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Saturday 18 September 2021

Croydon Council is backing a London-wide campaign to raise awareness for protection against HIV.

Local Authorities across London have collaborated on the Do It London Four Sure campaign which promotes proven methods of preventing HIV infection.

Rachel Flowers, Croydon Council’s director for public health, said the campaign aimed to “reminding residents of the importance of looking after their health to reduce the risk of HIV infection.”

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A plaque dedicated to T Rex frontman Marc Bolan has been unveiled today in a part of Tooting.

It's on the Tesco in Summerstown and pays tribute to the "musician and poet" who lived there in the 60s.

Stuart Bolan is a lookalike of the glam rock star.

He has this to say about his legacy.

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More roads in Wandsworth are to go car free at school drop off and pick up times.

The council has agreed to create more School Streets after early results show the scheme is successfully reducing traffic.  

Their aim is to encourage safer and healthier travel to and from schools and help improve air quality.

The first two trial phases of the scheme have proved successful and councillors have agreed to make them permanent.

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A “Friendship Festival” took place in Beddington Park earlier today to help welcome thousands of incoming Hong Kong residents.

Around 10,000 people are due to emigrate to Sutton over the next 12 months.

It’s after Boris Johnson pledged to offer three million the chance to settle in the UK after relations with China soured.

Speaking earlier Reverend Jason Clark, one of the festival organisers, explained the importance of the festival.

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Surrey Police are appealing for witnesses after a woman was reportedly grabbed while walking past Shepperton Recycling Centre yesterday evening.

The woman, who did not see her assailant, was able to break free and run away after being grabbed from behind. 

Anyone with any information is asked to contact the police on 101 or Crimestoppers to remain anonymous.

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A plaque dedicated to T Rex frontman Marc Bolan has been unveiled today in a part of Tooting.

It's on the Tesco in Summerstown and pays tribute to the "musician and poet" who lived there in the 60s.

Jack Hardman was instrumental in the campaign.

He tells us how long it took to get authorisation for the plaque.

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A plaque dedicated to T Rex frontman Marc Bolan has been unveiled today in a part of Tooting.

It's on the Tesco in Summerstown and pays tribute to the "musician and poet" who lived there in the 60s.

Geoff Simmons spearheaded the campaign.

He tells us about the atmosphere there today.

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Brentford are two nil up on Wolves 87 minutes into today’s first premier league match.

Ivan Toney scored a penalty 30 minutes in, followed swiftly by Bryan Mbeumo scoring another goal seven minutes later. 

So far so good, today’s performance follows the first defeat of the season for Thomas Frank’s side last week.

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Holiday firms are reporting a surge in bookings after the government announced a relaxation of international travel rules.

 From early October - arrivals into England won't need a PCR test if they're fully vaccinated.

The traffic light system's also been scrapped in favour of just one red list.

Independent agent David Gambier has already seen an uptick in bookings over the last fortnight:

The travel sector was one of the worst hit by the Pandemic.

Heathrow said this week it had gone from being Europe’s busiest airport in 2019 to number 10 on the list, behind rivals in cities such as Amsterdam, Paris and Frankfurt.

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A Blue Plaque will be unveiled in a part of Tooting today for Marc Bolan.

The T-Rex frontman died in 1977 at the age of 29 after being involved in a crash in Barnes.

The new plaque will be installed on the front of Tesco in Summerstown.

Resident Geoff Simmons - who has spearheaded the campaign - explained why the supermarket was chosen as the location.

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Merton Council has agreed to make a move away from fossil fuels by 2050.

Labour Councillors made the decision following the IPCC special report on the impacts of global warming.

The UN says the report is a "Code Red" for humanity.

Merton's Lib Dems say the move doesn't go far enough - and the council should divest from fossil fuel companies in the next three years.

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A police watchdog has said tackling violence against women and girls should be as much of a priority as countering terrorism.

The report found major inconsistencies between police forces in how they tackle the issue.

Home Secretary Priti Patel commissioned the research earlier this year following the murder of Sarah Everard.

She was killed after walking home on Clapham Common, in March.

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Brentford boss Thomas Frank says his side need to show huge determination to show that they belong in the Premier League - after their unbeaten start ended against Brighton last week.

 They head to Wolves this lunchtime.

Frank's impressed with how they've adapted to the top flight since winning promotion - but says they need to build on it.

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Twenty-four people have been arrested in connection with demonstrations held on the M25.

Officers were called yesterday morning to reports of eco-activists in the carriageway at junction 9 of the M25 - for Cobham.

Within 15 minutes, Surrey Police had arrested 14 people on suspicion on a variety of offences including criminal damage and causing danger to road users.

They received another call shortly after reporting protesters at junction 1 of the M3 - for Sunbury - where a further 10 people were arrested.

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There is less than a fortnight to go for people in Croydon to register to vote ahead of the council’s historic referendum.

When it goes ahead, voters will be able to select a leader chosen by other elected councillors, or a mayor elected by voters.

A mayor would be a move away from the existing “leader and cabinet” model which has operated in the borough since 2001. 

Polling stations open on the 7th of October.

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A cannabis factory has been uncovered above a disused shop in Staines town centre.

Around 1,000 mature plants were discovered locked behind a fortified steel gate which Surrey Fire and Rescue had to cut through. 

It’s believed those inside were able to make their escape through the roof of the building. 

The potential suspects, seen running away across the roof, are described as speaking with Eastern European accents.

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Friday 17 September 2021

Surrey Police maintains that bail conditions are “often” applied on a person if they are considered a reoffending risk .

It’s after Insulate Britain protesters once again caused problems for drivers on the M25 this morning.

They blocked off an area around Junction 9 for Leatherhead during rush hour. 

But the group claims some of them were released from custody despite telling police they planned to protest again. 

A force spokesperson says;  “If an arrested individual is considered to be a risk of reoffending, bail conditions are often applied.”


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A new report has concluded Surrey Police needs to radically refocus its efforts.

It’s been released by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services.

Police and Crime Commissioner Lisa Townsend’s is urging fundamental, cross-system change’ to tackle violence against women. 

The report comes in the wake of the kidnap and murder of Sarah Everard in Clapham.

It’s calling on police forces to ensure that the best possible support is provided to victims while relentlessly pursuing offenders. 

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The MP for Twickenham is urging the Chancellor to stop cuts to the Universal Credit Uplift planned for next month.

Munira Wilson says 11% of families across her constituency face being left worse off by £20 per week if it goes ahead. 

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation has estimated it will force 500,000 people, almost half of them children, into poverty.

Ms Wilson claims over 6,000 working families in the borough will be harmed.

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A man has appeared in court charged with the murder of Metropolitan Police Sergeant Matt Ratana at Croydon custody centre.

Louis De Zoysa is accused of shooting him at the police station in the early hours of September the 25th.

No plea was asked for or entered when De Zoysa appeared in court earlier.

A further review hearing has been set for December the 23rd. 

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Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel is hopeful defender Antonio Rudiger will sign a new contract - as he can't see why he'd want to leave next summer.

The Germany international has been a regular since the former Paris Saint-Germain head coach took charge - after falling out of favour under previous manager Frank Lampard.

Tuchel's relaxed about the situation.

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The Ministry of Defence has confirmed it has sold Kneller Hall in Whitton.

The new owner, Dukes Education, wants to transform the Grade II listed building into an Upper School for nearby Radnor House. 

 Kneller Hall was previously the home of the Royal Military School of Music.

Richmond Council says the development will need to make “a positive contribution” to Whitton and respect Kneller Hall’s history.  

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A restaurant on Lower George Street in Richmond is currently on fire.

4 fire engines and 25 firefighters were called to the blaze just before 3:30pm.

The ducting from the first floor to the roof of the building is alight. 

The cause of the fire is not known at this time.

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St Peter’s Hospital in Chertsey has become one of the first in Surrey to launch a Virtual Reality training suite.

The aim is to allow staff to respond to real life emergencies, like traffic accidents, from the hospital.

The hope for the future is that the VR equipment can be shared with the wider community including GPs and schools. 

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Police forces in England and Wales are being urged to treat violence against women with as much importance as terrorism after the murder of Sarah Everard in Clapham.

A watchdog's found there are "inconsistencies" and "problems" with how officers deal with cases.

The government insists it will learn from the findings.

Labour's Harriet Harman says these issues must be dealt with swiftly.

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The Transport Secretary's urged police to deal with climate protesters swiftly, after they held up traffic on the M25 for the third time this week

Grant Shapps says the demonstrations by Insulate Britain are 'dangerous and counterproductive.'

10 have been arrested at the M3 at Sunbury, and 14 on the M25 at Leatherhead.

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A fire at a block of flats in Battersea is now under control

Smoke could be seen billowing out of the 10th floor flat on Dagnall Street.

There are no reports of any injuries, and a number people self-evacuated, and others remained in their unaffected flats.

The cause is under investigation.

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Around 100 people were evacuated from the Travelodge on Feltham High Street, after a fire started there


Crews were called yesterday just after 9.30am.

Investigators believe the fire was accidental and caused by hot hair straighteners being left on laminate floor.

There were no reports of any injuries.

Video Credit: @CeroMercer

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We could be about to see the reintroduction of Beavers to areas like Worcester Park

Conservationists are looking at Beverley Brook after the Government announced three other areas are already rebuilding the species. 

Beavers were hunted to extinction in Britain in the 16th century for their fur. 

Derek Gow is a Beaver Ecologist; he explains why the rodents are perfect for areas like Surrey.

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After saying that they would repeat their action as soon as possible, protesters have returned to the M25

They’re currently at Junction 9 for Leatherhead on the slip road.

Surrey Police have said that all Police forces are “working closely” to ensure any further activity “is dealt with effectively and efficiently”.

The Home Secretary Priti Patel has called for forces to take a more aggressive stance on them.

In Essex, police acted quickly to take protesters off the road at a junction there.

On Wednesday and Monday, protesters from Insulate Britain blocked roads at Heathrow, Leatherhead, and Reigate, calling for homes to be made more energy efficient.

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A police watchdog warns "fundamental" reforms are urgently needed to tackle an "epidemic" of violence against women in the UK

A report - commissioned following the murder of Sarah Everard in Clapham in March - found things have improved in recent years but there are still concerns.

The HM Inspector of Constabulary Zoe Billingham, who was part of the examination, says it found there needs to be a radical change in attitudes.

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The Home Secretary has called climate protesters who held up the M25, "selfish"

Priti Patel spoke out against the "guerrilla tactics" used by Insulate Britain who brought thousands of drivers to a halt.

Over 80 people were arrested by various Police forces.

The Protesters who blocked the road at Heathrow, Leatherhead, and Wisley have told police they’ll repeat the action as soon as possible. 

Surrey Police say all forces involved are “working closely” to ensure any further activity “is dealt with effectively and efficiently”.

A number of protesters glued themselves to the road, something the Met calls a “complex and resource intensive” challenge to deal with.

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Thursday 16 September 2021

Gavin Williamson has been taken out of the education brief and replaced by vaccines minister Nadhim Zahawi.

The former Education Secretary and Putney MP Justine Greening says anyone would have had a difficult time over the last year.

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Sensors are to be placed in disabled parking bays in Sutton Town Centre, to see how much they’re used.

It’s to help the council make decisions during development or consultations.

The authority says that it’s been “difficult” to collect accurate information, as CCTV footage can be unclear, or they’ve had to rely on people’s word.

Councillor Manuel Abellan says they’ll also be speaking to residents and people who use the spaces.

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Works to improve pedestrian links in East Twickenham are to get underway.

It’s after 68% of people who responded to a consultation by Richmond Council said they were in favour of the idea. 

The area stretches from Richmond Bridge to St Margaret’s and is a hub for restaurants and shops. 

With the opening of Deer Park School and the Lidl supermarket, the  council says the case for such improvements is even greater.  

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Protesters who blocked the M25 at Reigate and Wisley have told police they’ll repeat the action as soon as possible.

89 people from Insulate Britain were released from custody with the majority without bail conditions, after protests across the M25. 

The group claims some were released despite having broken bail conditions imposed on Monday after their first protest. 

The Protesters say they will take action until the Government “gets on with the job of insulating the nation’s leaky homes.”  

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Chelsea and England defender Reece James had his Champions League winners' medal stolen during a robbery at his house earlier this week.

The break-in happened while the 21-year-old was playing in the European competition against Zenit St Petersburg at Stamford Bridge on Tuesday.

Thieves took a safe which also contained James' Euro 2020 runners up medal.

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The “final preparations” are underway on the new Northern Line stations at Nine Elms and Battersea.

That includes paving and landscaping work, commissioning of ticket machines and advertising screens.

The tube map has also been formally updated, bringing the total number of stations to 272.

They’ll be welcoming their first passengers on Monday.

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A man has been convicted of exposing himself to a teenage girl in Ewell.

48-year-old Jose Mota from Woking was in a white van when a 13-year-old and 11-year-old were walking past.

When he was arrested, he provided a full confession.

He’s been ordered to carry out 25 days of rehab and pay £100 to each of the girls, as well as an 18-month community order.

Inspector Jon Vale says the girls were “very distressed” and they’re “absolutely committed to tackling violence and harassment”.

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Marc Bolan fans are preparing for the unveiling of a brand-new Blue Plaque dedicated to the T-Rex singer.

Today marks 44 years since his death in a car accident on Queens Ride in Barnes at the age of 29. 

The new plaque will be installed on a building in Summerstown in Tooting on Saturday. 

Resident Geoff Simmons is the driving force behind the initiative, he explains why this town is particularly important. 

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Surrey Police arrested a total of 33 people on suspicion of various offences after protests across the M25 yesterday.

These included public nuisance, obstructing the highway and conspiracy to cause danger to road users. 

Of the 33 arrests, 12 were released under investigation and 21 were released on conditional bail. 

Insulate Britain protesters arrived on the M25 at Reigate and Wisley just after 8am and were removed by 10am. 

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Croydon North MP offers his commiserations to his opposite number Robert Jenrick after his sacking as housing secretary.

His opposite number on the Labour benches and Croydon North MP Steve Reed has offered Mr Jenrick his “commiserations”.

He adds that “we disagreed on plenty” but that he was “pleased to support his important work on the National Holocaust Memorial”.

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As it emerges Spelthorne Borough Council wants to investigate the former landfill site in Chertsey where Zane Gbangbola died, Lucy Mayer talks to his mother Nicole.

Spelthorne's Councillors made the decision at a council meeting on Tuesday night. 

The original inquest ruled 7 year old Zane's death in 2014 was an accident caused by carbon monoxide poisoning from a petrol pump brought by his family to get rid of floodwater after their home near to the former landfill in Chertsey flooded.  

But Zane’s parents Kye Gbangbola and Nicole Lawler have always disputed the inquest findings saying the pump wasn't used.  

They say Zane died after toxins flushed out of the site and into their home. 

Mr Gbangbola, who was paralysed following the incident in 2014, and Ms Lawler, have now obtained Public Health England (PHE) papers which back their long-held claims. 

They are calling for an Independent Inquiry into their son’s death. 

A spokesperson on behalf of the Coroner’s Office has said: “An independent, full, frank and fearless inquest into the death of Zane Gbangbola was concluded in September 2016. The inquest ran for over six weeks, during which time the Coroner heard a substantial amount of evidence including that from in excess of 70 witnesses.

“The Coroner’s detailed explanation of his findings and conclusion has been available since the end of the inquest and can be accessed here.

 “Having considered all the evidence that was before the Court, the Coroner concluded that the cause of Zane’s death was ‘Carbon Monoxide Toxicity’. We would like to offer our sincere condolences to Zane’s family and friends on his tragic death.”

We have also contacted the Environment Agency for comment. 

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The NHS has started rolling out booster jabs.

Catherine Cargill was one of the first earlier - she's a frontline health worker in Croydon and explains why she's so keen.

Around 30 million people who had their second Covid jab at least six months ago can get a top-up.

Boosters are mainly being offered to health and care staff, those with underlying health conditions, and the over-fifties.

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Police have released images of three men they would like to speak to in connection with an assault in Leatherhead.

Officers were called to the public footpath between Kingston Road and the station car park on Thursday 26 June shortly before 2.30pm.

The victim had been walking home when he was attacked by three male suspects, causing his eyebrow to bleed, and injuring his nose. 

The suspects are described as White, male and aged around 20. One had black hair, one blonde and the other was wearing a cap.

If you know who these man are or have any information you should contact police on 101, or crimestoppers to remain anonymous.

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Less than two weeks are to go before 75 homes are allegedly “doomed to bankruptcy” in Croydon due to dangerous cladding

Bridge House is projecting a countdown clock onto the old Water Tower in Waterworks Yard.

The residents say that if work doesn’t start by the 30th, the £2.8m cost will be passed onto the leaseholders.

The work has been rejected for government funding.

The area’s MP, Sarah Jones, questioned Boris Johnson about it, who said this. 

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Police are looking for a man who pulled a driver out of a burning car on the M25, after a collision this morning

Emergency crews were called just after 6.30 to between junctions 10 and 11, after a blue Ford Mondeo hit the central reservation.

The driver is in hospital with minor injuries.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Surrey Police.

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It’s official: Kew Gardens is now home to the largest living plant collection on earth

It’s added a brand-new Guinness World Record to its accolades; the  ‘largest collection of living plants at a single-site botanic garden.’

Kew is home to 16,900 species of plants from all over the world at its 320-acre UNESCO site.

It’s also a hub of ground-breaking science and research.

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A man is due to run his first marathon on Sunday in memory of his sister who died from Bladder Cancer last year

Martin O’Meara’s route will take him through Kingston, along the Thames to Kew and Chiswick and through Bushy Park. 

He’s aiming to raise £11,000 for charity Fight Bladder Cancer. 

Martin explains why his sister Laura Walker was the real fundraiser. 

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A police officer who accessed police databases after he was involved in a collision in Feltham has been barred from policing

Former PC Robert Galloway didn’t have authorisation to search for it, and did so on multiple occasions.

He was already subject to a Final Written Warning concerning an unrelated matter.

He wasn’t present at the hearing, since he’d already resigned, but the panel concluded that he would have been sacked if he was still serving.

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Boris Johnson's continuing his cabinet reshuffle, with vaccines and schools ministers among the positions currently unfilled

Penny Mordaunt appears to have left her job at the Cabinet Office, she's tweeted a request that her successor looks after the cats. 

Chelsea and Fulham’s Greg Hands has moved from the Department for International Trade to become a business minister.

Meanwhile Esher and Walton’s Dominic Raab is now Justice Secretary, Deputy PM, and Lord Chancellor, which he says he’s “delighted” about.

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The NHS are now offering free flu jabs to unpaid carers in Surrey.

It is encouraging them to do this to protect themselves, whoever they care for and to help reduce hospitalisations during the winter months.

Carers for the elderly or disabled can show their Surrey Carers’ Flu Jab Voucher at their GP or their nearest community pharmacy. 

You must have a voucher to be entitled to a free flu vaccination.

Vouchers are available through all of Surrey’s Carers Support Services.

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Wednesday 15 September 2021

The MP for Battersea has stepped down from the Shadow Cabinet, saying she wants to focus on her constituency.

Labour’s Marsha de Cordova had served as the Shadow Women and Equalities Secretary.

She says she wants to support Sir Keir Starmer from the backbenches.

Her replacement is yet to be announced.

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Kingston Council is proposing redeveloping its riverside just 6 years after it was previously regenerated.

Part of the new plans for Riverside Walk area include a tower block in the vacant car park outside of John Lewis.   

£200,000 worth of financing has been obtained from the London Mayor’s “Let’s Get Building” Fund. 

A Public Engagement session on the plans is taking place a week today; for details, just Like the Radio Jackie Facebook page.

To attend the event, email [email protected] 
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Police have released images of a bike that was stolen in Egham.

It was taken from a shed in Vicarage Road at some point within the two weeks leading up to Sunday the 12th September.

You can view the image of the bike on our Radio Jackie website.

If you have seen someone riding it, seen it dumped or for sale or if you have any information, you should contact police on 101.

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Spelthorne Borough Councillors want a landfill site in Chertsey investigated over claims it caused the death of a seven-year-old boy.

Zane Gbangbola died in 2014 after his home, next to the land, was flooded.

His parents have always maintained his death was due to toxic materials buried at the site.  

But an inquest ruled that it was accidental, due to carbon monoxide poisoning from a petrol pump used to divert the flood water away. 

Zane’s mum Nicole says it’s taken a long time to get to this point.  

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A man has been charged after Chelsea Football Club reported him to police for allegedly sending racist and antisemitic tweets.

21 year old Nathan Blagg has been charged with seven counts of sending offensive messages by public communication network.

It’s claimed that he sent the messages between February 2020 and February 2021.

He is due to appear at Westminster Magistrates' Court on Friday the 8th of October.


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It’s a triple whammy in the cabinet reshuffle for Dominic Raab.

He has been handed the new roles of Justice Secretary, Deputy Prime Minister and Lord Chancellor. 

The MP for Esher and Walton has been moved from his role as Foreign secretary and replaces by Liz Truss.

Reporter Kate McCann says it isn’t necessarily welcome news. 

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A restauranteur who migrated to London from Pakistan as a teenager has been honoured in the House of Lords.

Suleman Raza has been handed the ‘Local Community Hero’ award for his ‘One Million Meals’ charity campaign.

The scheme provided 2,500 meals to under-privileged children last year and was highlighted by footballer Marcus Rashford.

Suleman started working as a chef in Brixton before realising his dream of opening his first restaurant in Tooting in 2004. 



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Boris Johnson’s making changes to his top team of ministers.

Downing Street says his Cabinet reshuffle will take place throughout this afternoon.

It's something that’s been expected for some time.

There’s lots of speculation about who could be sacked or switched around - but nothing's been confirmed yet.

Deputy political editor Sam Coates has the latest on one top name - the foreign secretary and MP for Esher and Walton. 

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Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel says his team still has plenty of room for improvement

The Champions League winners began their defence of the title with a 1-nil win against Zenit St Petersburg at Stamford Bridge last night.

Tuchel knows they're not at their best at the moment.

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71 people have been arrested today by Surrey Police, and the Met say it’s an “unreasonable and unsafe highway obstruction”

This man was trying to get from Kent to Kingston for work this morning when he was held up.

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A 50-year-old woman has been airlifted to hospital with serious injuries, after a collision on the M25

Crews were called to Junction 9 for Leatherhead at around 9am this morning to a collision between three cars and a van. 

Police, fire crews, and the ambulance service have all attended.

The investigation into what caused the accident remains ongoing.

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All protesters have been cleared from junctions 8 and 10 of the M25

Environmental groups Insulate Britain and Extinction Rebellion are calling for homes to be made more energy efficient.

It’s the second time in three days that the country’s busiest motorway has been blocked.

25 people have been arrested today by Surrey Police and A further 11 have been arrested by the Met Police, who say it’s an “unreasonable and unsafe highway obstruction”

It follows 78 arrests on Monday, after Heathrow and Godstone were blocked.

Dr Bing Jones is one of those who've been taking action.

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A woman is now safe, after concerns were raised for her safety at Kingston Railway Station

There have been delays this morning, after emergency crews were called at around 5.30, and left at around quarter to eight.

Power had to be switched off, causing knock-on effects on the Twickenham and Windsor lines. 

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25 arrests have been made, after protesters have blocked the M25 for a second time in three days, this time at junctions 8 and 10

Insulate Britain and Extinction Rebellion are calling for homes to be made more energy efficient.

89 protesters are taking action.

On Monday, the group blocked six junctions on the M25, including Heathrow and Godstone, causing 78 arrests.

Spelthorne Tory MP and business secretary Kwasi Karteng says “These actions are not only highly disruptive to those going to work and transporting vital goods, but are putting lives at risk on a busy motorway”

In response, the group have said they would stop if he was to speak with them, saying “our door’s open”.

Photo Credit: Insulate Britain

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Police have been speaking to parents and drivers at a school in Egham, after reports of speeding and mobile phone usage

There are also reports that kids don’t have their seatbelts on, as parents pick them up and drop them off.

Runnymede Police say “we do not want to be called to a collision or have to deliver far more harrowing messages”.

They add that these problems are apparent at numerous other school locations around the borough at the same time frame.

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Police are looking for two men who attempted to rob a man at knifepoint late at night in Epsom

About 1am on Sunday morning, the person was on a night out with a friend, when he saw a moped stop outside HSBC.

They’re described as white, dressed in all black, and with black Nike 95 trainers.

Around midnight a moped matching the description failed to stop for police when entering Epsom.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Surrey Police, or Crimestoppers to remain anonymous.

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Find out how the Met Police engages with foreign communities living in South-West London - Behind the Badge Part 3

“Behind the Badge” is looking at the roles of Met Police officers working across Richmond, Kingston, Merton and Wandsworth.

Lucy Mayer gives us a look at the Met's engagement with foreign communities living in South-West London.

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People across Kingston are being urged to email the Environment Minister “in their hundreds” to save Surbiton’s historic filter beds

The site at Seething Wells is owned by a private company, which campaigners say has been clearing the land of its biodiversity. 

But the current Environment Bill doesn’t allow Kingston Council to intervene. 

Tolworth’s Lib Dem peer, Lord Oates, explains how emailing Lord Goldsmith will help this, and other sites like it.  

Emails should be directed to [email protected] and [email protected] with your name and address.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 7:03 am  

Tuesday 14 September 2021

A mass vaccination clinic in Hammersmith has closed its doors

The hub at Novotel opened in March and was the first large intake clinic in Hammersmith and Fulham borough. 

Staff have administered over 113,000 Covid jabs over the last 6 months. 

Residents will be able to get their vaccines are pharmacies instead.

posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 10:00 pm  

A researcher from Kingston University has been shortlisted for an award that honours influential disabled people

Richard Keagan-Bull, who has learning disabilities, is one of 550 nominated for the Shaw Trust Disability Power 100 Award.

It recognises those working towards breaking the stigma of disability.

Richard’s current job involves tackling health inequalities in the NHS for people with learning disabilities and autism.

posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 9:00 pm  

Kingston and Sutton councils say they’re expecting to save £40,000 in their electricity bill this year, after staff started working from home

Staff have been using lower-power Chromebooks as they work remotely, rather than desktop PCs, which adds to the carbon savings.

They’re now looking at alternative cloud providers, so they use a large scale data centre rather than a smaller, local one.

The councils also say it allows them to hire people from outside the area, which boosts their diversity.

posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 8:00 pm  

Cobham Foodbank is having to throw away around 5 kilos of food per week

Bosses are thanking people for their generosity, but issuing a warning about the types of products that can and can’t be accepted. 

Christina van Roest is Cobham Foodbank’s General Manager.

She explains where the wastage is happening:

posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 7:21 pm  

A man has been charged with the murder of his wife in Streatham after 20 years

61 year old Zafar Iqbal has been extradited from Pakistan.

He was charged after landing in the UK on Tuesday with the murder of Naziat Khan in 2001.

Mr Iqbal is due to appear at Croydon Magistrates Court via videolink tomorrow.

posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 6:00 pm  

A 23-year-old has been jailed for theft and attacking a police officer

At the end of August, police were called to a road in Acton, where Aisha Kourouma had bitten a woman to steal money from her.

She fled and climbed on top of a shipping container, and when she was convinced to come down and arrested, she kicked out at an officer.

She was taken to Hammersmith Police Station, and subsequently sentenced to 16 weeks in prison.

posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 5:40 pm  

The sports physician who worked with tennis star Emma Raducanu during Wimbledon says she is handling her rise to fame very well.

The new British number one went on to win the US Open having pulled out of this summer's championships at the All England Club. 

She had to finish in the fourth round due to breathing difficulties. 

Speaking to Sky Sports News, Dr Ajai said Raducanu has been very disciplined in her approach.

posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 5:02 pm  

A driver in Richmond Park who hit a cyclist, then accidentally pressed the accelerator rather than the brake, has been fined

In mid-February, at the junction with Ham Cross, he failed to see the cyclist, who hit the side of the car.

The car was only going around 5 mph at the time.

However, when he accelerated, he sped down into Ham Dip, narrowly missing the trees, before hitting a barrier.

He’s been ordered to pay around £300 and given six penalty points, and the cyclist has made a full recovery.

posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 3:30 pm  

A woman on the wrong side of a road bridge on the A3 caused closures there yesterday evening

Police were called to the Portsmouth Road bridge at Cobham around 10.15 yesterday.

She was brought to safety around 25 minutes later.

The road was closed between Esher and Painshill while officers attended.

posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 2:58 pm  

A care home in Feltham didn’t safely care for its residents, or manage medicines properly

That’s what a CQC report into Fern Gardens is saying, as it rates it inadequate and places it under special measures.

It also highlights poor communication between staff, and needs of residents not assessed properly.

However, the report says some staff were kind to patients.

We’ve contacted manager Bondcare for comment.

posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 1:58 pm  

The end of the Furlough scheme on September the 30th is expected to drive more people across the UK to foodbanks

That’s the view of those working at Cobham Foodbank, which has provided 4,000 families with provisions since the pandemic began.

Christina van Roest is its General Manager.

She explains why a seemingly affluent area like Cobham needs this kind of help.  

posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 9:27 am  

It's been confirmed 12 to 15 year-olds in England will be offered a single dose of the Pfizer coronavirus jab, starting next week

They'll be delivered within schools if parents give their consent.

The advice yesterday from the UK's four Chief Medical Officers was that jabs will reduce disruption to students' learning.

But there's divided opinion among these pupils at Kingsley Academy in Hounslow.

posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 8:33 am  

Find out how the Met Police engages with kids in schools - Behind the Badge Part 2

 “Behind the Badge” is looking at the roles of Met Police officers working across Richmond, Kingston, Merton and Wandsworth.

Lucy Mayer gives us a look at the Met's engagement with schools.

posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 8:08 am  

At least 78 people have been arrested after climate protestors caused disruption on the M25

They blocked several junctions including Heathrow and Godstone.

Some angry drivers were seen attempting to drag campaigners from the road.

The protest was aimed at highlighting the role of home insulation to cut emissions.

posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 7:01 am  

Scientists in Teddington say that without correct measurements, “the world would fall apart”.

The National Physical Laboratory held an open day yesterday to show its work to the public.

Part of it, in France, has been to help make an incredibly accurate definition of the kilogram, based on maths rather than platinum. 

Outreach manager Andrew Hanson has this message to young people looking to help solve the world’s problems.

posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 12:00 am  

Monday 13 September 2021

Heathrow is trialling new technology that will allow people to use a screen without touching it.

The infrared sensors will be able to detect fingers 3cm from the screen.

It’s been installed on six bag drop units.

The airport has introduced technology such as robot cleaners and UV sterilisation on surfaces. 

posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 11:00 pm  

Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel claims Ben Chilwell found it difficult to deal with not playing for England during their run to the Euro 2020 final.

The defender's not played a competitive match since the Champions League final in May.

He was part of Gareth Southgate's squad - but Covid-related issues and the form of Luke Shaw meant he didn't play.

Tuchel says it was an odd tournament for him.

posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 10:00 pm  

Scientists in Teddington are trying to make sure every scientist in the world can

Until 2019, a lump of platinum in France was the standard for the Kilogram, which meant people would need to travel there to measure it.

It’s now defined in terms of a mathematical constant.

Scientists at NPL are working to produce a simple instrument that would allow countries to independently measure mass.

Ian Robinson OBE says the current methods of measuring small amounts of mass can cause errors to creep in.

posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 8:00 pm  

Heathrow has blamed the UK's "ever-changing" travel restrictions for delaying its Covid recovery.

It's no longer ranked Europe's busiest airport - slipping to tenth place.

But passenger numbers did improve by nearly 50-percent last month compared to July.

Around 2-point-2 million people travelled through the airport in August - the highest monthly total of the pandemic.

posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 7:00 pm  

Passenger numbers at Heathrow increased by nearly 50% last month compared to July.

Around 2.2 million people travelled through the airport in August, that’s the highest monthly total of the coronavirus pandemic.

posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 5:00 pm  

Police are looking for five men spotted riding at speed on the Thames at Hampton Court.

Details of the incident last Tuesday afternoon have only just been released.

Officers received reports of the men being abusive and making threats to those on the river who had asked them to slow down. 

When they arrived, four men on jet skis were seen heading off down the Thames towards Sunbury towing a fifth jet ski.

posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 4:00 pm  

Disruption is expected on South Western Railway until the end of the day after a person was hit by a train at Wimbledon.

The station was closed off just after 3pm.

The train company says although most lines have been reopened, services won’t stop at Wimbledon until further notice. 

posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 3:32 pm  

Tooting’s MP says she was the victim of racist abuse as the world marked the 20th anniversary of 9/11 on Saturday.

Rosena Allin-Khan didn’t go into specifics but took to Twitter to thank the man who “got out of his car to help.”

She tweeted; “to the person who hurled racist abuse at me today, your views are harmful.”

The incident has prompted Wandsworth Police to encourage people experiencing hate crime to report it to officers. 

posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 3:01 pm  

The CEO of the Roehampton-based Lawn Tennis Association says Emma Raducanu's historic US Open victory is a huge boost for the sport in the UK

The teenager became the first qualifier to win a Grand Slam by beating Leylah Fernandez in the final on Saturday night.

Scott Lloyd believes it'll have a big impact on the grassroots game.

posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 12:59 pm  

A fire in Battersea was apparently caused by a fish tank light

Emergency crews were called to York Road yesterday just after 6pm.

Part of a four-roomed flat was damaged.

There are no reports of any injuries.

posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 11:54 am  

Protesters at Heathrow have brought traffic to a standstill on the M25 by blocking the junction

Insulate Britain is demanding that the government takes action on home insulation, to make homes more energy efficient.

Police held off on taking action, but have now made a number of arrests.

The group blocked six junctions, causing large disruption, with motorists being stuck in queues spreading across multiple junctions.

posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 10:51 am  

Find out what's being done to support BAME officers in the Met - Behind The Badge Part 1

“Behind the Badge” will look at the roles of Met Police officers working across Richmond, Kingston, Merton and Wandsworth.

Lucy Mayer gives us a look at the Met's Fusion group.

posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 9:38 am  

The second team of Surrey Warriors has beaten the first team in the Surrey Cricket League

It means the seconds are the runners up, beating the first by 69 runs.

Warriors A lost their top three batsman with just six overs, with only 20 runs to show for it, before Karthik came out to build the innings.

When the first team came out, wickets started falling in quick succession, with Karthik taking four himself.

posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 9:31 am  

The RMT has today launched a campaign against what it’s describing as serious and unpleasant cuts on South Western Railway

A public consultation on the plans, which would come into force in December next year, ends this week. 

SWR says passenger footfall has decreased and services need to reflect that. 

But MP for Feltham and Heston, Seema Malhotra, says this is bound to change as the COVID pandemic subsides. 

posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 8:48 am  

A man has been arrested, after being seen weaving lanes on the M25 near Addlestone

He also had his child in the back without a seatbelt on.

Police tried to stop the Audi, but it continued in lane 1 at 20mph for over a mile.

He was found to be over the alcohol limit.

The passenger was sober, insured and licenced, and so drove the car and child home.

posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 7:06 am  

Sunday 12 September 2021

Police have made two arrests and seized a large number of machetes and cannabis in Wandsworth.

A woman in her 40s and a teenage female were both arrested for the possession of class B drugs and an offensive weapon. 

Both remain in police custody

The warrant was conducted by the Emergency response team. 

posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 4:06 pm  

Wandsworth Police have renewed their commitment to tackle hate crime and racial abuse in the borough.

It comes after Tooting’s MP Allin Khan was a victim of racial abuse on twitter on the 11th September. 

Inspector Jonathan Lloyd has stated ‘Racial abuse is never acceptable, and we take incidents of hate crime very seriously’

Detectives want to reassure residents that if you are a victim of hate crime you can report it by calling 101.

posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 3:16 pm  

A deer has had to be euthanised after a well-meaning member of the public found it injured and decided to take it home.

Chloe Norman reports. 

posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 10:28 am  

Sir Anish Kapoor is perhaps one of the most internationally known sculptors.
The Indian born artist, who has made Chelsea his home, is renowned for his tactile, reflective mirrored surfaces.

 For his latest exhibition though, Sir Anish spent lockdown creating a series of paintings.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 9:16 am  

Farmers across Surrey are being urged to adopt a cat.
Cats Protection and the RSPCA have recently taken a number of feral felines off the streets and neutered them.

They are now looking to rehome the cats in areas where they will have plenty of space to roam.

The charities say it isn’t always possible to put unsocialised cats in homes, but farms and smallholdings are ideal for their nature.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 8:25 am  

People in an area of New Malden are asking for help getting a mast proposal dismissed.
CK Hutchison Holdings has applied to Kingston Council to erect an 18 metre 5G telecoms mast in South Lane.

However  people living there say they can’t understand why it has been proposed for such a “residential” area.

 They’re calling on people to write to Kingston Council to formally object the application which can be found on the authority’s website.
posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 8:24 am  

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