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Saturday, 16 May 2020

A care home near Leatherhead’s promising to put a big smile on residents’ faces with a special drive-past.

People being looked after at Gracewell of Bookham will get to see their family and friends on Monday, from a safe distance of course, for the first time in 9 weeks.

Vicky Radmore, who’s the Home Admissions officer there told me that staff there have planned an afternoon to remember:

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Royal Parks has told us it is “digesting” Government advice on easing lock-down restrictions.

The group manages a number of parks in London, including Richmond.

Cycling has been banned there since March 27th, except for NHS workers and children.

The group says it will make a decision soon on when cycling can return and it's looking forward to welcoming cyclists back.
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Tonight should have been the annual Moonwalk London.

The event sees thousands of men and women gather on Clapham Common wearing bras and fancy dress, before setting off at midnight for either a 15 or 26 mile stroll.

Money raised goes to breast cancer charity Walk the Walk; but this year’s event has been postponed due to the pandemic.

Founder Nina Barough says she’s so proud of what the event has achieved and will continue to achieve..

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The Met police use of stop and search has dramatically increased during lockdown, with it more than doubling in Hammersmith and Fulham

The data reveals the area has had the highest increase of any London borough, with 1130 cases last month compared to just 558 in March.

Across London, there were 30,608 uses of stop and search in April, compared to 23,787 in March.

Although Scotland Yard has said crime has fallen since lockdown, they suggest drug crime and gang activity have become more visible, leading to more stop and searches based on intelligence.
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People are being encouraged to use parks responsibly, after the government eased lockdown measures.

People can now exercise more often, and meet one person per day from outside their household, so long as they socially distance.

Samia Chaudhary from Hounslow Council says they will monitor the use of the borough’s parks.

She says “please remain considerate of others” and keep two metres away.
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Businesses across Wimbledon have made incredible contributions to support coronavirus efforts by feeding the community, re-purposing their facilities and supporting the NHS

Firecracker Works in Dundonald Road have adapted their facilities to manufacture PPE for the NHS, Healthcare and Frontline workers, aiming to produce 30,000 face visors.

Elys department store supplied Easter Eggs to NHS workers and textiles to Ricards Lodge to be made into kit washing bags.

The Alexandra Pub near Wimbledon Station has made over 4,000 meals for the NHS, whilst Lush donated bath bombs to NHS staff working on the frontline.

Whilst Dons Local Action Group, Old Wimbledonians, The old Rutlishian's, and Wimbledon Guild continue to feed as many residents as they can during the outbreak.

Wibbas Down, Wahaca and Leon have contributed towards foodbanks and shelters and Merton Covid Mutual Aid.
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Richmond Council is getting a new lead member for business next week
Richard Baker will be announced when Cllr Acton, the current holder of the post, is elected Mayor of Richmond.

Cllr Baker is a ward councillor for Teddington and has been a resident of the town for over 30 years.

The authority says he has “ample” experience of businesses having spent over 30 years working in the corporate banking industry.
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Police in England and Wales have issued over 14,000 fines for the alleged breaking of lockdown rules – including 906 in London

The figures collected from 27th March to 11th May show the most fixed penalties came from the Metropolitan Police.

The fines ranging between £60 and £100 were introduced for breaches of social distancing including people’s right to move around and be a part of a gathering.

It has also been revealed that 56 people have been wrongly charged with offences related to the pandemic.

The most amount of fines were imposed during the sunny weather at Easter with almost 600 issued on Saturday 11th April and another 500 the following day.
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A personal trainer from Fulham is using her time in lockdown to host fitness workouts for her neighbours.

24-year-old Flo Dowler is running 30-minute workouts from on top of a giant portable toilet on her road.

Her classes are raising money for the National Emergencies Trust in support of the NHS Covid-19 appeal.

Residents are asked to bring dumbbells to maximise their efforts, but some have used tins of tomatoes or carried their pets.

Social distancing measures are observed during the workouts as they do aerobics to eighties classics played from a speaker.
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A 9-year-old boy from Tooting has undertaken his own personal challenge for NHS 111Charities Together.

Despite his asthma, Elijah Storey has run a total of just over 99 miles after 26 days raising a total of over £3,000 so far.

He has been pushing his tired legs 3 to 5 miles every day aiming to reach his target of 111 miles Sunday.

His family, which has been tagging along in all weathers to give him morale support, says he was inspired by Colonel Tom Moore.
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Friday, 15 May 2020

Building works are set to continue to upgrade a primary school in Teddington.

Collis Primary is to benefit from a new nursery, infant hall, school kitchen, teaching and office spaces.

The council says the current facilities are dilapidated and urgently need to be replaced.

It’s hoped the improvement work will be completed in time for the autumn term.
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The Supreme Court will hear an appeal from Heathrow Airport in the first week of October.

The airport is trying to get plans for a third runway passed.

A hearing at the Court of Appeal in February didn’t go its way.

It ruled the Government hadn’t taken into account the Paris climate change agreement when it originally ruled expansion could go ahead.
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The Lib Dem candidate for Mayor of London says the Government’s TfL bailout has weakened current Mayor Sadiq Khan’s position.

Siobhan Benita from New Malden says although essential, it has come with “expensive conditions” like ending fare freezes.

She says it has weakened the Labour Mayor’s hand in future negotiations with the government.

Ms Benita is calling for TfL projects like the £1 billion Thames Silvertown Tunnel to be scrapped to save money.
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Holidays have been ruled out this year, but a hypnotherapist from Twickenham is urging us to take a virtual break

Denise Bosque has teamed up with travel agent Thames Travel to create a free online guide.

The aim is to help us “spirit” our mind away to our ideal holiday destination.

It’s hoped this will help us relax and de-stress.
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Airlines that switch to eco-friendly fuels should pay lower tax, according to the boss of Heathrow airport

John Holland-Kaye has written an article for a conservative think tank, where he says air travel is “fundamental” to economic recovery.

He says the government can "help aviation build back better" by accelerating the use of sustainable fuels.

The widespread affordability of kerosene has reportedly limited the use of biofuels in air travel.
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Extinction Rebellion are to create pop-up bike lanes this weekend, to protest against car use as the lockdown eases

Groups including Staines will also take part in a socially distanced bike ride on Sunday.

The government is investing £250 million for temporary bike lanes, but the group says they need to go further.

The groups also says the action will not involve blocking roads or limiting their use.
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Tooting & Mitcham United FC have raised over £8,000 to keep themselves going during the pandemic

Ciaran Kelly and Emmeline Pinion became a “friend of the club” by donating £500.

It allows them to advertise a businesses, but the two have passed this to St George’s Hospital instead.

Ciaran says he’s been impressed by the “community spirit” of the club ever since moving to the area two years ago.

Amerjit Chohan, from the hospital, says they’re all “touched”.
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A police constable has been found guilty of perverting the course of justice at Kingston Crown court

PC Hitesh Lakhani from the Met’s Central West BCU called in whilst off duty to say a child had been sexually assaulted in Uxbridge.

It was later revealed after an investigation and analysis of CCTV footage that the offence had not taken place.

Lakhani was found to have breached the standards of professional judgement and dismissed without notice.
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London Mayor Sadiq Khan to increase the C-Charge to £15 from £11.50 from next month and it will be enforceable 7 days a week

The government has confirmed a £1.6bn bailout of Transport for London (TfL) after fares income fell by 90% in the last two months.

Mr Khan has been working from home in Tooting.

He chatted to Sky's Adam Boulton earlier saying it's not a good deal for Londoners, but there's no alternative.

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Tree cutting alongside the District Line commenced last week near Wimbledon Park

However, people living in nearby Melrose Avenue have written to TfL demanding to know why so much woodland has been removed.

They also complained that they weren’t told the works would be taking place beforehand.

Transport for London has replied, saying that the work is essential, and if any trees can be preserved, they will be.

Duncan Weir, Head of Track for London Underground, said: “We only cut back trees on the Underground network where there is no alternative to doing so. The trees near Wimbledon Park have begun to grow over a signal and cause a debris risk along the line, which means they have to be cut back for safety reasons. We will do all we can to minimise the impact of the tree removal on local residents and ensure all work is carried out responsibly.”

TfL says the trees will be cut back gradually in the coming months to reduce the impact on the local residents that a one-time removal might have

TfL says it is also ensuring that the trees are cut properly to reduce the possibility that they will fall on to residents’ property during extreme weather or due to rot. That means that some of the work may take place away from the railway.

The smaller pieces that are cut from the trees will be scattered along walkways and banks to help prevent weeds and to biodegrade, helping local ecosystems.

Residents living in Melrose Avenue have issued the following reply to TFL.

"Over recent months the railway banks, an area of documented significant biodiversity, replete with native trees, bird nests, fox covens, have been subjected to severe cut backs of the trees and undergrowth by TFL (in our experience by very aggressive men with chain saws), depleting the tree coverage and wildlife habitat, causing environmental damage as well as creating significant noise and light pollution and impacting resident wellbeing through the loss of green. We’ve put up with these cut backs, approaching the chain saw-ers politely to ask about their plans with the hope of mitigating biodiversity risk, because they have been within 3 metres of the train line, yet you only need to look at the devastation around Southfields and Wimbledon Park to see our concern.

Your plans to “adamantly” continue with tree cutting without connecting with the communities in which you impact is concerning, especially with this move having the potential to affect the living conditions and mental well-being of residents during the COVID-19 pandemic. I appreciate you are able to do this under the guise of safety but the TfL-community partnership contract is important.

Can you assure us that this work will be undertaken to the minimal viable level and within TfL’s green infrastructure commitments, which has been widely publicised and documented? This loss of habitat has a precedent which needs not to be repeated, as documented and published by the London Assembly, 2012, Along the right lines.

This is a highly emotive issue and when planning these works, I guess, we residents are faceless numbers on spreadsheets, if considered at all. You will likely receive a significant amount of correspondence from residents who wish to ensure that this cutting is very sensitively handled and environmentally monitored as our past experiences, documented by residents over the past 40 years and all over us over the past 6 months, have pointed to the country. Only in February and may of this year, your chainsaw happy contractors smoked and littered as they went and taunted residents about their plans.

The opposition statements that you will receive will also highlight the human stories; from the family with a 13 year old autistic son whose condition is managed by the “enchanted forest” in the back garden, through to the elderly residents who remember the “worst days of their lives” when the trees were removed and have lived on Melrose Avenue for 20 years seeing their slow grow back.
You’ll also hear from the residents who enjoy the bird song and question why this would happen during nesting season?

I await your urgent confirmation that the community of Wimbledon Park will be notified as to the dates of any works and request that they will be extremely sensitively managed in the presence of supervisors from relevant environmental bodies, who are equally watching this with concern."
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Two teenagers have been convicted after being caught with a gun and a zombie knife in a minicab in Epsom

Police stopped the taxi in the evening on the 19th of March.

One immediately told police he had a revolver in his pocket, and the other had the knife in his waistband.

The 18-year-olds will be sentenced at a later date.
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A coronavirus doctor at Epsom Hospital has saved the life of a heart surgeon, who had saved him 20 years earlier

Dr Shakil Rahman was able to rescue Dr Chandra, who had performed a bypass on him after a near-fatal blockage in his arteries in 1999.

Dr Rahman told the Evening Standard that Chandra is “an extremely kind doctor” and that “it was a great feeling” to see him leave hospital.
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WHSmith are putting their faith in Heathrow, as they plan to open a new flagship shop at the airport

The firm’s revenue dropped 85% last month due to closures and low levels of customers.

It’s reportedly expecting an increase in air and rail travel in the autumn, and will open the Heathrow store in the second half of the year.
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Kingston Council has confirmed that the completion of the Go Cycle scheme could be in doubt because of Coronavirus

The Prime Minister Boris Johnson awarded the borough £30 million in 2014 when he was Mayor of London to create a “mini Holland.”

But Kingston says the funding is coming entirely from Transport for London, which has been adversely affected by the pandemic.

The Council also requires external funding to complete the projects currently under construction.

The issue surfaced in a newsletter from Lib Dem Richmond Park MP Sarah Olney, who warned residents;

Kingston is in the middle of an extensive cycling infrastructure project right now. The Go Cycle programme is a £32M transformation that will "upgrade Kingston’s major highway routes to accommodate the latest cycling infrastructure, while improving the flow of road users, cyclists, and pedestrians, and enhancing the environments through which they travel." Completion of this project depends on continued funding post-Covid.

A spokesman says the authority is monitoring the situation very closely.

In the event that works need to be paused due to lack of funding, the Council will ensure that all work sites will be made safe and secure.

Kingston Council says "TfL allocated the £32m funding to the Council for the Go Cycle programme in 2014. Since then, TfL have transferred a portion of this overall funding to the Council on an annual basis.

However, the Council has yet to receive confirmation or receipt of the funding for the 2020/21 year. The Council are awaiting confirmation from TfL regarding how much of the funding they will be transferring for this year."
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There’s a warning that help for special needs children in Richmond may be “under threat”

The council has seen a 24% rise in the number of children who need support over the last three years.

Councillor Robin Brown says while they have seen “flickers” of additional funding, they’re only able to keep pace with increasing need.

A Department for Education spokesperson says:

“We are committed to supporting the safety and wellbeing of children with special educational needs and disabilities, which is why we have increased the high needs budget to well over £7 billion this year, an increase of 12% nationally compared to last year.

“Our SEND Review will look at how we improve the system for everyone who needs support.”
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A mobile Coronavirus testing unit is setting up in Kingston today

Operated by the army, it will be located in the Cattle market carpark.

Only those with pre-booked appointments will qualify for a test.

You must also fall within one of the testing groups, which includes the over 65s and frontline NHS workers.
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Children are being encouraged to make tiny books, for a National Library of Miniature Books.

Children are being encouraged to make tiny books, for a National Library of Miniature Books.

The British Library has published instructions on how to make a 57mm by 47mm book, which is “around the same length as a mouse’s tail”.

Kingston resident Jacqueline Wilson has already contributed a tiny, hand-drawn text of her own, which she’s been reading.

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Two sisters from New Malden are skipping their way to raise money for the NHS and its staff at Kingston Hospital.

Two sisters from New Malden are skipping their way to raise money for the NHS and its staff at Kingston Hospital.

Emily and Lottie Cleaver, aged 9 and 14, have been inspired by Captain Tom Moore’s heroic feat.

They’ve decided to skip 1,000 times a day until they return to school.

The sisters have raised over £1,000 so far with a target of £2,000 to go towards NHS Charities Together.

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M&S is opening some cafes today, but for takeaway hot drinks only.

M&S is opening some cafes today, but for takeaway hot drinks only.

There'll be strict safety measures, such as perspex screens and extensive hygiene rules.

The only outlets locally are in Kingston and Clapham.
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A recycling centre in Hounslow is reopening, although only two vehicles can enter the site at any time.

A recycling centre in Hounslow is reopening, although only two vehicles can enter the site at any time.

Staff at Space Waye will also be unable to help people carry items.

The council is stressing that its for essential use only, where storing waste at home could cause injury or illness.
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A group of men have been repeatedly “threatening” a woman in Addlestone for money.

A group of men have been repeatedly “threatening” a woman in Addlestone for money.

Over the last six months, men have been turning up at her house, demanding money for work never carried out.

On two occasions, the suspects took her bank card and withdrew money from her account.

CCTV pictures have been released, which you can find on our Twitter feed, just search for Jackie News.

Anyone with information should contact Surrey Police or Crimestoppers.
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Garden waste collection is to resume in Wandsworth from Monday.

Garden waste collection is to resume in Wandsworth from Monday.

Residents are being asked to ensure it is put out at their property boundary and is clearly visible.

Bulky waste collections have not yet resumed.

Recycling centres in the borough have reopened, but with limited services.

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Lambeth’s SouthSounds is working with ITV’s The Voice to conduct a talent hunt for next year’s series.

Lambeth’s SouthSounds is working with ITV’s The Voice to conduct a talent hunt for next year’s series.

The community-based music collective was launched just two years ago.

The aim is to showcase the talent of South London based artists.

To apply, send in a music video to the South Sounds website by tomorrow.

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A very different type of escapee has been found close to parkland outside Wormwood Scrubs prison.

A very different type of escapee has been found close to parkland outside Wormwood Scrubs prison.

An orange corn snake was captured by the RSPCA and taken to the charity’s animal hospital in Putney.

He turned out to be a very lively captive according to inspector Emily Buckett who managed to retrieve him.

She says he was most likely to have been a lost or abandoned pet but is in good health.
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Thursday, 14 May 2020

A campaign has been launched to bring Streatham Hill Theatre back into use.

A campaign has been launched to bring Streatham Hill Theatre back into use.

Lambeth Council has committed £7,500 to a viability study into whether the 91-year-old building could become a cultural venue again

Over £34,000 has already been found via a crowdfunding campaign launched by Friends of Streatham Hill Theatre.

The Grade II listed building opened in 1929 and played host to theatre, opera, ballet and music hall acts until 1962.

It was then converted into a Mecca bingo hall.

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A number of pet scams are doing the rounds across Surrey.

A number of pet scams are doing the rounds across Surrey.

The suspect typically advertises puppies or kittens online and uses the Covid-19 outbreak as the reason the victim can’t see the pet.

They will often send photos or videos and persuade the victim to make a deposit or even full payment in advance.

The pet is never provided.

Nationwide, over 650 people lost a combined total of £282,000 in March and April, after putting down deposits for pets online.

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A series of rapid temporary measures are being installed on Richmond’s roads to help with social distancing.

A series of rapid temporary measures are being installed on Richmond’s roads to help with social distancing.

It’s so that more people can walk or cycle around the borough.

One of the measures is the introduction of a Rapid Response Team.

Staff will be on hand to visit areas seen to be having problems sticking to social distancing and they will be able to take immediate action if needed.
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There are calls for the government to do more to help councils avoid bankruptcy.

There are calls for the government to do more to help councils avoid bankruptcy.

Croydon North MP Steve Reed has written to the housing secretary, saying that local authority funding is in a “fragile state”.

He says without government money, “ the heroes we all applaud” will lose their jobs, and councils will be unable to support economies through recovery.

An MHCLG spokesperson said:

"We’re giving councils an unprecedented package of support, including £3.2 billion emergency funding, to tackle the immediate pressures they have told us they’re facing.

“This is on top of English councils' core spending power rising by over £2.9 billion this financial year and this week we announced a further £600 million to help reduce the infection rate in care homes.

“The Government will continue to work closely with councils as the pandemic progresses to develop an ongoing assessment of costs as they support their communities through this national emergency.”

Additional information:

• The package recognises the additional costs and pressures on finances councils are facing as a result of the current crisis. It demonstrates the Government’s commitment to making sure councils,
• including upper and lower tier authorities, have the resources they need to support their communities through this challenging time.
• The second £1.6 billion funding has been allocated based on population to ensure a fair split of funding to local councils and their residents at this difficult time.
• The per capita allocation for the second tranche is a fair and balanced response to the national effort in tacking coronavirus; and there is no evidence to suggest that deprivation drives extra Covid-19 costs.
• It is important to consider the allocation of both £1.6 billion funding allocations together as the additional funding provided to councils.
• The local authority allocations can be found by clicking here.

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Two MPs are supporting an initiative run by Age UK in Sutton where young people can interact with lonely older residents.

Sutton and Cheam’s Paul Scully and Carshalton and Wallington’s Elliot Colburn have welcomed the “Letters of Joy” campaign.

Each letter contains a picture, letter or poem connecting the young to the elderly, who may be self- isolating or living in care homes.

The letters will be quarantined before sending to prevent any transmission of the virus.
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A new fleet of electric vehicles are being used by Spelthorne Council staff

The authority says it’s part of its drive to reduce its carbon emissions.

It has already achieved a reduction in its energy use of almost 40% over the past decade.

The newly unveiled vehicles include two Nissan Leafs which will be used by neighbourhood policing officers.
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Mobile Coronavirus testing units due in Kingston tomorrow and Saturday.

Mobile Testing Units, staffed by the Army, are being deployed to sites throughout England on a rolling programme coordinated by the Department for Health and Social Care.

One will be set up at Kingston's cattle market car park tomorrow, but you can only attend if you have a confirmed appointment.

Tests will be available to book on the Government’s national self referral portal for all those eligible; that's anyone with symptoms who is:

*an essential worker

*going to work and cannot work from home

*over 65

*lives with any of the above

All social care workers and home residents are also eligible for testing whether or not they have symptoms.

Those with confirmed appointments are asked to drive to the MTU wherever possible.
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Number of sheds catch fire in Feltham

Firefighters were called to reports of sheds alight in Riverdale Road.

Most of a range of garden sheds at the rear of a row of semi-detached houses were damaged by the fire.

There were no reports of any injuries.

The Brigade's 999 Control Officers took nine calls to the blaze.

The Brigade was called at 10am and the fire was under control by 11.30am.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.
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Two men from Croydon and one other have been charged following County Lines warrants in which a green Lamborghini was seized.

The warrants were executed by Met and Hampshire Police officers on Tuesday.

34 year old Calvin Hutchinson was charged with being concerned in the supply of Class A drugs and acquisition, use and possession of criminal property contrary to the proceeds of crime act (2002).

38 year old Aubin Earl Hutchinson was charged with being concerned in the supply of Class A drugs and acquisition, and use and possession of criminal property contrary to the proceeds of crime act (2002).

41 year old Gavin Byron Griffiths was charged with being concerned in the supply of class A drugs (crack cocaine) and one charge of being concerned in the supply of Class A drugs (heroin).

They were remanded to appear at Portsmouth Magistrates Court.
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Detectives have seized firearms, swords, drugs and thousands of pounds in cash following a raid in Feltham

The haul included a handgun, an air rifle, two samurai swords, about 60 cannabis plants, and approximately £4,000.

A 36 year old man and a 15 year old boy were arrested at the scene.

They were taken to a west London police station where they remain in custody.

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Family-run Spring Electrical is helping distribute face visors for front-line NHS staff

Spring Electrical is involved in the Epsom Covid-19 Face Visors campaign on Facebook.

For every £2 donated to the cause, one face shield can be made.

Denise Hillier is the part owner and delivery driver for the team; she tells us more about the project.

More details about the campaign can be found on Facebook.

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The response of Richmond Council to Covid -19 will be discussed during a virtual meeting today

The Finance Police and Resources Committee meeting will scrutinise how Richmond has reacted and adapted to life under lockdown.

Up for discussion will be how essential services have been maintained and what measures were put in to help all sectors.

Richmond has led the way in setting up one of the first Community Hubs in London with a helpline and email for urgent enquiries.
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Iceland is offering tourists a coronavirus test or a 14-day quarantine, as it plans to open its doors to holidaymakers

The exact details are currently unknown, but the nation says it may permit people from countries which have seen infections fall.

Icelandair is running a drastically reduced service between Heathrow and Reykjavik.

The UK’s Foreign Office is advising against all but essential travel, and notes “wide-ranging restrictions” in the country.
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Final approval has been given to the first wave of Covid-19 funding for community groups across Richmond

The £100,000 Covid-19 Response Fund was set up as part of the Council’s response to the pandemic.

The aim is to get money quickly to organisations that are on the ground now helping vulnerable people through the crisis.

The council has approved the first round of financial awards to six organisations supporting vulnerable people and those self-isolating.

Projects were chosen that could have an immediate, positive impact.
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“Heartbroken” people have been taking to social media, after the McDonalds in Tooting was unable to deliver to them

The service resumed yesterday as delivery-only in just 15 restaurants across the UK, and experienced extreme demand.

One user posted that he lives half a mile away, but UberEats said he was too far away to order.

McDonalds UK tweeted to say some restaurants are experiencing very high levels of orders, and deliveries may become temporarily unavailable.
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People across Merton, Sutton and Wandsworth are being reminded of the many services available to help them keep good mental health

SW London and St George’s Mental Health Trust says the Covid-19 pandemic is having a serious effect on anxiety and depression.

Noel Brown is the Wellbeing Lead at Talk Wandsworth.

He says help should always be available for anyone who needs it.

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One place that has been benefitting from the lock-down is Unigate Wood in Streatham

Walkers have reported seeing many more wildflowers, bees and insects over the past few weeks.

Lambeth Council says grass cutting and maintenance has been kept to a minimum across the borough and plants are self-seeding as a result.

Once it’s safe, the Parks Team will do an inventory to determine what new flowers and plants have laid down roots.
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Police in South West London are going to be visiting people linked to violence over the following weeks

The purpose is to give individuals the “opportunity to consider a behaviour change” and avoid being in situations that may be violent.

They will be offered a range of “diversion” opportunities tailored to their needs to help them disengage from past criminal activities.

The move has been announced by the SW Borough Commander, Sally Benatar, as lockdown measures start to be relaxed.
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A lucky black cat from a cat’s protection centre in Mitcham has become the first to benefit from a hands- free homing Scheme

Wilfey was spotted by Claire Blekkenhorst in Sutton and has become a special pal to her 7-year-old son Cooper.

The contactless scheme is being piloted as part of a carefully controlled response in lockdown to safely rehome cats.

Once a home has been found after a virtual meet-up the cats are delivered in a Cats Protection van observing social distancing rules

If you think you can be the purrfect match for a you can visit the website here.

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Wednesday, 13 May 2020

A plastic pot left on a hob caused a fire at a house in Croydon.

The brigade were called yesterday morning to Lyndhurst Close.

Part of the ground floor was damaged, but there are no reports of any injuries.

People are being advised to keep anything flammable away from the cooker.
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Independent shops in Elmbridge have been given a grant to help them implement social distancing.

Up to £2,000 is available from the council to help them sell online, and £250 to adapt for distancing measures.

Councillor Christine Elmer says high streets are the “life blood of our town and village centres”.

The council says its paid out more than £20m to support local businesses during the pandemic.
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A man has been arrested after being found with a samurai sword in Surbiton.

Police stopped and searched the 31-year-old yesterday evening.

He’s been arrested and is now in custody.
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Work has commenced on London's “Super Sewer” following a postponement due to Coronavirus.

The £3.8bn network will cover 15 miles, from Acton to Stratford, covering areas including Fulham and Wandsworth.

Around 1,000 staff are expected to be working on site, although the developer, Tideway, say they will follow all government advice.
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Clapham has been identified as an "idling hotspot".

Lambeth council are introducing £20 fines for drivers who leave their engine running while stationary, and will run an awareness campaign.

Between February 2018 and September 2019, wardens asked 2,044 drivers to stop idling, with 27 refusing to comply.

Deputy Leader Claire Holland says "poor air quality is a huge health risk to our residents, and engine idling is a major contributor".
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Critical care and nursing experts from Kingston Uni have been seconded to deliver intensive care training to NHS staff.

Jacqui Kerr reports:
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Merton Council has today launched a £1 million neighbourhood funding programme.

Community and voluntary groups and charities can now bid for a slice of the funding via the council’s website.

Bidding opened today, and will close on the 3rd of July.

A decision on successful bids will be made at Merton Council’s Cabinet meeting in September.

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Five people have been arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to supply Class A drugs from addresses in Croydon last Tuesday.

During the raid by police, three vehicles including a bright green Lamborghini were seized.

It’s part of a joint operation by the Met and Hampshire Police to investigate and disrupt supply of drugs along county lines.

Police are emphasising that they will continue to protect vulnerable adults and children from the threat of drugs during the pandemic.
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Surrey’s Police and Crime commissioner has issued a statement welcoming the relaxation of lock-down restrictions.

David Munro has praised the people of the county for their resilience during the pandemic.

He says although there is a “new normal’ to come, he is still emphasising safe distancing within the new rules.

Mr Munro says the force will continue to explain and encourage the measures necessary to slow the spread of coronavirus.

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Proposed work on Epsom Post Office will be the subject of a virtual meeting tomorrow.

Epsom and Ewell Borough Council will use video and audio conference technology to stream for the first time.

Press and public will be able to attend as observers either online or by phone.

The council has stressed that continuation of planning processes are vital to continued investment and economic recovery in the borough.

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Message from Hounslow Council Leader Steve Curran on coronavirus recovery strategy

“Our fight against the coronavirus is far from over. Though the Government has laid out a route to easing the lockdown, for now, very little has changed. The Council’s number one priority of protecting and supporting our most vulnerable residents will continue to underpin everything we do.

“To keep ourselves and others safe, and to protect our NHS, we must all still stay home as much as possible, work from home if we can, stay 2m apart from others not in our household, and self-isolate if anyone in our household has symptoms. We are at a crucial moment in controlling the spread and people flouting the rules could undo all the efforts of the past seven weeks and put lives at risk.

“We should also stay local where possible and avoid unnecessary journeys on public transport. The Council is currently bringing in a range of measures to make walking and cycling easier and safer.

“What is expected from today is some relaxation of the rules around exercise and using parks. We are awaiting further guidance from the Government on this and will take a precautionary approach until there is complete clarity. And, whatever the new measures may be, you will still need to keep at least 2m from people not in your household.

“The Council is also looking to bring some services back online, such as reopening Space Waye to the general public. More information on this, and the necessary measures being taken to make sure it’s safe, will be announced this week.

“As restrictions are gradually lifted, and circumstances become more complex, I ask that you remain patient with our staff and those of our partners who are trying to ensure people follow the rules. Our motivations are always about reducing the spread of coronavirus and protecting people. We must never forget that this is about saving lives.”
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Open letter from the South West Borough Commander for the Metropolitan Police, Sally Benatar

"I wanted to write and brief you about some police activity taking place in our local area (and the rest of London).

As you are aware, during the lockdown period, we have been continuing our focus on reducing violence in the capital together with our Local Authority partners through the community safety partnerships.

As we start looking towards a relaxation or removal of lockdown in due course, we want to maintain the reductions in violent crime, building upon the natural pause in offending realised due to the COVID restrictions.

As part of our ongoing offender management work, we are planning to visit a number of people who have been linked to violence in our communities.

The purpose of these visits is to give individuals the opportunity to consider how to change their behaviour and to avoid being in situations that may be violent.

They will be offered a range of diversion opportunities tailored to their needs, we are working with our Local Authority partners and the Violence Reduction Unit on these diversion options. The purpose of the visit will be to engage and encourage the individual to find a new path.

You will also see additional patrols or activity in certain locations. The locations represent places where violence and robberies have been concentrated during the last 12 weeks. Officers will be conducting additional policing activity over a 3 week period at these locations, which may include weapons sweeps or knife search operations, as well as community engagement activity. We are developing how we will resource these visits, whilst still maintaining Neighbourhood policing patrols across the boroughs, and we will share these plans with the Heads of Community Safety as we progress them.

We are also progressing our safeguarding plans which will focus on six areas where we anticipate an increase in risk and/or demand: domestic abuse, online child sexual abuse, intra-familial child abuse, missing persons, mental health and county lines.

Again as you would expect we are working closely with our council partners in all these areas.

Following the PM’s announcement, we are reviewing the impact for the Met. As restrictions and regulations change so will the role of the police. There is currently no change to the health protection legislation so operationally our policing approach remains the same at present. Officers will be on their usual patrols, talking to people, engaging and explaining the current guidance and encouraging people to go home.

We will be looking at the revised government guidance in detail over the coming days. When changes to the legislation are made, we will then issue updated information on any impact this will have for policing and for our ways of working."
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Parking rules in Richmond, suspended at the start of lockdown, will be reinstated from May the 25th.

Only NHS staff, carers and volunteers will still be exempted.

The council says that an increase in traffic across borough is expected.

A spokesman says the changes have been issued to ensure roads are kept clear and to enable essential workers to park.

Drivers in Wandsworth are also are being given advance notice that normal parking rules will resume later this month.

The enforcement of parking controls will recommence on Monday, May the 25th.
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The Council ward boundaries in Richmond are going to remain largely as they were before.

The Local Government Boundary Commission has recommended the current layout of councillors should remain.

That’s 54 representatives, across 18 three-councillor wards.

The boundaries of 15 of these wards will change, mostly with minor adjustments.
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Referrals to children’s services in Richmond fell by 75% in the first three months of this year.

That’s according to Penny Frost, chair of Children’s Services at Richmond Council.

There have been concerns that school closures during lockdown could mean vulnerable youngsters seeing fewer people they normally trust.

Residents are being urged to come forward if they have any concerns about a vulnerable child; all concerns will be treated confidentially.

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A musical marathon is on its way thanks to a partnership between the Landmark Arts Centre and Teddington Together.

It’s been prompted by the recent success of the Rockin’ the Lockin’ event.

Community-based Teddington Together is rallying musical talent to stage a second online fundraising event on Saturday, the 23rd of May.

Its hoping to raise funds for the struggling Landmark Arts centre which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year but is currently closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Councillors in Richmond are warning the Government that the SEND education crisis could be about to get worse.

They’ve attended a virtual meeting with MP Vicky Ford, the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Children and Families.

Richmond has seen a 24% rise in the number of children meeting the criteria for Council funded SEND support over the last three years.

As a result, the accumulated funding shortfall has now reached almost £15million, with Richmond asking for urgent action to be taken.

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A fitness trainer is running workouts in Fulham on top of a portable toilet.

Every Monday evening, Flo Dowler climbs on top of the large green toilet block to give Napier Avenue a workout.

While people are encouraged to bring dumbells, those without are using tins of tomatoes.

She’s raising money for the National Emergencies Trust as part of the lessons.
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The Epsom Derby is set to go ahead this year.

Councillors have voted to stage the race behind closed doors on a Saturday in either July or August.

Racing is suspended indefinitely due to the pandemic, and the government would need to approve the plan.

Delia Bushell from the Jockey Club, which stages the race, thanked the councillors, and says the race plays a "vital role" in the racing industry.
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Three cleaners who worked at St George’s Hospital in Tooting have died.

Saleem Alighan, Salih Hasan, and Fyngs Mullings had worked at the hospital for many years, and have passed away over recent weeks.

Chief Executive Jacqueline Totterdell says they were “popular and well liked faces on our wards”.

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Epsom clock tower is going to be restored

Work was brought forward after this year’s Derby was postponed.

In 1897 people gathered around it to sing God Save The Queen for Queen Victoria’s Jubilee.

The bell had been removed for restoration, but people still heard it at midday, leading some to believe the tower is haunted.
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Kingston’s recycling centre re-opens today, but you’ll need to book in advance if you want to use it

Villers Road will be available for essential visits only.

Rubbish that cannot be stored at home can be taken to the centre during pre-bookable hours only.

Anyone who doesn’t have a confirmed booking via the council website, will be turned away.
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A group of former pupils from a school in Hammersmith have provided over 40,000 visors for the NHS

George Dzvaryan of Augment Bionics started the project out of the DT department at Latymer School, with a team of 12 others.

The team have raised funds for 100,000 shields, and are increasing capacity to 20,000 a week.

The team says “thanks to everyone who has donated and to everyone who has supported us through this!”.
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Tuesday, 12 May 2020

The three recycling centres in Croydon are to reopen.

They will accept black bags, garden waste, small electrical goods and small “bulky waste” items such as chairs and carpets.

Staff won’t be allowed to help people, and only one person can exit each vehicle.
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Kingston is to reopen one recycling centre, and visits are now appointment only.

Villiers Road will reopen tomorrow for “essential visits”.

The council is asking that people only take waste there if it cannot be safely stored at home and no other disposal option is available.
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The three recycling centres in Croydon are to reopen.

They will accept black bags, garden waste, small electrical goods and small “bulky waste” items such as chairs and carpets.

Staff won’t be allowed to help people, and only one person can exit each vehicle.
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A man has appeared in court accused of stabbing his brother to death in a lockdown attack at their Hammersmith flat.

Police found 32-year-old Yonas Haile dead at the property off Fulham Palace Road on 5th May.

His younger brother, Tedros Haile, who’s 30, was charged with murder the following day.

He was remanded in custody after appearing by video-link at the Old Bailey.
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Surrey Police are asking for help to identify three men in connection with multiple fraud offenses against the same victim in Addlestone.

A female resident there has been repeatedly targeted by men demanding money for work which hasn’t been carried out and had televisions and a bank card stolen from her home.

Officers are urging anyone with any information about the three men to get in touch or report it anonymously with Crimestoppers.

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Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page is fighting another planning application, which he says could damage his Grade I listed home.

The owner of a £12.5m mansion near Page’s house in Kensington and Chelsea is planning a basement, which would include a yoga room, wine cellar, and gym.

The guitarist says the vibrations from building work could damage the interior of his gothic revival mansion by Holland Park.

It comes months after the guitarist’s next-door neighbour, Robbie Williams, won a planning dispute to build his own basement.

The consultation ends next week.
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The Countess of Wessex has been volunteering at St Peter’s Hospital in Chertsey.

Sophie spent the morning with nurses and midwives as part of celebrations to mark International Nurses Day on Tuesday.

The Countess also got hands on with the voluntary group “Nourish our Nurses,” which delivers food bags to hospitals.

The team has delivered over 2,500 packages over the past seven weeks; today, St Peter’s was one of the lucky recipients.
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Richmond’s businesses are upbeat about life post-Covid.

That’s according to a snapshot survey of a number of retail and hospitality organisations conducted by “Be Richmond”.

It’s found that despite Covid having a negative effect on 86% of businesses, 61% are showing a readiness for a bounce back.

However, the size of the sample and the timing of the survey, suggests it is still too early to make an informed judgement.
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Battersea Power Station is donating £125,000 to charities who have been directly impacted by COVID-19

Organisations in Wandsworth and Lambeth are eligible to apply for funding.

The Station has also launched the Power to Connect campaign, which provides refurbished laptops, tablets, and internet vouchers to disadvantaged families.

Lord Strathclyde, Chairman of the BPS Foundation, says, “we stand alongside the local causes doing so much amazing work for those in need.”
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Queens Park Rangers boss Mark Warburton says football shouldn't return until it's absolutely safe to do so.

Clubs in the second tier will meet tomorrow to discuss the scenarios around cancelling the season and trying to restart matches.

Warburton believes the current Championship campaign needs to be finished before a new one is started.

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St George's Hospital is appealing for donations to help it research COVID-19

The hospital is currently researching many areas, such as the effect of the disease on pregnant women, and how it can cause changes in the brain.

£1,500 will support a lab for a month, while £60,000 is needed to employ a full-time researcher for a year.

You can find a link to their fundraiser here
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Controversial redevelopment works on the historic Fountain Pub in New Malden have been halted

It’s after the developers allegedly deviated from their original plans and demolished too much of the original building than permitted.

This means they’ll now be required to submit a new planning application.

The pub, built in 1866 and which sits opposite the Fountain Roundabout, has been closed since June 2018, with plans for housing already approved.

The discovery was made by New Malden resident and campaign director of Our Malden.

He was issued the following statement by Kingston Council's lead officer for planning, Anthony Knight.

"More of the original fabric of the pub has been removed than was originally envisaged and approved. The developer has agreed to submit a planning application for the works in the first instance so that a decision can be made on whether the works and, importantly, the nature of the replacement works are acceptable."
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Message from British Transport Police to people using the transport network

Assistant Chief Constable Sean O'Callaghan says: “The message is clear – everyone should avoid public transport if at all possible.

“Our officers are out and about across the rail network, focusing their time at stations where they are most needed. At some of the busier stations you may see more officers than usual. They’re there to help keep passengers and rail staff safe, helping get people to where they need to be safely.

“If you don’t need to travel by rail or Tube, then don’t, and if you do need to, give yourself plenty of time. Perhaps speak to your employer and stagger the times you would normally go to and from work and avoid rush hours where possible. We all have a role to play in keeping the rail network safe.

“Our policing approach remains the same. Our officers will be engaging with passengers and staff and will only use enforcement if absolutely necessary.

“No-one should underestimate the immense logistical challenge facing the rail industry and its staff as it works to keep people who need to use the network moving. They’re taking extra steps to ensure people stay safe including aiding social distancing and keeping overcrowding to a minimum. These steps mean everyone is going to have to get used to a new way of travelling.

“In line with government guidance, you may see our officers wearing face coverings when on routine patrol. They’ll be wearing them when they themselves feel it is necessary, for example in enclosed spaces where social distancing is not always possible.

“We will of course also continue with our business-as-usual policing during this unprecedented time, countering terrorism; reducing delays and disruption; preventing and detecting crime and identifying and helping vulnerable people in crisis.

“And we will continue to conduct operations, such as County Lines, to tackle organised crime, catch offenders and bring people to justice.

“All of us, passengers, rail staff and our officers, want to be safe when we’re working and using the rail network and we need to support each other so we can all do the right thing. The responsibility to keep everyone safe is one everyone shares.”
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British Airways pilots at risk of redundancy because of coronavirus might be able to join the Royal Air Force on a temporary transfer

The Heathrow based airline announced plans to lay off 12,000 staff last month.

It's understood talks are underway between the RAF and the aviation industry.

A note issued by a trade union body sets out the possibility of civilian pilots filling hundreds of vacancies in flying and ground-based roles.
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There are calls for the Government to provide “clear and unambiguous guidance to employers” regarding pregnant workers

The Chief Medical Officer said last night that pregnant women should isolate for 12 weeks.

However, a group of MPs have written to the Prime Minister, claiming this is clinical guidance and not a legal obligation to firms.

It says advice lines have been “swamped” with calls from “extremely distressed” mothers-to-be, whose employers are “insisting” they keep working in public-facing roles.

A group of MPs including the members for Streatham, Richmond Park, and Twickenham, have signed the letter.
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Schools are being advised to limit class sizes to no more than 15 pupils, space out desks and stagger break times

The government guidelines for primaries in England - which could open next month - also suggest they should remove soft furnishings and toys that are hard to clean

James Davies is a teacher at Isleworth Town Primary, and says some colleagues feel emotional about the possibility of children returning to school next month.

Jocelyn Bassett who's a deputy head teacher there says having classrooms as they were before just isn't possible.

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People in New Malden are reporting an increase in moped racing

Residents in roads like Mount Pleasant and Elm Road say the problem is not new, but lock-down has made it worse.

They claim mopeds are being raced up and down empty streets at dangerous speeds.

We’ve contacted Kingston and Coombe Vale Police teams for a statement.
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A nurse at Croydon University Hospital has quit after allegedly working for six weeks without protective equipment or hand sanitiser

33-year-old Laura Demmen claims all staff had to use the kitchen to wash their hands.

She says that bosses initially said they would move her to another ward, further from Covid-19 patients.

However, she alleges they went silent, and so she resigned at the end of April.

The Hospital is vigorously denying the claims, saying they haven’t had any shortages of PPE and all staff have received “clear guidance” on protection.

A spokesperson for Croydon Health Services NHS Trust said:

“We have not had any shortages of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and all of our staff have received clear guidance on how to order more equipment as well as advice on what is required to protect patients and staff.”
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Monday, 11 May 2020

Two men have been treated for smoke inhalation after a fire in Putney.

The brigade were called to Evenwood Close in the early hours of Saturday, where a flat was on fire.

The cause is under investigation.
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Thousands of mums are preparing to give birth during lock-down

The birth of a baby can be an anxious wait at the best of times, but even more so during a worldwide health pandemic.

Actress and blogger, Megan Taylor from Surbiton, is 34 weeks pregnant with her first child.

She’s opted for a homebirth using hypno-birthing techniques and says Kingston hospital has been wonderful:

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A former Kingston University researcher is appealing to families and carers to tell her about the impact of the pandemic on children with special needs.

Dr Jo Herwegen works regularly with schools in Leatherhead as part of an educational research group based at UCL

Her team have devised an online questionnaire which she hopes families can fill in, whether or not they've kept their children off school.

And you'll find more information here.
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For new mothers, preparing for their first baby can be stressful at the best of times

But preparing for the birth during a worldwide health pandemic is proving even more worrying for lot of expectant mums.

Megan Taylor, an actress and blogger from Surbiton, is 34 weeks pregnant.

She says one of the hardest parts of her pregnancy is that she hasn’t been able to share her first-time experience with her parents:

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Completion of Kingston’s £32 million Go Cycle scheme could be in doubt

Richmond Park MP Sarah Olney has issued a newsletter to constituents saying, “completion relies on continued post covid funding.”

The news comes as the Prime Minister has urged people to get on their bike where possible.

It was during his time as Mayor of London that he awarded the funding for the scheme to the borough.

A Kingston Council spokesperson said: “The Go Cycle programme - worth approximately £32 million - is entirely funded by TfL. If TfL does not provide us with the funds then we will not be able to carry out further work on the project.

“The Council is monitoring the situation very closely and is in regular contact with TfL for any updates, which we will share as soon as we can.”

“The Council requires external funding to complete the projects currently under construction. In the event that works need to be paused due to lack of funding, the Council will ensure that all work sites will be made safe and secure.

“The Council remains committed to its sustainable travel agenda and is urgently looking at ways to adapt its programme of cycle and pedestrian improvements to deliver temporary streetspace with the additional benefit of improving social distancing.”

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A musical marathon is on its way thanks to a partnership between the Landmark Arts Centre and Teddington Together.

It’s been prompted by the recent success of the Rockin’ the Lockin’ event.

Community-based Teddington Together is rallying musical talent to stage a second online fundraising event on Saturday, the 23rd of May.

Its hoping to raise funds for the struggling Landmark Arts centre which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year but is currently closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
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Electric push scooters are on the list of modes of transport that could be legalised.

Sarah Olney, the Lib Dem MP for Richmond Park, says this would encourage electric scooter hire companies to come to Richmond.

The current Cycle to Work Scheme could then be extended to include electric scooters, increasing the distances people can travel on two wheels.
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Firefighters in Surrey are to become ambulance assistants during the pandemic
Five have already been trained in clinical care knowledge, as well as additional driving training.

Assistant Chief Fire Officer Kasey Beal says she’s, “really proud of the adaptableness shown by these individuals.”

Joe Garcia from the ambulance service says the support is, “really welcomed”.
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Lockdown has brought about some innovative ideas in Richmond that Richmond Park MP Sarah Olney says could remain in place after the pandemic.

One, suggested by a man in Ham, is a “fresh air pledge” where people would vow to ditch their cars where they can.

It includes walking when a journey is less than one mile long and cycling when it’s less than three miles.
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Actress and blogger Megan Taylor tells Jackie News all about her first pregnancy during lock-down

Preparing for the birth of a baby can be an anxious wait at the best of times.

But preparing for the birth of your first baby during a worldwide health pandemic is proving even more stressful for lot of expectant mums and dads.

Megan Taylor, who is an actress and blogger from Surbiton, is 34 weeks pregnant.

She tells us about her first-time experience, having to keep away from family and friends, her thoughts on hypnobirthing, her love of the midwifery team at Kingston Hospital and why she's considering a home-birth.

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A 50-page document will be published later, setting out how lockdown measures will be eased in England

It's hoped it'll provide more clarity following criticism about Boris Johnson's address to the nation last night.

Shadow home secretary Nick Thomas-Symonds feels it caused confusion and Labour's calling for more questions to be answered.

Removing the limit on exercise in England and allowing people to sunbathe in parks are among the measures that were announced by the Prime Minister.

Boris Johnson's encouraging people in England return to work from today, if they can't operate from home.

But Kingston and Surbiton MP, Ed Davey, who's also acting leader of the Liberal Democrats, reckons many people will be confused by that.

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The Labour MP for Tooting says “the future for our country is increased infections and more avoidable death”

A&E Doctor Rosena Allin-Khan says the softening of lockdown language means “the damage is already done”.

She’s also criticising the government’s request that people “should” avoid public transport to go back to work.

She says that means some low-paid workers will be “at the mercy of bosses”.
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Brentford FC is helping to keep kids active and healthy in their homes during the lockdown

They’re giving free activity packs to kids across eight housing estates in Hounslow over the next couple of weeks.

They include a foam football and physical activity resources.

The Council will be providing basic workout equipment such as resistance bands on estates when its safe to do so.

Premier League clubs are discussing plans to restart training.

They're meeting to talk about ideas like using neutral venues and extending player contracts.
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A service has been launched in Richmond to help people with their mental health

Those who are registered with a GP in the borough can sign up to the Richmond Wellbeing Service, which offers a range of therapies.

That ranges from one-to-one sessions to over the phone, as well as seminars.

James has used the service, and he tells us that while we’ll be thinking about the impact of Coronavirus, we need to focus on what the evidence is telling us.

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Businesses in Croydon are being asked to advise the Council on how to support them

The authority has launched an online survey, which asks about contingency funding, the impact, and what they would find beneficial.

It also explores what businesses need to enable them to trade online or remotely.

Councillor Manju Shahul-Hameed says “it would be wrong for the council to make assumptions” about what’s needed.
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Sunday, 10 May 2020

Brixton boxer Dillan Whyte could soon get the chance to become the first ‘BCD' heavyweight champion of the world

The title isn't the latest in the long line of alphabet boxing organisations but part of the British Boxing Board of Control’s plans to resume the sport.

It's believed Whyte is being lined up to take on former Russian WBA heavyweight champion Alexander Povetkin for the initial Behind Closed Doors title.
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A man’s sustained serious injuries after a car crash in Hampton Court

A Volkswagen Golf flipped over several times after colliding with a Kia Creed just before 5pm today.

The incident happened at the junction of Hampton Court Way and Creek Road.

The driver of the VW, a man in his 30s, was taken to hospital with serious injuries.

The driver of the other car was uninjured.

Police are appealing for witnesses.
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Sutton Council is planning to directly deliver a new innovation hub in an existing building owned by the Council at the London Cancer Hub

The Covid-19 crisis has emphasised the critical role of scientific research to the national economy.

The proposed Hub will have the benefit of being adjacent to the Institute of Cancer Research London, Sutton’s partner in in the development of the hub.
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Horseracing authorities have written to Epsom and Ewell Council provisionally requesting July 5th to run the Derby and Oaks

The Classics would take place behind closed doors at Epsom as the racecourse looks at the feasibility and practicality of a one-day Derby meeting.

Meanwhile racing returns to France tomorrow.
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A range of traffic-management measures are being rolled out across Hounslow to protect pedestrians and cyclists during the pandemic.

The projects will create more space to allow social distancing and include closing some roads, widening pavements, improving cycling routes and introducing more ‘school streets’.

Hounslow Council’s also asking the public for suggestions on making streets made more pedestrian and cycle friendly.

Here's a link to those plans in full.
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Fulham Cross Academy Trust celebrates World Earth Day with ‘new’ recycled creations

Fulham Cross Girls’ School and Fulham Cross Academy have celebrated World Earth Day in style, by recycling.

Not even the national lockdown could keep the pupils from observing Earth Day on the 22nd of April, with this year’s commemoration marking the 50th anniversary of the first Earth Day.

The celebrations were led by Phoebe Smith-Barnes and Nathan Cardwell, who are both Climate Change teachers for the Fulham Cross Academy Trust schools, involved staff and students thinking about the way in which they recycle and reuse.

Phoebe said: “The day showed us that we’re all still able to do something for our planet, whatever the world throws at us. If we each make a small change, we will contribute to a greener, more sustainable, future for us all.”
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Twickenham residents have been urged by their local MP to continue giving blood during the lockdown

Twickenham residents have been urged by their local MP to continue giving blood during the lockdown.

Munira Wilson said the NHS still had to satisfy what she described as an incredibly high demand for blood during the lockdown.

She was speaking after giving blood herself at a community centre in Isleworth.
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Surrey police have appealed to fishermen not to travel during the lockdown, following a spate of illegal fishing in rural areas and beauty-spots

Surrey police have appealed to fishermen not to travel during the lockdown, following a spate of illegal fishing in rural areas and beauty-spots.

Illegal fishing is among a number of issues keeping the force’s rural crimes unit busy.

Others include loose dogs worrying livestock and complaints in the Tandridge area about off-road biking.

Police have urged residents not to leave home for recreational purposes, and they say they’re working with landowners to reduce rural crime.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 11:23 am  

Police in Hounslow say they’re concerned about the rise in cases of domestic abuse during lockdown

Police in Hounslow say they’re concerned about the rise in cases of domestic abuse during lockdown.

They say anyone worried about being identified can report their concerns anonymously by calling crimestoppers.

The Metropolitan Police have made 4000 arrests for domestic abuse in London since March 19th, that’s around 100 a day.

Last week London Mayor Sadiq Khan announced £1.5 million would be invested to help provide 82 flats across nth Capital to provide shelter for victims of abuse
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 11:22 am  

Two men are being questioned by police after a cyclist was seriously injured in a hit-and-run collision in Streatham

Two men are being questioned by police after a cyclist was seriously injured in a hit-and-run collision in Streatham.

The men, both in their 20s, were arrested yesterday, after the victim, a 16 year-old boy, was taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries on Friday night.

He was knocked off his bike by one car on Streatham High Road. Police believe he was then hit by a second car.

Both drivers failed to stop.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 11:20 am  

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