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Saturday, 28 March 2020

Surrey County Council has set up a community helpline to direct residents to services that can help them during the coronavirus outbreak.

They can help vulnerable people who need shopping, prescriptions to be collected or someone to talk to by showing them where to get services that can help.

The helpline can be contacted on 0300 200 1008 or through the Council’s website.

Volunteers can also sign up online to provide support in their area.
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Police in Clapham have warned that they will be patrolling an outdoor play area on the common.

They will be periodically checking a play area on Clapham Common northside.

They have warned that they will issue on the spot fines to anyone found using this area which is designated as OUT OF BOUNDS.
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An emergency supply of masks and aprons has been delivered to Wandsworth council to support social care staff

Yesterday afternoon, the British Army delivered supplies to enable staff to continue their work safely.

The supplies are now being distributed to care homes and other key workers.

Leader of Wandsworth Council Cllr Ravi Govindia said:
"Social workers provide a lifeline for so many of our vulnerable residents – enabling many people to stay independent in their own homes. It is imperative that they stay healthy."
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A surgeon working at West Middlesex University Hospital in Isleworth has become the first NHS surgeon to die from Covid-19

Organ transplant consultant, Dr Adil El Tayar, had been self-isolating after developing symptoms around mid-March.

The 63-year-old was admitted to West Middlesex University Hospital on 20th March and died five days later.

Dr. El Tayar worked in various hospitals around the world including in Saudi Arabia, Sudan as well as at two of London's biggest hospitals - St Mary's and St George's.
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Cyclists have been temporarily banned from Richmond Park unless they work for the NHS

That’s the latest from The Royal Parks as they try to ensure the public follow social distancing guidelines.

From today, only NHS employees can cycle through the park if they show their staff pass.

Cycling is still permitted in other Royal Parks where the situation is being closely monitored.

The Royal Parks is asking visitors to remain at least two metres apart from each other.
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A catering firm from Epsom is raising money so they can deliver meals to NHS staff working at Epsom Hospital.

Danielle Webber runs Picky Bits and set out to raise £1000. The goal was broken within hours and the appeal has now reached £2600.

The Meals to Wards appeal launched on Monday.

Danielle broke off from cooking today to tell us how she hopes these meals will help

To go to the Go Fund Me page, click on the link below:
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A major fundraising appeal has been launched to help some 9,000 doctors, nurses and other front line staff at St George’s in Tooting.

The St George’s Coronavirus Appeal has already raised more than £20,000 but is looking to raise thousands more.

It’s urging the public to donate what it can to see frontline staff through the pandemic.

St George’s serves a population of around 3.5million across south-west London, Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire and beyond.

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Retired social workers in Richmond are being urged to return to work

The Council is making provisions to offer 7-day-week services, from 8am-8pm, to cope with anticipated increased demand.

It says extra help from those who have recently retired will make a big difference in fighting the Coronavirus pandemic.

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The capacity to test NHS staff for coronavirus is on the increase.

A drive-thru Covid testing centre for is being set up at Chessington World of Adventures.

This forms part of the announcement that the government is attempting to boost numbers in the frontline.

If tested negative, hospital staff will be able to return to work amidst record staff absences currently estimated at up to 50%
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Kingston police joined estimated millions of others in the #clapforNHS on Thursday night.

Dozens of officers stood outside Kingston Hospital and stood apart whilst joining in the 8pm round of applause.

Their assorted vehicles flashed their blue lights in a gesture of solidarity towards NHS staff.

Kingston hospital posted their thanks on Twitter to what they described as “an awesome gesture”.
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A major fundraising appeal has been launched to help some 9,000 doctors, nurses and other front line staff at St George’s in Tooting.

The St George’s Coronavirus Appeal has already raised more than £20,000 but is looking to raise thousands more.

It’s urging the public to donate what it can to see frontline staff through the pandemic.

St George’s serves a population of around 3.5million across south-west London, Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire and beyond.

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From next week, Croydon council will be delivering food parcels to hundreds of their most vulnerable residents.

The packages will include non-chilled food including tinned items, store cupboards packets and other non-perishable food.

They intend to add fresh produce in coming weeks and to meet special dietary or religious requirements.

A million and a half people nationwide who are at greatest risk have received letters advising them to stay at home and contact their Council if they need help.

If you are in this priority group, you can get help by calling your Council and give them the reference number on your NHS letter.
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Kingston Council have started to distribute emergency personal protective clothing today that they say will reach various outlets within the borough.

Over a hundred vulnerable residents, staff and community organisations are said to benefit from the items distributed, as part of the Government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Playgrounds and outdoor gyms remain closed at present and the council is urging people to stay at least two metres away from each other when outside.
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The Metropolitan Police Service are calling on retired officers to consider returning to serve London once more, as well as asking those nearing retirement to stay on.

The Commissioner, Cressida Dick, has written to all former Met officers who retired within the last five years, to ask them to re-join either in a paid or voluntary capacity.

It’s after the Home Office confirmed they intend to make changes to the tax and pension arrangements, so that more officers are likely to respond to this call.
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The last thing you would expect to see from a professional rugby team is practicing the art of mindfulness, but the Harlequins are doing just that.

With routines out of sync the Club is utilising mindfulness during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Players are keeping themselves at home and are using social media to keep themselves active with the latest programs, designed by the club’s athletes and coaches.

They’re also aiming to deliver online support with mental health and wellbeing.

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Surrey County Council has set up a community helpline to direct residents to services that can help them during the coronavirus outbreak.

They can help vulnerable people who need shopping, prescriptions to be collected or someone to talk to by showing them where to get services that can help.

The helpline can be contacted on 0300 200 1008 or through the Council’s website.

Volunteers can also sign up online to provide support in their area.

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A catering firm in Epsom is raising money so they can deliver free meals to NHS staff working at Epsom General Hospital.

Danielle Webber runs Picky Bits and initially set out to raise £1,000. This goal was broken within the first afternoon and the appeal had reached £2,000 within the following 8 hours.

The Meals to Wards campaign goes live on Monday. You can donate via the following link:

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Friday, 27 March 2020

Sir Elton John is urging people to support independent record shops by continuing to buy from them online through the coronavirus pandemic.

He told his followers on social media that they’re the life of music.

Kevin from Eel Pie Records in Twickenham says independent record stores function as community hubs.

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The army has arrived in Richmond.

An emergency supply of masks and aprons were delivered to the council by personnel earlier.

Social care workers in the borough have expressed concern about a lack of personal protective equipment.

Limited supplies have been dropped off to enable staff to continue their work in care homes safely.
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Public parking for NHS workers in Spelthorne is free with immediate effect

Payment in borough car parks and will be suspended for them until the end of April.

The council says its in recognition of their hard work and sacrifice.

Any NHS worker who wants to take advantage of the offer needs to check the council’s website.
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A woman has died after a two-vehicle collision in Egham this morning

Officers were called to Windsor Road just after 10:30am.

The vehicles involved were a silver Volkswagen Passat and a black Nissan Qashqai.

The driver of the VW was pronounced dead at the scene while the other driver was taken to hospital by air ambulance.
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See a baby wild animal? Do not touch! This is the message from Surrey’s busiest wildlife hospital as it struggles to cope during the corona virus crisis.

The Wildlife Aid Foundation, based in Leatherhead, is asking anyone who encounters young wild animals which appear to be abandoned to call them first, and not to take the animals home.

The centre issued the advice after receiving reports that some people have been trying to care for wildlife they find in parks, gardens and countryside at home.

Spring is the busiest time for wildlife rescue centres which fill with injured and abandoned young at this time of year.

Wildlife Aid Foundation has already had to shut its doors to new fox cub admissions as, with 26 new patients and a vastly reduced volunteer workforce due to the lockdown, it does not have the manpower to look after any more.

To help it cope during the corona virus crisis, when resources and manpower are increasingly stretched, WAF wildlife experts are urging anyone who encounters a young wild animal to leave it if it is not in danger or does not appear visibly distressed.

Instead they ask that people observe the animal and call for advice.

Charity CEO Simon Cowell said: “In many cases the parents will be nearby looking after the baby and will return when humans go. At this time of year, young are beginning to leave nests and burrows and people frequently encounter them and assume they have become lost or abandoned.

“Unless the animal is in imminent danger please do not interfere until you have spoken to a wildlife centre. Often the nest or burrow can be found and the animal can be returned to its family without being taken anywhere. At present we are running on very limited resources and the more animals we can keep in the wild the better.

“I heard reports this week of a family that had found a baby rabbit and taken it home where they were feeding it milk. People do this type of thing with the best intentions, but it really is wrong to take a wild animal into a home. Wildlife needs specialist care and needs to be kept apart from humans as much as possible to give it the best chance of survival back in the wild. Wild animals are not pets.”

If you find a wild animal and need advice call the Wildlife Aid Foundation on 09061 800132.

Calls cost 50p a minute and profits go to help the charity.
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A message from the Leader of Kingston Council Caroline Kerr

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The Prime Minister and health secretary are both in self-isolation after testing positive for the coronavirus.

They say their symptoms are mild and they'll continue to do their jobs from home.

Esher and Walton MP, Dominic Raab, will step in to the PM's shoes should he become so unwell he cannot carry on.

They've been working alongside England's chief medical officer in leading the UK's response to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Chris Whitty says he's also self-isolating for the next seven days, after experiencing symptoms.
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Cycling will be suspended in Richmond Park from tomorrow

Cycling will be suspended in Richmond Park from tomorrow.

Police and stewards will be posted at park gates and NHS staff can still ride through if they show their staff pass.

The management team said; "We've taken the difficult decision to temporarily suspend cycling in Richmond Park from Saturday.

Our reduced staff can't safely manage the volume of cyclists using the park for their daily exercise while keeping everyone a safe 2m+ apart."

Royal Parks only issued a warning on cyclists social distancing yesterday, saying if they failed to follow the rule, tougher measures would be brought in.
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Public transport use is down again today

The Mayor of London says tube use is down another 7% on yesterday, and buses by 5%.

Sadiq Khan says stay at home, but if you must travel, don’t go at rush hour.

He says nearly 30% of TfL staff are sick or self-isolating, meaning they can’t run more services.
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Firefighters will deliver food and medicines, drive ambulances, and retrieve bodies during the Covid-19 outbreak

The Norbiton-based Fire Brigades Union's reached an agreement with employers and bosses.

They say the crisis is a 'humanitarian emergency' and they want to help their communities.

Matt Wrack, from the Union, says his members are keen to do whatever they can to help.

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Kingston remains the place in London with the fewest people battling Coronavirus

42 people are suffering from the infection there, with Sutton showing 54, and Richmond, 55.

Lambeth is still showing high numbers, with 248 confirmed cases, making it the fourth most affected area in the country.

Southwark is at three with 253, making it the worst hit area in London.

Surrey as a whole has confirmed 142 cases.

The numbers in most areas of South-west London have doubled over the last three days.

However, Kensington and Chelsea, originally the hardest hit in London, has taken eight days to double, a significantly slower growth.

There are 110 cases confirmed there.

Wandsworth is showing high numbers, at 204.

It was showing around 100 cases steadily, from last Friday until Monday, but the number has started increasing rapidly since then.
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Police are reminding people to stay off of a certain part of Epsom Downs before midday

The Gallops is a trackway marked with white discs along the route, reserved for racehorses.

The warning comes after a small child was reportedly nearly trampled in the sand gallop.

People are also reminded to keep dogs on leads.

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A man was found hiding in bushes after trying to escape police in Hammersmith

A suspicious scooter was seen in Ladbroke Grove yesterday evening that had previously failed to stop for police.

During the chase, the man allegedly drove on the pavement as he tried to evade officers.

The 25-year-old is in custody.
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Kingston Council is to stop issuing birth certificates until the crisis over corona virus has passed

Marriage appointments have also been cancelled and the council says it’s register office will only be open to those who need to register a death.

of special measures which include free parking permits for NHS staff and members of the emergency services.

The council is also restricting some waste and recycling services in order to concentrate on essential rubbish collection.
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Chelsea forward Pedro insists he wants to stay at the club

It had been reported the Spaniard would leave Stamford Bridge when his contract expires at the end of the season - but he says those comments were mistranslated.

He's hoping talks about renewing his deal will start at some point.

Meanwhile, full-back Emerson has called suggestions he's frustrated at Chelsea "fake news".
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A former super-headteacher is suing Wandsworth Council for more than 200-thousand pounds after claiming his heavy workload left him damaged and depressed

Forty-nine-year-old Sir Craig Tunstall turned around several failing primary schools in south London but was dismissed by the council in 2018 for “gross misconduct.”

He lodged the damages claims in the High Court last year with papers made public this week.

Sir Craig has also brought separate employment proceedings.

Lambeth Council says it stands firmly by its position.
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The Public Health Agency is urging people to follow the advice on social distancing as an essential part of slowing the spread of coronavirus and saving lives

The PHA says it cannot emphasise enough how important it is to practise social distancing as a key step in saving lives.

Shakir works for South West Trains and is based at Feltham station.

He says passengers have been social distancing properly.

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People all over the UK have gone to their doorsteps and windows to take part in a national salute to the NHS

Members of the public gave a round of applause for the people fighting the coronavirus.

Thirty-six-year-old Annemarie Plas from Streatham Hill who organised the "Clap For Our Carers" campaign explains what motivated her.

Ms Plas says she wants to do it again.
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Thursday, 26 March 2020

The number of pets adopted from Battersea Cats and Dogs home has massively increased since the pandemic was declared

86 dogs and 69 cats have found a home, double that of the same week last year.

However, it’s important to remember “a dog isn’t just for lockdown”.
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People in a part of New Malden claim fly-tipping is on the up while residents are in “lock-down"

Household waste including a TV and rubbish have been spotted on the streets around Coombe Hill.

Kingston Council says recycling and waste collections are taking place but with a reduced workforce.

Collections of general waste and food waste are being prioritised.
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Cyclists in Richmond Park are being warned they aren’t above social distancing rules

Royal Parks says they must keep at least two metres away from each other, not cycle in clusters and obey the 20mph speed limit.

The organisation has kept its parks open to cyclists but closed to vehicles.

It says if cyclists fail to comply with the rules, it will be forced to rethink and they could too be banned.
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The use of public transport has gone down

Early-morning tube use is down 13% compared to yesterday, and buses by 8%.

According to London Mayor Sadiq Khan, one in three TfL staff are sick or self-isolating, meaning they cannot run more services
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Two men have been moved off of Tolworth Broadway after allegedly “making a joke” of Coronavirus

They were offering to shake people’s hands yesterday afternoon.

Another person reported they “didn’t allow me to keep my distance” even though she was trying to.

The two are described as Eastern European, one was wearing a red hat, and drinking lager.

Police say they “did not appreciate just how serious this virus can be not just to the most vulnerable within society”.
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The Royal Marsden has turned its charity shop in Chelsea into a supermarket for the hospitals’ staff

Doctors and nurses had said they’ve been finding it hard to buy groceries when they finished their shifts.

The cancer charity’s shop is currently vacant because of government guidance on coronavirus.

Booker Catering has donated edibles like fresh fruit and vegetables.

The Marsden is looking to open a similar shop at its Sutton site.
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Residents at the Royal Star & Garter in Surbiton are asking children isolating at home to send in love letters

The appeal also includes requests for cards and drawings from young people, with veterans saying it “brightens up our days”.

The Royal Star & Garter care home began limiting visitors as part of its infection management protocol against coronavirus.

The charity provides care to war veterans and their partners living with disability or dementia.
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Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Appeal to identify man in connection with arson in Worcester Park

Detectives are renewing appeals for help from the public to identify a man they wish to speak to in connection with a serious offence of arson in Worcester Park.

Police were called at 5pm on Saturday, the 7th of September to reports of a fire at a former hairdressers on Cheam Common Road.

Officers from the London Fire Brigade and the London Ambulance Service attended the scene.

Several neighbouring buildings had to be evacuated due to the severity of the fire.

Police have released an image of a man they are keen to speak to and are seeking the public’s help in coming forward, particularly if they know who this man is or if they have information that may be relevant.

The image was captured in the vicinity of the shop at 4.30pm.

If you can name this man or have information concerning this incident, please contact police as soon as possible.

Anyone who recognises him is asked to call police at Bromley police station via 101 or Tweet @MetCC quoting 5323/07SEP.
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Met commissioner in Battersea to reassure Londoners police will continue to keep streets safe

Commissioner Cressida Dick, while out on patrol with officers in Battersea yesterday, reassured Londoners that the Met carries on policing to keep London safe.

Since the Prime Minister’s announcement on Monday, officers have been on the streets of London to advise people and businesses of the new rules.

The Commissioner said: “My officers are talking to people, engaging with people, they’re explaining the new guidance and the new rules. The vast majority of people are very positive and want to comply with the new guidance. We all have our role to play in keeping our country safe, keeping everybody safe.”

On enforcing the rules, the Commissioner added: “We will only use enforcement if we absolutely have to but we won’t hesitate if there are people who are deliberately breaching the law. But I think the vast majority of people will want to comply with the law to keep their society safe.”

The Commissioner explained that the Met is in a good position to respond to the challenges posed by Coronavirus. She said: “It’s a huge challenge for the entire country and for London. We have robust plans in place for this extraordinary situation and the Met is a very strong and experienced police service.

“We’ve shown time and again, our ability to adapt, to rise to a challenge, to flex and surge our resources and out staff and even in the darkest of time to be able to keep people safe and give a good quality police service. I am determined we will do that.”
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A man wanted by polish police for 18 years has been arrested.

Adam Danielewicz was found in Walton last week.

He had been using a name that belonged to a dead man, and was wanted on charges of drug trafficking, firearms possession and fraud.

Polish police had sentenced him to six and a half years in his absence and the process of extraditing him will now begin.
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Hounslow Council are cracking down on landlords with overcrowded and unsafe properties.

Their new approach will target the individuals who control networks of buildings, rather than dealing with properties one by one.

The initiative is backed by a £60,000 government grant, and will see them work with Hillingdon, Ealing and Slough councils.

Hounslow council leader Steve Curran says “working with our partners we can bring to light the full extent of their offences”.
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A “Coronavirus Community Helpline” has been set up in Surrey.

Manned from Monday to Friday, its aim is to provide extra assistance and advice to those worried about the pandemic.

It’s hoped the service will also help take some pressure off key services.
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COVID Symptom Tracker App

The COVID Symptom Tracker app has just been launched today with researchers at Guy’s & St Thomas’ & King’s College to help slow the spread of #COVID19 and identify at risk cases sooner by self-reporting your symptoms daily, even if you feel well.

Please share the app with everyone you know - it's available on the App Store for both phones and tablets. They need to get this to a lot of people fast to collect enough data to see the hidden cases. The app is fully functional and will be more beautiful over the next few days!

Share the app and share your “well/ill” status and let’s get some data for the policy makers to work with.

Initial feedback of the site’s inability to register children’s symptoms have been forwarded to the investigators. Anything further you can add / feedback will all help to capture what’s going on in the community vs just what we’re capturing in tertiary care. It all helps. Thank you so much.

Download the app here
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Kingston residents who live near Kingston hospital can help NHS workers by donating their car parking spaces

If people want to donate their car parking space (only those who live near Kingston hospital) to an NHS staff member, please email caroline.o’[email protected]
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Three immigration removal centres in the UK are housing people with symptoms of Coronavirus

According to the BBC, that includes the centre in Harmondsworth, serving Heathrow.

A cleaner there says he knows of a cell not being cleaned after a man with symptoms was moved into quarantine and a new man moved in.

The government says decisions to detain are made on a case-by-case basis.
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The company behind the renovations to Battersea Power Station say the works are closing down

Workers are still on site, carrying out legally required closing-down work to make the development safe.

No building work is being carried out.

It’s after controversy about the lack of guidance given to the construction industry.
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People in Hammersmith and Fulham now have access to a free exercise app

The council has teamed up with Better UK to make the app, usually only available to members, available to everyone in the borough.

It’s so they can still stay fit while house-bound.

The council says “it’s essential that while the country is on lockdown people still have the opportunity to stay fit and active.”
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An E-fit has been released of a man in connection with stalking and indecent exposures in Wandsworth

Police were contacted in August by a woman who reported she was being stalked by an unknown man.

It was after her neighbours scared away a man who was looking into her room, and later saw a man on CCTV standing in her garden.

It’s believed it could be linked to a series of indecent exposures in the Putney Hill area over the past year.
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Kingston Council has a new leader to guide the borough through the pandemic

Councillor Caroline Kerr has advised Britain’s leading public health professionals on how to encourage effective behaviour during pandemics.

Councillor Kerr says her “sole focus” will be to get the borough through this “unprecedented time”.

She replaces Liz Green, who says it’s been a “huge privilege” to serve as leader.
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It’s estimated up to 30,000 people in Kingston could need food support in the coming weeks

These include the over 70s and those with chronic health conditions.

A group of charities is asking residents to donate long-life foods like rice and potatoes.

To help, just go here.
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It appears construction at Battersea Power Station won’t be coming to a halt anytime soon

The grade II listed site is currently undergoing a mass re-development that includes retail, housing and an extension of the tube network.

Builders will remain on site unless they are told otherwise.

The move is being reviewed on a regular basis in line with Government advice on slowing the spread of Covid-19.
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Images have been released of items stolen from an address in Effingham.

They include various Waterford Crystal ornaments and picture frames as well as two nine carat gold children’s rings.

It’s believed they were taken between 5pm on Friday the 20th of March and 4pm on Sunday the 22nd.

If you have seen the items or have any information that might help, please contact police on 101.
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A man from Croydon has been charged after being found with a knife.

Mervin Sebamalai was stopped by officers in Surbiton where he was also detained for possession of cannabis and using a motor vehicle without MOT.

The 19-year-old has been bailed to appear at Wimbledon Magistrates’ Court on the 6th of April.
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Fire broke out at a recycling centre in Morden on Sunday night.

Around 300 tonnes of domestic waste caught light in Amenity Way.

There were no reports of any injuries.

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Only the most serious parking contraventions are going to be pursued in Richmond over the next few weeks.

These include parking on double yellow lines, loading and box junction restrictions and obstruction of dropped kerbs.

Enforcement officers will be urged to consider the individual circumstances of the driver before handing out a ticket.

Residents with permits will be able to park on single yellow lines in some areas and there will also be a 20 minute “grace period.”
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Fire-fighters have issued a safety reminder after a fire in Battersea on Sunday.

An electrical device left on charge is believed to have caused the blaze in a flat on Ingrave Street.

A resident called 999 after they saw smoke issuing from a tablet which was on charge in the living room.

They initially attempted to tackle the fire themselves by covering the tablet with a blanket, before calling fire-fighters.

Part of a four-roomed flat on the fourth floor of the block of flats was damaged by the blaze.
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Tuesday, 24 March 2020

A man has been attacked by three teenagers in Stanwell.

The victim was walking along Clare Road near the junction with Town Lane on the 17th of March when the suspects approached him.

One of the boys struck him before they all cycled off.

The assault is believed to have been unprovoked and may have been racially aggravated.

Police are urging the victim to come forward as they continue with their enquiries into the circumstances surrounding the incident.

Any witnesses are being asked to contact police on 101.
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Investigations are continuing after a fatal collision in Ewell

Police and the Air Ambulance were called to Reigate Road just before 10am on Saturday.

The single motorcyclist died at the scene.

Anyone who saw the crash or has dash cam footage is asked to call police on 101.
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Playgrounds and outdoor gyms must close - however many parks are staying open for exercise.

These walkers in Battersea Park reckon too many people are going.

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A poll of Radio Jackie listeners shows overwhelming support for the government’s measures

Over 90% of people answered yes when asked if they support the moves to tackle Covid-19.

You can view the poll here.
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Visitors to Richmond’s parks and open spaces are being warned if they’re not sensible, they could be banned

The council says it is crucial residents follow the Government’s two-metre gap advice for social distancing.

The authority fears many people are ignoring it, putting themselves and their family and friends at greater risk of contracting Covid-19.

At the weekend, hundreds of people were pictures gathering in large groups in Richmond Park.
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Mole Valley Council is launching an emergency fund to support community organisations

Grants of up to £5,000 are available to help with additional running costs or for specific projects.

Projects that aim to help the district’s most vulnerable residents will be given special consideration.
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All About Weybridge has been publicising volunteering opportunities in Elmbridge to help out during the Coronavirus pandemic

There are also links to a support group on Facebook and to Elmbridge Borough Council’s Advice on Volunteering.

There's a link to their website here
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The Royal Parks, including Richmond and Bushy, are still open so people can exercise

However, people are still advised to stay 2 metres apart.

Tom Jarvis from Royal Parks says “we believe strongly that having access to green space has never been more important”.

He asked people to adhere to the latest guidance on social distancing, otherwise the parks may need to be closed.
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These children at Green Dragon Primary school in Brentford have a message for The Prime Minister

Schools have been closed across the nation, but some are still having to go in due to being the children of key workers.

In 94% of schools, no more than 20% of pupils are attending.

Schools have complained about a lack of government guidance on how the scheme is meant to work.

The Education Secretary says he’ll be closely monitoring the situation, and asked parents who don’t need help not to put pressure on the system.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 3:45 pm  

Around 1,500 businesses in Richmond who are eligible for Government grants will receive a letter this week

The council has written to those affected to outline what help is possible.

A package of measures was announced by Government last week, including a business rates “holiday” for some in the leisure sector.

It is estimated that the overall support package for Richmond businesses is worth around £80 million.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 3:06 pm  

Statement from The Royal Parks which runs Richmond and Bushy

Tom Jarvis, Director of Parks at The Royal Parks, said: “Following the Prime Minister’s latest address, we are pleased that our parks can remain open for essential daily exercise, be that a run, walk or cycle. People are permitted to exercise once a day, either alone or with members of their immediate household, but all other gatherings in the parks of more than two people are banned and will be dispersed by the police. Social distancing, as set out by the Government, is absolutely crucial so people must stay at least two metres apart at all times. By following these rules, we can keep London's parks open for everyone who needs them.

“We believe strongly that having access to green space has never been more important than it is today for people’s physical and mental well-being, particularly for those without a garden. It is up to all of us collectively to adhere to the latest guidance, otherwise we will have to consider closing the parks. We will keep the situation under constant review.”
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 2:37 pm  

A teenager has had his electric scooter robbed at knifepoint in West Sutton station.

The 17 year old was on a train when a man approached him and asked to see his AirPod earphones which he then put in his pocket.

He then asked to see the victim’s e-scooter, and when the boy declined, he pulled out a knife.

The man left the train at Elephant and Castle with the electric scooter and earphones.

The incident happened at around 12 noon on the 25th of February.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 12:30 pm  

Harlequins have become the latest rugby union Premiership club to ask players and staff to take a 25 percent pay cut

They promise to look after their lowest earners during what they call "turbulent, unnerving and challenging" times due to the coronavirus crisis.

Chief Executive of the Twickenham-based side Laurie Dalrymple says the move has been made to protect jobs and "the future of Harlequins".
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 12:08 pm  

A Teddington based riding school is taking its horses out and about to help lift the spirits of people in lockdown

Staff at Park Lane are walking their horses and ponies through the streets, and people can see them out of their windows.

The horses and ponies are also helping to deliver groceries to those staying at home.

They’ll be going out at allocated times.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 11:15 am  

The Prime Minister's ordered us to stay home, and most shops to close, as he stepped up measures to tackle coronavirus

You should go out onlu if your work is essential and can't be done at home - or for food shopping, to care for someone who's vulnerable, or to exercise once a day.

Parks are still open for exercise.

This man's been out for a run this morning in Battersea Park.

posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 10:27 am  

After initially telling staff its stores would stay open, Sports Direct bosses have now confirmed they'll close for now

Sports equipment retailers aren't on the government's list of essential shops, but bosses had argued people would need stuff to exercise at home with.

The company's owner is also closing Evans Cycles for now - even though bike shops are allowed to stay open.

Earlier, when they were due to open, Reporter Inzamam Rashid spoke to the manager of Sports Direct in Kingston.

posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 8:43 am  

One of the country’s best known pharmaceutical companies has joined the fight against Coronavirus

Brentford based GlaxoSmithKline is supplying technology to scientists trying to come up with a vaccine.

It’s also announced it is “actively managing” its global supply chain to minimise potential disruption to drugs.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 7:18 am  

Monday, 23 March 2020

An A&E Doctor and politician says “it won’t be long before doctors have to choose between who lives and who dies”

Dr Rosena Allin Khan, who’s the MP for Tooting, says “healthy patients are NOT immune”, after reports of young people being seriously ill.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 10:00 pm  

Thousands of children across the country started the morning with a virtual P.E lesson

It was hosted on Youtube by Richmond based personal trainer Joe Wicks, otherwise known as The Body Coach.

“P.E with Joe” received over 800,000 hits on its first morning.

The lessons, which are 40 minutes long, will run 5 days a week.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 9:00 pm  

Hammersmith and Fulham has become the first council in the UK to shut all of its parks amidst the Coronavirus pandemic

It’s after thousands of people used them over the weekend, ignoring advice to social distance.

Royal Parks, which runs Richmond and Bushy, has warned visitors the same may happen if they don’t heed advice.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 8:00 pm  

British tourists abroad are being told to return to the UK

The foreign secretary and MP for Esher and Walton, Dominic Raab, is advising all British tourists and short-stay travellers currently abroad to return to the UK because of the coronavirus outbreak.

The foreign office says the advice reflects the pace at which international travel is becoming more difficult because of COVID-19.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 7:23 pm  

People with blood donor sessions booked are being asked not to break them

NHS Blood and Transplant says donations were 15% lower last week because of the coronavirus outbreak.

One of the banks most in need is Tooting.

The centre was already appealing for more men to give blood after it was revealed males make up only 40% of donors there.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 6:18 pm  

Gary Lineker is in self isolation because one of his sons is displaying symptoms of coronavirus.

He tweeted explaining how George has suffered a complete loss of taste and smell for a week.

Lineker, who lives in Barnes, says he's been vigilant with hand washing and social distancing, but will now spend time away from others.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 6:01 pm  

The team which runs Richmond and Bushy Parks is taking action.

It’s after footage posted online over the weekend showed hundreds of visitors flocking to them.

Royal Parks says while the sites will remain open for people who need open space, the parks’ cafes and kiosks have closed.

Yesterday, the Prime Minister begged people to stick to social distancing, warning stricter measures may be introduced otherwise.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 5:55 pm  

The private New Victoria Hospital is today releasing all of its beds to Kingston hospital.

It’s to help the NHS cope with the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak.

Some staff at the site in Coombe Lane West will also be redeployed.

The New Victoria says it will still be able to carry out services including MRI and physiotherapy.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 5:44 pm  

The Foreign Secretary will be the Government’s “designated survivor” if the Prime Minister contracts Covid-19

MP for Esher and Walton, Dominic Raab, will step into Boris Johnson’s shoes if he becomes unwell.

Emergency legislation which would grant powers aimed at tackling the pandemic will be debated by MPs later.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 5:38 pm  

Day centres across Richmond to close to protect vulnerable adults

Sheen Lane Day Centre in East Sheen, the Access Project Day Centre in Whitton and the Woodville Centre in Ham will be closed from tomorrow in order to protect some of the borough’s most vulnerable residents from Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Sheen Lane Day Centre is a specialist day centre for people aged 60 and over with a physical disability, frailty and/or sensory loss or impairment.

The Access Project provides care and support for people aged 18 to 65, with physical disabilities, neurological conditions, sensory loss and learning disabilities.

The Woodville Centre is a specialist day centre for adults aged 60 plus who have been diagnosed with moderate to severe Dementia.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 5:10 pm  

A community farm in Morden is asking us to dig deep to help keep the animals fed

Deen City Farm, which is one of London’s oldest, has closed its doors due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

It can’t access any of the government funds or grants on offer presently because of its charitable status.

It says that it fears it will never open again without the public’s help, especially as Easter is usually its busiest time.

A JustGiving page has been set up for donations.

It can be found here

posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 3:10 pm  

A fund to help staff at Epsom Hospital has been set up

Amanda Macleod started it after hearing that “thank yous are no longer enough”.

The money is there to give them food, drink, and equipment.

She’s raised over £1,400 so far, and Sainsburys in Kiln Lane and Waitrose in The Ashley Centre have both pledged to help.

The link to the Go Fund Me Page is here
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 1:54 pm  

The Mayor of London is working from home in Tooting

Sadiq Khan revealed the news as he addressed millions of Londoners on the Andrew Marr programme on BBC One.

He’s pleaded with people to stay at home and only go to work if they absolutely have to as well as practice social distancing.

posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 11:18 am  

Eight people died in South-West London hospitals due to Covid-19 yesterday

There have been 5,683 cases diagnosed nationwide, with 281 deaths.

Southwark is the second-most affected area in the UK, with 139 cases.

Wandsworth has risen to number six, with 110.

Kingston and Richmond remain the least affected in London, with 23 cases and 25.

However, there were four deaths reported yesterday at Croydon Hospital, and another four at St George’s in Tooting.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 10:01 am  

Hear from a South-West London paramedic who's returning to the NHS today

The armed forces are helping distribute supplies to frontline NHS staff battling coronavirus.

Some doctors across the country have complained they aren't getting enough personal protective equipment and are therefore at risk as they treat patients.

The health secretary says it's essential to look after those who are caring for the nation.

Gemma from South-West London is a former paramedic who’s returning to the NHS today.

She says she’s can’t sit on the sidelines during the outbreak.

posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 7:57 am  

The chief executive of British Airways says he'll waive his salary for the next two months - but has hinted at possible job losses because of coronavirus

In a letter to staff, Alex Cruz says the company is working with unions on "all the options" including a government staff assistance scheme.

BA has grounded three-quarters of its fleet because of the pandemic.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 4:57 am  

Shoppers in the UK have been told there’s no need for panic buying amid the coronavirus outbreak

People are being urged to think of others such as NHS workers.

The spike in demand has resulted in problems with replenishing stock quickly enough.

Hounslow market trader Luke is doing his best to meet the demand.

posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 4:11 am  

Runnymede Council has announced that its social centres and community halls will be unavailable for hire bookings until further notice

It’s in line with the government’s advice to limit mass gatherings and social interactions.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 4:04 am  

Chelsea manager Frank Lampard has been talking about the leadership qualities of vice-captain Georginho

Lampard says the Brazilian midfielder's shown he’s already got some of the vital ingredients needed for successful management.

posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 3:21 am  

The world’s largest long-haul airline Emirates has announced it’s suspending all passenger flights amid the coronavirus outbreak.

All passenger flights will be suspended by March 25th.

CEO of the Dubai based airline Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum said “the world has literally gone into quarantine due to the Covid -19 outbreak.

However, the airline says it will continue to operate passenger and cargo flights to several destinations, including Heathrow, as long as borders remain open.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 2:30 am  

Sunday, 22 March 2020

Hammersmith and Fulham council has decided all parks in the borough will remain closed from 7pm on Sunday evening

It comes after the government advised people need to observe social distancing measures.

The council’s action follows a new update by the Royal Parks, announcing a series of closures and restrictions are being brought in.

London’s 10 Royal Parks have decided to close their food outlets, with Richmond and Bushy Parks being closed to traffic.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 11:26 pm  

Panic buyers in Horley forced an Iceland store to close on Thursday after customers began “verbally abusing and pushing each other”

Tensions raised when shoppers were met with empty shelves after a delivery had not arrived yet.

The store closed after Surrey police were called at 10 am and advised so to "allow the situation to calm down" and give staff time to restock.

The Victoria Road store re-opened at 11:45am, limiting the number of customers entering "to try to prevent any further issues".
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 10:30 pm  

Shoppers in the UK have been told there’s no need for panic buying amid the coronavirus outbreak

People are being urged to think of others such as NHS workers.

The spike in demand has resulted in problems with replenishing stock quickly enough.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 10:10 pm  

There are accusations that key information has been withheld during an investigation into Sir Mo Farah’s coach

The head of UK Anti-Doping has accused UK athletics of not releasing in full documents about the South-West London runner’s medical reviews.

UKAD wants to see the expert’s opinion and evidence, rather than the executive summary.

There is no suggestion Farah did anything wrong.

posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 5:57 pm  

A bakery, which usually supplies the likes of the Savoy Hotel in Central London, is bringing its goods to Tolworth

Frankonia, The Breadhouse has set up shop at the Red Lion Business Park.

The idea is to keep people well stocked during the coronavirus outbreak.

Founder Kevin Devine says it makes sense now that the larger hotels have closed, to bring supplies to people struggling with supermarkets
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 4:10 pm  

Hammersmith and Fulham have closed all parks in the borough in order to enforce social distancing

The Royal Horticultural Society have closed all their gardens, including Wisley.

The National Trust have done the same.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 2:10 pm  

People across Richmond and Wandsworth are being asked to donate perishable foods to help ease the stock-piling situation

Panic buying means many shops shelves are empty, and some elderly cannot get provisions.

Age UK Richmond, alongside 19 other charities in the borough, will start taking in donations from Monday.

They’ll then be delivered via a trustworthy network of third sector staff members and DBS checked volunteers.

posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 1:16 pm  

The Health Secretary says thousands of retired healthcare workers have signed back up to the NHS to help fight coronavirus

Matt Hancock tweeted to say 4-thousand nurses and 500 doctors have agreed to return - but many more are needed.

The Department of Health says 233 people with Covid-19 have now died in the UK, after 53 more fatalities were confirmed in England yesterday.

Southwark is one of the most affected areas in the UK, with 134 cases, followed by Lambeth with 118.

However, Richmond and Kingston are the least affected in London, with 22 cases each.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 9:07 am  

People in Kingston have voted overwhelmingly in favour of regenerating the infamous Cambridge Estate

73% out of the 86% who took part in the council ballot said it should be redeveloped.

The council says this result will pave the way to provide modern home, council homes and an overall safer neighbourhood.

The estate, which sits on the edge of Norbiton, was built over 50 years ago and was the setting for the popular police TV series “The Bill.”
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 7:24 am  

While Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme has been welcomed in some quarters workers have criticised the measures not going far enough

The self-employed, freelancers and contract workers have been excluded from the commitment to pay 80% of earnings.

Sherief operates Geoginos Caffe in Hounslow.

His workers face an uncertain future.

posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 4:07 am  

Police are thanking the public for their vigilance after receiving reports of a potentially suicidal male on a roof in Wandsworth

It turns out the man is currently self-isolating and has access to the roof.

He told officers he was just stretching his legs.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 3:13 am  

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