night, Stormzy, real name Michael Owuo Jr, took the Prime Minister to task about the response to the Grenfell Tower fire.

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23 people have been arrested in drugs raids in Hounslow and Hillingdon

More than 300 officers carried out warrants at addresses last night and in the early hours.

Quantities of Class A drugs, Class B drugs and cash were seized.

Those arrested, 22 men and one woman, aged between 19 and 44, remain in custody.
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Police issue fresh photos in hunt for missing teen

16 year old Aleksandra Zurawska was last seen at around 7pm on Christmas Day in South Yorkshire.

It is thought she travelled to Sutton.

She is a white female, around 5ft tall and of medium build, with brown hair.
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Putney High Street is to be radically transformed

Wandsworth Council has agreed to the first phase of an improvement scheme costing £640,000.

Under the plans, key buildings will be up-lit, a “city tree” will be installed to help trap pollution, and guard rails will be removed.

Part of the High Street will also be turned into a 20 mph zone.

Councillors say the move will make the route less congested and more cycle friendly.

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Sadiq Khan has apparently applied the brakes to driverless trains

The first ones were due to enter service on the Piccadilly Line, serving the likes of Heathrow and Hounslow in 2022.

They were authorised by former London Mayor Boris Johnson in 2014, but it’s thought the new Labour Mayor doesn’t like them.

At the time the RMT union said it was 'deeply concerned' about the move.
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Stormzy has been praised for asking Theresa May "where's the money for Grenfell?" at his live performance at the Brit Awards

In a freestyle rap, he said: "Theresa May where's the money for Grenfell? What you thought we just forgot about Grenfell?

It was an eventful night for the Croydon grime artist, who won both the British male solo artist and British album of the year awards.

He fell to the ground in shock while in the audience as he was announced the winner for his debut record Gang Signs And Prayer.
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Have you seen David Berry? He's missing from Feltham

An extremely vulnerable man is missing from Feltham.

David Berry lives in Twickenham but has links to Hertfordshire.

He is in his thirties but has the mental age of an 11 year old.

David hasn’t been seen since 4pm yesterday and police say he is fascinated by public transport.

You can find a photo of him on our Jackie News Twitter feed.

Anyone with any information should contact 101.
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Do you recognise this man? Police believe he defrauded an elderly man in Carshalton

The investigation continues into finding the man responsible for defrauding a vulnerable 96 year old man in Carshalton.

In January the pensioner received a call at his home near Carshalton Park from a person pretending to be from his bank.

During the call, the victim gave his personal details and PIN, later that day the suspect arrived and collected the cards.

In total the suspect withdrew over £2000 from the victims account at a bank in Wallington.
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A cyclist from Croydon is suing TFL

A cyclist from Croydon is suing Transport for London for more than £300,000.

The pensioner claims he was left with severe brain damage after a pothole caused him to lose control of his bike and collide with a car.

The incident took place on the A23 in Coulsdon in 2016.

Despite wearing a helmet, the man in his sixties suffered a severe brain injury.

He also broke his back, collarbone and several ribs and spent six months in hospital

The man is suing TfL for damages, claiming it was negligent in failing to properly maintain the bus lane.
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Woking gang jailed for stealing bank details

A gang who stole customers' bank details whilst working at Vodafone stores across Surrey have been jailed.

Two of the five men would screen grab victim's personal data when processing an upgrade, before submitting a credit check.

They then passed it on to Woking-based Kamran Hussain and two brothers, Zain and Faheem Ali Khan.

The three men drained victim's bank accounts and took out credit and contracts in the victim's name.

In total the fraudsters were sentenced to over 13 years in prison, with one still waiting to be sentenced.
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Volunteers are needed for a new Barnardo’s store in Hounslow’s Blenheim centre.

The UK’s largest children’s charity its launching its third store in the borough alongside its branches at Chiswick and Bedfont.

People are welcome to give as little as 2 hours per week and be part of the retail volunteers team.

Mayor of Hounslow, Sue Sampson, is expected to cut the ribbon at 10.30 this morning.

All profits will help to support the charity’s work with vulnerable children and young people across the UK.

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Putney MP urges vote over Heathrow to be postponed

Former Transport Secretary Justine Greening has warned a vote over a third runway at Heathrow this summer would be undemocratic.

The MP for Putney says MP’s will not know how people in the communities will be affected by extra flights.

Justine Greening has written to the current transport secretary Chris Grayling to try and postpone the vote until 2019.
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Council drubbing for Theresa May

A new poll indicates that Theresa May could be heading for huge defeat in this Mays council elections.

According to a YouGov Survey the Conservatives trail Labour by 28% to 54% across the London borough’s.

The biggest blow for the Tories would be Wandsworth, which would fall from their control if there were even a small swing across inner London.

It’s understood Brexit is a major contributor factor generally with housing, council tax and health being factors in areas like Kingston and Richmond.
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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Stormzy has been given the best album prize at the Brit Awards, for his debut record

The grime artist from Croydon also beat Ed Sheeran, Liam Gallagher and others to be named best British male at the ceremony in London.

Dua Lipa, who had the most nominations, equalled him with two gongs - breakthrough artist and british female, while Ed Sheeran was given the global success award.
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A Polish man charged with kidnapping a British model from Croydon for ransom has claimed she agreed to it - in an attempt to boost her career

Lukasz Herba's accused of drugging Chloe Ayling after luring her to a fake photoshoot in Milan last summer - and holding her for six days.

The 30-year-old says it was the second time they'd tried it.

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Croydon grime artist Stormzy has beaten Ed Sheeran to be named best British male at tonight's Brit Awards

The British female prize went to Dua Lipa who's up for the most gongs.

Accepting it she said "Here's to more women on these stages, more women winning awards and more women taking over the world."
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An inquest has heard that a man found dead at a hotel in Surbiton committed suicide

35-year-old Steven Hind was found by police at Hotel Bosco last October after failing to turn up to work.

A note was found by his body which said he “could not go on”.

The inquest also heard that in the month before his death he had been looking into getting counselling with the charity Relate.
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A woman wanted by Wandsworth police has commented on her own wanted photo

She posted saying the police should have used a better photo.

Kellie Beasley is wanted on suspicion of nine different offences, including theft of an 86-year-old woman’s handbag.

Police pointed if she wanted a new photo taken she would have to come into the police station.

Beasley promised she would clear her name and sue Wandsworth Police.

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A Kingston-based police officer has been found not guilty of gross misconduct after being accused of taking a colleague's tin of biscuits

PC Thomas Hooper was also alleged to have applied to cancel a speeding penalty notice against him - and giving false accounts of both incidents.

But a panel has ruled he had no case to answer and will now return to full duties.

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It’s 6th v 5th in the Championship tonight as Fulham continue their push for promotion with a trip to Bristol City

City’s Cauley Woodrow is unable to face his parent club and Marlon Pack begins a two game suspension for the Robins.

Fulham will be checking out captain Tom Cairney’s knee this evening to see if he can play any part.

Boss Slavisa Jokanovic has no other injury worries though, as his side look to extend their 10-match unbeaten run in the Championship.
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A public meeting will be held tonight to discuss Kingston Hospital’s decision to charge for disabled Blue Badge parking

The charges came into effect last month with an estimated additional revenue of around £250,000 a year.

However, St George’s, Croydon and Epsom and St Helier hospitals all currently have free Blue Badge parking.

Tonight’s meeting will be held at the Guildhall at 7.30.
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Two men have been charged in connection with a knifepoint robbery in Guildford in January

20 year old Mongi Khathi from Leatherhead and 19 year old Mohamad Basatinh from Guildford are charged with robbery and intimidating a witness.

The pair appeared at Staines Magistrate’s Court and will reappear in court next month.
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Man guilty of string of Surrey burglaries

A man has been found guilty of five linked burglaries in Surrey in the summer of 2017.

27- year- old Robert Kane, has been sentenced to 5 years in prison as he appeared at Guildford Crown Court.

The burglaries were in the Oxshott, Dorking and Betchworth areas of Surrey.

He was identified as a suspect after his DNA was found at one of the attacked properties.

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Travellers moved on in Hounslow after less than 24 hours

A group of travellers who trespassed in Hounslow land were removed less than 24 hours after they moved onto the premises.

Around 25 vehicles took over land at Hanworth Air Park Leisure Centre after the height restriction barrier was raised.

The Council’s enforcement officers served notice to leave the same day they arrived on the 15th February.

The police also served a section 61 notice, which gives them powers to remove trespassers, the next day.

The travellers left the site without the need for any formal legal action.

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Ham Villiage Green is going to become 'friendly for all'

Ham Village Green is the latest outside space in Richmond to join the ‘Friendly Parks for All’ programme.

The Council has been looking at how it can encourage everyone, including Dementia sufferers, to enjoy their parks.

So far, work has been carried out to transform a number of open spaces into dementia friendly areas.

The work includes installing new benches, walkways, way markers, and a sensory trail in some cases.

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The controversial Cocks Crescent development in New Malden has been given the go ahead

Residents have been fighting the plans to replace the multi storey car park with a new 10 storey tower for 2 years.

There were 65 letters of objection at last night’s planning approval meeting, just 3 of support and 69 “pro formas”

The council had argued that the existing 1970s building was “unfit for purpose” with a lot of unused land.

The new building will include a gymnasium and parking and 91 homes, 31 % of which will be “truly affordable.”

But those living nearby are questioning whether the infrastructure can cope.
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A teenager who was the 11th person to be stabbed to death in London this year has been identified by police

Lewis Blackman was discovered in Kensington with stab injuries on the 18th of February.

He died at the scene.

Police were on patrol in the area after reports of a large number of vehicles in Logan Place due to a nearby party.

A 19 year old who was arrested in connection with the incident has been released under investigation.

Detectives investigating the murder are still appealing for information.
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Can you think of somewhere in Richmond you would like to see more trees?

The people of Richmond are being asked to nominate places across the borough where more trees could be planted.

The council has been awarded a cash grant by the Mayor of London’s Greener City Fund.

Sadiq Khan wants to see greater emphasis on planting native trees which support London’s wildlife and contribute to biodiversity.

Nominations are now open via the council’s website.
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The Supreme Court is to rule on whether the Met Police failed two victims of black cab rapist John Worboys

The case rests on whether the force failing to properly investigate the women's allegations amounted to inhuman and degrading treatment.

They failed to believe the women's reports of assaults in 2003 and 2007.

Worboys was convicted in 2009 following the attacks which took place when he worked in Chelsea and the West End.

He was jailed for life for more than 100 rapes and sexual assaults
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A Twickenham based charity is getting a revamp

Off the Record provides counselling and a sexual health clinic staffed for young people aged between 11 and 24 years.

It helps around 1,000 youngsters a year. .

It has received £5,000 towards the refurbishment of its premises, new carpets, furniture, moveable fittings and fire alarms.

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Do you recognise this man? Police believe he assaulted a woman on a bus headed towards Morden

An appeal has been launched to find information regarding a sexual assault on a bus travelling towards Morden.

The 21 year old woman was assaulted on a N155 bus at around 4am on the 17th of November 2017.

The suspect boarded the bus between central London and Lambeth and sat next to the woman.

He then sexually assaulted her, before getting off the bus on Balham New Road in Wandsworth.

You can find CCTV images of the suspect on our Jackie News Twitter feed.

Anyone with any information should contact 101.
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A man from Wandsworth faces a long sentence after admitting to stabbing a man last year

Mohammed Abubaker, who lives on Ludovick Walk, pleaded guilty to wounding with intent after the incident in Guildford last July.

A man was hospitalised with multiple stab wounds but has since made a full recovery.

Abubaker will be sentenced on the 12th of April and was warned by the judge to expect a long stint behind bars.
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A new tower to be built in New Malden has been approved by Kingston Council this evening

The 10 storey building in Blagdon Road / Cox Crescent was voted for by councillors at a meeting.

A decision on a new 8 storey tower next to the train station has been deferred until next month.
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Sutton Council have spoken out after widespread reports following unauthorised work on a tree

The plant in question was placed under a Tree Preservation Order in 1980 but required recent work due to overgrowth.

But when Sutton resident Mr Nicoletta viewed the completed work, he noticed that plenty of its branches had been removed.

This exceeded the consent given and the tree surgeon has since received fines accumulating to over £2,000.
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Tuesday, 20 February 2018

The Elmbridge Business Grant Scheme has handed out its 50th payment.

The money went to an estate agents’ in Walton to renovate their shop front.

To date, the scheme has provided over £1.1m to businesses across Elmbridge.
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Over £15 million is to be spent on expanding schools across Wandsworth to help solve the places shortage.

Extra classrooms will be added at some of the borough’s primary, secondary and special schools.

These include St Cecilia’s in Southfields and Chestnut Grove Academy in Balham.

The proposals, approved by councillors, now need to get formal planning permission.
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KFC says it expects disruption to continue the rest of the week after a problem with chicken deliveries.

More than 500 of its UK outlets are still closed today because of it.

The company says staff are working 'flat out' to get restaurants operating again.

There’s some joy for South West London’s customers though.

The branches in Southside shopping centre in Wandsworth, Thornton Road in Croydon and Chiswick High Road are open.
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There are only 5 people left out of 30 on a training course at Wandsworth Prison.

The scheme to recruit more staff was launched 3 years ago.

The Prison Officers’ Association says it is concerned with retaining staff after hundreds quit nationwide last year.

A government recruitment drive across the Capital has seen only 22 extra prison officers employed since 2016.

The Ministry of Justice claims it has a strategy to keep experienced staff in the job.
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A man has been interviewed by police in connection with a sexual assault on a girl in Sunbury.

The teenager was travelling on the 235 bus from Hounslow station to Sunbury when she was attacked in October.

She managed to leave the bus at the Kings Road Avenue stop in Vicarage Road and raise the alarm.

The man was interviewed yesterday and enquiries remain on-going.
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Richmond Park’s MP Zac Goldsmith and Putney’s MP Justine Greening are to hold a joint meeting on Heathrow expansion plans

They claim there is still little information about possible future flight paths and a reduction in time when planes will not fly overhead.

Heathrow wants to bring forward the start of operating hours to 5.30am and reduce the non flight times to 4 or 5 hours.

A consultation is currently taking place on the proposals

The meeting will take place on March 1st.
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The number of people cycling to and from Richmond station is expected to triple over the next few years

With that in mind, commuters who use the station are being urged to make their voices heard over plans for a new cycle “super hub.”

There are currently 220 “basic” cycle spaces in the station car park.

But funding to the tune of £3 million has been secured by the council to build a shelter that would house 1,000 bikes along with security.

A consultation has now been launched.
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A decision will be made tonight on controversial plans to build another tower block in New Malden high street

Under the plans, all shops from the station to Wok Express would be demolished.

The seven storey tower would comprise 81 flats and two houses.

However, residents say it’s a “massive over development” next to the two existing tower blocks that are already there.
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The trial’s continuing today of a man from Walton accused of causing death by careless driving

39 year old Matthew Cobden allegedly killed 13 year old Alexander Worth when his sports car crashed in Hampshire in August 2016.

The court heard neither of them were wearing seatbelts; the car became airborne before crashing into a fence.

Mr Cobden denies the charge against him and the trial continues.
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Chelsea boss losing sleep ahead of tonight's game

Chelsea boss Antonio Conte admits he's not been sleeping well getting ready for tonight's Champions League last-16 first leg with Barcelona

He's been trying to figure out a way to stop Lionel Messi and his team-mates, who've only lost once since Augus
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The Stop Heathrow Expansion campaign group is to host two public meetings for people most affected by plans for a third runway

The meetings are aimed at residents from areas including Longford and Sipson, which will be demolished if the proposals go ahead.

Hillingdon Council Leader Ray Puddifoot will be the guest speaker at the first meeting in Harmodsworth a week on Wednesday.

MP for Hayes and Harlington, John McDonnell, will be the guest speaker at the second meeting on Friday, the 2nd of March.
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South Western Railway commuters faced huge delays this morning after a number of mishaps on the Waterloo to Wimbledon line

A faulty train, a passenger alarm going off at Earlsfield and a guard who became ill at Waterloo resulted in the lengthy delays.

The service is already recovering from a weekend of strike action.
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A man from Feltham who caused more than £14,000 worth of disruption to train lines has avoided jail

36 year old Craig Wright drunkenly dangled his feet over the edge of the platform at Ashford station last May.

He then jumped onto the tracks, forcing the driver to apply the emergency brakes.

Wright was sentenced to a community order and ordered to pay £250 in court costs.
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A WW2 veteran celebrated his 100th birthday in Surbiton at the weekend

Douglas Jakeman marked the milestone with a party surrounded by family, friends and fellow residents

During the war Douglas was a qualified mortar gunner and tank driver.

He was captured and taken prisoner in 1943 and held as a Prisoner of War at a camp in Poland until 1945.

He now lives with dementia at the Surbiton Home, which cares for disabled ex-service people and their partners.

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The investigation continues after an elderly woman was struck by a pellet in Chessington

A 74-year-old woman was found just after 7.30pm on the 10th of February on Hook Road by The North Star in Chessington.

She was found suffering from an arm injury.

At this stage, officers believe the injuries were caused by a large pellet that may have been fired from a catapult or similar device.

Officers would like to speak with anyone who witnessed the unprovoked attack.

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Fresh appeals are going out following a hit and run in Epsom at the weekend

Police were called to the High Street at around 1pm on Saturday after a woman in her 70s was hit by a silver Hyundai i10.

A man in his 30s from Leatherhead was later arrested for various driving offences in Fetcham at around 3pm.

Officers need access to dash-cam footage to help continue their investigation.
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An arrest has been made following an alleged assault at the scene of a traveller incursion in Walton

Travellers have reportedly moved onto a car park near the former Birds Eye building in Walton Court, Station Avenue.

Surrey Police say they received a call from a member of security staff who said he had been assaulted.

A 41-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the incident.

Police believe that it is the same group of travellers who were recently seen at Walton Leigh School.
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Suspended Sutton policeman spared prison

A drunken policeman from Sutton who groped six women in one night at a pub has walked free.

30 year old Michael Bouwers pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting six women at Kingston Crown Court.

The incident took place in December 2016 at the Grange Bar and Restaurant in Wallington.

Bouwers was spared jail and was sentenced to a 100 day community order and a 60 day rehabilitation activity requirement order.

He must also sign the sex offenders register for five years and is currently suspended from the Met.
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KFC praises its restaurant teams for working 'round the cluck'

KFC's praising its restaurant teams for 'working flat out' and 'round the cluck' to get outlets operating again after issues with chicken deliveries.

Around 300 of its 900 UK restaurants reopened yesterday - some offering a limited menu and shorter opening hours.

Sutton, Kingston and Feltham were among those restaurants affected.

The fast food chain blamed 'teething problems' with a new contract as it apologised to customers.

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A new community group has been set up to reduce litter around the Barnes Towpath

Richmond council has installed additional bins and donated litter picking sticks, gloves and bags to the Barnes Tidy Towpath Group.

During a recent three hour session, 11 volunteers gathered 14 bags of litter over the quarter mile stretch, much of which were microplastics
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World super-middleweight boxing champ George Groves says he beat Chris Eubank Junior because he isn't as good as people think he is

Groves retained his WBA title with a unanimous points win in Manchester at the weekend.

That’s despite dislocating his shoulder late in the fight.

The boxer from Hammersmith tells us Eubank's hype's been built up because his dad was a world champion.

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A man from Hayes who evaded tax to the tune of £300,000 has avoided jail

43 year old Harmit Singh attempted to smuggle over 2,000 kg of shisha from India through the Port of Felixstowe.

Investigators found his company, SS Importers (UK) Limited, had been selling and distributing the tobacco in the UK.

Singh was sentenced to two years in jail, suspended for two years.

He will have to do 240 hours of unpaid work, be tagged, follow a curfew order and pay £2,500 in costs.

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Chelsea boss Antonio Conte says they must be clinical if they're to take a lead into the second leg of their Champions League last-16 tie with Barcelona

The sides meet in the opening game at Stamford Bridge tonight.

Barca haven't lost in Spain's top-flight this season.

But Conte says Chelsea need to believe in themselves.

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How does Kingston fare for school exclusions?

Kingston has been named the best place in London for school exclusions, according to the office for national statistics.

Across state funded primary, secondary and special schools, Kingston had a permanent exclusion rate of just 1%.

Worst in the country was North East Lincolnshire, where nearly one in four pupils face permanent exclusion.
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Monday, 19 February 2018

It claims to be finger lickin’ good but some KFC customers might refute that tonight

Hundreds of branches of the restaurant have had to shut nationwide following a shortage of chicken over the weekend.

Almost all restaurants across South West London are closed, including Chiswick, Hounslow and Hammersmith.

But, there’s good news if you are really desperate for your chicken fix... King Street in Twickenham was open as of this afternoon.
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A cab driver has been convicted of attempting to meet a 14-year-old girl after grooming her

Spyros Ntounis picked up the girl from an address in Barnes last April and engaged in an inappropriate conversation with her.

He then gave his phone number in case she needed a cab in the future and later went on to message her on Whatsapp.

Becoming concerned about the interaction, the girl told her parents who informed the police.

The 35-year-old was found guilty at Kingston Crown Court following a three-day trial.
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Prisons in London have only seen an extra 22 officers since 2016 despite a recruitment campaign to employ more staff

Data shows nearly 2,000 prison officers left in 2017 with 487 of them being new recruits in their first year.

Figures also show that Wandsworth prison only gained a total of 21 new staff members.

Rachel Long, a prison officer, says she doesn’t think the problem is down to recruitment but that no-one stays once they see what the conditions are like.
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Fans of actress Sally Phillips are going to get the chance to question her at an event at Richmond Theatre

Best known for her work on Miranda and the Bridget Jones films, she’s signed up to the night in support of the Mayor’s Charities.

Sally was the writer behind the 2016 documentary ‘A World Without Down's Syndrome?’

She’s going to serve as compère for the event with Oscar winning writer, Nick Hornby, who is headlining, on March the 13th.

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We’re being reminded not to leave cooking unattended

It’s after a woman had to be rescued from a fire at her first floor flat in Chelsea yesterday morning.

Neighbours heard the fire alarm sounding at the property in Draycott Place and dialled 999.

The cause of the fire is believed to have been by cooking left unattended.
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The trial of a man accused of kidnapping a British model in Italy has been shown footage of the alleged victim revisiting the scenes of crime

In the video, Chloe Ayling from Croydon takes investigators to the studio where she was apparently drugged.

She also points out a bed she says she shared with abductor Lukasz Herba.

He denies the charges, and his lawyer says he'll testify the kidnapping was a ploy to give the 20 year-old's career a boost.

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Former England women's captain Casey Stoney is retiring from football

After nearly 20 years and five clubs, including Arsenal and Chelsea, the 35-year-old's hanging up her boots.

She'll join Phil Neville's backroom staff with the national side.

The defender's earned 130 caps and a 2015 World Cup bronze medal.

She also skippered Team GB at the 2012 Olympics.

Stoney plays for current team Liverpool for the final time on Wednesday.
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A court’s heard a man from Walton lost control of his sports car, causing it to crash and kill a 13 year old boy

39 year old Matthew Cobden is accused of death by dangerous driving following the incident in Hampshire in August 2016.

The court heard neither he, nor victim Alexander Worth, were wearing seatbelts; the car became airborne before crashing into a fence.

Mr Cobden denies the charge against him and the trial continues.
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Nearly 300 staff have lost their jobs at meat supplier Russell Hume after it collapsed into administration

Production was halted and products were recalled in January after a hygiene investigation.

Jamie’s Italian in Kingston was one of the restaurants which axed the supplier after news broke.
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A Merton based police officer can return to work after a misconduct hearing found in his favour

It was alleged that PC James Nattrass had pushed a person and lifted them off their feet causing them to fall to the ground.

But a mis-conduct panel which analysed CCTV footage from the incident in December 2014 found the accusations to be non proven.

Nattrass was put on restricted duties during the investigation, but can now resume his full role.
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England rugby union forwards coach Steve Borthwick says Owen Farrell's fit and available for Saturday's Six Nations game against Scotland

The inside centre didn't take part in an open training session at Twickenham on Friday because of injury, with second-row Joe Launchbury also missing.

Borthwick tells us, both players are absolutely fine.

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A man’s been left with serious injuries after he was attacked in Englefield Green

The assault happened just before 6am on Saturday.

Police were called to Harvest Road following reports of a large fight.

Officers are appealing for witnesses to come forward.
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The next phase of Go Cycle works started Kingston this morning.

The central reservation in Wheatfield Way in the one way system is to be removed.

There will be off peak lane closures in place between now and March the 12th.

The cycle network was given the go ahead by former London Mayor Boris Johnson after he approved £30 million funding for it.
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A Kingston based police officer has appeared at a disciplinary hearing, accused of taking a tin of biscuits belonging to a colleague

Thomas Hooper allegedly took the tin from a storage cupboard in May 2016 and then gave a false account about it.

The tribunal has been told it’s not “just a matter of taking a tin of biscuits” but a breach of professional standards.

Pc Hooper is also accused of applying to cancel a fixed penalty notice.

He denies two allegations of breaching standards of professional behaviour.
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There are calls for a nationwide fund to pay child funeral expenses for low-income parents

It’s backed by the MP for Carshalton and Wallington Tom Brake.

He’s among 150 MPs calling for the introduction of the scheme after it was introduced in Wales last year.

Around 5,000 children die in the UK each year.
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The longest serving professional footballer at Fulham FC has agreed to a contract extending to summer 2019

Magnus Norman joined in June 2006 when he was just nine years old.

Magnus competes for the under 23 team, but was recently on the first-team bench for the FA cup game against Southampton.
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A married couple from Croydon have been killed in a car accident in New Zealand

Malcolm and Margaret Brierley, both aged 65, were visiting family when their car was hit by a truck at a stop sign.

Reports in the country say that that particular junction is one of the "most dangerous" in the region.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 12:07 pm  

People living in Battersea are being asked for their views on a set of proposals designed to revamp the high street

The council’s launched a public consultation on plans to improve the area between the junctions of Battersea Park Road and Simpson Street

Under the plans, the high street would remain essentially vehicle free but with better paving, less street furniture and a dozen new trees.

The consultation closes on the 28th.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 12:00 pm  

People in Wandsworth are being urged to have their say on the future of the Common

The council has launched a consultation on its new Management and Maintenance Plan.

The document sets out how the common should be cared for and managed in the future.

The common land includes woods, lakes, playgrounds, and sports facilities including grass sports pitches

The consultation closes on March the 16th.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 11:19 am  

A decision has been reached for a policeman from Merton accused of using unreasonable force

A Merton policeman has been found not proven of using unreasonable levels of force.

It was alleged that PC James Nattrass had pushed a person to the extent that they were lifted off their feet in December 2014.

A misconduct panel analysed CCTV footage but found the accusations were not proven.

Nattrass was put on restrictions during the investigation, but will now resume full duties.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 11:09 am  

A midwife from Croydon who specialises in vulnerable and marginalised women has been named Midwife of the Year

Memuna Sowe was given the award by the British Journal of Midwifery Practice, and was named Croydon Midwife of the year in 2016.

Almost 4,000 babies are delivered every year by the Croydon maternity team.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 9:00 am  

Kingston Council have reached a decision on whether a pub will be turned into student accomodation

A derelict pub in New Malden will not be turned into student accommodation.

Kingston Council turned down the request to renovate the Prince of Wales Pub in Kingston Road by company Yara Students.

The news has come as a relief to many residents who say any free land should be turned into affordable homes.

It’s a sentiment MP Ed Davey agrees with.

posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 8:06 am  

A meeting has been called to discuss blue badge parking in Kingston

The Kingston Independent Residents' Group has called a meeting of the Health Scrutiny Panel Wednesday to discuss blue badge parking.

It was requisitioned after a cross-party letter sent by Councillor Mary Clark, aiming to keep parking free at hospitals for blue badge holders.

The meeting will take place at Guildhall at 7.30pm Wednesday, and a demonstration will be held beforehand on the steps.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 7:16 am  

Crystal Palace still in talks to sign new keeper

Crystal Palace are still in talks to sign Brazilian goalkeeper Diego Cavalieri.

The Eagles are keen to sign the 35-year-old free agent as back-up for Wayne Hennessey as Julian Speroni faces two months on the side-lines with a knee injury.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 4:44 am  

Hounslow to support Gunnersbury Regeneration Project

The University of West London is joining forces with Hounslow and Ealing councils to create the Gunnersbury Park sports hub.

The plans for sports and leisure facilities are part of the wider Gunnersbury Regeneration Project and it’s expected to be ready in time for the 100th anniversary of the public park in 2026.

The hub will boast a multi-use sports centre and gym, floodlit artificial grass pitches and new tennis courts.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 4:09 am  

Sunday, 18 February 2018

The former education secretary has suggested new university tuition fees plans could hurt disadvantaged students

Putney MP Justine Greening has said that making arts and social science courses cheaper could mean poorer students select them rather than their preferred subject.

Current education secretary Damian Hinds proposed the move due to the higher running costs and employability of science and engineering courses.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 9:36 pm  

A charity beer festival is returning to Reigate

The Reigate beer festival is returning to Tunnel Road in May where every penny from every pint will be going to charity.

The Rotary Club of Redhill Redstone who organised the first event in 2016 hope to continue building on the festival’s success.

It will be taking place from midday until 10.30pm on the 18th and 19th of May.

The latter day coincides with the Royal wedding and the FA Cup Final – but organisers hope it will only add to the celebratory mood.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 8:18 pm  

The Camellia Show is returning to Chiswick House and Gardens

The Camellia Show is returning to Chiswick House and Gardens for viewing this year.

The popular annual floral show will be back this Thursday from 12.30pm until Sunday 25th March as it brings 33 varieties.

The historic collection of brightly-coloured blooms will be on display at the Grade-I listed conservatory in Burlington Lane.

Plant “The Middlemist’s red” was originally brought from China in 1804 by Londoner John Middlemist, from Shepherd's Bush.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 5:19 pm  

700 trees are being planted on Croydon’s streets in a bid to improve air quality

700 trees are being planted on Croydon’s streets in a bid to improve air quality.

Priority is being given to areas where pollution is at its worst.

The first three new trees were planted this week in Norwich Road in Thornton Heath.

Around another 250 will be planted in the coming months.

Trees work by trapping toxins on the surfaces of their leaves.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 4:14 pm  

Man becomes the 11th person to be stabbed to death in London so far this year

A teenager has been become the 11th person to be stabbed to death in London so far this year.

Police were on patrol in Kensington this morning after reports of a large number of vehicles in Logan Place, due to a nearby party.

The victim, believed to be 19, was discovered by officers with stab injuries at around 03.20am.

He was pronounced dead at the scene shortly afterwards.

A 19-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the incident.

Anyone with information should contact police on 101.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 2:14 pm  

Rapid progress being made on the first new council houses in Sutton for nearly 30 years

Rapid progress is being made on the first new council houses in Sutton for nearly 30 years.

The programme will see 93 new homes on three sites across Sutton and its surrounding areas.

Councillors have spoken of their delight of the pace houses are being erected, with the first site expected to be complete later this year.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 1:22 pm  

Over 2,000 people sign petition calling on Kingston’s Council leader to resign

Over 2,000 people have now signed a petition calling on Kingston’s Council leader to resign.

It was launched after Conservative Kevin Davis labelled a 17 year old resident “vile” and “appalling” on social media.

Student James Giles had asked Mr Davis if his son’s links to developer CNM estates was a conflict of interest.

His son Cameron is working for the company, which is developing the likes of Tolworth Tower and the Gala Bingo Hall.

James claims he has had no apology from the council leader.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 1:20 pm  

Richmond council’s ploughing ahead with the development of 39 flats, retail and office space in the centre of Twickenham.

But Twickenham Riverside Park Team claims that just under £7 million spent on adding to the land is to be written off.

It also says over £2 million has already been spent in preparation costs.

The group also claims housing consultants Knight Frank has estimated a further shortfall of around £6 million if the scheme goes ahead.

The group has now submitted its concerns to the Planning Inspectorate of the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 11:07 am  

Wandsworth Council has announced plans to spend an extra £1 million next year to support elderly, disabled and vulnerable residents.

It comes ahead of a recommendation that will go before councillors to determine council tax levels for the year ahead.

Bills are set to be increased by 2% to increase the funding for social care.

It will still leave Wandsworth’s average council tax bill as the lowest in the country.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 9:18 am  

The new look Orleans House Gallery will open in Twickenham in just over a week’s time

The 300 year old building has been undergoing a 17 month long transformation at a cost of £3.7 million.

It’s had a varied and distinguished history since it was commissioned in 1710 by James Johnston, joint Secretary of State for Scotland.

It reopens on March the 1st.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 8:08 am  

Suttons’ residents are rallying to save the town’s police station

Over 1,000 people have signed a petition to stop its closure.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan is ploughing ahead with his plans to close a number of stations across the capital in a bid to save millions.

He’s blaming the Government’s funding cuts for the move.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 5:24 am  

The MP for Hayes and Harlington has been accused of colluding with Czechoslovak spies

The Sunday Telegraph published an account by Jan Sarkocy, a former Czechoslovak spy, who alleges 15 Labour MPs were “great sources”.

John McDonnell firmly denies the claims, calling them “ridiculous and false allegations” and “ludicrous Tory lies”.

Others accused are current Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 12:30 am  

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