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Saturday 26 November 2022

England head coach Eddie Jones says defeat to South Africa in the 2019 rugby union World Cup still haunts his side.

They face them again at Twickenham this evening.

He made the comments even though the team have already beaten the Springboks since 2019. 

Kick-off is at 530pm.
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Police have been called after reports of a fight on Richmond Bridge this morning.

One person has been seriously injured and taken to hospital. A crime scene remains in place on the bridge and surrounding roads. 

There have been no arrests and investigations are ongoing.

Anyone with any information is urged to contact police on 101.

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A “rogue” landlord from Putney has been fined more than £7,000 after being taken to court by Lambeth Council.
51 year old Frank Otuo was allowing five people to live at his property in Streatham.

But the council requires owners of Houses in Multiple Occupation to be licensed to ensure suitable living standards, which he was not. 

The amount of rent being paid to Otuo totalled more than £4,000 a month. 

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Richmond’s council leader says the new Twickenham Riverside development will benefit residents and visitors for years to come.

Gareth Roberts has been speaking to Jackie News after proposals for the site were agreed after years of back and forth with residents.  

The new scheme will include affordable housing, leisure facilities and an open event space.

Mr Roberts has recognised the process has been controversial. 

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People in a part of Streatham are being asked if they’d like to see a Low Traffic Neighbourhood Scheme introduced.

Lambeth Council is asking for feedback on proposals to create one in Streatham Wells.

The schemes, which reduce motor vehicle access, aim to create safer spaces for pedestrians while helping clean the air of pollutants. 

A recent study by Imperial College London has found LTNs do not push pollution onto surrounding roads as a result. 

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England aim to continue their good record against South Africa at Twickenham in their rugby union international this evening.

Eddie Jones’ side have won their last three Tests against the current world champions at home.

Captain Owen Farrell says they’re expecting a physical challenge.

The match is their final game of the autumn series.

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Artificial intelligence-enabled eye scans could one day be used to predict whether a person is at high risk of heart disease.

It’s all down to a new study involving researchers from Kingston University.

Their findings could pave the way for cardiovascular screening to be done using cameras and not blood tests and measurements. 

Circulatory diseases, including stroke, account for one in four UK deaths. 

It’s hoped the eye scan algorithms developed by Kingston University researchers could one day be rolled out on the high street.

The findings have been published in the British Journal of Ophthalmology.

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Friday 25 November 2022

Roehampton police say they’ve closed an investigation into a fire due to a lack of evidence.

Emergency crews were called on the 12th of this month to Highcliffe Drive, to a blaze caused by a stray firework.

The force says that a lack of CCTV and forensic opportunities meant no suspects could be identified.

There were no reports of any injuries, but a balcony was destroyed.

Police add that they’re conducting patrols to prevent the misuse of fireworks.

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The Ultra Low Emission Zone is to be expanded to cover all of London.

It means that from the 29th of August, cars which are judged to be the most polluting will have to pay £12.50 a day.

There will be an increased scrappage scheme fund of £110m, and disabled drivers are to be given amnesty until 2027.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan announced the news on social media earlier.

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Croydon is winter ready.

Eight low-emission gritting vehicles have been put into circulation and the borough’s 578 salt bins are being topped up.

The council’s salt barn is home to around 5,000 tonnes of the mineral, which is enough to grit from London to New Zealand and back again.

Drains are also being unblocked and 400 sandbags are ready to be deployed if needed. 

The authority says keeping roads and pavements clear is a priority. 

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Kingston has had a “positive recovery” from the COVID pandemic.

That’s according to Kingston First, the team set up to make sure that business in the town centre is thriving. 

Chief Executive Kirsten Henly says the town consistently tracks below the national average on shop vacancy, including in 2020. 

She explains why Kingston appears to have weathered the pandemic well. 

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A 32 year old man has been sentenced to an indefinite hospital stay, after a fatal stabbing in a part of Addlestone year.

42-year-old Gary Hopkins was attacked outside his home in New Haw in October last year.

David Jacobs pleaded guilty to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility, due to a serious mental health disorder.

Guildford Crown Court heard from two forensic psychiatrists that his judgement was substantially impaired.

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The Ultra Low Emission Zone is to be expanded to cover all of London from next August the 29th.

That’s despite a public consultation from Transport for London that showed 80% of people in the area were opposed to the move.

But London’s Labour Mayor Sadiq Khan says it’s vital to halt air pollution. 

Carshalton and Wallington’s Conservative MP Elliot Colburn led a campaign against ULEZ expansion. 

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A third official complaint has been made against the deputy prime minister Dominic Raab.

Number 10 says it relates to the Esher and Walton MP’s conduct at the Department for Exiting the EU, which he led in 2018.

An investigation, which is looking at two claims of bullying, is being widened.

Mr Raab denies wrongdoing.

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Two men from Birmingham have been jailed for sexually assaulting a woman while visiting Hammersmith.

In November 2018, 26-year-old Jake Johnson and 32-year-old Matthew Bibb invited a homeless woman to join them in their hotel.

They initially denied they’d been in the hotel room, but a case was built using CCTV, witness testimonies, and forensic evidence.

They’ve been sentenced to 11 years in prison.

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The plans to redevelop Twickenham Riverside has been approved unanimously by the council.

The scheme will deliver 50% affordable housing, office space, shops, a café.

There’s also going to be an open space, which requires the moving of Diamond Jubilee Gardens into the centre of the development.

The council hopes it will be a “magnet” for residents and visitors.

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A six-year-old has died after an outbreak of Strep A bacteria at a primary school in Ashford.

An email from parents seen by the PA news agency says a year 2 pupil is in hospital after developing the illness but is showing "showing positive signs of recovery".

Antibiotics have been prescribed to students in that age group and teachers.

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Ministers are making it a crime to share so-called "downblousing" images to help bring abusers to justice

An amendment to the Online Safety Bill means those who also pass on "deepfakes" - explicit content altered to look like someone without their consent - could be jailed.

Laws to tackle hidden cameras are to also be brought forward.

Justice Secretary and Esher MP Dominic Raab says they're prepared to "come down like a tonne of bricks" on such offenders.

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One child has died and another has been taken to hospital, after a disease outbreak at a school in Ashford

The infection is called Scarlet Fever, or Strep A, which is a bacterial infection that can be treated with antibiotics. 

Symptoms include high fever, muscle aches, unexplained vomiting or diarrhoea. 

The other child is believed to be recovering, and both of them are believed to be in the same year group.

Dr Claire Winslade, health protection consultant at UKHSA South East, said:

“We are extremely saddened to hear about the death of a pupil at Ashford Church of England School, and our thoughts are with their family, friends and the school community.

“As a precautionary measure, we have recommended antibiotics to pupils and staff in the same year groups as the individuals affected. We have provided advice to the school to help prevent further cases and will continue to monitor the situation.

“Information has been shared with parents about the signs and symptoms of iGAS, which include high fever with severe muscle aches, pain in one area of the body and unexplained vomiting or diarrhoea. Anyone with these symptoms should call NHS111 immediately.”

Ruth Hutchinson, Director of Public Health, Surrey County Council said:

“We are deeply saddened by the death of a pupil at Ashford Church of England School and we offer our sincere condolences to their family, friends and the whole school community, who are in our thoughts. 

“Our school relationships team, available 24/7, has provided the school with guidance during this tragic time and our public health team are working closely with UKHSA, school leaders and health partners to take appropriate health protection measures and ensure children, parents and carers at the school are appropriately supported.”

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London Mayor Sadiq Khan is expanding the ultra-low emission zone for older vehicles to the whole of the capital

Hundreds of thousands more drivers will face a daily fee of £12.50 from the end of August next year for using the roads.

The ULEZ  pollution charge zone charges vehicles that emit a certain level of nitrogen dioxide to promote better air quality.

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People in Kingston say moving the town’s hospital into a different constituency doesn’t make sense

The Boundary Commission is currently consulting on its final proposed changes to constituencies nationwide. 

The number here in London would increase from 73 to 75 with the aim of making each voting area statistically fairer.  

But under the plans, Kingston Hospital would become part of a new Wimbledon and Coombe constituency.

People have taken to social media to lambast the plans, saying even though the hospital wouldn’t physically move, it should stay within the Kingston boundary. 

The consultation ends on the 5th of December. 

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A motorcyclist is in a critical condition following a collision in Wimbledon

Emergency crews were called to Weir Road on Wednesday, at around 12.25pm, following a collision between a lorry and a motorcycle. 

The man, aged 48, was taken to hospital. 

The driver stopped at the scene and is helping police, and no arrests have been made.

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There’s been a surge in female plasma donors since “female friendly” machines launched at the Twickenham Donor Centre in July

There are now 293 women donors at the London Road site, making up 18% of the active donor base. 

Only about 5% of donors were female before the machines were introduced, which is fewer than 100 people. 

The new machines are female friendly because they take out a smaller amount of blood at a time and filter out the plasma faster. 

That makes it safe for smaller and slighter people to donate.

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Thursday 24 November 2022

Dog walkers in Hammersmith could risk a fine if they’re unable to produce a plastic bag, under proposed rules.

The council says they’re receiving concerns from residents and the behaviour of some dogs and “irresponsible dog owners”.

Other rules could includes rules to stop dogs entering playgrounds and sports areas, and powers to force dogs to be put on leads.

The Dog Control PSPO is up for consultation on the council’s website.

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The government is hoping to boost the number of magistrates by the end of the month

The Ministry of Justice wants people from all walks of life to apply, to create a diverse system.

Sara Brown from Tooting is a magistrate, and tells us what changes she’s seen during her time.

Applications are now open, anyone looking to volunteer should visit for more information.
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Wandsworth has been chosen by Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, as the home of a major new numeracy support scheme.

The London Multiply Programme will help around 31,000 people in London with no or low numeracy skills.

Around 300 free courses will help them manage everyday tasks such as household budgeting and supporting children with homework.

More than 1,500 people in Wandsworth alone are expected to benefit from the service over the next 3 years. 

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A cancer support centre in Isleworth is aiming to raise £3,000 in just one week.

The Mulberry Centre based at West Middlesex University Hospital is taking part in The Big Give’s Christmas Challenge.

Any money donated during the time will be doubled by The Big Give’s Champions. 

A number of celebrities from Chris Packham to Claudia Winkleman are urging people to dig as deep as they can.

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A picture of a man has been released after an assault at Hammersmith Bus Station.

On the 19th of August, at around 5pm, the victim got off the 295 bus and was attacked.

They suffered “serious injuries”.

Anyone with any information should contact police on 101.

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The Ministry of Justice says that no legal experience is needed to become a magistrate, and is urging people to sign up.

Sara Brown from Tooting left a demanding career to raise her family, but became a magistrate to do something outside that unit.

She tells us why its so important that the system is representative of people.

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People across Hounslow are being encouraged to take responsibility for their own alcohol related actions this Christmas.

The council is reminding drivers not to get behind the wheel while under the influence and to stop friends doing the same. 

Evidence from Think! has found that men aged between 17 and 24 are four times more likely to be killed or seriously injured on the roads.

There are still around 1,600 alcohol-related deaths and serious injuries on the roads in Britain every year according to DfT figures.

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A mother who stabbed a convicted paedophile to death after her three sons said they were sexually abused by him has spoken out publicly.

Sarah Sands killed Michael Pleasted in his flat on the estate in Silvertown in East London where they all lived in 2014.

The 77 year old was on bail at the time and also accused of sexual offences against other young boys on the state.  

Sarah has spoken out alongside her sons in a new BBC documentary “Killing My Children’s Abuser.”

During her court case, it emerged that Pleasted had changed his name from Robin Moult and was a convicted paedophile. 

He had 24 previous convictions including a charge for indecently assaulting a young boy on Ham Common in 1970 when he lived in Kingston . 

But nobody, including the council that was housing him, knew about his past.

Sarah Sands was cleared of murder but served four years in jail for manslaughter.

She is now campaigning for tighter restrictions on sex offenders who change their names.

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Police are looking for a person who drove a dirt bike into a shop in Egham

Police were called on Tuesday night to a shop on Station Road North. 

The rider was with two other people on similar bikes, and are alleged to have committed “numerous other motoring offences” along their route. 

Anyone with information is asked to contact Runnymede Police.

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There are reports it'll be much quicker getting through airport security within a couple of years because of new 3D screening equipment

The Times newspaper thinks limits on liquids will be scrapped and you won't have to take laptops out of your bags because of the technology.

It's already being tested at Heathrow, Gatwick and Birmingham as part of a review, and an official announcement could apparently be made "in the coming weeks."

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Postal workers, teachers and university lecturers are all on strike today

Disruption's expected today and tomorrow, on Black Friday, as postal workers go on strike.

The Wimbledon-based Communication Workers Union has rejected what Royal Mail is calling its final pay offer.

It was a 9% rise over 18 months.

Meanwhile almost all schools in Scotland are closed today as members of the EIS union strike over pay.

Rail staff are also planning action either side of Christmas.

Transport secretary Mark Harper says people have to be realistic about salaries.

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The Mayor of Wandsworth is going to sleep rough for charity

Jeremy Ambache is joining the Dons Local Action Group’s Big Sleep Out at the new Plough Lane stadium on December the 3rd. 

The volunteer group provides food parcels, household goods, furniture and appliances to people in need.  

Money raised through the event will go towards a number of charities. 

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A 16 year old from Wimbledon is one of just eight UK students chosen to visit the Falkland Islands in the new year

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Islands’ liberation. 

To mark the occasion, the Falkland Islands Government opened a competition to win an all expenses paid visit 

All competition entrants had to do was explain what the Islands mean to British youngsters today, either via a podcast, film, essay or story. 

The winners, including Sophie Bailey from Wimbledon, will get to see wildlife such as penguins and dolphins and help conservation work. 

TV adventurer, Ben Fogle headed the judging panel that selected the competition winners. 

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Wednesday 23 November 2022

A blue plaque has been unveiled in Wandsworth, celebrating the area’s traveller heritage.

It’s been placed in Wardley Street, which is called a “spiritual home” for the community worldwide.

A number of people settled there in the late 1800s, which evolved into a group of people who sold flowers and traded from horse-pulled carts.

Nowadays, there are two permanent traveller sites nearby, and many homes display horseshoes.

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Young people living in Surrey are being invited to have their say on crime and policing in the county.

The Surrey Youth Commission wants to hear from residents aged between 14 and 25,

The aim is to shape the future of crime prevention in the county with the assistance of a young person’s perspective.

Anyone who would like to get involved in the scheme, which will last about 9 months, is being told to apply online. 

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Reigate and Banstead Borough Council has halted plans to build a new crematorium in the borough.

More than 500 objections were raised from residents worried the new facility would ruin greenbelt land. 

Planning councillors at the authority refused the application at the end of last year. 

The council had hoped the crematorium would provide a "much-needed" service while generating revenue. 

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Racegoers heading to Sandown Park in Esher before Christmas are being asked to take gifts to donate.

Anything from children’s games and toys to sporting accessories and clothing are being welcomed.

It’s all part of the racecourse’s annual Gifting Programme.

It was launched alongside Christ Church Esher and the gifts will go to Lower Green Community Centre which will distribute them.

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More MPs are publicly saying they won’t put their parties on expenses.

Streatham’s Bell Ribeiro-Addy says she will not be “claiming a penny” and it’s an “insult” to people who “can’t afford the basics”.

Tory David Davis, Labour’s Jess Philips, and the Lib Dem’s Wendy Chamberlain have all criticised the move from the parliamentary watchdog.

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27 schools in South-West London have had their “outstanding” rating downgraded, most of them to “good”.

Re-inspections at 'outstanding' schools weren't required between 2012 and 2020, and only 17% have now retained them.

The Mead Infant School in Stoneleigh received a sharp downgrade from Outstanding to Inadequate.

The school complained to Ofsted, and while the rating didn’t change, the watchdog says that the school was actually “fully compliant” with all DBS and safeguarding checks.

The Mead was taken over by the Bourne Education Trust at the end of October.

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Hundreds of Unite union members are to start strikes at 10 universities across England, Wales and Northern Ireland from tomorrow.

That includes Royal Holloway in Egham.

They'll take place at the same time tens of thousands of staff at 150 institutions, represented by the University and College Union, walk out in a dispute over pay, conditions and pensions.

The first dates are taking place across Thursday and Friday, before continuing next week.

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Surrey County Council is to discuss how to allocate £30m worth of funding, with some of it set to improve Ewell Village

There are seven projects being considered, which include high street improvements in Ewell to make them “safer and more attractive”.

It also wants to bring an E-Bikes scheme to Guildford, and improve links between West Byfleet and Woking.

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St Mary’s University Twickenham has been recognised for the support it gives students at a national awards ceremony

THE Awards are free to enter and open to anyone involved in higher education across the UK and Ireland. 

St Mary’s took home the Outstanding Support for Students trophy at the eighteenth annual event. 

The University also recently placed within the Top Ten for Student Experience in The Times Good University Guide 2023. 

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People in Richmond, Hounslow and Kingston are being asked to help create a magical Christmas for children who have been in care

Richmond Christmas Day Dinner is run by Cocoon Care After Care, a charity which acts as a family to youngsters who have left the system.

The aim is to deliver a special day for people who have never had a Christmas experience before or who have had a negative one.

Sian Thomas, a nurse, is the founder of the annual event. 

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Leeds Bradford has been named the worst airport in the country for security queues

A survey by Which? found it had average waiting times of 35 minutes, while a quarter of passengers said they waited for more than an hour.

Heathrow came in 10th with 20 minutes, while Gatwick came joint fifth at 16 minutes.

London City Airport was crowned the best with waiting times of just 12 minutes.

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A number of defects have been found underneath Barnes Bridge, and it’s been closed until further notice

Engineers using ultrasonic instruments found that four out of the 86 steel pins, that keep the girders in place, were damaged. 

The bridge is Grade II listed, and spans over the Thames, making repairs difficult.

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Tuesday 22 November 2022

A “lighter format” post office launched on a trial basis in East Sheen this morning.

A selection of services will be provided at the counter at Derby Cigar Stores in Upper Richmond Road West.

The hub will work as an addition to the main office and deal with prepaid parcel collections and returns and bill payments. 

The Post Office is also consulting on plans to make the service permanent.  

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Richmond Park’s MP wants to hear from publicans across Kingston and Richmond.

Sarah Olney is the Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Treasury and Business.

She recently held a roundtable with some of the boroughs’ pub landlords and owners to see how they are faring financially. 

Ms Olney says she’s “extremely concerned” that many may face closure in the coming months without sufficient Government support.

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Police have released images of items stolen in a burglary in Wimbledon.

The incident happened at 6:30 in the morning on Monday the 7th of November at a home in Hartfield Crescent.

Two males walked into the property and rifled through the victims drawers, stealing jewellery.

If you come across these items, you should contact police on 101.

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The University of Surrey has received its biggest-ever philanthropic gift.

£10 million has been handed over anonymously to its School of Veterinary Medicine. 

Staff say projects with the welfare of animals at their heart are a priority for the donor and will benefit from the donation. 

An example of existing research includes work to reduce pain and suffering in dogs caused by selective breeding.

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Better Leisure is to reduce the opening hours at some of the sites it manages because of the rising cost of living.

The chain runs a number of centres including Sutton Sports Village, Rainbow Leisure Centre in Epsom and Roehampton Library, 

Bosses of the charitable social enterprise company say energy costs have more than tripled since 2019.

Parent company GLL says the winter programme will affect around 200 centres. 

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Justice Secretary Dominic Raab has spent the afternoon being questioned by MPs.

The MP for Esher and Walton has been defending his department’s actions when it came to dealing with the barristers’ strike. 

The Criminal Bar Association ended action last month after accepting a deal from the government of an extra £30 million.

Mr Raab denies strike action could have been ended sooner. 

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Croydon Council says it will once again be facing bankruptcy if it doesn’t get more financial support from central government.

The borough’s Mayor Jason Perry says his analysis of the finances has shown more unresolved accounting risks totalling £48 million.

The authority first declared bankruptcy in 2020 and was given a £120 million bailout loan by central government to balance the books.

Mr Perry says “the previous administration” has “shamed” Croydon with a lack of governance and financial mismanagement.

The council is around £1.6 billion in debt, and says it needs to “become a much smaller organisation”.

Croydon has been named next year’s Borough of Culture in a move it’s hoped will bring many financial opportunities to the area. 

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An influential forecast's predicting the UK will experience the biggest hit to its economy next year of all G7 nations.

At the Autumn Statement, the government unveiled a nearly £14bn package to help companies facing higher business rate bills.

Feltham MP Seema Malhotra is the shadow Small Business Minister.

She says there needs to be more support for business rates, and firms say these measures fall short.

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Police have released CCTV images of a man they want to speak to in connection with an attempted burglary in Epsom.

The incident happened at a house on Church Road on Friday between 12:30 and 1:30am.

Anyone with any information is urged to contact police on 101.

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Around 1,000 people are going on strikes at bus garages in London

Members of Unite are walking out at garages including Battersea and Twickenham in a row over pay. 

Nine more days of strike action are planned. 

Guy Langston, from Unite, says workers are struggling to “pay even for the basics”. 

A spokesperson for Abellio says: 

“We are very disappointed that representatives of Unite the Union decided to walk out of talks on 21 November. We felt that negotiations had been productive as we had made an above-inflation pay offer as well as improved terms and conditions in line with Unite the Union requests. In recognition of the cost of living crisis, we offered to introduce the pay deal in November, well ahead of the January 2023 deadline for a new deal, ensuring that drivers benefited from increased rates as soon as possible. It is also frustrating that we have so far had no response from Unite the Union following our invitation to meet for talks hosted by Acas, the conciliation and arbitration service.”  

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Two men have been charged following a stabbing in Twickenham

Police were called on Friday morning to Queen’s Road, where a man in his 40s was found with non-life-threatening injuries. 

39-year-old Oliver Huegdon from Teddington is accused of attempted murder, and 40-year-old Neeraj Sharma is accused of perverting the course of justice.

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A man from Mitcham has been jailed for repeatedly abusing 999 call handlers

38-year-old Lee Ferguson has been sentenced to nine weeks behind bars.

The Met Police say his actions prevented genuine emergency calls from being answered.

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A remembrance garden filled with over 20,000 illuminated white roses will once again open in central London this evening

The special installation in Grosvenor Square in Mayfair, will raise funds for The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity. 

The Ever After Garden, which was first created in 2019, has raised over £250,000 to date. 

Visitors are invited to dedicate a rose, either in person or online, in memory of a loved one. 

Every dedication is a donation to the charity, which raises money solely to support The Royal Marsden hospitals in Sutton and Chelsea.

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Monday 21 November 2022

Two burglars have been caught out by their own tools following a break in in Addlestone.

Officers were called to Hampshire Court in January last year following reports of two suspicious men. 

When officers apprehended them, two screwdrivers were discovered near their feet which they denied all knowledge of. 

However, house to house enquiries and CCTV footage showed them attempting to break into two houses on the street. 

33 year old Gheorghe Serban from Addlestone has been jailed for 34 months and ordered to pay a victim surcharge. 

His brother-in-law, 43 year old Iulian Toma from Sussex, was sentenced to 21 months suspended for two years. 

Forensics on the screwdrivers, had also revealed the screwdrivers had been directly handled by Serban.

Body worn footage translated from Romanian to English also showed that Serban had said to Toma ‘Did you throw that thing away?’

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Sutton Council and Sutton United have teamed up to try and stamp out violence against women and girls.

Friday is White Ribbon Day and the pair are trying to get the #TheGoal trending. 

The goal is to end male violence towards women and girls and to tackle sexist and misogynistic attitudes that can lead to male violence. 

White Ribbon Day is the largest global initiative to end male violence against women by calling on men to take action to make a difference. 

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A spokesperson for Gordon Ramsay’s Chelsea restaurant says protests there over the weekend were “deeply disrespectful.”

Police were called to the three Michelin star site in Hospital Road on Saturday.

It’s after climate change activists took over tables reserved for guests.

No arrests were made after protesters left of their own accord. 

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Half of a pedestrian subway in Croydon has been damaged by a fire.

The brigade was called at around 11pm last night to Addiscombe Road.

They took 10 calls to the blaze.

There are no reports of any injuries, and the cause is under investigation by the brigade and the police.

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A man has been convicted of manslaughter after a gun went off in his hand and killed his associate in a car park in Harlington.

28-year-old Mohamed Muhydin was killed in October last year.

It’s unclear what the men were doing in the car, but it’s believed they had been at a drug dealing base the previous evening.

The other three involved will be sentenced in February at Isleworth Crown Court.

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Catering giant Compass says its profits have almost tripled in the past year as demand for the industry has rebounded since the coronavirus pandemic.

Statutory pre-tax profits were £1.5bn in the 12 months to the end of September - up from £545m the year before.

The Chertsey-based company supplies businesses such as offices, universities and care homes.

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Virgin Atlantic's boss is warning the Heathrow expansion will be "difficult" to support - unless there's an overhaul of regulation at the airport.

It's continuing to develop its plan to build a third runway - after delays caused by legal challenges and the coronvirus pandemic.

In a speech at a conference in London, Shai Weiss said Heathrow must be "priced fairly and open to competition".

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The Mayor of London is calling for more regulation of social media, after Donald Trump returned to Twitter

Sadiq Khan says freedom of speech is “vital”, but it must be “balanced” with keeping people safe.

The site's new owner Elon Musk put out a poll on the site, before announcing the former US President could re-join. 

He was banned almost two years ago following the riots on the Capitol building in Washington DC.

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Three men have been arrested following an assault in Feltham

Emergency crews were called yesterday, at around 20 past midnight, to Harlington Road West, where a group was fighting with glass bottles. 

Five men were found injured at the scene, with two people taken to hospital.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police on 101.

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Sunday 20 November 2022

Schools in Wandsworth have teamed up with tech giant Apple to learn coding and talk technology ahead of a new 2023 programme.

Led by Wandsworth Council's City Learning Centre team, teachers learnt skills in coding and app development to engage students. 

Through the new partnership, pupils will be inspired to present ideas using animation, augmented reality, and digital creativity. 

Apple are expected to open six floors of office space in Battersea Power Station next year.

posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 6:14 pm  

Wandsworth Council has pledged to renew its Air Quality Action Plan.

Five new automated monitoring stations will be added to the network to identify the types and locations of the pollution hot spots.

Poor air quality can be attributed to cars, lorries, construction sites, industry and emissions from businesses and homes.

Additional council actions include new schemes to promote cycling and working with schools to carry out air quality audits.

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The River Thames Scheme is holding a six-week consultation for people to have their say on new plans

The scheme aims to respond to the challenges of flooding, creating more access to open green spaces and sustainable travel routes.

A new flood channel will also aim to provide a habitat for wildlife and connect existing sites and corridors to support more biodiversity.

The area surrounding the Thames between Egham and Teddington is one of the largest undefended, developed floodplains in England.

posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 3:00 pm  

Epsom & Ewell Youth Hub has secured funding for a second year

Launched by Epsom & Ewell Borough Council and partners, the hub supports unemployed young people on Universal Credit.

The hub partners young people aged between 16 and 24 with local businesses in the area.

Since the hub opened in August 2021, more than 200 people have received access to training, apprenticeships, and jobs.

posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 2:58 pm  

Residents on the lowest incomes in Merton will be protected from increased council tax bills in April

The authority’s agreed to extend the borough’s support scheme for the next financial year.

The council has to formally consult and agree to uprate its support scheme each year.

It’s after council tax benefit was abolished in 2013.

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The annual blessing of the Shire Horses will take place at Hampton Court Palace this afternoon

They are part of the last herd of working Shire horses in London and are considered rarer than the giant panda.

Each November, on Shire Horse Sunday, the whole herd is blessed by His Majesty's Chaplain prior to evensong at The Chapel Royal.

Henry VIII started the process to acquire the horses in 1535 to work the land.

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LGBTQ+ flags will fly outside the civic centre in Merton for the duration of the World Cup

The council says it’s to show solidarity with that community, as well as exploited migrant workers in Qatar.

The council will also offer 100 spaces to watch England USA game at Madeira Hall in Mitcham.

But council leader Ross Garrod says there’s a “cloud hanging over this tournament”.

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Unloved and unused land across Hounslow is to be turned into allotments

The council has launched the Grow for the Future scheme following unprecedented demand for planting space from residents.

The new policy will enable communities to grow food, as well as teach “urban children” about healthy living.

The Council will also look to pair each new site with a school in the borough – a UK first.

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