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Saturday, 25 April 2020

We’re being urged to keep an eye on our mental health during the lockdown.

Eating healthily and keeping fit to take care of yourself are as important as ever.

Denise Bosque, a hypnotherapist from Twickenham, has this message to key workers working flat out.

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The chief executive of Heathrow airport has called on the government to introduce mass health screening checks at airports

It comes after criticism of Britain’s loose border controls during the coronavirus pandemic.

John Holland-Kaye sent a letter to the health secretary, Matt Hancock, on Thursday evening urging ministers to take a lead in developing global screening standards at airports.

Measures such as temperature checks, antibody tests and a requirement to carry a health certificate have been recommended.

But on Friday, Downing Street rejected the call for airport checks, saying the government’s stance was “based on medical and scientific advice”.
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A coronavirus community response group in Surbiton has begun to make essential gear for frontline workers during the pandemic

Sewing 4 Kingston are using what little free time they have to make washable items such as headbands and gowns and distribute them to NHS staff.

As of lunchtime on Friday 24th April, they have delivered 4800 items, including 2400 bags, 500 headbands, 600 ear savers, and over 100 scrunchies.

They’ve provided kits throughout the community, including to local hospitals, fire stations, health clinics, Kingston police and nursing homes as well as schools for staff who are working in difficult circumstances.
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Kingston will "rock around the lock" with a virtual charity concert tonight

Crossroads Care Kingston and Richmond have joined forces with 15 musicians for the online event.

The charity provides support to unpaid workers and the vulnerable.

They've set up a food bank, and completed over 1,000 requested shopping trips.

Any money raised through the virtual concert will go towards keeping it running.
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London commuters using buses and tubes could fall by as much as 40% from pre-lockdown levels.

The results are bad news for the government, which wants more people to use public transport to cut emissions that are fuelling climate heating.

The lockdown measures could lead to more people driving to work.

The drop in commutes also provides challenges for public transport operators, which will face a sharp drop in income until public confidence returns.
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The Met police have revealed they have made nearly 100 arrests every day for domestic abuse offences during the lockdown

More than 4,000 arrests have been made across London in the six weeks up to 19th April, with domestic abuse calls rising by about a third.

There have also been over 17,000 recorded domestic abuse incidents - a 9% rise compared to the same period last year.

Cdr Sue Williams stresses the Met is still here for Londoners, saying,
"Victims should be assured that they can leave their homes to escape harm or seek help”
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Friday, 24 April 2020

Two fire engines and around 10 firefighters were called to a fire on Kimpton Park Way in Sutton yesterday.

One caravan and a van were destroyed by the fire and firefighters had to cool two gas cylinders down so that they didn’t explode.

The Brigade was called at 18:06 and the fire was under control by 18:43.

There were no reports of any injuries and the cause of the fire is under investigation.
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Witnesses following a collision in Ewell this afternoon are being asked to contact police.

The incident happened between a van and two pedestrians on Chessington Road at 16:20.

A 70-year-old woman has been taken to hospital suffering with serious injuries.

If you saw anything or have any dashcam footage of the incident, please call Surrey Police on 101.
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A ticket inspector on Croydon’s trams is the 29th transport worker in London to die from coronavirus according to reports from the BBC.

The man, believed to be in his late 50s, is yet to be named.

Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, has described the capital’s transport workers as “heroes”.

Additional cleaning is being carried out on trams overnight, and floor stickers have been introduced to assist with social distancing.
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The Met Police have taken to YouTube to read stories to children

The Safer Schools team usually go to primaries and secondaries to speak to pupils and staff, but they’re closed due to the lockdown.

PC John Barry from Croydon was among those who started it, and says it’s to maintain a visible presence in young people’s lives.

PC Sarah Mason has read an extract from Judith Kerr’s The Tiger Who Came To Tea:

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It appears the COVID-19 lockdown is brewing up trouble for pubs in Hounslow

That’s according to new research by the British Beer and Pub Association which owns about 20,000 of the nation’s pubs.

Most pubs fall into the bracket of “eligible businesses” with a rateable value that entitles them to receive a grant.

But figures released by the association have revealed only 11% of pubs in Hounslow have received this grant.
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Kingston hospital has discharged its first Coronavirus patient from intensive care

The person, whose details haven’t been released, says they “can’t express how comforting it was having someone hold my hand.”
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Battersea Dogs and Cats home is to start rehoming animals again

However, potential new owners will be introduced to animals using video calling and recorded footage.

Cats will be delivered in cat carriers, whilst dogs can be handed over in gardens and fields while maintaining a two metre distance.

The charity is appealing for any donations, saying they need to “be here for every dog and cat”.
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Police were called to break up a gathering in Mitcham earlier

Worried residents alerted officers to a group of boys playing loud music and ignoring distancing rules in Ravensbury Park.

Police received the tip off just after 3pm and advised a unit would be sent as soon as one became available.
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Joe Wicks, AKA The Body Coach takes time out of his virtual P.E lessons to tell Jackie how fundraising is going

Joe is on a mission to keep children, and mums and dads, healthy during lock-down from his living room in Richmond.

He's told Luke Williams all about his fitness fundraising initiative.

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Heathrow's boss is urging ministers to introduce mass screening at airports

The Daily Mail is reporting he’s writing to the Health Secretary to demand temperature checks, antibody tests, and “health passports”.

John Holland-Kaye also wants to see Public Health England’s data which claims temperature screening is ineffective.

The Airport Operators Association says UK Airports are following guidelines, and if they change, airports will follow new advice.
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Lambeth has elected the country’s first openly HIV-positive Mayor

Philip Normal says he hopes it will “smash” the stigma around the virus.

He adds that “the story of HIV treatment reminds us there is always hope thanks to medical science”.

His chosen charity is the Albert Kennedy Trust, which supports LGBT people facing homelessness.

Lambeth has the largest gay population in the country.

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Fitness sensation Joe Wicks says its amazing to know every view of his workouts is supporting the NHS

The star broadcasts his PE lessons every morning at 9am on Youtube from his home in Richmond.

He donated nearly £100,000 of ad revenue to NHS charities, and will donate more at the end of each month.

He says he started it to help schools and families during the lockdown.

He spoke to us about the time he returned to do his workouts at his old school.

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An anonymous good Samaritan has delivered 1,000 free meals to staff at Epsom and St Helier hospitals

The trust has sent an open letter to the public thanking it for its generous donations over the last few weeks.

As well as the meals, donations have come in from numerous individuals, companies, schools and sports clubs.

A man and his son in law also shaved their heads to raise money for the hospitals.

The trust says it is thankful for each and every one and also to all those taking part in the weekly “clap for carers.”
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People across Kingston have been venting their anger on social media at the amount of bonfires being lit

The council has already asked people not to have bonfires at all because of the added risk to lungs during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Open burning of any kind produces toxic emissions which can lead to lung irritation that could seriously affect anyone with the infection.

It’s thought people are burning their household waste as the recycling centres are closed.
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Thursday, 23 April 2020

A gang of five people have been jailed for the organised supply of Class A drugs in Lambeth.

Detectives from Specialist Crime launched an investigation into the group back in 2019 where the gang were operating a large chain from a Honda Civic.

Two of the five 31 year old Zachary Steele from Lewisham and 26 year old Zoe Hughes from Cheam were also charged with money laundering.

The court heard how the gang had been in operation for more than two years netting a figure of around 1 million pounds per year.
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Three men have been jailed for a spate of burglaries across Surrey in 2018.

22 year old Frank fisher, 25 year old Shane Warburton and 20 year old Charles Pardoe were sentenced to a total of 25 years.

The burglars targeted 12 homes across West Molesey, Shepperton, Epsom, Camberley, Walton-on-Thames, Cobham and Banstead.

The items stolen ranged for large sums of cash, jewellery and electronic goods.
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People in Virginia Water are being asked to check who is calling at their homes

People in Virginia Water are being asked to check who is calling at their homes.

This comes after an attempted burglary in Bagshot in February.

A man claiming to be a police officer attempted entry into an 81-year-old woman’s house on Guildford road. Nothing was taken.

Later in April, two men were seen acting suspiciously on Station Parade in Virginia Water claiming to be police officers.

Police are asking people to contact them on 101 if they have any information

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An increase in recycling is putting Richmond Council under pressure.

An increase in recycling is putting Richmond Council under pressure.

Household recycling has increased by a third since the end of March, from an expected collection of 33 to almost 47 tonnes every day.

Additional rounds have been put in place but the authority says in some cases, rounds have been unable to be completed.

The council is putting the extra waste down to residents ordering more online.
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Surrey County Council has confirmed its move from Kingston to Woking is off due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Surrey County Council has confirmed its move from Kingston to Woking is off due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The authority was due to relocate from County Hall to Midas House so that it could be greater immersed in the Surrey community.

But in a statement, the authority says it will not be able to move the current tenants in Woking out in time or complete a property refit.

The authority says a future move to Woking is still its favoured option but it doesn’t know when that be.

SCC spokesman: “The current Covid-19 situation is having a profound effect on our Moving Closer to Residents plans. It will not now be possible to move the current Midas House tenants out in time, which also means we can’t get access to the whole of the building to make it suitable for our use. In addition, the procurement and commissioning of a contractor to carry out the necessary works to make it into a new SCC Civic Heart would just not be possible under the current lockdown constraints. In these circumstances it seems unlikely that we will need the capacity provided by Midas House, so it is not our present intention to proceed with its acquisition, though Woking is still our choice as the location for our Civic Heart.”

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Part of Headley Common is being turned into an emergency 300-bed Coronavirus field hospital

Angle Property, which owns the former Headley Court Rehab Centre site, says it will welcome its first patients on May the 4th.

The facility will be available cost and rent-free to the NHS for the next 6 months.

The site was acquired by the company last year after the MoD relocated, with a view to it being turned into housing.

The former medical buildings will be recommissioned to create a fully equipped temporary hospital, as well as on-site staff accommodation.

The facility for up to 300 beds provides care and support for patients who are recovering from COVID-19 and who no longer need care in an acute hospital, or those who have COVID and can no longer cope with their symptoms at home.

Senior Responsible Officer for Surrey Heartlands, Dr Claire Fuller, said “I would like to take this opportunity to thank all partners who are involved in getting this facility up and running as quickly as possible. This represents a fantastic example of the cross-collaboration between public and private sector partners across Surrey, and the willingness of people to work together in the face of an unprecedented public health emergency.”

Karen Thorburn, who has been leading this part of the project on behalf of the local NHS added “We would like to say a particular thank you to Anthony Williamson of Angle Property, the current land owner of Headley Court, for his willingness to work with us on this project, without whom this wouldn’t have been possible.”

Chief Executive of Epsom and St Helier, Daniel Elkeles, said “Over the past three weeks, this facility has been completely transformed. This has taken a huge amount of planning and hard work from multiple teams, but we are determined to do everything we can to stop the spread of COVID-19 and to ensure our patients have the very best chance of recovery. On behalf of our patients and staff, I would like to say a huge thank you to Anthony Williamson of Angle Property for allowing us to use this facility and undertake such significant work on the site.”
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Ramadan begins this evening.

For communities following the Islamic faith it means a month of fasting, prayer, and reflection.

Health secretary Matt Hancock's paid particular tribute to them.

Mosques, like Morden's Baitul Futuh, are holding special seminars online to help worshippers through the time in lock-down.
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People in Kingston are being asked to leave food donations at designated locations

The scheme will see “Street Champs” collecting food at the drop-off points and taking them to the food bank.

It’s a partnership between GoodGym and the Council, with 50 street champs already signed up.

Councillor Lorraine Dunstone, who backed the idea in its infancy, says “I was so pleased about how much neighbours wanted to give”.
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A man and a woman from Worcester Park have been charged after PPE and food were reportedly stolen from Epsom Hospital

Police were called after several reports of theft at the hospital in April.

A 64-year-old man has been charged with theft by an employee and a 60-year-old woman has been charged with handling stolen goods.

They have been remanded to appear via video link at Guildford Magistrates Court today.
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Architectural designer Charles Rutherfoord has left the precision of his day job behind to create a plantsman’s paradise on what was a bramble infested plot in Clapham.

Spectacular in spring, over 2,500 tulips create jewel-like carpets of colour enhanced by the luxuriant shades of tree peonies and a dazzling Judas tree.

Exotic echiums from the Canary Islands thrive in the sheltered surroundings and buzz with bees, while Coronilla valentina and honeysuckle flood the garden with fragrance.

Join Charles and his partner, Rupert Tyler (a Trustee of the National Garden Scheme) in their garden at 51 The Chase for a virtual visit.

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Charities and voluntary groups supporting residents in Richmond impacted by Coronavirus are being urged to apply for cash help

A new £100,000 grant has been created aimed at organisations delivering support to those affected by the pandemic.

Many voluntary organisations say they are facing financial challenges through increased demand for their services.

To apply, check the Richmond Council website.
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A message from Music in New Malden during Coronavirus.

We hope you are all coping with the national lockdown at this astonishing time.

For obvious reasons, the Music in New Malden concert on Sunday the 10th of May has been postponed.

We are in touch with the performers, Alison Bury and Maggie Cole about making an early visit to us next season to perform their Bach programme for violin and harpsichord, and we’ll keep you posted on that.

As yet, we have not made a decision on the 14th of June end-of-season concert with Original Blend, pending review of the lockdown.

We thought we’d use this mailing to update you on some news…

We recently advertised for a Secretary & Administrator for Music in New Malden to succeed Clare McEvoy, who we wish to thank for looking after this side of our operations for the last couple of years. We were absolutely delighted with the response we received to our advert, placed nationally and locally, and, following an interview process that had to take place virtually on the Zoom platform while we are all in enforced isolation, Peter Bullett, Jane Booth and John Irving have appointed Ann Richards to the post. Ann lives in Thames Ditton, and brings a wealth of experience to us from her 25 years in the Press Department at the Royal Opera House, from which she recently retired. We have begun to think about how to implement the very exciting ideas Ann has for future development of the MiNM concert series across our three established strands of professional soloists and groups; conservatoire students; and community groups. On top of that, we’ll be looking at extending our outreach work locally.

We remain proud of the diversity of our audiences. This is an evident strength that we feel helped us in recent funding applications, and which we are committed to extending further. We realise that the involvement of the large local Korean population in our concerts over the years has been slight, and are delighted to have co-opted to our Committee Min-young Bae - a very fine pianist who lives locally. Some of you may remember hearing Min-young in one of our concerts a couple of years ago; she is a graduate of Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, where she studied harpsichord with John Irving and piano with Deniz Gelenbe. Min-young offers us a valuable connection into the Korean musical scene and we hope to inaugurate this link positively in the coming months.

As ever, we wish to thank New Malden Methodist Church, the wonderful army of volunteer helpers at our concerts, Robert Elves and Caroline Auty (who look after our Social Media presence), and, of course you our audience and supporters. While we are understandably quiet at present, we are not forgetting our mission to bring high-quality professional music-making to this locality. Unpredictable though the present time undoubtedly is, we are aiming to start Series 13 as normal in the late summer, and will very soon be confirming the season’s programme.

In the interim, you may wish to know that a local pianist (a graduate of the Royal College of Music, and former academic student of Peter Bullett), John Paul Ekins is at present offering live-streamed Sunday afternoon concerts at 3.00pm via his Facebook Page, which is raising donations for the Association of NHS Charities. The link to the concerts can be found on his Facebook page.

Meanwhile, all of us at Music in New Malden wish all of you the very best, and look forward to seeing you as soon as possible.
Stay safe everyone!
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People in Mole Valley are being asked to “make the most” of the “beautiful countryside”

Council Leader Stephen Cooksey says its important people take the time to look after themselves.

He’s asking people to seek out support groups and websites to help with wellbeing.

He says, “do get out for some fresh air every day” but continue to maintain “the appropriate distance from others”.
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A man from Essex has been charged with fraud by false representation and burglary in Walton.

38 year old Thomas Diego Hughes was arrested on Monday in connection with incidents in Hersham and Worthing too.

He has been released on bail and is next due to appear in court in June.
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Chief executive of The Clink tell us about the charity's Covid-19 emergency graduate support fund

The Clink has set up a Covid-19 graduate emergency support fund.

The charity reduces reoffending rates by training prisoners in its restaurants, based at sites including High Down in Sutton.

It then finds them employment in the hospitality industry upon release.

Chris Moore has been talking to Jackie's Luke Williams.

To find out more, or to donate, click here
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The house in Clapham where Roald Dahl once lived is up for sale at nearly £4m

It’s believed he wrote “The Witches” and “Matilda” there.

Turnchapel Mews has six bedrooms, a 90ft roof terrace, and a separate one bed apartment.

It’s accommodated parties for up to 150 guests in the past.

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The Clink has set up a Covid-19 graduate emergency support fund

The charity reduces reoffending rates by training prisoners in its restaurants, based at sites including High Down in Sutton.

It then finds them employment in the hospitality industry upon release.

But Chris Moore, the charity’s CEO describes the issues facing prisoners being released while the rest of the ­country is in lock-down.

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Richmond Council is at the top end of the UK league table for distributing grants to businesses affected by Coronavirus

The authority ranks 19th in the country, issuing over £31million to around 1,800 businesses so far.

It is thought that around £45 million worth of relief grants will be handed to businesses in the borough in total.
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Wednesday, 22 April 2020

A man and a woman from Worcester Park have been arrested after personal protective equipment (PPE) and food were reportedly stolen from Epsom Hospital

Police were called after several reports of theft art the hospital in April.

Investigations resulted in the arrest of a 64-year-old man on suspicion of burglary.

A 60-year-old woman was also arrested on suspicion of handling stolen goods.

They both remain in custody as investigations continue.
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Tributes are being paid to a paramedic from Croydon who has died from Coronavirus.

Ian Reynolds, who was based at New Addington ambulance station, passed away yesterday.

His work union Unison say the father or two will be deeply missed.

Mr Reynolds is the third LAS worker to die since the start of the outbreak.
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Crystal Palace have confirmed the postponement of their participation in the EVA Air Queensland Champions Cup in Australia due to the coronavirus

Club chairman Steve Parish said “our thoughts are with everyone affected by this terrible virus in England, Australia and the world.

Football of course is of secondary importance at this time of global crisis.”
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Sniffer dogs could soon be a familiar site at Heathrow airport

Charity, Medical Detection Dogs, says it will intensively train its canines to detect temperature changes in the fight against Covid-19.

The charity has launched a crowdfunder to start raising money for the preliminary stages of the training project.

Once trained, the dogs could be used to identify travellers entering the country infected with the virus or be deployed in other public spaces.
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The foreign secretary has praised Kingston Hospital as he stood in for the Prime Minister at PMQs.

Dominic Raab confirmed 69 NHS workers have died from Covid-19, including Anton Sebastianpillai, a doctor at Kingston.

He reiterated the Government’s pledge to get more PPE delivered to frontline staff.

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A man from Kingston is calling on 200 artists to raise £200,000 to feed our NHS heroes #artistsfortheNHS

Paul Stafford, the man behind Kingston’s “Toilet Gallery,” has launched the “Artists for the NHS” project.

The aim is to get 200 artists to create 200 pieces of work and sell them off to raise funds.

Paul says anyone can get involved, but he’d love it if a few celebs decided to join in.

For more info on how to get involved, click here
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Epsom MP Chris Grayling joins PMQs remotely to pay tribute to town's hospital workers

Mr Grayling also asked health secretary Matt Hancock for reassurances in getting other NHS staff back to work.

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Sir Ed Davey joins PMQs remotely to ask for a public inquiry into the handling of Covid-19

The Lib Dem MP for Kingston and Surbiton also paid tribute to the doctor, working at Kingston Hospital, who died on Saturday from Covid-19.

But Mr Davey's calls for an independent inquiry were rebuffed by the Foreign Secretary and Esher and Walton MP, Dominic Raab, though.

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The Leader of Merton Council is recovering after suspected coronavirus.

Stephen Alambritis has spent two weeks in isolation with a range of symptoms.

Councils across the country are to receive government money, with Merton getting around £5m.

However, the authority says the impact of lost revenues and emergency investment is estimated at £25m.

Councillor Alambritis says “I can’t remember feeling that ill for many years” and thanked the “caring public services staff” helping people.
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Campaign to save Landmark Arts Centre in Teddington gathers pace

The Landmark Arts Centre in Teddington is thanking everyone who’s donated to its appeal.

It was due to celebrate its 25th anniversary this year, but its income stream has been sapped.

Martin Nicholds, chairman of the trustees, says the generosity from people to keep the site open has been amazing, but it will only last until the end of August if people don't carry on donating.

He's told Jackie News all about the campaign to keep the Landmark open.

To get involved or find out more, click here
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Carshalton train station has been damaged after a fire this morning.

Crews were called at 3am after a builder’s yard next door caught light.

The roof and ground floor of the station have been damaged.

The cause is under investigation, and there are no reports of any injuries.
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After a big delay, a plane has touched down in the UK carrying protective equipment for NHS workers

It was meant to arrive from Turkey at the weekend but was held up for a number of reasons.

The RAF sent a jet to go and get it.

There's still confusion over exactly why the government didn't take part in an EU scheme to bulk buy equipment for use during the pandemic.

Yesterday a top official at the Foreign Office said it was a "political decision" by ministers not to take part in the initiative.

But he later said he'd made a mistake and it was a communication problem - basically because of an email mix-up.

Tooting MP, and A&E doctor, Rosena Allin-Khan, says there needs to be an inquiry at some point.

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The Coombe Academy of Performing Arts in New Malden is joining a worldwide project to profile teenagers during lockdown

The Coronavirus Time Capsule was created by Company Three, a youth-based theatre company in London.

The week by week project aims to support, provide a creative medium for expression and connect teenagers during lockdown.

Youth groups and theatres across 16 countries including the UK are involved.
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The MP for Twickenham is calling on insurance firm Hiscox to “honour its obligations” to small businesses

Munira Wilson has written a letter to bosses urging them “in the very strongest possible terms” to process claims.

It’s after cover taken out by Brasserie Bar Co in Teddington was refused, despite the owners paying extra for it.

Hiscox challenged the bar’s claim based on the fact the wording of its policy did not cover a nationwide pandemic.

The policy only covers a localised infectious disease within a mile of a business premises.

The Financial Services Authority has stated that it sees no reasonable grounds to intervene.

A spokesperson for Hiscox says: “We understand these are incredibly difficult times for businesses and we are paying claims that are covered by the policies we issue fairly and quickly. We review every case individually, and if any customer has concerns about the application of their policy, we encourage them to get in touch with us directly.”
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A Gloucestershire cricketer has been charged with drink-driving after a crash in Cobham on Sunday.

23 year old George Hankins was arrested after the collision in Portsmouth Road.

He’s due to appear at Guildford Magistrates' Court in July.

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Tuesday, 21 April 2020

A derelict Victorian hospital chapel in Chelsea is on sale for £7.5m.

St Luke’s Chapel has been dormant for 30 years, but the stonework and stained glass windows have been restored.

The buyer will have to spend £5m to turn it into a home, with costs including a £1.25m payout to neighbours due to noise.

The Grade II listed building was built in 1850 by Edward Lamb, an architect who worked on the home of Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli.
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A planning application has been submitted to Spelthorne Council for a new development in Staines.

The proposal is for 140 flats, flexible commercial and retail space with associated parking at Thameside House in South Street.

The £44 million scheme is offering a high energy standard development whilst prioritising a clean and safe environment.

If approved the scheme will start at the end of this year and take two years to complete.
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Numerous fertility clinics across the country have closed putting thousands of people’s parenting dreams at risk.

Visha Trotman is deputy manager at Newlife Fertility Clinic in Epsom, which has manged to complete all of its couple’s cycles.

She has this advice for those waiting to start IVF treatment.

She says this is a health crisis.

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Care homes in Reigate and Banstead account for some of the largest records of care homes deaths from Covid-19 in the country.

20 have been declared.

Salford in Greater Manchester has the most at 46.

Ealing, Wiltshire and Sheffield also feature in the list.

The figures have been released by the Office for National Statistics.
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The number of people who have joined Surrey Libraries has doubled since the coronavirus lockdown.

That’s on top of ten times the average number of books, comics and magazines being downloaded, at over 4,000.

Library buildings are closed, and anyone who took a book out before that date doesn’t need to return it until the libraries reopen.
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Richmond Council has agreed a financial package that will help around 1,700 of the borough’s poorest households.

It will be offering targeted support to those already in receipt of Council Tax support, by discounting their Council Tax bills.

The reduction is expected to be up to £150 and will be directed towards 1,700 families in the borough.

Over the next few weeks, officers will look at how to implement the scheme.

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A student the Royal School of Needlework at Hampton Court Palace is urging us to put our embroidery skills to the test for the NHS

Lucy Martin has joined forces with the University for the Creative Arts as part of its “Creators Assemble” project.

The degree student has created a 20cm heart template with the National Health Service logo on it.

She’s encouraging us to have a go at replicating it and display our finished products in our windows.

Lucy's told Jackie's Emily Dexter all about it.

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Twickenham Stadium has become a coronavirus testing site

It will operate on an appointment-only basis for healthcare workers.

Health Minister Lord Bethell calls it “a service that will help end the uncertainty of whether a NHS, social care or key worker must stay at home, or can return to work.”

The government has opened 32 sites as part of their aim to achieve 100,000 tests a day by the end of the month.
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Newlife Fertility Clinic in Epsom responds to some of the biggest worries faced by couples undergoing IVF during the Covid-19 pandemic

Thousands of couples are in danger of losing out on becoming parents after the Coronavirus pandemic forced the closure of all IVF clinics.

All new treatments have been banned and some women have even seen their treatment stopped mid-cycle.

In vitro fertilisation is a process of fertilisation where an egg is combined with sperm outside the body, in vitro.

The process involves monitoring and stimulating a woman's ovulatory process, removing an ovum or ova from the woman's ovaries and letting sperm fertilise them in a liquid in a laboratory.

Visha Trotman is deputy clinic manager at Newlife Fertility Clinic in Epsom, which managed to conclude out all active treatments before it closed.

Visha has talked us through some of the biggest concerns of couples undergoing, or due to undergo IVF.

Newlife has donated its oxygen and PPE to surrounding hospitals.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 11:36 am  

There are calls for the Government to use a sign language interpreter during the daily coronavirus briefings

Battersea MP and Shadow Equalities Secretary Marsha de Cordova says it is “unacceptable” that people are being left behind.

Scotland and Wales, are already using an interpreter, as are France, Japan and Norway.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 11:25 am  

*A “recovery café” in Tooting will stay open in order to ease the workload on the NHS

The site in Garratt Lane is run by the charity Hestia, whose mission is to support vulnerable adults and children during isolation.

Face to face support for up to 25 people at a time, and 5 people at a time during the Covid-19 lock-down, is being offered to try and help ease mental health worries.

The café follows Government guidance to ensure public safety.

To find out more, click here
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 10:28 am  

A 75-year-old man from Boxhill is going to be cycling a Marathon a day until the lockdown is over to raise money for the NHS

Sean Feeney’s daughter Kelly works as a healthcare professional in Ewell.

He’s cycling in place in a Bikeshop in Boxhill.

He says that he wants to do his part to help the nation.

You can find his fundraising page here
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 10:27 am  

Kingston Council has changed its parking restrictions

After originally stating there would be an amnesty only until the 20th, it has extended it until the 7th of May.

The news follows complaints from residents.

One man we spoke to was forced to move his car a twenty minute walk away to avoid a ticket.

People will continue to be able to park in permit-only bays.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 7:23 am  

Monday, 20 April 2020

The Chief of Policing for South West London has been questioned about the lockdown.

The MPs for Twickenham and Battersea talked to Sally Benatar about how the force’s approach.

They spoke about domestic abuse, social distancing, and crime prevention.

They also thanked Chief Superintendent Benatar for the hard work of the officers.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 11:59 pm  

Danny Dyer will help children learn history while Richmond resident Sir David Attenborough will tackle geography during the Covid-19 crisis.

They're among the stars who will appear on the BBC's online lessons for kids to help out with home-schooling.

Doctor Who actress Jodie Whittaker, footballer Sergio Aguero and Professor Brian Cox are among the other big names taking part.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 11:16 pm  

The TV watchdog has issued guidance to ITV

It's after Weybridge based presenter Eamonn Holmes talked about 5G and coronavirus on "This Morning."

Ofcom has also imposed a sanction on ESTV after they broadcast an interview with conspiracy theorist David Icke on their channel London Live.

The regulator says the interviewee expressed views which had the potential to cause "significant harm" to viewers during the pandemic.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 11:15 pm  

Do you recognise any of these items?

Police are looking to identify the owners of these items as part of an ongoing burglary investigation.

The items were recovered after officers stopped a vehicle in Weybridge on Friday, the 13th of March for driving offences.

The driver, a 26 year old man from Worcester Park, was arrested on suspicion of burglary dwelling, failure to stop a vehicle when required and driving whilst under the influence of drugs.

He has been released under investigation.

If you are the owner of these pieces of jewellery, or you have any other information which could assist officers, please call on 101, quoting reference PR/45200028870.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 11:06 pm  

A man has been arrested in connection with a series of indecent exposures in Wandsworth.

Following a call to police about a man acting suspiciously, a 39-year- from Southwark was arrested in Rayners Road on Saturday.

He was arrested on suspicion of indecent exposure, sexual assault and stalking offences.

He was also arrested on two unrelated matters and bailed until next month.

The news comes at the start of the Met Police’s Stalking Awareness Week.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 11:04 pm  

A team of clothing and costume makers in Balham is appealing for fabric to make vital scrubs for GPs and nurses.

The “Scrubs For Merton” project is being run by volunteers at Wimsew Sewing Machine Company.

Over £300 was raised in the first 24 hours to enable production to start.

Each set of scrubs requires 5 metres of cotton fabric.

To donate or find out more, click here
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 11:00 pm  

The charitable arm of Wimbledon’s All England Tennis Club has raised its game by extending the support it offers.

The Wimbledon Foundation has pledged a series of measures to help fallout from the COVID crisis.

It is supporting three new charities across Wandsworth and Wimbledon.

It is donating to St George’s Hospital Coronavirus Appeal funding equipment and assisting in finding accommodation for frontline staff.

It is also helping to deliver much needed mental health and welfare support to hospital staff.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 10:54 pm  

The founder of Radio Caroline has died at the age of 79.

Ronan O'Rahilly passed away earlier.

He had moved back to Ireland in 2013 after being diagnosed with advanced dementia.

Radio Caroline, which started life as a pirate station was England's first commercial station.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 10:20 pm  

An antiques dealer from Chertsey has been inspired by his healthcare worker mum to run an online charity auction in aid of the NHS.

25 year old Phil Mires is hoping to raise a four-figure sum from 75 hand-picked lots from his own special stock.

The lot includes a coat once worn by actress Emma Thompson.

Phil’s mum works at St Peter’s hospital and the auction will start on Thursday and run for ten days.

Those interested in bidding can click here

posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 10:00 pm  

The Wimbledon Dons have set up an action group to help the community during the Covid-19 crisis.

Benji Sumrie told us about the project:

The Dons Local Action Group are across all social media.

If you'd like to donate click here.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 9:00 pm  

A cyclist has died in Ripley.

The man was found at the side of the road in Newark Lane just before 5.30pm yesterday.

The 62-year-old cyclist was treated by paramedics at the scene but was pronounced dead shortly afterwards.

His next of kin has been informed.

posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 8:00 pm  

The Wimbledon Dons are doing their bit to help the community during the Covid-19 crisis

Benji Sumrie told us how you can get involved:

You can find the Dons Local Action Group across all social media, call 020 3301 4511 or e-mail [email protected] or click here

posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 6:36 pm  

Covid-19 update from Kingston council


Allotment sites remain open to allow plot holders to visit as part of their daily exercise in line with social distancing guidelines and advice set out by the National Allotment Society.

Due to limited resources, our grounds maintenance contractor, Idverde has suspended plot inspections and new plot allocations at this time.


A huge thank you to all those who have donated to or volunteered at Kingston’s food banks.

The generosity of Kingston’s residents has helped our food banks to respond to unprecedented demand, but more donations are needed.

Beverley Duncan, of New Malden Baptist Church Foodbank, said: “Lots of changes at Kingston Foodbank and we are busier than ever. We are so grateful for all the donations of long life food from the community. Please keep them coming.

“One lovely 6 year old boy was so desperate to help, that he donated some of his Easter chocolate for us to give away. What a star!”

Time to be kind

Social isolation poses particular challenges for many individuals with Autism and their families.

Express CIC is a Kingston based user group supporting around 500 families across Richmond and Kingston.

Founded by Tracey and Annette, both parents of autistic children, the group runs awareness events and therapy groups for children and their siblings, as well as 1 to 1 sessions.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak the group has seen an increase in demand for telephone and online support including 1 to 1 therapy sessions.

Delivering a highly individualised service in the current circumstances is challenging, since individuals can find it hard to adapt to new situations, but everyone can make a difference.

Tracey’s message to the wider community is to be aware and be kind.

Often parents need to take their child with them to places they wouldn’t choose to go, such as the supermarket.

If you are able to, give them space and let them go in front of you.

Keep an eye out for autistic individuals living in the community, they may find it hard to ask for help, or understand that they need help.

We can all play our part by being good neighbours and making life a bit easier for those who need our support.

Save The World Club Food Distribution

Kingston based environmental charity, Save the World Club, delivers surplus food on a daily basis to those most in need. According to Founder, Des Kay, since early March they have seen an 80% increase in demand due to the COVID-19 crisis.

Although a challenging time, the community has responded with more businesses donating food, more people volunteering, more use made of their warehouse and closer links forged with the Council, food banks and other community groups.

Through this amazing combined effort, hundreds of essential food items and ready meals have been delivered across the borough to vulnerable residents and to those on low incomes who could not feed their families without this support.

A massive thank you from STWC to everyone who has stepped up to help them at this time.

#XpressYourselfMusicChallenge: Calling all teenagers!

A huge congratulations to the winner of #XpressYourselfMusicChallenge week one, Mahmouda Ali, and to all of the amazing entries received.

The music challenge, hosted by Project X for Achieving for Children, has a different theme each week. In week one, this was to perform a rap including words such as ‘Coronavirus’ and ‘lockdown’.

You can hear Mahmouda’s winning COVID-19 (Coronavirus) rap, as well as second place Amadeus Jeetla-Lang and third place Matilda Edwards on Project X’s Instagram.

The challenge is now calling for entries for its second week.

This week’s theme: to rap about someone or something that has made you proud during lockdown.

To enter you must be a resident of Kingston upon Thames or Richmond upon Thames, aged 11 to 19.

You can find out details for week 2’s challenge on Project X's Instagram.

Voting will start later this week on the Instagram page.

The top three entries each week will go through to week four’s final, in which a £50 voucher is up for grabs.

Thanks Sewing for Kingston - Surbiton

A big thank you to the Sewing for Kingston - Surbiton community group for creating a special range of innovative products to help support our key workers at this time.

The group, established by retired doctor, Kate Kenyon, has provided over 250 handmade drawstring bags to the Kingston police force to wash contaminated uniforms in, crafted knitted headbands for care workers to reduce the pressure of face masks and much more.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 5:27 pm  

Twickenham Stadium is set to be the site of a new drive-thru Covid testing facility to increase the testing rate for key workers.

It is part of the Government’s new partnership with universities, research institutes and companies.

It will form part a network of 32 new labs and field-testing sites rolled out across the UK.

It will operate on an appointment only basis for NHS staff and other key workers.

The first few days will be on a pilot only basis.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 3:56 pm  

Malden golf club in New Malden one of many asking walkers to keep off the course

Signs have appeared on Malden Golf course asking people to keep off the grass.

Walkers and joggers have been spotted using the club land, which is currently closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

A number of clubs are asking people not to use their land for exercise as the grass still needs to be maintained.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 2:14 pm  

A prison officer in Ashford is reportedly under investigation for allegedly stealing toilet roll from St Peter’s Hospital

That’s according to The Sun, who report it happened when a pregnant inmate was being transferred there for a checkup.

HMP Bronzefield says that given the circumstances, it’s a “breach of trust”.

Surrey Police confirmed they have launched an investigation.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 1:00 pm  

Scientists are warning about another problem is about to hit our shores from Asia . . . . the peach potato aphid.

It reproduces quickly and is about to hit our farms and gardens transmitting over 100 deadly viruses to our plants.

But advice from the Royal Horticultural Society, which runs the nation's flowers shows, including Chelsea, is reassuring.

It believes toxic chemicals can be avoided and that blue tits, ladybirds, or just squashing the aphids will help to control them.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 12:32 pm  

A man has been issued with a Community Resolution after damaging the Runnymede Council Offices

A bottle was thrown at the offices in Addlestone last Wednesday, chipping a glass panel.

A man in his twenties was seen cycling around the area at the time of the incident.

A Community Resolution is for low level crimes, where the offender has agreed to either apologise or pay any damages.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 11:52 am  

Services are resuming after a fire at Battersea Park station earlier

Crews were called just after 8 this morning to a fire under one of the platforms, which damaged part of a carriage.

People were evacuated before the brigade arrived, and there are no reports of any injuries.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 11:06 am  

Today many children will start another week of home-schooling, with no date set for the reopening of schools

Yesterday, education secretary Gavin Williamson apologised to children for the interruption to their studies.

He also ruled out opening classrooms over the summer.

Feltham and Heston MP Seema Malhotra is concerned a few months off could set some children back years.

posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 8:35 am  

Staff in Kingston Hospital’s physiotherapy department have set up a ‘wobble room.’

It’s to support staff at work during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Wobble rooms have begun popping up in the NHS to give busy staff a place to go to share their worries, have a little cry, or just sit quietly.

The hospital’s health and wellbeing chaplain, Diana Steadman has begun running sessions in the room for staff as well.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 7:06 am  

Sunday, 19 April 2020

Stressed-out cats at a Mitcham animal shelter are being played the soothing sounds of nature to keep them calm.

MP3 players in the cats' pens play things like rainfall and birdsong.

Staff at the Cats Protection Homing Centre on Church Road also use a soundtrack of everyday noises such as sneezing, laughing, washing machines and lawnmowers.

The centre says as well as relaxing the felines, this will prepare them for when the lockdown is over and they can be moved to their forever homes.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 8:07 pm  

Surrey police are urging residents to check government guidance before reporting neighbours over social distancing rules.

It follows a huge spike in complaints, including over 1400 in the week before Easter.

The force says it’d rather keep complaints down, so the victims of crime can be prioritised.

Police are suggesting a polite word with neighbours should be tried first.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 6:01 pm  

Surrey Police have been dealing with a huge spike in complaints about coronavirus and social distancing.

The force is urging residents to consult the government’s guidelines before reporting their neighbours.

Of the 1,700 online reporting forms completed by the public in the week before Easter, over 80% were about coronavirus and perceived breaches of the rules.

Calls to 101 were also up 20 per cent.

Each report has to be individually assessed and police say they’re concerned to keep numbers down so they can concentrate their resources on helping victims of crime.

The force has suggested that people consult government guidance and if they think a neighbour is breaking the stay-at-home guidelines they should consider having a polite conversation with them first.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 4:25 pm  

50 homeless people in Hounslow have been found a place to stay since the lockdown began.

Council officials have been working together with charities like St Mungo’s.

London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, says that 1,000 homeless people have been helped off the London streets and are now self-isolating in hotels and other temporary accommodation.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 2:08 pm  

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